Triple Play 2001 PC Cheats

Triple Play 2001


Sound Test:

Press A , D, S, or W while running around the bases to hear all the audible


Big Glove:

Catch a ball going over the fence.

Huge Glove:

Make two diving catches in a single game.

Pulsating Glove:

Make three diving catches in a single game.

Big Bat:

hit two homeruns in a row.

Big Baseball:

Throw six strikeouts in a row.

Huge Baseball:

Throw nine strikeouts in a row.

Flaming Baseball:

Throw twelve strikeouts in a row.

Small Players:

Get more than eleven hits in a single game.

Fast Players:

Steal three bases with the same player in a single game.

Power-up Defense:

Make three double plays in a single game.

Points List:

The game awards points for doing certain things in a season mode. these points

can be used in the season store to buy new stadinms, legendary players and better

player attributes. the point system is as follows:

event                          points
double                          200
triple                          300
homerun                         300
grand slam                      400
stolen base                     200
double play                     300
triple play                     500
strike out opponent             200
rbi                             100
win                             100


Thanks to Revolution readers Quantum and ben!