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#"""########  "#"##   ## #"  ##     " ""    " #   "####"   #    #     #"   ##
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(Artwork courtesy of Brett "Nemesis" Franklin)              "

                        Sony PlayStation 2

Walkthrough Guide
Version 0.8
Updated 24/9/2001

* This guide will primarily be a guide to completing the game. This is 
  NOT a S-Rank guide, this is NOT a story sypnosis, this is NOT a FAQ   

* This is definately not your relief from trying to destroy your 
  PS2 after playing DMD mode.

* And lastly, this was written using the Japanese version of DMC. Don't 
  come asking me questions about changes to US versions because I DON'T 
  have a US PS2.

  where this document lies. If not for it, I probably won't exist in 
  the Internet world anyway. Kudos and major thanks to the boss, CJayC, 
  for putting up with my little bouts of temperments.

JL Lee 
  for managing to survive Dante Must Die! mode, and still having the 
  sanity to write up and is still trying to finish this guide on this 

Gamer's Guild - Devil May Cry 
  for having the most comprehensive information about the game, split 
  beautifully for the author to translate, use and rewrite in text 
  format, which is what you're reading right now.

Devil May Cry by Hakata 
  having a very detailed Blue Orb Piece list for me to refer and 
  confirm with. Mucho gracias.

Devil May Cry Frontline Guide 

  for having the information which led to the author being able to find 
  all 12 Secret Missions in the first place.

Dengeki PlayStation  Vol. 187-188
  for confirming (or allowing) the posts online about the conditions 
  for getting the different ranks in the missions.

Brett Franklin 
  for being such a nice guy and responding to my plea for help. Without 
  him, you guys probably won't be able to see the Shadow of the Blonde 
  Lady at all :P A big thank you for all his previous help as well. 
  P.S. Did you like the animated Mio cursor I sent you? A little plain 
       I know, and I'm making one for her Zamzeed! SRW all the way!!

  6. LISTS 
  /             /
 / 6.1 WEAPONS /
/             /
  /                   /
/                   /
  /                  /
/                  /
  /                    /
/                    /
   :E) later. Examine the 
tablet in the middle of the platform where it'll tell you the objective 
of the trial. Nothing's going to happen immediately, sad to say. 

Head back to the big doors again, but as you approach the center of the 
bridge a bolt of lightning will appear from nowhere (get used to the 
"from nowhere" business, it happens ALL the time) and hit Dante, 
breaking up the bridge into fairly small pieces, and sending all into 
the watery depths of the ocean.

Or so you would think. Somehow or other you'll land in a small 
underwater passage, with your health bar slowly going down (hey, you're 
in water, of course it'll go down). Run to the circular room at the end 
of this short passage, and step on the strangely-coloured spot. 6 
skulls will appear, locking you in, and you'll have to cut/blast them 
into little pieces of bone before the coloured spot lights up and 
teleports you back to the local end of the bridge.

Before you reenter the doors though, jump up (from the sides of the 
door) to a small ledge, where 50 Red Orbs will appear. You'll also see 
one part of the bridge hanging in the air right in front of you. 
Stinger there, and a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will nicely fall out of the air. 
If you make your way back to the other end of the broken bridge, 
there's another [BLUE ORB PIECE] waiting for you there as well. DO NOT 
TOUCH them Red Orbs! :P

Return to the cathedral, and go claim your prize for clearing the 
trial, the [PRIDE OF LION], and thus cle...

But wait, looks like there was something watching your progress all 
this while. A HUGE scorpian. And guess what? You'll have to fight it. 
See Boss Strategies for more details about this fight.

Once you've sent Phantom scuttling back towards it's fiery pit, the 
door you entered from will be unlocked, and you can now exit, ending 
this short, but headache-posing Mission.

                                                    The Black Knight
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Show the Lion your strength, to open the Path. 
                     Then aquire the Melancholy Soul.

You start off right where you ended the previous mission, at the long 
corridor. Now that you've the Pride of Lion, you can open up the energy 
wall that was blocking your way. Make your way back down the corridor, 
towards the door in the middle of it.

Unfortunately, as you go back down, someone has other ideas about your 
previous battle. The sore loser Phantom is back to chase you down, 
though with a tad less life. For more information on how to beat this 
fight, refer to the Boss section (miraculous waste of space)!

Survey the damage that your battle has created, and enter the door in 
the middle of the corridor. Now check the energy wall, and the Pride of 
Lion will dispell it, revealing a rather imposing Lion Statue with a 
nice set of red eyes. Thought you could enter the door above it? Think 
again. Your second trial has just begun.

Crack open the Lion Statue (3 hits will do) and it'll reveal the 
irritating (and soon to be a very good friend in other difficulties) 
Shadow. Defeat it, and the door above the remains of the statue will be 

You'll find yourself in a squarish area with a staircase that leads 
only upwards. Ignore the stairs, and hop into the big hole in the 
middle. It's a long fall, but eventually you reach the bottom, where 
there's a locked door and a familiar-looking Symbol Wall. Yes, attack 
the poor symbol until you activate the little stand in the middle of 
this basement.

That little stand will start moving up...and up...and up, until you 
reach the very top of this tower. It's also placed you next to a shiny, 
jagged, cool-looking sword. Jump over, and pick up the sword, and 

No, it's not a sword, silly. Instead, it's something called [DEATH 
SENTENCE], and it appears in your item list. What gives? You'll soon 
know. Anyway, DON'T jump back onto the stand, jump off the sides of 
this little platform you're on, and you'll find yourself next to a set 
of double doors.

