Evergrace Walkthrough

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and I am simply a fan of their great games. This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who 
waste their time translating Japanese games and all the nice people who love 
PoPoLoCrois (My favorite game). Enjoy!! END OF DISCLAIMER

1. Introduction
2. The Story
3. Basic game controls
4. Menu Mania!
5. What's Parumila? 
6. Let's Fight! (Combat)
7. Buy, Sell and Save!
8. Role Call
9. Yuterald's Walkthrough 
10. Sharuami's Walkthrough
11. The Final Battle
12. Secrets ("Shadow Tower" the hidden dungeon)
13. Equipment and Parumila list
14. Item and Bad Status List 
15. Thanks
VERSION HISTORY (All postings Japan Time)
6/20/00 Started writing FAQ after I realized nobody was doing one. If anyone wants to 
help I'll give you credit and due thanks! Plus there's a better chance I'll finish 
the FAQ!
6/23/00 Came down with a bad cold, and a temperature of 102.5 progress delayed! 
6/26/00 Still a little sick but hey I've posted my first version!

Evergrace is an action RPG for the PSX2 not dissimilar to the Zelda series for the 
N64. In the game you take control of 2 protagonists. Although their stories start out 
completely different, in the end they meld together. All in all the game took me about 
12 hours to beat (an estimation after I deducted time I spent translating stuff).
In order to play the game I suggest you have the ability to read (though not 
necessarily understand) basic Japanese. If you can recognize katakana and hiragana 
you will have a much easier time. However for the sake of those of you who 
understand no Japanese I plan to make this FAQ as such that no language ability will 
be required (though this may take time).
Like all RPG's nowadays, Evergrace has it's own new system. This is called the 
"Dress-up" system. In order to gain new spells and special techniques in Evergrace 
you must equip and upgrade various weapons and armor. You can also change the 
color of your character's outfit. Basically they should have called it the Barbie system 
but it's called the Dress-up system, go figure. Still, it's gosh darn fun.
The game has nice crisp clear graphics and good responsive controls. However the 
music is a bit repetitive (that's okay I hate most game music anyway) and both heroes 
go through many of the same dungeons. Still, I had a fun time playing the game and I 
never got tired of it. 
Under Construction
Left Analog Stick: move characters and select from menus.
D-pad:. Just the same as the above
Circle: accept, search, talk.
X: Cancel, (press while walking to run.)
Triangle: Parumila Action.
Square: Attack.

Start: nothing
Select: Go to Status Screen
L1: Quick Item
L2: Select Parumila Action
R1: Reset camera view, Look around (w/ D-pad).
R2: Camera Zoom (Close / Normal / Far)
There are two status menu's the first is accessed by pushing the select button 
anytime during the game. This menu has an orange background and will hereafter be 
referred to as the ORANGE MENU. The other menu is accessed whenever you go up 
to a blue save crystal and press the circle button, this will be called the BLUE MENU. 
There is also of course the display (per say) that you see when your character is running 
around or fighting. This will be called the DISPLAY MENU, and I'll explain it first.
This is of course not really a menu per say, but what you see when you're not in any 
other menu. On the lower left you'll see a HP gauge with a Power % above it, see the 
combat section for an explanation of this. To the left of the HP gauge you'll see a green 
globe with whatever "quick item" you've selected in it (see 4.22 below for how to do this). 
Below the HP gauge you'll see a number indicating how much money you have. Finally 
below the money number you may see a Chinese character in highlighted in pink, green 
or some other color. If you're seeing this you are suffering from a BAD STATUS effect! 
Use an item to cure this (see below 4.22).
On the lower right hand side of the screen you'll see numbers for all the Parumila 
points your equipment has left (see section 5 for Parumila explanation). Always watch 
these numbers to make sure they don't go to low, or else your equipment will become 
useless! If an item's Parumila number becomes zero it will break and you'll have to 
pay a buttload of cash to fix it! (See shops section for more) The numbers go as follows
1. Weapon
2. Helmet
3. Armor
4. Leggings
5. Accessory
And yes there's a map in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
It has the following commands listed on the left.
1. Equip items (see section 4.21)
2. Use Items (4.22)
3. Assign Parumila Action (4.23) .
4. Options (4.24)
5. Load (4.25)
6. Tutorial (4.26)
On the lower left of the screen you'll see all your Parumila stats for your 
equipment, just like the display menu. On the upper right you'll see icons for equipping 

