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Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin (walkthrough)


Wild Wild West: Steel Assassin Complete Walkthrough

This solution is meant as a complete spoiler as I assume that
the only reason you are referring to this is because you are
totally and utterly stuck somewhere and just want out!

So I won't beat around the bush by giving you hints I'll just
get stratght to the point and tell you how its done and 
somethimes why its done that way.

I just want to say that this game is flexible and you can use
many ways and techniques to solve the puzzles and what order
and sadistic manner you want to shoot, maim, gas, clobber, 
crush, etc...the bad guys!  My way, of course is not the only
way (please get creative when the shooting starts) but I'll
give you the easiest way I can figure out.

Eenie..Meenie..Minie..Moe...(blah) (blah)..if..he..bites.(blah)
...Minie..MOE! Okay, "East Street"!

Easy Street
(cut scene+plot info blah blah)
You start off in your headquarters/train called the "Wanderer" 
if you watched the movie you be going, "yeh, yeh, I know!"

The "black glass window" that Jim West is facing is your gun
cabinent. Click on it and select your weaponry. 
I suggest you put away your Colt  .45 Revolver and get more
mean, kick ass weapons! Btw, you put guns back onto the cabinet
by clicking the gun you want to remove onto your right hand then 
clicking on its empty slot.

For this mission I took the: Dual Coil Lightning generator, 
Six-Barrel Shotgun (for overkill), Sick Gas Canister Mortar,
Spinning Rip-Disk Ejector (because its in the movie, no other

Opposite the gun cabinet is the Projected Photo-whatjamighcallit
blah blah reference library (whatever) this where you get all the
info. I gave it the once over but got bored reading it. So, now
finally off to the adventure!

To start your mission, go down opposite the pool table, btw that
thing stores a bunch of maps, and if you notice the speaker/horn
thing on the wall thats ot tell the traindriver (Coleman) to take 
you to the firing range at begining of the game so you can shoot the chickens. Oops! I meant practice on the targets (pob-BAWK!).

On the other side of the pool table you will see an open drawer
with blue cylinders thats for your voice messages. Next to that is
the machine (you know from the movie). Anyway lets get on with it!
Click on the door (with the (W) cursor) to start your missions.

(cut scene)

Keep talking to Mr Byrd (the guy who just spoke out about his 
crossword puzzle). The solution is 6-across:GRANT, 1-down:JOHNSON, 
5-across:LINCOLN. The bartender/owner will ask you to fix the 
cork-puller. Go to fireplace. get Fireplace poker and Fireplace 
Bellows, click on top pf fire place, get Powder Horn and Musket 

NOTE: A lot of the stuff you can pick up may not be used in the 
current mission but in later ones but they are always made 
available to you when you need it. Stuff like bandages are for 
healing they are optional to use but I recommend you save them for
later instead of using them up now. 

Go and click on the cork-puller, select the Ramrod and use
it(where the cursor becomes a "green gear") use the Bellows below 
the Ramrod. Click on the very top of the cork-puller and use the 
Metal Bird Figurine on the gear. Done. 


Talk to Mr Street (bartender/owner) Ask everything.
Go into the dining room. The waitress, Misty is crying here.
There is a pair of tongs on the table you can get that now or later
it doesn't matter. Talk to Misty. Blah Blah *sob* *Sigh*. Talk to 
her again. The cobbler is for Mr Byrd. The condition is the guest
must have Chicken with salad or Steak with soup and not have red wine.

The following are disqualified:
Mr. Tucker   -Steak&soup
Mr. Ginsberg -chicken&soup
Mr. Jordan   -red wine
Mr. Hyde     -red wine

Ask her everything. 

(more sinister plot)

Kissing her or not doesn't matter. Quickly run to where she runs to
get out of the line of fire. You run by holding Shift-. Get
the knitting needle on the table. Ready your weapon. I chose the 
Six-Barrel Shotgun. Make sure ALL your guns are fully reloaded.
Go up the back stairs (not the one you came down of course), the 
next to Misty. Use the Knitting needle on both the hinges on the 
"escape hatch". Click on it and prepare for fight scene!