Enter the doors, and you'll find something shiny on a statue right next 
to the doors. Check it, and you'll have to use your Death Sentence to 
drop that little sphere onto the floor. It's the [MELANCHONY SOUL]! 

As you pick up your prize for this mission...a nice scene occurs (yes, 
it ALWAYS is like this. What else do you expect? A smooth ride through 
the game?). Before you follow out, do some shopping at the Time Statue, 
and climb onto the bed for some Red Orbs.

Head out, and you'll be locked out as well. IF you have Air Hike and 
Air Raid by now, you can do a little bit of collection. Of course, 
doing a Kick Jump also does the trick, but it's tricker. Anyway, 
there's a little hole right above your current location (outside the 
door, BEWARE the hand!), and you can jump to the level above. To the 
left there's a small tower where a [BLUE ORB PIECE] floats temptingly. 
Never mind that, but instead Kick Jump UPPER LEFT and you'll land on a 
rather large platform that no one in his right mind would ever think up 
of. There's a lot of Red Orbs that'll appear, and an Untouchable at the 

If you have Air Raid, you can fly over to the Piece that's waiting 
agonizingly for you. If not, you could try to Air Hike there, but I've 
managed only 2% success rate at the moment, because the angle has to be 
completely accurate when you jump.

All of the above can also be done during the following fight, but I 
think you won't be able to concentrate, especially when things are 
moving in ways you won't want to move......

Anyways, once you land in the grassy area, the fight with Nero Angelo 
officially starts. As usual, the details of the fight is supplied in 
the Boss section.

You'll clear this extremely short mission (dosen't look like it with 
the length of this section, yes? ^^;) once you send him flying away in 

                                                      The Soul Leads
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head forward before the [Melanchony Soul] runs 
                     out of power

The item screen will show up right at the beginning of the mission, and 
once you exit, you have exactly 3 game minutes (going through doors 
stops the count) to get from the ground floor of where you are, back to 
the bottom of the tower where the locked door was.

The way back is there, but there's one slight hitch. The only door out 
is locked, and a Shadow is your foe. Defeat it ASAP, unlocking the door 
in the process, and work your way back towards it. 

Go through the Bedroom as fast as you can (simply press right and keep 
it there), jump down the big hole, and check on the door, use the 
Melanchony Soul, and there ends the second shortest mission in this 

IF you fail to make it in time, there is a RETRY MISSION.

RETRY MISSION OBJECTIVE: Recharge the [Melanchony Soul], challange 

Remember the short corridor to the right of the Lion Statue? Head back 
there, check on the statue at the end of the corridor to recharge the 
Melanchony Soul. After which you'll be able to restart the mission from 
square one, fighting another Shadow in the Fountain Garden.

                                                     The Sewer Demon
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Guardian Demon and gain the [Guiding 

Nice area to start the mission. You're officially in the sewer of the 
castle (who said that castles didn't have sewers?). Head up the screen 
and you'll find yourself in a dead end of sorts. Jump around the left 
wall of the dead end, and eventually a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will drop down 
from nowhere.

Now head back along the rest of the sewer path and enter the first door 
you see. This, my friends, is the pipe room. And at the end of the 
room, on a pipe is a glowing [RUSTY KEY]. You don't have to jump up, 
simply go underneath the pipe and check, and the key is yours. At the 
same time, lots of bugs come flying out of the pipes. Blast them all to 
pieces, and you can make your way out.

Make your way to the end of the tunnel (ignore the little opening to 
the side unless you're hurt baldy, it contains quite a few large Green 
Orbs which you should save up...) and use the Rusty Key to open the 
double doors.

Another long corridor, but this time deserted. There's another small 
opening, which you should also ignore because there's nothing but more 
Green Orbs. Near the end of the corridor you'll see several things on 
the floor, and if you proceed further you'll be treated to a little 
scene showing one of the most irritating sub-bosses there are in this 
game, the Death Scissiors. Kill it, and proceed on to pick up the 
objective of this mission, the [GUIDING LIGHT], ending it at the same 

                                       Holding on to the Burning Key
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return to the Bedroom before the [Guiding Light] 
                     saps all your power

Devilishly simple objective, almost like Mission 5, but with a twist. 
Instead of giving you a time limit, your health is now slowly eroding 
as you hold on to the hot Guiding Light. You start off at the pedestal, 
so you'll have to make your way back down the entire stretch of 
corridor. It won't be so easy though, because Phantom's back to try 
stall you. Send him away the same way you did in Mission 4 (there are 
extra Green Orbs near the doors, so no worries about your health at the 
moment), and exit the double doors.

As you move back along the sewer corridor, you'll be confronted by Sin 
Scissors. If you haven't noticed, your exit's locked, so you'll have to 
stop and defeat them to unlock the door.

Once you return to the tower proper, activate the Symbol Wall switch to 
head back to the top of the tower. Jump onto the Death Sentence 
platform, jump off it, enter the Bedroom, check on the Sun symbol next 
to the mirror, and once it opens, check on the door to end this 

                                      Return of the Legendary Knight
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the Switch and make your way out of the 

There is a lag between Missions 7 and 8, and you can take this small 
breather to go back and get all the things you think you missed, or do 
some Red Orb earning, since no Mission Time is calculated here.

