World Cup ’98 PC Cheats

World Cup '98


At the main screen, choose Team Management, then click on Customize. Click on the name of a player and type these codes. Press enter after inputting, then click again and type another code:

Zico Enable 1982 Classic Match 
HurstEnable '82,'74,'70,'66 Classic Match 
KennyFlaming Ball 
GaboBig heads 
KyleSkeleton players 
CartmanTake a dive 
GonzoHot potato 
Mr HatCrazy Ball 
PowderSilly Moves 
NeilaAlien Mode

Press 'back' to exit without actually changing the players' names. Now press Scroll Lock to open the cheat menu.


Thanks to Revolution readers Kajan, Rahul and Gaurav, Marco Ulivieri, and Paul