There is a guy immediately in front of you. When he pops is head 
above the logs BLOW IT OFF!!! Then Laugh like an evil maniac!!
HUHHUHHARHAH!! Well thats one down, about ten more to go. Reload.

There is a guy hiding in the chicken coop but instead of going to him,
there is a way to "sucker" him out to you! Don't move from the 
"escape hatch" yet, you should have the wall off logs infront of you,
a cart with barrels on it, the chicken coop behind that and the red
barn behind the chicken coop. Click on the area just in front of the
cart (where cursor changes to green (!!) footprints). You should be in
position to shoot the guy in the barn. 

NOTE: If you are targeting the bad guy (cursor changes to crosshairs)
You will come out of cover and your gun will stop auto-reloading. So
keep your cursor off the target until you are ready to shoot.

The easier way is to select your Lightning gun, then Shift-click on
the barn behind. You will run into the barn. Immediately shoot the 
bee hive on the roof.Then wait for the guy from the chicken coop to
arrive at the door then fry him with your Lightning gun. Make sure you
hold the right mouse button until all the 10 charges are spent to do 
max damage it should kill him, if not then just keep right clicking and
you'll be "jumpstarting" him to death. As for the guy up on the with 
the bees, you can fry him too or you could be more cruel and just
watch him die from the bee stings!!HAHAHHA!!(Winnie the Pooh he's not!)

Now you can go back and loot the bodies. Its important to do so because
you get a lot of clues (stored in JOURNAL) from the dead bad guys and 
sometimes if you are hurt you can get bandages. Btw, your health will
go back to 5 before your next mission so use your disgression with 
bandages, also whatever is in your inventory at the end of this mission
will be carried on to the next.

Go back to the wall of logs, go behind where the first dead guy is
(loot him) and click on the empty cart in the middle of the screen. 
There shoul be 2 guys, one onground and one up on the windmill
(offscreen) If you don't move from your current position, then neither
one can hit you, take your time to kill the guy on the ground but you 
can't use the lightning gun as it is too short ranged. Switch to 
another weapon. Then, Shift-click on the ladder under the windmill
AFTER the guy up there fires a shot(so you definately won't get 
hit, hopefully) Anyway, once you're up the ladder the guy can't hit 
you no matter what, so you can start making monkey-faces, going "Nanya,
Nanya, Nana!" You can use the Spinning Rip-Disk Ejector here, its the
easiest to hit him with. Reload all guns.

Go back to the "escape hatch" screen. Go to the left of this screen.
You should be looking at a dirt path going across the screen leading 
out between a gap in the fence. Now this is a tricky bit, for there 
are 2 guys here one will appear near the cart with barrels (left of 
screen) and the other behind the bushes next to the one tree in front
of the tavern(top-middle of screen). Okay, the easIER way, attract 
the guy from the bushes by clicking, diagonally from where you are on
the bottom right of the screen. As soon as you go near the path, the 
guy behind the bushes will appear and shout "Hey!". Run (Shift-click)
on the left out of the screen and back to the barn, wait for him to
arrive then fry him with the lightning gun again (loot him). 

Go back and attract the other guy out by going to the bushes where
the other guy came out of. Use your shotgun or any other weapon than
the lightning gun because range is a problem.

Go to the gap in the fence and WAIT for a highly convenient horse 
carraige to arrive and click on it.(cutscene)

NOTE: I just told you to go by THIS side of the tavern through THIS gap
in the fence but you can also go by the other way if you like, but 
running to the barn for cover is more difficult)

Now there are many ways of doing this part, but I'll just tell you the
easiest, less suicidal way of doing it (blah, no fun). Go into the fenced
area and into the side door. Sneak up the ladder. Notice there is a 
horizontal rope tied to a beam and is hold up a HEAVY,cranium-smashing,
hook thingy, aimed conveniently at the back of >>I didn't get his name's>flash back>collapses after 24 hours of gameplay!

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Lars Jensen!