Bouncer, The PS2 Cheats

The Bouncer

Playstation 2

Alternate Costumes:

To get alternate costumes for Kou, Sion. and Volt you have to do some stuff

first. For Kou, you must simply choose him to infiltrate the mikado building.

It is him in his disguise. For Sion, you must get sion’s special ending

that shows how he found Domonique. It shows Sion with his hood on. Volt’s

im not to clear on, but if you know the story well, you know that volt was

a guard to the first mikado. it shows him with no horns and a bodyguard

suit on.I think you just have to beat the game once. then once you have

done theese things you hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 and hit X in multi player.

there you go.

More Alternative Fits:

Echidna, Wong, and Leann’s special costumes. Once you have each character

you just hold L1 + L2 + Select them. Echidna has a bodyguard suit just like

Volts’. Wong has his hair cut off, from when he was in the past. Leann is

wearing the bathrobe from the opening movie.

Get Secret Bouncer:

At the main menu hold L1 and press Square, Square, Square, Circle, X, X,

Triangle, X to get a bouncer with the name “Unknown”


Trinity Attack:

When you see one of your fellow bouncers do their taunt, that’s when you

do yours and the cinema for the Trinity Attac should begin. Note: killing

anyone with these powerful attacks is nearly impossible.

Special FMV Sequence:

Beat the game as Sion.

You Gotta Know Know When to Hold ‘Em…:

Any time you fight Dauragon C. Mikado…DON’T TRY TO USE TRINITY ATTACK!

He will somehow backfire it! For example, if you are using Volt, He will

try to punch Kou and Sion and he’ll almost hit. Then when he gets to Volt

he punches him but misses

Extra Characters:

Each time you finish the game you will unlock more characters.

Unlock Leann Caldwell:

When you play through the game you will notice Kou talking on the phone

to someone. If you play through as Kou, you will hear her voice and learn

that her name is actually Leann. You can actually play as this mysterious

character by playing through the entire game as Kou (which means, you cannot

switch to any other character at any time). During the end sequence, Kou

will encounter Leann in the Central Square area and do battle with her.

To defeat her, block her attacks and use the Circular Uppercut (ES+MEDIUM

buttons) move to juggle her into the air. Or To unlock Leann Caldwell you

don’t need to play all the way throu with Kou. I switched between all my

character and at the end I choose Kou and beat it which lead to the fight

with Leann. So you don’t have to play it threw all the way with kou.

Unlock MSF Kou:

If you play through the game as Kou, you will encounter a part where he

is infiltrating the Mikado building as a MSF soldier. Once you reach that

part and save your game, you will be able to use that costume in Survival

and Versus modes. To select the costume, hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2 when selecting

Kou in Versus or Survival Mode.

Unlock Black-Hooded Sion:

The final opponent in Survival Mode is a black-hooded variation of Sion.

You can actually access this costume in Versus and Survival mode with Sion

once you complete Survival Mode one time. To select the costume, hold L1

+ L2 + R1 + R2 when selecting Sion in Versus or Survival Mode.

Unlock Wong Leung:

To unlock Sion’s sensei, Wong you must play through the game as any character.

When you come up to the battle against Kaldea (the battle right before the

final fight), have any character other than Sion fight her. Then, use Sion

to complete the game. During the end sequence, right before Dominique comes

to visit Sion while he is working the door of the bar, you will view a flashback

sequence where Sion will do battle with his master, Wong. Wong fights similar

to both Sion and Dauragon. He uses the same two-fisted attack as Dauragon

(where he can hit an opponent both in front of him, and behind him), as

well as leg sweeps similar to Sion. You can use normal attacks against him,

but one special move in particular works very well. Block attacks from Wong,

and while he is recovering from one press the ES+MEDUIM buttons (whatever

you have them assigned to) to perform the Torpedo Kick move, which will

take off a bit of damage and knock Wong off his feet. Turn that into a pattern:

Bl! Block, Torpedo Kick, Block, Torpedo Kick, etc. to defeat Wong, who you

can then use in the Versus mode.

Unlock Mugetsu with His Mask:

Beat the Mikado Bldg.-Hanging Garden level to unlock Mugetsu with his mask.

Unlock Mugetsu without His Mask:

Beat the Galeos-Mid Flight level to unlock Mugetsu without his mask.

Unlock Echidna:

Beat the MSD cargo train to unlock Echidna.

Unlock Dominique and PD-4:

Beat the level after you protect Dominique. Beat PD-4. Then it will show

a cinema of the Mikado Sattelite giving energy to Dominique. She is a really

a robot. After that cinema you have unlocked PD-4 and Dominique.

Unlock Kaldea Orchid:

Beat the level before the last level. You’ll unlock Kaldea Orchid. She can

change in to a panther by pressing L1 + X.

Secret Boss Fight:

To enable the secret boss fight beat the game 3 times once with each character.

(you have to stay with that character the whole game!) Then on the third

time trough the game when you are fighting Duaragon C. Mikado for the last

time. (In his trousers.) He will fall and cough up blood as usual but instead

of dying he will get back up and you must fight him another round to beat

the game. This may take some time to complete but its well worth having

him in VS and survival mode!

Kou’s Alternate Gestures:

Here’s a little easter egg found in THE BOUNCER. When replaying the game,

start a new game with the subtitles set in Japanese and play as Kou. During

the scene on the elevator, where Kou’s phone rings, he will do completly

different gestures to match the Japanese subtitles.

Fianal Fantasy VIII Referece?:

This can’t be comfirmed, but the hound in the FATE bar logo on the back

of Sion’s DOG STREET jacket bears a close resemblance to Rinoa’s dog, Angelo,

from Square soft’s smash hit, FINALY FANTASY VIII.

No Escape Cactuar!:

The image on back of Volt’s jacket is bit strange. The green character is

a cactuar, a recurring enemy in Squaresoft’s FINAL FANTASY. Since it’s crossed

out and the words NO ESCAPE are printed above the design, we can only suppose

Volt has little tolerance for catuars!

The Card Key:

When you need to stop the MSD cargo train from slamming into the station,

here’s some advice. The card key is alway’s in the LAST box of all 3 boxes

that you find one to the right, and on the floor near the doorway.) If you

use Sion to find the Car Key, you’ll have 20 seconds to find it. Volt has

15 seconds. Kou has 25 seconds.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On
Infinite Bouncer Points

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