Once you're done though, move along the long path, and you'll find 
yourself on the fifth floor of the Great Hall, where you started in the 
first place. Jump across the gap (it's also a natural thing to jump 
across huge gaps without a problem) and enter the door on the other end 
to start Mission 8.

The room you start off in have 2 Red Orbs on ledges on either side, as 
well as a Time Statue right smack in the center of the far wall. What 
you want to do, however, is to go UP the ledges, and enter the door 
right above the one you entered from.

You'll end up in another wide open area, and if you try to leave via 
the open space to Dante's right, you'll be stopped short by a barricade 
that rises out from nowhere, as well as a return of Phantom. Defeat him 
the same way as you did back in Mission 3, the only difference is that 
it has one new move. Alternatively you can lure him to jump on you 
while standing on the glass dome right in the center of the "ring". If 
he lands on the glass 5 times (you can see if he's landed or not, 
there'll be glass flying, and the dome will start shattering into 
pieces) he'll fall THROUGH the glass, and end up exactly in the same 
spot as he'd be if you beat him.

The end of Phantom. May the Devil burn his soul.

Anyway, make your way past the now-unhinged barricade, and pick up the 
gleaming [TRIDENT] from the ground. If you jump on the right pedestal, 
you'll see more Red Orbs flying down from nowhere. The ledge above the 
horse statues contain a nice little tempting [BLUE ORB PIECE]. Pick all 
of them up (or not), and fall into the hole between the horse statues.

There's a little spot right in front of you that gleams white. Attack 
that spot, and you'll release a lever. Behind the lever mechanism 
there's a corpse holding on to the mighty [GRENADE GUN], as well as a 
trapdoor that you should open, and jump into.

Guess what? You're back at the Three-holed mechanism room right at the 
beginning of the game! This time you can activate the mechanism using 
the Trident. 


The next sequence of events are all time-based, so you have to be FAST. 
Once you've activated the mechanism, an internal clock will start 
ticking. You'll hear bangs at regular intervals. That means the 
barricade that you've just raised up to your room is starting to go 
back down to cover the bridge room. 

Jump over the small opening, head through the door, ignore any enemies, 
rush down the round stairs, and enter the bridge room. If you're fast 
enough you can still make it past the falling barricade, if not, you'll 
have to return and restart the whole thing.

Well, once you're past the barricade, there's no turning back. BEFORE 
you go through the huge double doors though, jump into the water on the 
right for another [BLUE ORB PIECE]. Check the door to end this frantic 
mission, and to a new frontier.

                                                         A New Power
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Open the Gate with your new Power

Back in the open, with a long bridge to cross. Don't worry, this time 
this wooden bridge won't break into little pieces. Instead, once you 
cross over to the other side, it'll raise itself up, effectively 
cutting you off from the Castle, and leaving you stranded in the 

The first area of the garden is enemy-free, and there are 3 pillars for 
you to jump on to collect Red Orbs. There's also a Devil Star behind 
the big plaque in the middle of this area, as well as a Time Statue to 
the upper left.

Head towards the dome, and go down the stairs until you reach the 
doors. Go through the doors, and you'll find yourself in the outskirts 
of several ruins, and a trail of blue fire leading from your entry 
point to a set of HUGE opened doors. You're also introduced to new 
enemies called Blades.

There are several items to pick up in this Courtyard. To Dante's right 
of your starting point there're 3 locked doors, one with a Red Emblem, 
one with a Blue Emblem, and the center one that requires "2 spears" to 
unlock. There's a [BLUE ORB PIECE] under a tombstone in a small path to 
YOUR right from where Dante entered this area in the first place. 
opposite the Spear Door there's another locked door, and ABOVE the 
locked door is a Holy Water for the picking. Other items scattered 
around the place are Yellow, Red and Green Orbs.

Now enter the open doors where the light leads you, and you'll find 
yourself in another courtyard, except this time there aren't any 
enemies, and there's something floating in the air. Pick up the Yellow 
Orb and Devil Star on opposite sides of the second level, and hit the 
Symbol Wall to activate the moving platforms.

Do some Mario jumping on the platforms until you arrive at your 
intended goal, a set of fiery gauntlets. Pick up [IFRIT], and watch as 
Dante does some martial arts skills he couldn't do before without it. 
Make your way back to the Courtyard...

And you'll be confronted by another challanger to add to the silly bad 
puns. Defeat Griffon (as usual, Boss Strategies), and then head to the 
doors to the right of the one where you found Ifrit. Equip Ifrit and 
punch the right flame-holder to burn it and open the doors.

It isn't over yet. In this Misty Forest there's a stump where standing 
on it will lead to falling Red Orbs. There're also more Red Orbs plus a 
Holy Water on a well-covered ledge along the right wall. Trying to 
enter the door at the end only results in it being locked, and you 
having to survive more Marionettes, Bloody Marys, as well as the 
introduction of Fetishes. Defeat all comers (and reinforcements) to 
unlock the door.

In this area you'll be challanged by lots of Fetishes. There're Red and 
Yellow Orbs all over the place, plus a Devil Star on a ledge. Whether 
you decide to take and run, clear and run, or plain run is up to you, 
because the only door at the far end requires 200 Red Orbs to unlock. 
Go through the unlocked door to end this hellish mission.

                                                      Vally of Mists
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Make your way past the Maze Valley 

You start off in a straight path that will divide into two. Jump over
the first overhang you see to gain Red Orbs. Getting lost here (and 
returning to the previous screen of Fetishes) is automatic if you 
decide to move on either path. The only way out is to check the stone 
tablet at the fork, which will bring out a single ball of light.

