Dead To Rights PS2 Cheats

Dead To Rights

Playstation 2

At the 'New Game' screen, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and enter the following:

Level Select:

Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Down

All Guns, Infinite Ammo:

Up, Left, Down, Right, Circle

All Enemies Disarmed:

Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle.

All Disarms:

Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Right

All Headshot Kills:

Square, Square, Square, Down, Right

Infinite Health:

Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Right

Infinite Shadow Stamina:

Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Down

Infinite Adrenaline:

Left, Right, Left, Circle, Square

Infinite Armor:

Up, Up, Up, Square, Down

Infinite Human Shields:

Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square

One Hit Kills:

Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Left

Unseen by Enemies:

Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Triangle

Double Melee Damage:

Circle, Circle, Up, Up, Square.

Stronger Punches and Kicks:

Down, Cicle, Left, Left, Left

Chow Yun Jack Mode - Dual guns:

Triangle, Circle, Up, Up, Up

Wussy Mode - Enemies less accurate:

Square, Left, Triangle, Up, Down.

Hard Boiled Mode - Enemies more accurate:

Triangle, Square, Left, Left, Circle

Precursor Mode - Turns off targeting:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Up.

Boomstick Mode - Infinite Shotgun:

Right, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square

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