Extermination Walkthrough

1. Game Introduction
2. Game Basics
  -option menu
  -main menu
       *customise SPR4*
       *database screen*
  -life support
  -playing the game
3. Character Profiles
4. AR2 Codes (U.K. PAL Version Only)
5. Walkthrough
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Dog Tag List

3. Game Introduction


F.A.O.: Special Reconnaissance Unit, US Marine Corps
RECORD NO.: 2005E0412
DATE: December 24, 2005
OPERATION: í¢â‚¬ËœCold Limití¢â‚¬â„¢
TARGET LOCATION: Fort Stewart, a high security government research
                 facility in Antarctica

Antarctica surrounds the South Pole. A place of extremes, it is the highest,
coldest and windiest continent. It is covered by an ice sheet with an average
thickness of 2000m, which contains almost 70 percent of the worldí¢â‚¬â„¢s freshwater
and 90 percent of the worldí¢â‚¬â„¢s ice. Huge icebergs break off each year from the
floating ice shelves and half the surrounding ocean freezes over in winter,
more than doubling the size of the continent. The lowest temperature ever
recorded on earth (-89 degrees C) was measured at the Vostok research station
in Antarctica in 1983.

Three days ago, an emergency distress call was sent out by the Fort Stewart
research team from their Antarctic base. Since this call was made, no further
communication has been received. Repeated requests for more information have
gone unanswered. Nothing is known about the function of the facility, or the
current status of the personnel stationed there.

Red Light team will travel to Fort Stewart in a C-17E transport plane. On
arrival, the primary objective will be to evaluate the situation and
exterminate the source of the problem. The RECON Unit must then restore the
facility to working order and rescue - or at least account for - the research
team personnel.

Highly confidential. As so little is known about the nature of the threat in
Fort Stewart, it is difficult to estimate the potential risk to human life.
Judging by the lack of communication from the facility, it must be assumed that
the risk is high. Ensure that you are fully armed and prepared for combat at
all times.


You are Dennis Riley, experienced operative and member of the RECON unit
assigned to investigate what has occurred at Fort Stewart following the
breakdown of all communication with the facility. Researchers at the base had
been investigating an alien creature, codename ORIGIN. But the last contact
received from Fort Stewart was a distress call, explaining that ORIGIN has
become uncontrollable and urgent assistance is required to contain it.

Dennis Riley is immediately dispatched to the base to control the malign being
that has escaped from its lab confines. With their mission brief simply to
'exterminate' the threat, on 24 December 2005, Riley and his team board a plane
for Antarctica. Within a short distance of their
destination, the military plane suffers a mechanical fault and one of its
engines inexplicably bursts into flames, forcing it to crash-land. Remarkably,
all crew survive the incident.

But will they all be as lucky once inside Fort Stewart? As each RECON member
faces the strongest test of their military skills, survival instincts are
finely tuned, adrenaline rushes throughout the body, and fear is pushed to the
furthest recesses of the mind. It's extermination time and natural selection
will ensure the weak - both military and alien - are obliterated.

4. Game Basics


UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc - Move character, move gun sight, move menu

X (Cross) Button - Action button, confirm selection.

[] (Square) Button - Sweeping (strong) knife attack, use secondary
                     weapon attachment.

/ (Triangle) Button - Display in-game menu, return to game from menu.

O (Circle) Button - Quick knife attack, primary weapon attack, return to
                    previous menu.

L1 Button - Centre camera behind main character, use zoom scope (when
            zoom scope is attached).

L2 Button - Use zoom scope (when zoom scope is attached).

L3 Button (push left analog stick in) - Manual reload for primary
                                        weapon. *Note* Secondary weapon
                                        attachments cannot be manually

R1 Button - Hold for third person aiming.

R2 Button - Hold for first person aiming.

START Button - Display in-game menu.

SELECT Button - Display Option Menu.

*Note* These are the Type-A default controls. You can change the controls from
the Option Menu, which is explained later.

Also, from now on all buttons will be represented by the following icons:

*                            *
* X = Cross button.          *
* [] = Square button.        *
* / = Triangle button.      *
* O = Circle button.         *
* L1 = L1 button.            *
* L2 = L2 button.            *
* L3 = L3 button (press left *
* analog stick in).          *
* R1 = R1 button.            *
* R2 = R2 button.            *
* START = Start button.      *
* SELECT = Select button.    *
* UP, DOWN etc. = D-Pad      *
* directions.                *
*                            *
---Option Menu---

Accessed from the Title Screen (by selecting í¢â‚¬ËœOptioní¢â‚¬â„¢) or by pressing SELECT
mid-game. To change the following game settings, first highlight the setting
you want to adjust and press the X button. Press the X button again when you
have finished making your changes. To cancel, press the O button.

VIBRATION - This option allows you to turn the Vibration Function of the Analog
Controller (DUALSHOCK2) ON or OFF. Press LEFT or RIGHT to make your selection

SOUND - Press LEFT or RIGHT to select STEREO or MONAURAL audio output.

ADJUST SCREEN - Select this option and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT to adjust
the screen position. Then press the X button to confirm or the O button to
cancel and restore the default setting. The Option Menu will be displayed.

BRIGHTNESS - To ensure that you have the best brightness settings to enjoy
Extermination, adjust the brightness of your television until the blocks on the
right of the redline on your screen turn black.

BUTTON CONFIG - Use this option to choose one of three control types. Press
LEFT or RIGHT to view the available configurations.

LOAD - This option will only be displayed when you have accessed the Option
Menu during the game by pressing the SELECT button. It allows you to load a
previously saved file - as long as you have a PS2 memory card with an
Extermination save game file on it!

DEFAULT - Press LEFT or RIGHT and select YES to cancel any changes you have
made on the Option Menu and restore the default settings.

RETURN TO THE TITLE SCREEN - Displays the Title Screen.

END GAME - This will only appear if the Option Menu is being displayed during a
game (by pressing the SELECT button).

---Main Menu---

You can pause the game and display this menu by pressing the START button or /
button. Use it to check the status of your health and view the items in your
possession. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, etc. to highlight options, and press
the X button to accept. You can view the previous screen by pressing the O
button. Pressing the / or the START button at any time will resume the game.