Follow the light source past the next two similar looking screens (it 
will also be absorbed by enemies there, so you'll have to kill them to 
"free" it) to make your way out of this misty valley. At the same time, 
checking on the stone tablets (or jumping against them) will lead to 
the sudden appearance of Red Orbs.

Once you've made your way past the screens you'll find yourself in 
another wide open area, with the sub-boss music blaring. You're forced 
to face up with 2 Kyclops, but they don't really pose that much of a 
threat, not when there're Green Orbs in abundance, plus a Holy Water 
around the grass. 

Upon the defeat of the Kyclops the gate blocking the door will open. 
Entering that door will end this mission.

  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Present the [Chalice] to the Knight to open the 

It's always nice to hear the sub-boss music playing once you start a 
mission. This time you're introduced to another type of flying enemy, 
the Death Scythe. Defeat it, pick up all the items scattered around the 
place (there are Green Orbs, Red Orbs, a [BLUE ORB PIECE] as well as a 
Devil Star littered around), and jump into the well hole right in front 
of the big tree.

Inside the well lurk Blades, a Time Statue, and a breakable wall to the 
right of the Time Statue. Defeat all Blades in this enclosed space, and 
a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will fall out of nowhere for you to claim. Jump out 
of the other exit in this well path, and you'll find yourself back 
outside, but in a room leading to the [SIGN OF CHASTITY]. Pick it up, 
go back down the well, and enter the lower door behind the tree.

Walk straight and place the Sign of Chastity onto the pedestal right in 
front of you, and you'll gain the [CHALICE]. At the same time, however, 
Nero Angelo decides that this is the time to drop in and say hi. Show 
him that you're busy with your guns and gauntlets (there are 2 Green 
Orbs above and below the Chalice pavailion).

Once you've sent him flying away in defeat, head for the little cave 
directly in the front view of the Chalice pavailion. Place the Chalice 
on the Knight Pedestal to open up the door right below your current 

Since the way you came in has been closed off, you have no choice but 
to enter the new door, ending this mission......

                                                          Ghost Ship
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head for the Captain's Cabin on the Deck.

There's a nice little Time Statue right in front of you, in case you 
forgot to power up before the start of this mission. There's also a Red 
Orb statue for you to break open. 

Jump into the water (cool first-person view, get used to it) to collect 
2 Red Orbs and enter the wrecked ship. 

You don't have any weapon to fire in the water right now, so the wisest 
choice would be to move around the Blade. There is an Untouchable 
hidden in the boxes directly to the right of your starting location, 
but forget about getting it for now.....

Surface, and climb up the stairs. There's a [NEEDLE GUN] lying in this 
deck, along with a Devil Star. This Needle Gun is a necessity in the 
near future, so please take it.

Head up to the deck, where LOTS of Red Orbs await. Incidently, if you 
climb up to the highest compartment of the frontmost mast, and Stinger 
your way to the bow of the ship, a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will drop down from 
the sky.

Your objective, the Captain's Cabin, is the one locked with a pair of 
Flaming Swords. Check it, and you'll be attacked by a Death Scythe. 
Defeat it, try to open the door again. and the Ghost Ship will start 
moving by itself.

Of course, this little movement has also caught the eye of a certain 
Griffon, and you'll have to face it again on the crowded and obstacle-
leaden deck. Once you've sent it packing into the air again, the 
Captain's door will finally open for you, ending the mission.

  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Look for the Exit and escape the Ship.

You start off in the Captain's room. There is a Time Statue, as well as 
the very important [STAFF OF HERMES] in this small room. Once you gain 
the Staff though, the whole ship will start going bonkers, and you'll 
have to swim your way out of the water. Notice that your health is NOT 
falling here. Weird, huh, considering the effects back in Mission 3...

Anyway, make your way out of the Captain's room by the small 
ventilation hole in front of the Time Statue back to the level below 
the deck. 

This area is also filled with water, and there are 2 Blades to deal 
with since the area is locked out. Once you clear them, enter the area 
right below the staircase (where there was nothing before). This time a 
[BLUE ORB PIECE] is floating there. 

Return to the upper deck, to the other exit, and you'll find yourself 
back at the hull of the ship. Escape through the hole you entered the 
ship from, and you're clear!

                                           Dark Night, High Mountain
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get back to the Ground, head for the Colosseum

It's not really Mission 14 when you find yourself still in water right 
after the mission clear screen. Hop out of the pool you're in, and jump 
into the right pool for a [BLUE ORB PIECE].

Move back to the rock cavern (looks familiar? It's not the one you 
entered from through), and in the little room along the path there's a 
Holy Water in the open chest. Enter the door to officially begin the 

There's a spiky wall facing you, and a floor with lots of spike-holes. 
Don't worry about those for now, since they're harmless. A mural on the 

wall speaks of nighttime activities (Secret Mission 9), but you can 
safely ignore that as well for now. Head to the other end of the 
circular room where a skeleton hangs beautifully from the spikes. It's 
also gleaming very nicely as well.

Pick up the [EMBLEM SHIELD], and activate the mechanism that the 
skeleton's right hand was holding on. Now the circle will start moving, 
the spikes will start shooting up. The metal grate that was blocking 
one room is also raised for you to get back to open air. Get to the 
elevator while evading the spikes that come out in a very easily-
avoidable pattern.

