Zoo Tycoon PC Cheats

Zoo Tycoon


Unlock the Triceratops:

Name one of your exhibits “Cretaceous Corral.” This will unlock the Triceratops.

Unlock the Unicorn:

Name one of your exhibits “Xanadu." This will unlock the Unicorn.

Double exhibit donations:

Name one of your exhibits "Microsoft."

More Cash:

Press Shift and the $ button for more money. Caution – it breaks your

Exhibit fences.

Fun with Names:

Rename any guest the following:

Mr. Blue Blue clothes/buildings

Mr. Brown Brown clothes/buildings

Mr. BlondeYellow clothes/buildings

Mr. OrangeOrange clothes/buildings

Mr. Pink Pink clothes/buildings

Mr. White White clothes/buildings

Lou CatanzaroAll animal toys Adam LevesqueAll animal care buildings Andrew BinderAll animal constructions John WheelerAll animal shelters Alfred HBirds fly and people freak out Russell CFences all fall apart Steve SerafinoAll endangered animals

Hank Howie All staff education research Rosalie All tour guides salaries to zero

MoneybagsExtra money every day

Zeta Psi Sick guests

Stinky Sick guests

rpro Scared women

Boogyman Scared children

Follow the Yellow Brick Road:

Place a lion, a tiger (any kind), and a bear (any kind) and you will unlock

the Yellow Brick Road.


To make a baby animal of any species, build an exhibit. Go to the Adopt an Animal.

In between the middle and the bottom you will see three golden symbols. Click

on any species, then the circle with the arrow. Put two animals in the exhibit.

Then click on the circle with the cross on it. Put two of that species in the

exhibit. Then try to make that species really happy and you will get a baby.

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