ATV Offroad Fury PS2 Cheats

ATV Offroad Fury

Playstation 2

Ravage 1000 Quad and Alternate Riding Gear:

Finish an entire pro-career.

Increase Difficulty:

Select pro-career mode, then enter "ALLOUTAI" as a name.

Fast racers

Select pro-career mode, then enter "ALLQUIKI" as a name. All racers

will have the speed of the Ravage1000cc Quad ATV.

All Tracks:

Select pro-career mode, then enter “WHATEXIT” as a name to unlock all tracks.

All ATVs:

Select pro-career mode, then enter “CHACHING” as a name to unlock all ATVs.


Fort Roberts Lookout Tower:

Select “Cross Country Enduro” then choose the “Fort Roberts” level. Also

choose the “Lap Attack”, and “Long Race” options for the waypoint track.

Choose a character and being game play. There should be a gray building

in front of you at the fourth gate. Enter the open door. And as soon as

you go in, turn right and go up the stairs. Go slowly, and when you get

to the top, you will be in a hallway. Keep going until you see more stairs.

Go up them very slowly. At the top, go straight to get to the lookout tower.

Go slow and do not fall. Go through two doorways. Keep going straight, then

go up one more staircase. You will now be up in the lookout tower. Remember,

go slow as you can fall easily up there. If you fall, you will have to start

all over.

FLY Around Fort Roberts:

Alright you must first find the airport look for the Helicopter (it will

land in some rundown buildings around the airport) but when it gets close

to the ground pop a wheelie and hit the helicopter with your front tires

if you do it right the helicopter will pick you up and you will fly around

with it until you hit reverse.

Quick Resume:

Press L1+R1 if you go off-track or crash to quickly resume the race.

GameShark Codes

Ravage 1000 Unlocked

4CD965FC1456E7A6 Master Code (Must be on) EC89866C1456E60A Extra Pro-Career Race Points

3CD901A41456E77B This means even if you finish in last in a race you get a load of points)

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