STATS - Your characterí¢â‚¬â„¢s personal statistics (displayed in the top left-hand

BATTERY - Battery capacity and remaining units of power. There are two custom
battery parts to find in Fort Stewart which can raise your battery capacity to
a maximum of 24 slots (displayed just below the Stats).

SPR4 - Current status of SPR4 Assault Rifle and number of bullets remaining
(displayed just below Battery).

HEALTH - Amount of health you have left. Your health will be depleted naturally
as you use up your bodyí¢â‚¬â„¢s resources. It will decrease rapidly if you are
injured. The game will end if the health gauge reaches zero. If you sustain
very severe damage, for example by falling from a great height, the game will
be over immediately. Please note that your maximum health temporarily drops to
60 when you become infected with a virus. It will return to 100 once you have
got the virus out of your system (displayed in the centre of the Main Menu).

INFECTION - You begin the game with 0 percent infection. If you are exposed to
biological hazards or attacked by infected enemies, this will begin to
increase. Should the infection reach 100 percent, your health will start to
rapidly deplete. The only way to cure yourself of COMPLETE infection is by
using the MTS - Medical Treatment System (displayed to the right of the health

SWITCH - Use this to access the screens described below. Press and hold UP,
DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc. to select the screen you want to display and press the X
button to confirm. You can choose to display the MAP, CUSTOMISE SPR4, DATABASE
or ITEM screen.

*Map* - Use this option to view any maps you have acquired. First select the
map you want to look at by pressing LEFT or RIGHT followed by the X button.
Press and hold the R1 button to zoom in or the R2 button to zoom out. Press UP,
DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move the map around the screen. The red triangle
represents Dennis (you) and any orange dots represent your next location.

*Customise SPR4* - This screen enables you to customise your SPR4 (Special
Purpose Rifle). This is the assault rifle officially adopted by SOCOM (US
Special Operations Command) which RECON has developed and modified for its own
use. Various items can be installed on different parts of the weapon.

-RUS A- - Upper RUS - RECON universal socket for attachments. Collect and
install the DOG TAG RADAR to view the location of mutilated soldiers. Their
positions will be displayed on the radar in the bottom left-hand corner of the

-M.A. Parts- - Select this option for multiple attachments.

-Selector- - Use this to select the rifleí¢â‚¬â„¢s rate of firing. You can choose
between SINGLE FIRE - single shots - or 3 ROUND BURST, which is more effective
but which will use up the ammo faster. It is possible to acquire an attachment
that will enable your rifle to fire continuously when set to FULL AUTO.

-Scope- - Choose a scope to attach to your rifle. The DOT SIGHT UNIT is the
default laser scope. It enables you to aim from a first-person perspective
using the laser spot targeting system. The laser will change from red to orange
when it is locked on to a target. Later in the game you can collect a ZOOM
SCOPE, a sniper sight with a powerful zoom function, and a NIGHT VISION

-RUS V- - Lower RUS - RECON universal socket for attachments. The default
attachment is the TACTICAL GRIP UNIT, which has a powerful torch as to assist
aiming. It is also possible to acquire other attachments such as the SHOTGUN, a
powerful but short-range weapon. The FLAME-THROWER is useful for close-range
combat against static enemies. The GRENADE LAUNCHER is powerful but slow to
reload - a good long-range weapon. The revolver style magazine of the 6 SHOT
GRENADE LAUNCHER allows for a faster rate of fire. All of these firing
attachments require special ammo.

Use the switch on the CUSTOMISE SPR4 screen to select the part of the rifle you
want to attach them to. The available items will be displayed. Select one by
pressing UP or DOWN, and then press the X button to install the item.

*Note* Items in the M.A. PARTS section are installed in multiple parts of the
rifle. Many of these items are extremely powerful. Select them carefully
according to the situation you find yourself in.

Here is the complete list of customised parts for the SPR4:

The SPR4 is the United States Marine Corps RECON official issue. It is a new
type assault rifle and allows the user to employ three options: either single
shot, 3-point burst or full auto. Interior expandability is high - by
installing the power-up parts inside the rifle, it is possible to transform the
arm into a fully automatic rifle with selector operation. Furthermore,
reduction of recoil shock is assured by the installation of the RUS (Rail Unit
System), and it is also possible to attach various tools to the main body
sections according to mission objectives. In brief, the SPR4 greatly improves
the soldier's fighting ability and, most importantly, his chances of survival.

Enables you to configure the SPR4 for full automatic firing when the [] button
is held down whilst aiming. Be careful though, ammo is used up with alarming

Enables user to throw flames as a sub-plot. A special cylinder is necessary.

Allows for initial issue sight.

Enables starlight-type night vision scope.

Allows user to fire grenades as a sub-shot. Special rounds are necessary.

Enables light rays to be applied through the sub-shot button whilst allowing
the user to hold SPR4 at appropriate combat position.

Allows user to fire shotgun as a sub-shot. Special rounds are necessary.

Additional shooting assistant accessory. Can be locked on to any enemy caught
within immediate sight.

Shooting assistant accessory. Allows user to target 3 bodies simultaneously.

Enables 6 grenades to be launched at any one time.

This radar unit can detect soldier dog tags within a limited range.

Additional shooting assistant accessory. Can be locked on to any enemy caught
within immediate sight. Requires Ultimate Launcher Parts A, B and C to use.

*Database Screen* - This screen is used to view any documents you may have
found whilst exploring Fort Stewart. Keep a lookout for such items, as they may
help you piece things together. You can also look at memos you have written.
Press LEFT or RIGHT to choose a category, and then press UP or DOWN to select
the document you want to read. Press the X button to display its content.

*Item* - Use this screen to view the items you are currently carrying. Items
are divided into the following categories:

Event Items - Objects that can only be used in certain areas, such as

Battery - This is used for various operations.

Equipment - Items that are used automatically when needed, such as the
            Arctic parka and the climbing spikes. You can also acquire a
            pulley harness which will enable you to slide down zip

Healing Items - These items can be used to restore your health and/or
                cure infection. They can also be used at any time via
                the Main Menu. You can also select RETURN TO MAIN MENU
                from this screen.

