Test Drive: Off Road PC Cheats

Test Drive: Off Road


Take off, eh?:

In 2 player mode you can get OUT OF THE FENCE!! This works best in Winter Wonderland. If one player gets in a corner and the other player gets a lot of speed and hits the player in the corner you can knock each other out!

Yum: At the enter name screen, enter these codes...

LOWRIDER - Stock car

FIFTY - Hot Rod

BEEFY - Monster Truck


FRIENDLY - Track 7

SANDUNE - Speed Demon and Mud Runner Cup

ALLTRACK - All 12 tracks

MAD HOOKUP - All upgrades

SAD CLOWN - All divisions

ZAKARY X - Unlock all code

PC version only (?)

Hidden Stuff:

When asked for your name, type one of the following:
  • CHEAT1
  • CHEAT2
  • CHEAT3
  • CHEAT4
  • CHEAT5

Just enter one at a time. You'll get 4 hidden cars, no clipping, and access to all tracks.

Thanks to Revolution readers Bubman, Bryant Cassie, Wayne Rozanski, Justin Wolford, Tony Pierro, Dallas, William Guerry and The White Dragon!!