Superbike 2001 PC Cheats

Superbike 2001



Sharp Corners:

When taking sharp corners, follow this pattern: decelerate, brake and turn,

then accelerate and straighten out on theway out of the bend. Stick to the “behind-bike”

viewpoint. As nice as the “in-head” and close-up cameras look, it’s easier to

play from a far.

Watch Replays of Races:

Looking at telemetry information during replays, it’s easy to spot mistakes

and learn new


Get a Grip:

During gameplay type “grippy” for extra grip.

Extra Speed:

For extra speed replace the rider’s name with EAPOWER. You need capitals for

it to work.

Big Heads:

For big heads, feet and hands replace the rider’s name with LAGUNA.

On a Dime:

For extra stopping power replace the rider’s name with STOPPY


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