Donald Duck: Quack Attack PS2 Cheats

Donald Duck: Quack Attack

Playstation 2


Ugly Duckling Ropund 1:

This is a trick you can do at the last level on the first dimension (Ducky

mountains). When the big ugly duck are throwing eggs at you in the first

round, just run to the right untill she stops. Trust me, she cant hit you.

However, there will be tree baby-birds running after you. You can just jump

on their heads to kill them. Then this ugly bird will try to jump on you.

Just run to the right first, and when she`s trying again, run to the left.

and then, JUMP ON HER HEAD!!!!

Ugly Ducking Round 2:

When she is trying to throw eggs at you in the second round, just run to

the left. When The eggs are hitting the ground, just jump over them (The

baby-birds who are inside them will be killed, just wait and see)

Now the big ugly bird will try to jump on you head one more time. This time,

run to the left the first to times she`s trying to jump on you, and the

last time, run to the right. And then….SMASH HER HEAD!!!!

Ugly Duckling Round 3:

At the last round when she`s throwing eggs at you, ther is no system of

running from the eggs. But when she`s trying to jump on your head just run

left, right, left, right……..(you know….zig-zag).

How To Beat Melock:

When the evil Merlock splits into four, hit the one with the shining diamond.


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