Disgaea: Hour of Darkness PS2 Cheats

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness


Free Artemis Bow:

Create a female archer named Artemis.

Extra Classes:

AngelFemale Cleric/Knight/Archer all at level 100 or higher.
ArcherLevel 3 Bow Weapon Mastery.
EDF SoldierLevel 30 Gun Weapon Mastery.
KnightFemale Warrior/Mage at level 10 or higher.
MajinMale Warrior/Brawler/Ninja/Rogue/Scout all at level 200 or higher.
NinjaMale Fighter/Warrior level 20.
RogueFighter/Warrior at level 5 in each class.
RoninFemale Warrior/Fighter at level of 20.
Scout2 Fighter/Warriors at level 5.

Get Longinus

Get Spear Mastery to level 25, then talk to Longinus.

Unlock Priere:

Beat the last stage of Alt. Netherworld.

Unlock Marjoly:

Beat the last Mysterious Seal stage.

Secret levels:

Alt. NetherworldWith a high rank at the dark assembly, pass the bill.
Baal's towerBeat every Alt. Netherworld and Mysterious Seal level.
Cave of OrdealsWith a high rank at the dark assembly, pass the bill.
Human worldAfter beating the human invasion chapters, pass the bill.
Mysterious SealWith a high rank at the dark assembly, pass the bill.
Prinny LandPass the bill, after the Reincarnation chapter.

Secret Items:

Diabolical SwordSpeak to Ghoss in Last Chapter.
Hyperdrive ShoesEnter Item World B100 and beat Item God 2.
Mr. Gency's ExitSpeak to the Dimensional Gatekeeper in chapter 3.
Staff of SorcerySpeak to Gargo in chapter 8.
Testament EmblemUnlock Etna's Chamber at the start of Chapter 1. Then read each memory of hers at the end of each chapter until the end of the game.
Vile BrillianceSpeak to Manty in chapter 11.

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