  Viewing And Using The  - To take stock of items you are currently
Items In Your Possession   carrying, highlight and select the
                           appropriate category. You can scroll through
                           the available items by pressing Up or DOWN.
                           To use an item, highlight it and press the X

---Life Support---

Life support items are vital aids to the survival of the operative during his
mission at Fort Stewart. There are many such items located within the facility.
But without the swift retrieval and application of these items, the soldier's
days at the Fort will be numbered.

Standard issue health kit that comes in many forms. Jelly A heals 30 percent of
any damage incurred, Jelly B heals 100 percent. Furthermore, while single jelly
heals damage, double jelly has the dual power of being effective at healing
both damage and infection.

Should you locate the vaccine, be aware that it can only be utilised in
vaccination machines, which are scattered around the base. If used in the
correct manner, the vaccine provides effective defence against all damage and
infection. It should always be utilised in cases where persons have become
completely infected.

Climbing Spikes are extremely useful devices that can be clamped to your boots,
allowing for safe and effective scaling of ice walls.

Do not underestimate the severe cold you will experience at Fort Stewart.
Located in the Antarctic, much of your mission will take you outside so the
cold protection jacket will be a crucial factor in your survival.

Utilise Harness B when attempting to slide down zip lines. By successfully
doing this, you will be able to access concealed areas within Fort Stewart.

Batteries form an indispensable part of your survival kit. Batteries must be
charged on a special battery power source, or on electrical re-charger, which
are concealed within Fort Stewart.

By employing its unique hook, Harness A enables you to shoot while moving along
the monkey bars. While hanging from the harness, it is still possible to take
aim while remaining steadily suspended.


All creatures encountered in Extermination possess a life preservation organ
called the 'Core'. The Core forms both the brain and heart of each creature,
and it is only when the Core is destroyed that the creature is debilitatingly
injured or killed. But should the enemy be exposed to corroding liquid HO-213,
it will evolve to its second, more powerful stage. And most creatures do
transform in this way, increasing their offensive power, stamina and resistance
against your attack. Life forms that have changed into mutants via infection -
a process whereby the life form obeys its instincts and searches for prey or
becomes itself a physical trap waiting to capture victims - become creatures,
both animal and humanoid.

Infected insects have mutated genetically, and as a result, are capable of
'self-duplication', thus multiplying exponentially. Individually, their
offensive power is weak, but when attacking in swarms, these creatures are not
to be underestimated. In addition to spitting an infecting liquid called
HO-213, they attack by attaching themselves to their victims and then bursting,
covering the victim in viral liquid in the process.

The Watch Dogs are the end-product of an infesting initiative whereby dogs were
used for research. During an attack, half the Watch Dog's body becomes
dislocated from its mouth, and it moves with extreme velocity. However, this
creature's strong offensive powers are hindered by low endurance.

HO-213 has mutated bats into the Night Stalkers, which attack from the air.
Although both offensively and defensively weak, they become much more
formidable when paired up with other creatures.

Derived from the RECON team, the Gunners retain the strong fighting instinct
instilled into them during their military training as humans. Featuring an
assault rifle that is melded to their bodies, the Gunners are impressive
enemies that are strong defenders and attackers.

Humans have also been infected by HO-213, and are characterised by their
extremely ugly appearance. Originally researchers posted to work at Fort
Stewart, these mutants are fairly weak in defence and attack. But be cautious
of Humans which have reached the second stage of mutation.
Other humans to watch out for are those which have mutated from the Fort's
security guards - they attack with a knife that is fused to their body. These
are more obtrusive.

The fusion-evolution result of combining infected lab predators and lab
primates. The Predator is the only creature that can be active outdoors as well
as in, thanks to its molecular structure which can crystallise, forming an
exoskeleton, in open air conditions. Conversely, the Predator
cannot inhabit warm areas. It can also alter the refractive index of its body
surface crystals, allowing it to become invisible.


Sentry guns that have been infected with the HO-213 virus. It is very weak and
can easily be terminated by shooting its core next to the gun barrel. If it
detects you it will shoot infecting acid at you which will both cause damage
and infection.


They look like the egg sacks seen in the Alien films and are very easily
disposed of. It causes no direct damage to you, but can churn out and endless
supply of Hydra if it is left alone. Kill it quickly to stop it producing more
of those pesky Hydras forever.


Certain puddles of water around the Fort Stewart complex are infected with the
HO-213 virus. These puddles latch on to any living creature that touches the
puddles and infects them. They cannot be killed and the only way to avoid
infection is to constantly keep in the move when moving through such puddles of
infected water.
There is also another manifestation of water infected by HO-213. This type of
water does not infect you when you step into a puddle, but instead takes form
and attacks you. Looking like the creature seen in the film í¢â‚¬ËœThe Abyssí¢â‚¬â„¢, it
cannot be killed so you must avoid it if you can.


They look like the normal pink blobs of organic matter you see on the floors
with one exception; they have a blue egg-shaped core in the middle of them.
Unlike the normal blobs, you cannot pass over them without taking damage. Try
to do so and they spike you! Just shoot the blue core to permanently disable

---Playing The Game---

Each member of the RECON Unit is armed with a knife and an SPR4 Assault Rifle
as standard. Evaluate every combat situation carefully so that you can select
the most effective mode of attack.

-Using Your Knife- - Press the [] button to execute a sweeping knife attack or
the O button for a quick knife attack. A sweeping knife attach has longer range
and more power, but can leave you open to enemy attack. You will find that your
knife is useful destroying objects such as wooden crates and padlocks so use it
to save on some ammo. It can also be used to slash electrical cables (useful
for those annoying turret guns). Only resort to your knife in combat as a last

-Using The SPR4 Assault Rifle- - The SPR4 can be used to carry out a variety of
attacks, depending on the attachments fitted (see the CUSTOMISE SPR4 section
for more details). To use it, first take aim by pressing and holding the R1
button for third-person perspective or the R2 button for a first-person

Shooting From Third-Person - If you choose this perspective, your
                             character will still be shown on the
                             screen. The gunsight will automatically
                             stay trained on the enemy you are

Shooting From First-Person - Pressing and holding the R2 button will
                             enable you to see from your characterí¢â‚¬â„¢s
                             viewpoint. You can the aim the gunsight by
                             pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc.