Out in the open, there are several things to pick up here. From the 
elevator area, there is a ledge to the upper right containing a [BLUE 
ORB PIECE]. There are also Red Orbs on top of the pavalion where you 
surfaced from, and more Red ones when you Stinger over to the ledge on 
the left end. On top of the ledges there's a Yellow Orb right in the 

The next area is quite mountainous, and there are strong enemies 
awaiting. There's a small cave underneath your starting area which 
leads to a Red Orb statue across the bridge, but the main focus is the 
[BLUE ORB PIECE] to the right lower ledge after you cross the bridge.

The exit to this area requires 200 Red Orbs, which shouldn't be a 
problem provided you killed off the enemies and didn't really buy 
anything in the previous area.

The very next screen will look very familiar, but with bad camera 
angles. There's a Devil Star to be found here, and the opening requires 
100 Red Orbs to unlock. Take the Red Orbs that the game replendishes 
after your double usage, and unlock the door to finish this mirror 

                                                The Wheel of Destiny
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Use the Shield and Lances, and Attack the 

Guess what? You're back in the Courtyard right where you started this 
whole outside-castle mess in the first place! This time the lights have 
moved slightly though. They lead you to the double doors that you 
ignored in the first place, but you still can't enter for now. Instead 
you can enter BOTH the Shield-guarded doors.

|                                                                     |
|       THAT YOU GO THROUGH FIRST!                                    |

Go through the BLUE door first. Pick up the [LUMINITE] at the end of 
the room and head down the stairs, lighted with the little rock you'll 
need a lot later. Crack open the breakable door at the bottom of the 
stairs (lots of enemies await too) to gain access to lots of goodies, 
including Red Orbs, a Holy Water, and a [BLUE ORB PIECE].

Enter the door opposite the breakable one, and you'll find yourself in 
another circular moving-floor room with big spikes at your end and 
along parts of the path. Navigate your way past those spikes and (if 
you wish to) enter the small stairs in the middle of the path, leading 
to several Red Orbs and a small step which recovers your Devil Gauge 

Move to the end of the circular path, and you'll be facing a blind 
circle with a small step quite a small distance away, and poisonous 
floor down below. Simply Air Raid your way across to pick up the [PAIR 
OF LANCES], and Air Raid back (you can recover your DT again at the 

Now head back out, and night would have fallen. If you wish to, enter 
the RED door. You can, of course, use the Lances to open the door to 
the Colosseum, but detours almost always produce nice presents.

It's the exact carbon copy of the Blue room, except that all's 
reversed. In the breakable door are less attractive items, consisting 
of Orbs of various colours (except Blue...). The moving-floor room now 
have Symbol Walls that you must hit to activate ledges for you to step 
on, but hold off jumping on those for now.

The floor of the treasure area is clean (but does have enemies). Jump 
(or probably double jump) directly below the stand where the other item 
is held, until you see a [BLUE ORB PIECE] falls on the stand. Now head 
back up, jump your way across to pick it and the ultra-cool [NIGHTMARE 
BETA] up.

Now head back and use the Lances on the Colosseum doors to enter it. 
Before you start moving around in the Colosseum though, there are two 
whirlpools on either side of your starting location. Use the Purple 
whirlpool to send yourself to the top level. Move to the center of the 
bridge to let a [BLUE ORB PIECE] fall from the sky.

Jump down and run to the center of the Colosseum, where you see several 
weird symbols on the floor. The checking is automatic, as is the 
following battle with Griffon. Once you defeat it the Big Bad Boss 
Mundus shows his eyes to you and kills Griffon anyway.

Trish leaves you, and jump to the top of the fallen stone, which will 
transport you deep down to your destination, the [WHEEL OF DESTINY].

                                                      Dark Nightmare
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Solve the mystery of the [Staff of Hermes]

Starting off from the exact spot you finished, move back to the small 
elevator stand, picking up the [BLUE ORB] at the same time. Make your 
way back to the retracted big bridge you crossed over back in Mission 
9, and use the Wheel of Destiny to make your way back.

Now that you've re-entered the castle, prepare for some eerie music.

                  ***THE CASTLE HAS CHANGED***


Anyway, major changes have been going around the castle in the number 
of hours you've been away (never mind the game started in 
the afternoon, it's now night, so there). Apparently the powers that 
are controlling the underworld have managed to change the outlook of 
this one castle. Major areas have been cut off from your path, so you 
can only head back to the Great Hall.

Guess what? Even the big statue's gone. In it's place is a Symbol Wall 
that you must hit, bringing out lots of pyrotechnics, as well as the 
last normal enemy that you'll get to meet, the Plasma. Beat that, and 
the door to the Airplane Room is unlocked. Pick up the other 2 [BLUE 
ORB PIECES] as well lying and floating around this hall.

The door to the long corridor is also unlocked, and there aren't many 
physical changes to the corridor, except that jumping at or around the 
face statue yields a [BLUE ORB PIECE], and the center door has been 
removed. Lots of armours line the corridor, and within them, Red Orbs 

The Library door is also gone, so your only exit this time is to the 

Don't worry, the Cathedral's changed too. The door to the Broken Bridge 
is inaccessible for now, and there are 4 Symbol Walls placed in 
strategic positions, as well as 4 weird-looking things on the floor. 
But the most important thing that should catch your attention is the 
puddle-like thing on the floor, which you should check. 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to understand what's going on much for 
the moment, especially because a black blob has just risen up from the 
puddle in the floor to attack you. Send Nightmare scurring away, and 
you can now return to the Broken Bridge.

