Stratosphere PC Cheats



Enter the following codes during play and press Enter to activate.

@whoosh by them all Faster movement
@I gota see moreLarger radar radius
@tall towersIncrease Command Center size
@weasel weasel weaselWin mission
@i want to lose now Lose mission                                   
@build me a shakeSpeed up build time
@give me the rock Extra rock
@more ore for less Extra ore
@electrons are flowing Extra energy
@rockets red glareSuper projectile damage
@bam bam bam Super shooting
@was that a mountain Super mountain armor
@armored blue Super shields
@i can see for miles and miles  Super observatory           
@bombs may fallSuper projectile armor
@other forts may ramSuper fort armor
@baa ram eue                    Super fort damage
@bandage me quick Super repair
@now you see meSuper cloak
@no one can touch meSuper cocoon
@silver bulletSuper quicksilver
@mister freeze says stopCPU forts paused
@show me the resourceAll floatstone increased by 50,000
@more green for meCrystal increased by 50,000 
@tecno freaks Increase tech level

Thanks to Revolution readers Raughan and Moobee!