*Note* Press UP to aim the rifle downwards and press DOWN to aim up.

Press the X button to perform an action. The type of action your character
carries out will depend on the situation, as explained below.

-Collecting And Using Items- - To pick up an item or open an item box, stand
directly in front of it and press the X button. You can also sometimes find
useful items in wooden crates - break these open by shooting them or using your
knife. If you press the X button whilst in a location where an Event Item you
are carrying can be used, the item will be used automatically. To use a healing
item, you will need to access the Main Menu, which is explained previously in
this FAQ.

-Jumping- - Press the X button when you are at the edge of a surface to jump
across to the other side. Taking a run-up will enable you to jump further.
Jumping can be a useful evasion technique when facing enemies.

-Climbing- - To pull yourself up onto ledges, climb onto objects etc., press
the X button whilst standing in front of them. Some ledges will require you to
press the X button twice - once to grab onto the ledge, after which you can
edge sideways by pressing LEFT or RIGHT, and once to pull yourself up.

-Traversing Narrow Surfaces- - Sometimes you will need to edge along a wall
with very little space to move. Your character will automatically adopt the
correct position when necessary. Take care when manoeuvring like this - it can
be quite easy to fall. The same goes for walking along objects like pipes. You
may find that pressing the L1 button to centre the camera helps you to maintain

-Using Ladders And Overhead Bars- - To climb a ladder, press the X button
whilst standing at the foot of it. Then press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc. to
manoeuvre. It is possible to jump from one ladder to another by leaning to one
side by pressing LEFT or RIGHT and then pressing the X button. To hang from
overhead bars, stand directly beneath them and press the X button. You can then
manoeuvre in the same way. To drop from the bars, press the X button again.
When you have reached the end of the row of bars and are preparing to jump off
them, press the LEFT analog stick to increase momentum and then press the X
button to jump off.

-Shaking Enemies Off- - Some enemies you come across will try to physically
attach themselves to your body. You can shake them off by tapping the X button
rapidly. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc. at the same time to increase the
effectiveness of this manoeuvre.


There are a number of facilities you can use in and around Fort Stewart.

Battery - Many pieces of equipment that you come across are battery-
          operated. Once you have acquired a battery, you can power such
          equipment by standing in front of it and pressing the X
          button. This will not work if you have insufficient units of
          power. To recharge your battery, press the X button whilst
          facing a recharger. There is no limit to the number of times
          you can recharge your battery.

Ammo Depots - Use these to replenish your stock of ammo for the SPR4.
              Stand in front of them and press the X button to reload
              your magazine. You can do this as many times as you need.

MTS - An MTS (Medical Treatment System) is a medical facility that can
      be used to cure infection. You can only use it if you have a dose
      of MTS vaccine. Operate it by standing in front of it and pressing
      the X button. You will be cured of infection and your health will
      be restored. MTS treatment is also the ONLY way to cure 100
      percent infection.

Doors - To open a door, go up to it and press the X button. If this
        doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t work, the door may be locked or blocked on the other
        side by some kind of heavy object. there may be another
        explanation, but you must discover this for yourself...

        If the door has been padlocked, destroy the lock with a weapon
        (preferably your knife - it saves ammo). If it has an internal
        lock, there will be an indicator lamp above it - a red light
        means that the door is locked. It may require a key to open it,
        or you may have to search the surrounding area for an operating

5. Character Profiles

NAME: Dennis Riley
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5ft 11"
WEIGHT: 154 Pounds
RACE: Caucasian
COMMENTS: Expert in Special Forces operations and various weapons. A rebellious
teenager, Dennis soon changed his ways after an accident robbed him of his
parents. On joining the Marines, he was assigned to the RECON unit,
specifically team "Red Light". It was during this time he met and fell in love
with Cindy, and - along with a group of fellow marines that included his best
friend and Cindy's boyfriend, Andrew - Dennis took part in several Special
Forces missions. Tragically, Andrew was killed during one such operation.
Blaming Dennis for what happened, Cindy sought to quell her grief by taking a
position at Fort Stewart, a top secret government facility in the Antarctic. A
year on from this event, Cindy is still holed up at the outpost, and Dennis's
attempts to contact her have been unsuccessful.

NAME: Cindy Chen
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5ft 11"
WEIGHT: 124 Pounds
RACE: Half-Chinese, Half-Caucasian
COMMENTS: Has recently regained
confidence, and is skilled in both languages and computers. Miss Chen comes
from an affluent background, and is highly educated, majoring in molecular
engineering at college. Following a night out with friends, Cindy met Andrew,
who was so persistent in his pursual of her, that she was almost forced into
entering a relationship with him. But as time went on, Cindy began to warm to
Andrew and it was just as their relationship became more comfortable that she
learned of Andrew's death in action from his best friend, Dennis Riley. Needing
time to reflect on the tragic turn of events, Cindy decided to accept a job at
Fort Stewart. Still there now, Cindy believes the outpost will afford her the
isolation she needs to come to terms with her loss.

NAME: Roger Grigman
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 6ft 4"
WEIGHT: 154 Pounds.
RACE: Caucasian
COMMENTS: Very handy with his knife. Born in the slums of New York City,
Roger's father was a drunk and his mother a prostitute. But he was saved from
growing up as a hardened criminal by entering a school that was funded by local
firemen. And when he turned 16, Roger decided to join the Marines in a bid to
give something back to society. It was while at the RECON unit that he became
close team mates and personal friends with Dennis and Andrew. He even consoled
Dennis when Cindy chose to embark on a relationship with Andrew. But fate had a
much more disastrous event in store for the group of friends, and still to this
day, Roger continues to wonder if he could have prevented Andrew's death.

NAME: Mark Mattigan
AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 6ft 1"
WEIGHT: 154 Pounds
RACE: Caucasian
COMMENTS: Decorated war hero
who created Team Red Light, the most elite unit in RECON. Mark's family has
always been involved with the military - his grandfather was in the armed
forces and his father was a Vietnam war hero. When Mark continued the family
tradition and entered the marines, his talents were quickly recognised, and he
was soon initiated into the RECON team during the Gulf War. Indeed, along with
the Navy SEALS, Mark was an integral part of the victory in Iraq in 1991. After
the war, he became the first leader of Team Red Light, the anti-terrorist unit.
Since then, he has continued to lead a number of operations, and cares about
his fellow soldiers as if they were his own brothers or sons.

