Stronghold PC Cheats



Cheat Mode:

At the main menu, press Shift + Alt + A to activate cheat mode. Now enter the

following during play:

Alt + CCycle characters 
Alt + DDebug mode  
Alt + GDestroy main stronghold  
Alt + KFree build
Alt + KDestroy enemy fortress
Alt + LLevel up one unit 
Alt + PLevel up characters
Alt + QSpeed up gameplay  
Alt + SChange time 
Alt + X100 popularity and 1000 gold 
Alt + YDefeat all on-screen enemies  
Alt + ZDefeat selected enemy 

You Too Can Stop the Bears:

You know that those dumb bears start a chain reaction – first they kill your

people, then your popularity goes down, then you don’t have anyone to defend

your castle and then the enemy kills you. Well, just build a wooden fence around

the bear to solve the problem.

Help Increase Popularity:

If you have at least fifty gold, bribe them as much as possible, you don’t lose

very much money and your popularity greatly increases. Just don’t forget later

about the bribe, as your account could diminish.

Defending Your Castle:

Hit the archers & trebuchets first before anything else. Surround your walls

with moats. Be sure you have enough stones to repair your walls. Make some forces

to counter attack. Make a lot of hunters, they will aid in defense.

Thanks to Revolution readers FartL7winner, Nathan S., Allen McCabe, Dave, Garry

Cumby, Brian Kim, Elizabeth, Paul Davenport, MARQZ and peter djí¸rup!