Transport Tycoon PC Cheats

Transport Tycoon


No Computer Aircrafts:

To kill off the computers aircraft, build a big hill at the end of this runway

and cover with lots of trees.

Money for the Tunnel:

Go to the edge of the map, and from the shore build a tunnel towards the other

side of the map, and you will receive the amount of money it costs to build

the tunnel. You can get over $2,000,000,000.

Take Out CPU Buses:

To kill the computer buses, build a snakelike railroad over his road, put

a train on it and see how his buses are shortly waiting and then be destroyed.

Be warned: Use it only on roads, which YOU don’t need, else you could loose

your own buses, trucks etc.

Good Ratings Made Easy:

When you rename a town rename it “Happy Town” it will give your town a good



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