6. AR2 Codes

Here is a selection of Extermination cheat codes for Datelí¢â‚¬â„¢s Action Replay 2.
More codes may be listed at the CodeJunkies site as I will probably not update
this section of the FAQ:

(This code MUST be activated!)
EC8D348C 1456E60A 

Infinite Health
4C18B4FE 145625DD 

0% Infection
4C18B37E 1456E7A5
4C18B38C 1456E7A5

Inf Nato Ammo
4C18BB5C 1456E404 

No Reloads(Nato Ammo)
4C18B806 1456E5D6

Inf Shotgun Shells
4C18BB50 1456E404 

Inf Grenades
4C18BB4E 1456E404 

4C18BB52 1456E404 

Inf Rockets
4C18BB58 1456E781 

Have Inf Battery
4C18BB56 1456E7C9 

Have 99 Recovery Type A
3C18BB26 1456E788 

Have 99
Recovery Type B
3C18BB27 1456E788 

Have 99 MTS Vac.
3C18BB2C 1456E788 

99 Booster Type A
3C18BB2D 1456E788 

Have 99 Booster Type B
3C18BB2A 1456E788

Have Alpha keycard
3C18BB2B 1456E7A6 

Have Beta keycard
3C18BB30 1456E7A6

Have Snow Truck Key
3C18BB31 1456E7A6 

Have Train Key
3C18BB2E 1456E7A6

Have Crowbar
3C18BB2F 1456E7A6 

Have Garys Bomb
3C18BB34 1456E7A6 

Metal Plate 1
3C18BB35 1456E7A6 

Have Metal Plate 2
3C18BB32 1456E7A6 

Program Disk
3C18BB33 1456E7A6 

Have Rogers Knife
3C18BB38 1456E7A6 

Have all
Dog Tags
3C18BB39 1456E7A6
4C18BB36 1456E6A6
1C18BB3C 1355E6A6
1C18BB44 1355E6A6 

Have Tactical Grip
3C18B80C 1456E7A6 

3C18B80D 1456E7A6 

Have Grenade Launcher
3C18B80A 1456E7A6 

Have 6
shot Grenade Launcher
3C18B80B 1456E7A6 

Have Flame Thrower
3C18B810 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag Unit
3C18B80E 1456E7A6 

Have Zoom Scope
3C18B814 1456E7A6

Have Ultimate Launcher A
3C18B818 1456E7A6 

Have Ultimate Launcher
3C18B819 1456E7A6 

Have Ultimate Launcher C
3C18B816 1456E7A6 

Have Full
3C18B817 1456E7A6 

Invincible Mode
4C18B158 1456E6A8
Codes from the Codejunkies website (www.Codejunkies.com)

7. Walkthrough


Your first task will be to rendezvous with your comrade, Roger. To do this, you
must first negotiate your way around the outside of the facility. You will need
to take the elevator to the lower level. You will require a battery in order to
operate it. To collect one, look for an Item Box. Stand in front of it and
press the X button. You will pick up a 6 UNIT BATTERY. *Please note that button
presses described in this FAQ assume that you are using the Type-A button
configuration* You will then be able to activate the elevator by going to the
battery power supply unit, on the left hand side, and pressing X. To make the
elevator go down, face the control panel inside it and press the X button
again. After leaving the elevator, you will need to climb over the ice shelf
nearby. To do this, press X whilst standing next to the crates in front of it
to climb onto them and over the ledge. Alternatively, you can break the crates
open by using your knife ([] or O buttons) or by shooting them (R1+[] or
R2+[]). Then climb over the wall by facing it and pressing X. Open the box
found at the top for a RECOVERY UNIT A. Now go down the slope behind you to get
the MAP off the wall. You will then need to cross a wide crevasse, using the
roof of a truck as a bridge. You will find that your weight will cause the
truck to fall downwards when step onto its roof - when this happens, quickly
press X to leap across the gap. If you fail to do this in time, you will fall
into the crevasse. However, there is a ledge that you may fall onto, from which
you can climb back onto the truck by pressing X. You can then pull yourself out
by pressing X again. Now go through the gate (in the fence) to find a box with
another RECOVERY UNIT A in it. Climb the nearby ladder and shoot the barrels at
the top (be careful not to get caught in the blast). To climb ladders, stand in
front of them and press X (as described earlier in the FAQ). The barrels hid
another box which contained a SPR4 MAGAZINE. Thereí¢â‚¬â„¢s nothing else here for now
so go back down the ladder and go back out into the compound via the gate. Go
up another ladder to the right. After talking to Roger, you will need to
negotiate your way across another chasm, this time using a pipe as a bridge.
This requires skill and precision of movement. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT etc.
to cross the pipe _SLOWLY_ and carefully. If the camera angle becomes awkward,
press the L1 button to centre the camera directly behind your character. Once
you reach the other side, climb the ladder attached to the tower. You will find
a RECOVERY UNIT B at the top. Climb back down to find that you must jump over
another gap. To do this, you will need to take a good run-up, and press the X
button just as you reach the edge of the ice shelf you are jumping from. Then
you will be one more jump away from Roger. Take another run-up and jump over to
the ledge with Roger on it. Wait for the cut scene to finish (or press START to
skip it) and time your run through the faní¢â‚¬â„¢s rotating blades.