NOTE: You can press the Triangle button at anytime for a help menu (in Japanese 
of course), and the Square button to see you character's normal attack pose. L1 and R1 
will rotate your character.
4.21 Equipment Menu
As soon as you highlight the menu you'll see icons representing the different types 
of things you can equip (weapons / helmets / armor / leggings / accessories). Simply 
scroll through these menus and highlight what you want to equip. When you select an 
item (say for instance a weapon), a statistics screen will appear on the left-hand side of 
the screen. Anything highlighted in blue represents an increase in a given stat. 
Anything in red means a decrease. Your stats are listed in the top box, below that (in 
the bottom box) you'll see numbers representing your resistance / power with various 
elements and weapons. Translations of these are given below. 
Once you equip a given item you'll see the immediate change in your characters 
appearance on the screen. Since what you equip effects your HP don't be surprised to 
see that your HP bar went down when equipping new items. For instance if one 
helmet gives me +100 HP for a total of 400HP and I then equip another helmet with 
+150HP my new HP will be 400/450 so my bar will have gone down a bit.

STATS SCREEN (appears on the left when you access orange menu)
Attack Strength (weapon damage)
Life (affects HP level)
Wisdom (affects magic damage)
Defensive Strength (physical attacks)
Luck (affects damage a little and rate of Parumila decrease )

All numbers on the left correspond to attack strength, on right are defense numbers.
Slashing Weapons
Blunt Weapons
Impaling Weapons
Pay attention to these numbers closely when determining how good a particular 
piece of armor or weapon is. These numbers are often more important than the ones 
above them especially when you figure weapon damage. 
This is super easy just scroll and select. If you can't use an item, or don't need it 
(say using a life potion when your HP are full) you'll hear a buzzer indicating so. The 
Triangle button will give you explanations of items. Press the Square button to put an 
item in your quick item slot (you can use it during onscreen combat with the L1 button). 
You can hold up to a maximum of 9 of any given item. See the item's section for a 
description of common items!
This works just the same as pressing the L1 button anytime during combat. Simply 
scroll through the list of actions and assign one by pressing the Circle button. If you 
don't have any equipment that give you parumila abilities then you won't be able to 
select anything. The top choice says (nashi) in Japanese which means "none" or 
"nothing". Thus choosing this will leave you without any actions. Memorize these 
two symbols. When you check your weapons status and it lists the actions given 
anytime it says nashi there is no action for that particular level of weapon. Look at 
your helmets since only two helmets in the game give you actions. Here's a good 
chance to memorize the Japanese symbols for this word.
Once you have an action equipped go back to the combat / field screen. Here press 
the Triangle button to check and see what you action does. Note: ALL PARUMILA 
ACTIONS will drain your power gauge to 0%. So watch out and make sure you know 
what's what before you run into combat.
You'll often see a list of many actions to choose from and if you don't know Japanese 
it'll be confusing to figure out which is which. If you really want to get a good 
command of your actions I suggest you equip items one by one (i.e. sword only! No 
armor) and scribble down the effects of a given piece of equipment's actions. Do this by 
the save crystal so you can re-load your game after seeing what's what. Sorry, but 
there is no easy way around this if you don't know Japanese.
Once you know what's what and you re-equip everything you'll often see a list of 6-8 
actions to choose from. These actions will appear in the same order as the parumila 
levels on your equipment does on the combat screen. Once again?c
1. Weapon
2. Helmet
3. Armor
4. Leggings
So if you have a sword with two abilities (say "Ice Blast" and "Tri-Slash") armor 
with one (Say "Bind Soil") and boots with one (say, "Hover") your list will look like this?c
Ice blast
Bind Soil

NOTE: Accessories never have parumila actions and helmets rarely do.
You'll see the following.
1.Sound (two meters for BGM, below is SE (sound effects). Also choose stereo / mono )
2.Analog control response rate (best not mess with this)
3. Vibration (On or Off save the dirty jokes for later!)
4.Window Color (The ol' R-G-B setup)
5. Key Config. (re-arrange the buttons to yer pleasin')
(More on key-config later, sorry.)
4.25 LOAD
Allows you to load previous saves. (duh).
If you can't read Japanese this isn't useful. If you can why are you reading this 
wasting precious moments of your life?