Make your way across, and if you left those Red Orbs alone earlier on, 
you'll see that they've managed, somehow or another, to "upgrade" 
themselves to become 100-Orb Orbs. Use the Staff of Hermes on the Staff 
lookalike behind the stone tablet, and the two empty frames will now 
have pictures of various parts of the castle that are locked out to you 

Jump (yes, JUMP) into the right picture to land yourself in the 
Bedroom. You can't do anything constructive here, but there's a [BLUE 
ORB PIECE] next to the bed, and an Untouchable above it. Pick both up, 
return through the portal on the floor, and jump into the left picture 
to end this mission.

                                                    The other Amulet
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Overcome the Dragon, gain the [Quicksilver] to 
                     enter the Audience Room.

This is probably the last long mission that you're going to have, so be 
happy now.

You'll find yourself back in the stairway tower, except that it's via 
teleport. But no matter, because there's not much difference for now. 
Head up the staircase, and in the middle (no longer the end now) is the 
same room where you had to jump up for the first Rusty Key...except 
that there's no cupboard to jump on, and no hole in the ceiling, just 
lots of destroyable things. Get the Red Orbs, move up further along the 
stairs (the rubble's gone) until you reach a door.

Enter the doors, and you're in the room where you found the Rusty Key 
way back in Mission 1. There isn't any enemy, but at the end of the 
room, there's yet another Picture junction. This time only the left one 
is open to you, so jump in there.

Yes, there's no way back from here, so head up to the doors on the 
other side, but it locks itself, setting you up with a fight against 
the last set of sub-bosses, Frosts. Beat them to unlock and enter the 

Unless I'm mistaken, you're in a completely new wing of the castle 
which is a circular corridor (strange things work similar ways). There 
are plenty of breakable armours containing Red Orbs, as well as lots of 
enemies in your way. Ignore the first corridor branch and continue 
moving forward until you reach the door at the end. Even if you try the 
first branch you won't be able to proceed anyway...

Now this room is what seems to complicate matters for those not fluent 
in the Japanese language. The tablet by the crank explains perfectly 
the way to defeat the bone dragon that's shooting freely at you, and 
which you won't be able to get near because there's a hidden energy 
wall blocking your forward progress.

Anyway, use a sword (any sword will do...) and return the fireballs he 
sends at you. Timing is paramount, so slash directly at the ball when 
it's almost near you. Actually the fireballs do pathatic damage, so 
you'll have a LOT of time to get it correct. 3 home-run hits will 
destroy the bone dragon, and unlocking a mirror beside the crank. Head 
up to the crank, check it, and you'll have to twirl L3 either clockwise 
or counter-clockwise until the reflected light hits the mirror in the 
ceiling, and start off a chain-reaction till the [QUICKSILVER] appears.

Jump up to get the Quicksilver (Air Hike works perfectly, if you don't 
have it, Kick Jump from the rafter and jump across the transparent blue 
stands across the upper level of the room. There's a [BLUE ORB PIECE] 
on the terrance to the right of the room, checking on the tablet at the 
end usually nets if for you. If not, move around the terrance, and 
it'll probably fly to you somehow or other.

Now that you've the Quicksilver, return back to the corridor branch, 
and use the Quicksilver on the door to unlock it and gain entry into 
the Audience Hall.

You're there! But then, there's someone else waiting for you as well! 
Defeat this super-powered version of Nero Angelo to end the mission... 
and for a bit of shocking news......

                                                   Holy Stone Elixer
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Toss the [Philosopher's Egg] into the Fire to 
                     create the Holy Stone

You start off getting the [PERFECT AMULET] as well as getting the Force 
Edge upgraded into the legendary sword [SPARDA], which you shouldn't 
use at the moment since it dosen't provide you with Devil Trigger 
Powers at all. At the same time a portal appears, bringing you back to 
the second Picture junction.

This time the right picture is open, and jumping into it throws you 
straight into the water. More swimming lessons then. Get the Red Orbs 
from the water area as well as from destroyable barrels. There are even 
more Red Orbs in the room opposite the cell you started off from, and a 
[BLUE ORB PIECE] in the cell directly in front of your starting cell.

Go through the only exit in this room, and you find yourself in locked 
battle with 3 Sin Scissors. Shoot them to death to open the locked door 
in this area, and go through stand on land. Weird field that 
door has.

Entering the door will place you in a VERY familiar place, the Tower. 
The Symbol Wall is still there, but hitting it will fill the entire 
tower with water. Swim up, slowly until you hit the first jutting 
ledge, where a [BLUE ORB PIECE] will direct itself to you. Swim up 
crazily (or if time runs out, hit the Symbol again) until you reach the 
top of the tower, where the [PHILOSOPHER'S EGG] nests nicely for you.

Pick up the Egg, hop down through the hole between the platforms, and 
hop down again to land on the square area. Head out to the doors, and 
you'll find yourself back at the fountain garden, except that the 
fountain is gone, and something eerily familiar is facing you.

Before you go play with fire though, head to the left door on the upper 
level (it was a wall before, and the right door's gone...), where Red 
Orbs and a [BLUE ORB PIECE] await.