Ignore Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s order to í¢â‚¬Ëœsearch the surrounding areaí¢â‚¬â„¢ and enter the room that
he just entered. take the MAP from the wall and also the FILE on the wall. Pick
up another FILE next to Roger and then turn to face the wall to you left. If
you look closely you can see that there is an air duct near the floor. Stand
next to it and press X to enter it. Follow it round to yet another RECOVERY
UNIT A (doní¢â‚¬â„¢t worry, youí¢â‚¬â„¢re going to need them!). Crawl back to the room with
Roger and exit through the door that had the FILE on it (the door you entered
by). Head right from here and steer clear of the flames - they will hurt you.
Climb onto the crates on the right and jump onto the broken train carriage. You
can now either jump again on to the ledge in front of you, or you can drop down
and use the ladder to reach the ledge. Pick up the RECOVERY UNIT A and run
along to the right to reach a door with a red light above it. Press X in front
of it to find that it is locked. A short cut scene sees you talking to Roger.
Go back to the room with Roger - collecting the FILE in the box found along the
way - and press X next to him to talk to him. Roger will now open the door and
tell you where you have to meet the rest of the Red Light Squad. Leave the room
and go around the corner to find some doors leading to a save game point. Use
it and then go through the door that Roger has just unlocked.


Was that a slug on the wall as you entered? It sure moved fast for any slug
that I know! So if it isní¢â‚¬â„¢t a slug, then what the hell was it!? This my
friends, is the not-so-friendly Hydra. You can learn about them in the Enemies
section of the FAQ. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t try to shoot all of them you come across - that will
use up your ammo in no time at all. Only waste the ones that attack YOU! Go
down the stairs pick up another FILE on the walkway. Turn around and head
through the gate in the fence. Turn right and climb up the crates to find a
RECOVERY UNIT A at the top. Mind all the Hydras though - theyí¢â‚¬Ëœre vicious little
buggers when in packs. However, when you do climb up for it you can also pick
up another FILE located on a body further along the ledge along with other
goodies. Climb down a ladder near the body and climb up to the ledge opposite
to find a SPR4 MAGAZINE in the crates. Be warned, some crates in this room
house dozens of Hydras so you may want to shoot the crates from a distance
instead of breaking them with your knife. Drop down and into the water to get
BOOSTER SHOT TYPE A. Now head for the padlocked door labelled í¢â‚¬ËœControl Areaí¢â‚¬â„¢
and pick up the FILE on the dead body, watching out for the Hydras that feasted
on the corpse. Now either shoot the padlock on the gate or break it with you
knife and enter the room beyond. Pick up yet another RECOVERY UNIT A (no there
isní¢â‚¬â„¢t too many of them - youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll probably use them all later in the game!) and
walk up the stairs. Press X in front of the computer type device and watch the
short sequence where the train changes position. Exit the room from where you
entered and make your way to the section where the train used to be. Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll
find an air duct there which leads to a RECOVERY UNIT A, an SPR4 MAGAZINE and a
MTS VACCINE (do this before you leave the room after activating the transformer
or you cannot get these items). Go back out of the air duct and climb onto the
now moved train. You can now jump onto the crates nearby and access the air
duct above the transformer Room. Enter it and turn on the transformer. Collect
the FILES in the room and destroy the crates so that the door is accessible.
Leave through the door and now note that you no longer need to go through the
duct to access the transformer room. Not that you need to go back in it anyway!
Pick up the FILE in the water nearby and then head back out to the room where
roger was fiddling with the computer. If you want to, you can destroy the
crates near the transformer room for another RECOVERY UNIT A. Be careful
though, one of the crates contain several Hydras that are released once you
destroy the crate. Bad idea.


Now that power is restored, so are the security guns! Either skilfully dodge
their fire whilst heading back to Roger or climb onto the ledge and cut their
wires to disable them permanently. Whatever you decide youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll eventually reach
the area where you first entered the complex to find Roger fending off a swarm
of Hydras. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t even bother trying to kill them from a distance to help Roger
out - youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll just be wasting your ammo. As you close in a cut scene kicks in. I
woní¢â‚¬â„¢t spoil the surprise for first-timers so you can find out what happens for
yourselves... Pick up the SPR4 MAGAZINE in front of you and cross the lowered
drawbridge entering the room on the left at the other side. This is the
Intensive Care Unit where you can save your game and/or heal and cure any
infection by using the MTS machine. The MTS machine is best used for severe or
complete infection as it requires the rare VACCINE to use. It is better to use
the BOOSTER SHOTS for less severe infection. Pick up the FILE and save you
game. Recharge your battery by standing in front of the recharger and pressing
X. Select YES at the prompt to fully recharge your battery. Go through the
other door in the room to refill your SPR4 ammo at the Ammo Depot and to find a
MTS VACCINE. Leave the room and enter the air duct located near the floor by
pressing X. Pick up another MTS VACCINE, located to your left, and then swipe
the FILE from the wall before climbing up the ladder to the left to get a MAP.
On the wall opposite the ladder is a button - push it. As soon as you regain
control of Dennis, steam back up that ladder like greased lightening to escape
the mangled train wreck. Luckily for you, the runaway train created a passage
into the adjoining room. Go through the newly made hole and get a RECOVERY UNIT
A from the crate at the far end. Climb up onto the platform and pick up some
DOG TAGS from in between the indestructible crates. Use the battery in the
terminal next to the door and then go through the door.


Run over to the entrance to the Lv1 Lab and watch the cut scene with the
mysterious woman (come on, as if we doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know who it is!) who writes the
password for the elevator on the door. It is written backwards, but you should
have no problem working out the code. If you do have trouble here it is;
51204791. After the cut scene, destroy a nearby crate for a FILE and then enter
the room next to the Lv1 Lab entrance. Take the MAP off the wall as well as
another FILE and use the computer to activate the conveyer belt and move the
heavy object. Leave through the door you entered by and then destroy all the
crates on the ground floor to find 2 more RECOVERY UNIT As. There is also a
RECOVERY UNIT B on a platform at the top of the ladder in the centre of the
room. If you walk over to the door you first entered the room by, you can shoot
the padlock off the door to a cage which house 2 more items (a MTS VACCINE and
a SPR4 MAGAZINE). Now go up the now clear conveyer belt and pick up another
FILE which is located inside a crate at the top. Break the other crates to find
some SHOTGUN SHELLS and then exit through the door to the right of the
elevator. Break open the nearby crate to  get another FILE. Dodge the Hydras as
you make your way to the door opposite or shoot the barrels and kill them
instantly in the blast. Make sure you have the TACTICAL GRIP equipped and that
the flashlight is ON. The next couple of rooms are _VERY_ dark... In the next
room, you have to aim your gun so that you can see whatí¢â‚¬â„¢s ahead. I advise that
you kill ALL of the Hydras as this will make this room clear of all enemies for
the rest of the game so you will not have to worry about the flashlight to see
potential hazards. There is an MTS VACCINE in the crate at the very end of this
corridor so make sure you get it before you go through the door. In the next
room, jump the gap and pick up another FILE before carrying on to the end and
entering the Control Tower.