1. Status Menu (switches you to ORANGE MENU COMMANDS)
2. Shop (Go to the shop)
3. Change Characters (exactly what it says)
4. Monster Stats (sorry but no pictures)
5. Save 
6. Quit Game
Many games have magic or skill or what not; Evergrace has parumila. Parumila 
works just like the aforementioned abilities. It allows you to do things like shoot out 
fire, hover over traps, or perform a cool looking Zorro-esque slash with your sword. 
You gain parumila through equipping and upgrading weapons and through 
equipment. A given piece of equipment will have anywhere from 0-3 parumila actions 
it can perform. Most start with one action, subsequent actions are gained by 
upgrading them to higher levels. When you go to the shop and upgrade an item (see 
shops section below) be sure and check if it gains any new parumila actions.
In order to assign a parumila action to your character press the L1 button (or 
access the Orange Menu). See above section 4.23 (above) for a good description on how 
this works.
In any case you might have noticed those number on the lower right hand of your 
combat screen (see 4.1 above). These are the parumila levels of your equipment. As 
you hit enemies with your weapons, get hit (concerning armor) or use parumila actions 
the parumila levels of you equipment will go down. If a given piece of equipment's 
parumila level becomes 0 it becomes useless. In case you were spacing out you can tell 
an item has gone bad by a sudden flash around your character on the screen. Also the 
broken piece of equipment turns a dull gray in color. Note: A broken item looses all it's 
abilities and offensive / defensive bonuses. If your item breaks equip something else! 
In order to fix an ailing item or broken (parumila level 0) item you have two options. 
First you can go to the shop here go to the area for whatever you want fixed (If I have a 
sword I'll go to the weapons area). Next choose the "Repair" option, pay your money 
and your item's level will be back to normal. The cost for fixing ailing items is usually 
pretty cheap. However, if an item breaks you have to pay a very high price to fix it (half 
of it's new cost I think). ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR PARUMILA LEVELS!!
You can also buy an item (see items section) that looks like a blue diamond with a 
glowing globe in the center (price 200). You can use this anytime to repair ailing items. 
It will not however, work on broken items.
Parumila actions are the keys to solving most of the game's secrets. There are 3 
types of actions Elemental Attacks (elec / earth / fire / ice ), Special Attacks (i.e. the 
"Guard Break" maneuver), and Movement Actions ( Like "Hovering").
Many of the puzzles in the game are solved by using parumila actions. For 
instance if you see a room blocked by a giant ice mountain melt it with a burst of fire. 
If you see a big boulder or fallen column in your way use the "Crush" action to block it. 
Also if there's some lava in your way why not "hover" over it?
Again this is the main part of the game in which knowledge of Japanese really helps. 
See the Equipment section below (Sorry, it's long from finished) for an explanation off 
all the parumila actions of a given weapon or piece of equipment.
Combat in Evergrace is for the most part pretty intuitive to anyone who's ever 
played an action adventure game. If this isn't you then I suggest you start off playing a 
game in your native language first! Still, I highly suggest you read below before you 
start hacking away.
Basically you run around and hit things, sometimes they hit you back and 
sometimes you die. Do take note of you HP gauge at the bottom left of the screen 
(yellow bar) and the percentage number above it. As you run or attack this number 
will decrease (red portion of the bar), and as you rest (walking okay) it will grow bigger. 
The percentage affects the amount of damage you'll do. Thus if my sword attack 
does 100 points of damage and I strike while my percentage bar reads 83%, I'll do 83 
points of damage. If I strike when it reads 0% I'll do no damage. Notice that as your 
HP decrease your gauge recovers faster. This is supposed to replicate the adrenaline 
boost you get when you're attacked. Ever notice how things tend to fight back a little 
harder when they think they're gonna die?
Other things to take notice of include the fact that there are two types of normal 
attacks. If you press the joystick/D-pad towards your opponent and press Square you'll 
do a strong attack. Strong attacks exhaust you more, but they do more damage and 
have different patterns (i.e. a thrust instead of a swing). 
Whenever you use a Parumila action you'll fully exhaust yourself so watch out! 
One method I use to recover and still avoid the enemy at the same time is to quickly (not 
too fast, though) tap the X button while moving. This will start you into a run but 
won't drain you. It ends up looking like your character is doing a shuffle.
I think it goes without mentioning that you should pick up all gems and treasures 
that enemies drop when they are hit. To pick up items press the Circle, for gems 
simple run over them.
Jumping from a high place won't damage you. If you can't see the bottom (or it's 
very deep) take care since the fall will kill you!
Whenever you see a giant, blue mist-encircled crystal in Evergrace that means you 
can shop, save, or even switch heroes (see BLUE MENU 4.3 above). Once you enter the 
shop you'll have a number of options to choose from. These should be obvious as to 
what's what.
At first you'll have the following options
1. Buy 
2. Sell
3. Repair (See Parumila section!)
4. Upgrade 
*You can not buy a weapon you already own.
*You can not sell a weapon you are currently equipping
*Before you "Upgrade" you'll be given a preview of the stat changes
*When you upgrade a weapon (if it isn't broken) is automatically repaired
don't waste money repairing, then upgrading a weapon.
Simply select a monster (you'll see the picture) and pay the price to enter it into the 
notes. You can then check the monster's stats in the start-up screen menu or the Blue 
You only have three choices here. Basically they work just like "weapons"
1. Buy
2. Sell
3. Repair
6.4 ITEMS 
Remember a maximum of 9 of any given item. You also have to buy them one at a 
time! (ugh!)
2. Sell
1. Buy 
2. Sell
3. Repair (See Parumila section!)
4. Upgrade
5. Change Color
When changing color use the D-pad / stick to scroll through the different hues. Color 
makes no difference as far a the items stats go. The only reason to change the color of 
your gear is to either progress the plot in the game at given points or simply to look cool 
(equally important). 
1. Buy 
2. Sell
3. Repair (See Parumila section!)
4. Upgrade
5. Change Color
1. Buy 
2. Sell
3. Repair (See Parumila section!)
4. Upgrade
5. Change Color
This won't result in much unless you have the mushroom item. If you have a 
mushroom he'll ask if he can have one choose yes (top) or no. If you give him one he'll 
give you a one time 50% discount off of your next purchase or upgrade. If you want to 
use another mushroom for a discount you have to exit the shop and re-enter.