Return to the Fountain Garden, and place the Egg in the fire where the 
Lion Statue used to be. Since it says that it takes a little while to 
hard-boil the egg, might as well have fun while doing it. And Who 
Better Than Nightmare!! (silly wrestling reference) Defeat it, and the 
egg will be nicely cooked to reveal your objective for this mission, 
the [ELIXER].

                                                        Warped World
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Open the Gate to the Underworld

This sounds so easy, it's not funny. Enter the portal that's opened, 
and you'll find yourself back at the stairway tower room. Of course, 
there's no more need for either of the two Picture warps, so head back 
down, and out to the Broken Bridge again.

It's just so nice (once you get back there, that is) that the Elixer 
that you're holding is responding to the RIGHT Picture. Jump into it... 
but nothing happens instantly, and the doors are still not appearing. 
Instead of waiting for something to happen, head up and check the 
mirror (the one where Nero Angelo stepped out of). The Elixer will 
allow you to pass through the mirror if you check again......

And you'll find yourself in the Mirror World, where everything is 
blurry, as well as being exactly reversed in locality as per the 
original world. 

Guess what? The door leading out is there! Head out, and jump down. A 
nice little [PHILOSOPHER'S STONE] sits on a pedestal waiting for you, 
but once you take it, you'll be met by the very last type of enemies, 
the Nobodys. Beat them to unlock the door, and simply head back, 
getting the final 2 [BLUE ORB PIECES] along the way, one via jumping 
off the ledge (where you found the Untouchable back in the original 
world) and the other in the tower after you've gotten the first.

Once you've returned to the original world, what's there to do? 
Remember a similar-looking mirror on the ground? Yup, back in the 
Cathedral. Fly/jump/swim back to the opposite end of the bridge, and 
the ex-watery pool will glimmer dangerously. Enter it, and you'll find 
yourself in the Mirror World of the Cathedral.

There's a huge vortex in the middle where Phantom should have dropped 
from way back in Mission 3, and a small hole at the end of the 
crossable vortex. Place the Philosopher's Stone in the hole, and the 
vortex will disappear, showing an even greater vortex. Jump in THAT 

                                                     Final Nightmare
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head for the Room of Living

This, my friends is the shortest mission of all. You start off right in 
the entrance of the Underworld. Everything's alive here, from the 
little paths, to the living tentacles which love to suck your health 

But that's for later. For now, double jump into the opening, and head 
down the long, uninterrupted path to a flesh wall. Hit the wall to open 
it up and enter the next room. 

There's a Time Statue (a Demon's holding to the hourglass now, if you'd 
noticed) as well as a couple of Frosts. You can ignore all of them and 
head straight for the flesh wall behind the Statue, and open it up to 
enter the objective room of this mission.

A short cut-scene later, and you'll have to fight Nightmare for the 
third and final time. Is it just you, or all bad things come in threes? 
Keep that in mind as you move along :P

Once you defeat Nightmare, there's an even longer cut-scene, after 
which this mission ends!

                                                       A Living Cave
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the Heart to open the Final Gate

When you hear "Final Gate", you should feel pumped up, because you KNOW 
you're near the end.

You're in a little round circle with a Time Statue standing prettily at 
the other side. A Holy Water lies on the floor on your way around the 
area, and a flesh wall is blocked by lots of bony stuff as you pass it. 
Enter the only other door in this area to have a look at the Final 
Gate, but it's locked. The Heart in this area isn't beating very 
healthily, and that's your purpose of this mission. 

Jump around the stands till you reach a platform below the Final Gate. 
Smash the red crystal there to loosen the bones in the circle room 

What to do? Head out! Enter the flesh wall. Take out the Nobodys in the 
way (beware of the Tentacles!) and enter the flesh wall at the end of 
the pathway.

The next area is full of lava that WILL hurt you if you fall to land on 
the little rock pieces. Make your way across the pieces and hit the 
Symbol Wall on that side. Wait for the platforms to arise, then jump 
over until you reach the next platform. There's another crystal here, 
hit it to drop Red Orbs. Once you're done, jump up to the next level, 
and hit the Symbol Wall here. Jump up the platforms until you reach the 
flesh wall.

You'll end back in the Final Door room, but on a much higher level. 
Jump across the huge gap (natural long jump again) to reach your final 
Symbol Wall. Activate that, and the numerous blocks locking the Final 
Door will break into their pieces. 

Enter the Final Door to end the mission!

                                                The Legendary Battle

This is a fairly simple mission, one that shouldn't be that hard at 

Simply walk up the great hall, accompanied by angelic music, and a long 
corny cut-scene with Dante and Mundus talking trash to each other (most 
of which you should know by now if you've watched the opening demos), 
it's time for The Legendary Battle!

Defeat both forms of Mundus (keep in mind, keep in mind...), and 
another long sequence of events, the mission ends...and it's not over. 


                                                       Mother's Lead
  MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get out before the Island breaks up

You start off with a 5 minute time limit. Nice way to start the final 

It's time to make your way out. Fast.

Run your way out of the Final Gate. Run your way out to the circular 
room. Blast your way by killing the 2 Nobodys to unlock the door in the 
Nightmare room.

Rush out to the passageway, and back to the Mirror World. Jump up to 
the moving platform, and jump out of the mirror hole....

Part 2 of the Mission takes place in the castle, where your final 
objective is the Main Hall, where it all began!

Ignore the Marionettes and such, exit the room to the circular 
corridor. The two Blades here have to be defeated to unlock the door 
back to the Airplane room.