Get the RECOVERY UNIT A inside the crate to your left and then pick up a SPR4
MAGAZINE before making your way carefully across the pipe. Smash the crates and
duck under the power cables being mindful of the sparks. Grab the MTS VACCINE
and enter the control room. Pick up the FILE and BOOSTER SHOT TYPE A and then
press X in front of the computer. Enter the code the woman gave you (51204791
for those who have forgotten - shame on you!) and the elevator in the
Underground Storage/Lv1 Lab area is now operational. Save your game and exit
the room. There are two ways to make your way back from this room; you can
either use the overhead bars to climb back across over the electrified water,
or you can go back across the pipe again. If you choose the pipe, it will
collapse but will still enable you to reach the other side without being
electrocuted by the water. Before you go back, pick up the FILE from the box
near the control room and also some more DOG TAGS (also near the control room).
Climb the ladder on the side of the control room to reach a platform with a MTS
VACCINE on it. Walk along the overhead platform and use the pipe dangling over
the other side to reach a platform with a FILE on it. Jump across to the
adjacent platform for yet another FILE. Now jump back to the entrance of the
room using the platforms and be cautious of the electrified water. Exit the
room and start to make your way back to Underground Storage area. When you get
to the gap in the walkway you can either jump it as you did before or you can
now use the ladder and pipe combination just before it to safely climb across
the hole dropping down at the other side. Go back through the pitch black room
(using your torch to spot enemies if you did not exterminate them all earlier)
and back to Underground Storage.


The LV1 Lab door is now unlocked so go through it to find the mystery lady and
learn a little more about the situation facing you. The mystery woman is Cindy
Chen (surprise, surprise) and she gives you an ALPHA KEYCARD. After the cut
scene, pickup the SHOTGUN SHELLS, ZOOM SCOPE and SHOTGUN UNIT in the room and
immediately attach both the ZOOM SCOPE and SHOTGUN UNIT (youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll see why soon
enough...).Exit the lab and go over to the far right hand corner. Press the
switch there to raise the platform (and unleash some nasty little Hydras in the
process) and then press the switch on the side of the forklift truck to raise
the crate on it. This will make it easier to access the higher level later.
Also, if you have not already got the goodies in the cage from earlier you can
climb up the crates on the forklift truck, jump the gap over to the locked door
and use the pipe on the wall to shimmy over and drop down into the cage.
However, this process means a loss of health (due to the fall) so it is
advisable to break the padlock at the ground floor and access the cage that
way. As you have the ALPHA KEYCARD in your possession you can choose to climb
the ladder in the pitch black corridor (on the way to the Control Tower) and
access a room with a BOOSTER SHOT TYPE B and some SHOTGUN SHELLS. When you are
ready, use the keycard in the slot to the right of the elevator in the
Underground Storage area and get prepared to face your newest enemy - the
mutant Human. On his own the Human would be quite easy, but he is backed up by
several Hydras which make this fight slightly trickier. My advice is to quickly
waste the Hydras in one go with a couple of well-aimed shotgun blasts and then
retreat out of the mutant Humaní¢â‚¬â„¢s reach. To make this guy go down with much of
a fight, use the first-person mode (L1) and aim for the glowing green í¢â‚¬Ëœcoreí¢â‚¬â„¢
located in his shoulder. This is his weak point (it is also the weak point of
_ALL_ the mutants!). You can stand further back and still have a perfect aim by
using the ZOOM SCOPE effectively. Once the mutant Humaní¢â‚¬â„¢s snuffed it, take the
DOG TAGS in the purple pool of blood and enter the lift. Press the button
located inside to use the lift.


Once you have left the lift you can find a RECOVERY UNIT A in one of the
crates. Go through the door to find another survivor - Travis, a journalist (or
is he?). Watch the cut scene  and then pick up the FILE. You can also refill
your SPR4 ammo and save your game here too. When youí¢â‚¬â„¢re ready, press the switch
on the wall to open the shutters and access the outside. Go around the corner
to the right and take the MAP from the wall. Further around the corner you will
find a door - enter it. You are now in the tool shed. Take the ARCTIC PARKA
hanging on the hook, pick up the CROWBAR in the box and take the FILE from the
wall. There is also a battery recharger in the Tool Shed if you need a
recharge. I advise you do (youí¢â‚¬â„¢re running low by now, surely?). Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t go down
the hatch in here for now, but instead exit via the door you entered by. Head
back towards the shutters and climb the ladder you find on the way round (near
to where you picked up the MAP). Pick up the nearby DOG TAGS then walk across
the bridge. Take the FILE from the corpse and press X in front of the
detonator. Select YES at the prompt and get the hell out of there! When the
dust settles climb the ladder and go right when youí¢â‚¬â„¢re on the roof. Head
towards the dome type structure and descend the stairs (pick up the NAPALM TANK
on the way down). At the bottom cut the wires with your knife to disable the
guns and pick up the BOOSTER SHOT TYPE B. Head back up the stairs and back to
the newly created bridge. Once across turn left and walk over the fence covered
in snow (thereí¢â‚¬â„¢s a small gap) to get the FLAMETHROWER UNIT. The other box
contains a NAPALM TANK - ammo for the FLAMETHROWER UNIT. Head back to the
bridge and move forward towards the new building. The soldierí¢â‚¬â„¢s cries should
indicate troubleí¢â‚¬â„¢s ahead. Not one, but TWO Predators face you. These are
formidable foes, but are vulnerable to heat. Use your FLAMETHROWER UNIT at
close range aiming for the core of the beast. Be wary of the second predator
attacking your rear. After sustaining severe damage, the predators turn
semi-invisible making first-person aiming very difficult. Be prepared to use
several healing items in this battle. Once defeated, pick up the box in the
back of the truck which contains ULTIMATE LAUNCHER A parts. You need parts A, B
and C for the complete ULTIMATE LAUNCHER, unfortunately you only get to use it
for a short period of the game... Bummer! However, if you are lucky enough to
own an Action Replay 2 for the PS2 then you can use the codes (mentioned in the
FAQ earlier) to get _ALL_ the weapons whenever you want! One of the crates
behind the van also contain a MTS VACCINE. Ascend the nearby stairs after
collecting all the items and use the ladder. The laser trap can be deactivated
with a careful slash of you knife. One wrong move though and it can literally
blow up in your face! Unfortunately, the only way to get past these laser traps
is to either deactivate them or get blown up by them! Climb the next ladder and
jump the gap instead of descending the ladder. You woní¢â‚¬â„¢t be able to get up the
other side so jumping is the only way. Climb down the ladder after the jump and
climb down the next ladder too. Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s advisable to cut the cables of the guns to
deactivate them before going through the next door. Take the 2 FILES in the
next room and use your CROWBAR to access the Water Filtration Plant.