Coming Soon!
Check the message boards at gamefaqs for good hints!

Since the game is easy to figure out (if you understand what's going on) I'm only 
gonna post a a breif walkthrough highlighting problem points in the game FOR NOW! 
Later I will give an in depth walkthrough. Please be patient. 
And of course N= north, S= south, W= west, and E= east.

*STARTING MAP: Collect the bow off the bed (you can also heal there), collect the Pot 
off the ground in front of the house. Head S/E past the flower and save your game. Un-
equip any weapons to move the statue. Go N and talk to the priestess she'll tell you to 
go S/E into the cave to Salamando Hill. 

*SALAMANDO HILL: Talk to the guy in front of the grave twice . You can heal at the 
well. Go E to a lake and collect a helmet and a leaf from the water. Watch out for deep 
water! Go back to the guy and give him the flower, He'll give you a pendant. The 
following is optional. 
Go N from the fountain past the temple and up the walkway. Jump off the 
walkway search around the ground to find a pumpkin helmet. Now, if you want, walk 
back and talk to the grave guy again and jump off the walkway again and start 
returning. When you see dog chase after it (back up over the walkway again)! The dog 
will lead you to the ghost of the old man's friend. Fight it and get a Parumila crystal 
which you can sell for 1000.

* STARTING MAP: Go way N/W till your path is blocked by a wall with three busts. 
Put the pendant on the bust to open the wall. Talk to the priestess and examine the 
Statue to warp to the next map.

*JINPI LAB 2F: Kill the squids get the claw from the chest. Go up the S/W stairs and 
enter as many rooms as you can on the way. Save at the save point. Follow the trail of 
blood and talk to the guy. Also collect the 2F master key in a room with beds. Now go 
to the room S of the Save point. Fight the boss and talk to Baguragera (The old guy). 
Now pull the lever and press the switch that looks like the Evergrace switch. Run as 
fast as you can to the stairs on the S/E of the map and follow them north to a gate 
previously un-openable. 
Now you'll be in a room with three giant test beakers. Stand on the middle and 
choose the following choices. (I think these are right, if not tell me please.) Try 1: 
Blue (1st choice). Try 2: Red (2nd choice). Try 3: Black (top choice). In the end you should 
end up with a little string. Go to the platform in the middle of the dungeon and 
teleport. If the above answers are wrong keep trying again (re-enter the room)! Never 
choose the last choice as it is "do nothing".

