Worms: Armageddon,Worms Armageddon PC Cheats

Worms: Armageddon


To enable the following codes, you must accomplish the given goal. To activate codes, go to the Weapons or Game options screen.

Laser sight: Complete mission 4 
Jetpack: Complete mission 8 
Fast walk: Complete mission 13 
Invisibility: Complete mission 16 (only works in net games)
Low gravity: Complete mission 20 
Indestructible landscape:  Complete mission 25 
Super Banana Bomb upgrade: Complete mission 33 
Aqua Sheep upgrade: Get Gold on Super Sheep Racing Training 
Longbow upgrade: Get Gold on Euthanasia Training 
Shotgun upgrade: Get Gold on Rifle Range Training 
Grenade upgrade: Get Gold on Artillery Training
Worms bleed when shot:Get Gold in Basic Training 
All crates have sheep:Get Gold in Crazy Crates Training  
Invincibility:Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode 
Full Wormage game options: Earn a Gold medal and Elite ranking in all modes



Thanks to Revolution readers The Gremlin, Lauras, and Joseph A.v.briggs!