Unfortunately, before you can exit the Airplane room, the floor 
disintegrates right before you, and you end up in the Pipe room.

With Mundus. Told you all bad things come in threes.

Defeat Mundus with the final Devil Trigger Attack with the handguns 
powered up thanks to Trish, and more long cut-scenes...

And finally, to finish off the escape, you have to shoot your way out 
of the island in the airplane, Capcom-shooter style.

Watch the final cut-scenes, and you're done! up, it's time to challange Hard Mode!!

  /      /
 / HARD /
/      /
  /                 /
/                 /
  /      /
 / HARD /
/      /
  /                 /
/                 /
  /      /
 / HARD /
/      /
  /                 /
/                 /
  /      /
 / HARD /
/      /
  /                 /
/                 /
    Easy difficulty game

NORMAL cleared          --> Hard difficulty game

HARD cleared            --> Dante Must Die! difficulty unlocked
                            Difficulty selection unlocked
                            The Legendary Dark Knight unlocked

DANTE MUST DIE! cleared --> Super Dante unlocked 

Here's the major differences in the modes:


                           EASY difficulty 


Same as Easy Automatic. Holding on to Square allows continous firing of 
guns without need for aiming. Enemies are wimps. Fixed enemies are much 
easier to deal with (or easier type of enemies).

You DON'T need to even bother to think here. The only times you could 
die is when you fight against the last few bosses......


                          NORMAL difficulty                    


No different from the Normal game other than the fact that you carry on 
all your item stocks, ending Red Orb stock, and all your weapons. Only 
difference is that the Alastor, Ifrit and Sparda scenes have been 
removed, the Amulet is no longer in your possession, and you'll have 
all your weapons (swords, gauntlets and guns) at the start of the game!


                             HARD difficulty 


Enemies become much stronger than before, they deal almost 2-3 times as 
much damage as they would in Normal. Bosses take less damage as well 
from your attacks. Stronger enemies also appear early on in the game, 
and fixed enemies have either been souped up in amount, or that you're 
given harder enemies to deal with (eg. Death Scissors instead of Shadow 
in Mission 4). Usable Items cost MUCH MUCH more, but you still bring 
over what you've left in the previous game.

You'll have to reset a lot, since you could more or less blast through
Normal mode with a little difficulty. This is the BEST chance to soup 
up your avoiding and timing skills before taking on Dante Must Die 
since you HAVE to carry on to Hard mode immediately after clearing 
Normal. Resetting will become part and parcel of this mode, and you 
should try to clear each mission without using Vital Stars (boss 
battles notwithstanding). 

Your best bet here would be using Ifrit in the preceeding missions, 
plus generous usage of Inferno against bosses. Learn to use R3 
consistantly so as not to wreck the flow of the battlesOnce you've 
mastered this, you should be able to tackle the hardest difficulty 
mission known to man (yes, that includes Battletoads!) 

Oh, and try to stock up enough Untouchables and Devil Stars here, plus 
maxing out all the skills for the weapons.....because you WON'T be 
thinking of going around killing for Orbs in the next mode.


                           DANTE MUST DIE! 


Title speaks for itself. Normal enemies do crazy damage, and have the 
special ability to go "berserk" (shown by red electricity around them), 
where they take very little damage, and cannot be knocked down. Time 
limits are imposed in several areas, after which all remaining enemies 
turn berserk. Bosses kill you in 2-3 hits or so, and take so little 
damage that a full Inferno hit does what used to be a normal combo 
damage. Usable items cost even more than in Hard, and you WON'T be able 
to reover health when you activate the Devil Trigger. You will be able 
to bring over all the things that you had in the previous game. Bring 
LOTS of Red Orbs. You'll NEED them.

You'll need strategy to defeat bosses. Not only that, but you'll have 
to perfect any skills you've learnt in Hard in order to survive this 

Reset you will......
If you've played Deadly Mode in Parasite Eve II before, think of the 
same thing, except now that you've more enemies to deal with, and 
bosses with INSANE health......

And the new characters to challange Dante:


                     THE LEGENDARY DARK KNIGHT 


You'll be able to choose him if you start a New Game. You can use him 
in any of the 3 choosable difficulty modes. The only noticable 
difference he has from Dante is that he has an extra sword Yamato, 
which does damage as much as Sparda does, and also able to activate 
with DT. However, you're unable to upgrade it with any kinds of skills, 
but it will come equipped with Alastor skills as you get them, negating 
the use of it completely ^_^. Wonderful against bosses......

One cool fact is his shadow though. This has to be the coolest feature 
in the entire game ^_^;


                             SUPER DANTE                 


You'll be able to choose him when you start a New Game. This is a bonus 
character, where Dante's Devil Trigger is maxed, and WILL NOT deplete. 
In other words, he's nigh invincible if you can use Inferno or Air Raid 
without fear of running out. You can play any mode with Super Dante, so 
DMD won't be THAT hard this time round......


Version 0.7 (20-9-2001)
- Completed the Hunter Ranking section
- Added in Weapons (Dante's main ones only for now...) section
- Japanese is no go. Unless I can get the adapter of that snail of mine 
  to work, it's practically impossible, even with Japanese IME.
- Added in Secret Missions, which are edited from my own personal 
  Secret Missions guides. Now thinking of cutting them out and placing 
  in the walkthrough instead.
- MAY add in combo section if there is demand. There IS someone else 
  working on it though......