JINPI LAB 1F: All the puzzles here are simple. There are four element rooms each 
one needs two elements to solve it. When entering the room use the same element as the 
room to remove the seal. When inside the room use the opposite element to solve the 
room. For instance in the ice room equip a weapon with an ice Parumila action and 
zap the seal and then press circle to get in. Now change to an item that has a fire 
Parumila action to melt the ice. A small piece of ice should appear next to a teleport 
platform. Go to the platform when all 4 elements are there to warp.


Sorry, not yet?c 
Shadow Tower is a hidden dungeon that can be accessed at any save point during the 
game if you have the right item, the DARK CRYSTRAL (see items section and long live 
the Skexies!!). In case you're too lazy to look in the items section it's the item that looks 
just like the save crystal. For each one of these you posses (you get them randomly 
from killing monsters, also see below) you can make one trip to the Shadow Tower. In 
order to do this you must go to a save crystal and select the items screen. (First choose 
the top option which will bring you to the Orange menu and then choose the second 
option to use an item). Simply try and use the crystal and you'll be asked if you want 
to go to the Shadow Tower.
There are no save points or shops in the Shadow Tower! Also all of the monsters are 
pretty tough! Luckily there are also no puzzles that require Japanese to figure out. The 
Shadow Tower is a long and perilous journey with confusing maps that would be 
impossible to describe in text so I'll leave the exploring to you! DO NOT SEND ME E-
MAIL asking for help exploring the tower! There are no puzzles just a big confusing 
maze. If on the other hand you'd like to make an ascii map and post it on gamefaqs 
you'd be very cool! 

Here's what you need to know for the Shadow Tower!

GREEN CRYSTALS: Use these to return to the real world. If you do however you'll have 
to start at the beginning of the Shadow Tower (all bosses revived) next time you enter!

BLUE BEAMS: These will teleport you between two points when you walk into them.

BROKEN BRIDGES: Sometimes you'll kill a monster and then the screen will cut to a 
bridge link being laid. Continue to kill this type of monster (8 to be exact) in order to 
fill in the bridge. Unfortunately you really don't know where the bridge is but don't 
worry you'll find it!

BIZARRE DOORS: If you enter a door that seems to lead to nowhere get ready for a 
boss fight! 

COOL ITEMS: Kill as many monsters as you can! Almost all of them will drop some 
sort of equipment otherwise unattainable. Once you get an item from a certain type of 
monster they won't give you anything else. Of course the items received are different 
for the two characters.

GETTING DARK CRYSTALS: If you need Dark Crystals try repeatedly hitting the two 
giant columns in the corner at the base of the Sky Tower next to (The room with the 
statue that you need to change equipment for. You know, right after the lava level). 
The little flying creatures that come out of here will drop lots of Dark Crystals. These 
guys are hard to kill since they fly behind you, but there are a few tactics you can use. I 
like to get a long swinging weapon (pole or ice spear) and get into a corner next to a 
column. Just keep swinging and when the little monsters come out you'll kill them! 
Try this on both poles since the direction of your swing (right or left) and the direction 
the monster exits the columns must be the same in order for this to work. If you have 
another good method e-mail me and I'll post it!

MY ADVICE: Don't get too greedy! The final boss is a tough cookie and it's easy to get 
knocked off and die! Once you get a few new items and a lot of cash (or Parumila 
Crystals which sell for 1000 each) go back save, and upgrade. Good luck and try not to 
get to frustrated! 
Also if you're getting low on potions take time to kill as many weak monsters as 
you can in order to get more potions and healing items. It goes without saying that you 
should be fully stocked with healing items before entering!
Okay here's a list of the best equipment to have before meeting the final boss. All 
items should be upgraded to HIGH level. Especially the weapon! Basically make sure 
you have your electrical defense up high. He has 25,000 HP so watch out! 
NOTE: These items are for the final boss only! It's probably not best to equip them 
before hand as these items are aimed at boosting your electrical defense!

Weapon : Pico-pico Hammer (toy hammer) 
Helmet: Akuzumu Gear (simple headband with a metal plate)
Armor: Volt Suit (long puffy sleeves, a vest and gloves )
Boots: Virus Boots (knee-high riding boots)
Accessory: Lightning Pendant (It's the only blue one)

Weapon : Pico-pico Hammer (toy hammer) 
Helmet: Rutikatira (The hair pins)
Armor: Volt Suit (long puffy sleeves, a vest and gloves )
Boots: Virus Boots (knee-high riding boots)
Accessory: Lightning Pendant (It's the only blue one)

This section I will get to last because it's going to be very long. Tips on all the 
equipment and Parumila you need are in the walkthrough! SO please don't e-mail me 
asking about this! Patience please, and remember I'm not getting any kind of pay for 
writing this FAQ!!
Still I know that maybe your stuck now so I'll list how to obtain the basic parumila 
actions needed to progress in the game. Be sure to note the upgrade level of the weapon! 
Also "Y only" means only Yuterald. "S only" means only Sharuami . Also I'm not using 
the real names of the weapons, but my best descriptions of them.

Electric Attack:
1. Bow LOW S only
2. Volt Suit (long puffy sleeves + vest) LOW

Earth Attack:
1. Club MID S only
2. Saw Blade sword LOW 
3. Question mark shaped axe HIGH Y only
4. Pick-ax MID
5. Globe HIGH Y only
6. Long Rod LOW S only
7. Earth Armor (It's got a cape) LOW

Fire Attack:
1. Claws HIGH S only 
2. Compound Bow LOW S only
3. Fire Armor (flaming) LOW

Ice Attack:
1. Short sword (bronze looking) LOW
2. Lance LOW Y only 
3. Glaive HIGH S only
4. Ice Armor (it's Blue) MID

1. Dragon Boots (they've got wings!) LOW
2. Fairy Armor (wings) LOW S only

Crash (to smash obstacles in your path):
1. Club LOW
2. Warhammer LOW Y only
3. King's Armor (gray) HIGH Y Only

Boost Dash
1. Hermes boots (long leg-wrapping ribbons) LOW

Remember these are overall best. Of course you should equip "fire" themed weapons 
for an ice enemy and so on.. Use your head

*Best Weapon: Pico-pico (toy) Hammer HIGH level. 
Look how much your Blunt weapon strength is!

*Runner-up: Super Sword (you get it after beating the Shadow tower
really it's the best weapon but it's hard to get)

*Best Yuterald Weapon: Lance or Double Axe
*Best Yuterald Armor: Monster face armor (it's red) or
Gold leaf armor (both are very good)
*Best Yuterald Helmet: Red with feather's (looks batman-ish )
(NOTE: not the one with the big nose)
*Best Yuterald Leggings: Tall boots with hip add-on's

*Best Sharuami Weapon: Long Rod (keeps distance between your 
And your opponents)
*Best Sharuami Armor: White armor with cross on it 
*Best Sharuami Helmet: White Cross Helmet 
*Best Sharuami Leggings: Knee high riding boots

NOTE: All Sharuami's truly best armor is found in the Shadow tower. It all look like 
Japanese anime robot armor.

Items are in the order they'll appear on your menu

Low HP Life Extract Green Bottle Fully restore HP (30/20)
Poison Medicine Tall white bottle Cures Poison (20/13)
Paralysis Herb Green Leaf You can move again! (30/20)
Silence Sun Patch Sun Patch You can use Parumila actions again (30/20)
Weak Orb Orb on a stick You will do full damage (40/26) 
Parumila levels will decrease at normal rates
NA Biriyana extract diamond restores Parumila levels for equip. (200/133)
NA Biriyana fruit (yellow) Add 10 points to stats (same as status menu) (x/133)
NA Biriyana fruit (blue) Add 5 points to stats (same as status menu) (x/66)
NA Mushroom get 50% next purchase at shop! (x/0)
NA Paruamila Crysatal (big and Orange) sell for 1000! (x/1000)
NA Dark Crystal (mini-save crystal) key to shadow tower! (x/200) 

  Thanks to Revolution reader Breakboykarim! 

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