Drop down a level and use the narrow ledge to the left to avoid those nasty
laser traps. You hear that squeaking? Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s another new enemy - the
Nightstalker. Weak on their own they are dangerous when paired with other
mutants. Not to mention the fact that they are a bugger to aim at! Grab the DOG
TAGS beneath the ladder before climbing it. A cut scene should now cut in. Pick
up the MAP behind you and shoot the mutant Human from your position in relative
safety (your ZOOM SCOPE is a big help) doní¢â‚¬â„¢t waste secondary ammo on this guy.
Grab the overhead bars by pressing X whilst standing on the striped square and
shimmy along and use another set of overhead bars. Keep a lookout for those
pesky Nightstalkers. At the far end another cut scene is initialised which
provides fresh information about Fort Stewart and its personnel. Pick up the
FILE and use the valve by pressing X next to it. Make your way back to where
you first entered the Water Filtration Plant via the overhead bars and ladders,
and enter the door at the very beginning (which is now unlocked since you
drained the place). Go down the stairs and pick up the SPR4 MAGAZINE in the
water. Climb back onto the walkway and go up the other set of stairs. Pick up
the RECOVERY UNIT A in the corner and climb the ladder nearby. Open the gate in
this new area and take the FILE. Shoot the mutant Human when he comes into
view, remembering to concentrate on the core. Press the switch on the right
wall to activate the sprinkler system and douse the fire previously blocking
your path. Climb up the ladder near the truck on grab the grating at the top
and make your way over to the broken walkway segment in the far corner. Drop
down onto it to collect an ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE. There arení¢â‚¬â„¢t to many of
these babies. Laugh madly as you shoot a second mutant Human from you safe
position. Laugh even more when he explodes into gooey mess! Walk onto the roof
of the van and drop down safely. Pick up another FILE from the floor and press
the second switch on the wall to jack-up the van. Crawl underneath the van to
reach another hatch (collecting the RECOVERY UNIT A along the way) and breath a
sigh of relief as you clear it just before it drops to the floor. Then curse as
you find that thereí¢â‚¬â„¢s no way back. Descend the ladder, go up the steps and jump
the gap. Cut the wire to disable the gun and grab the overhead bars. Jump to
the ladder in front when you have cleared the bars and kill the mutant gun
turret at the top of the ladder. Pick up the nearby SHOTGUN SHELLS and open the
box at the far end to receive an ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE. You might as well
get the RECOVERY UNIT B too while youí¢â‚¬â„¢re at it. When you have collected the
items jump off the end to get back to where you started. Repeat your previous
steps, but grab the ladder to your right as you are moving along the overhead
bars. As Dennis says, you should do it whilst on the bars. To do this, hold
RIGHT to lean towards the ladder and press X to jump and grab it. If you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t
automatically do this then you are not properly lined up. Move along a bit and
try again. Climb down about halfway and repeat the leaning and jumping
technique to reach another set of overhead bars. Drop down at the end of the
bars and climb up the following two ladders to finally reach the rendezvous
point - B Wing.


Ignore the first door to your left and instead make you way up the stairs.
Disable the laser trap and take the FILE off the wall. Go through the door
about half way up the stairs to initiate a cut scene and be reunited with your
comrades. Pick up all of the FILES and the RECOVERY UNIT A and save your game
at the save terminal. Recharge your ammo and refill your SPR4 MAGAZINES by
using the ammo depot. Exit the room and collect the FILE in front of you before
making your wat around to the bar/billiards room. Pick up a MTS VACCINE and
talk to Sonia (sat at the bar). After the conversation leave the Residential
Quarters and climb the remaining steps and go through the door at the top to
access the Rooftop. Ignore the gunfire and go around to the left of the stairs.
Crawl around the corner disabling the laser traps as you go. Break all of the
crates that you come across to receive SHOTGUN SHELLS and a NAPALM TANK. At the
end there is a SPR4 MAGAZINE and some DOG TAGS. go back around the corner and
climb the stairs to find the source of the gunfire. Your team mates are firing
at a mutant Human that has attached itself to the water tank. Help them to
shoot it down and watch the cut scene of the water in the cooler acting all
í¢â‚¬ËœAbyssí¢â‚¬â„¢-like before freezing into a solid statue. Great way to show off the
PS2í¢â‚¬â„¢s graphical capabilities doní¢â‚¬â„¢t you think? The Major will hand you the DOG
TAG RADAR UNIT and youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be whisked back to the Residential Quarters. Talk to
Sonia to find out about the detonators and receive a SNOW TRUCK KEY. Go back
into the MTS Machine room, heal and wounds and your immunity, refill your
battery and SPR4, and save your game. Exit the residential Quarters once again
and enter the door at the bottom, the one you ignored earlier. It would
probably be wise to break the padlock first though... Two more mutant Humans
now inhabit this room so waste them both. Use the SNOW TRUCK KEY on the
flashing panel at the back of the truck to open it. Pick up the RECOVERY UNIT
your batteryí¢â‚¬â„¢s capacity to 16 units and enables you to unlock doors that have
high battery consumption. Go back out of this room via the door you entered by
and descend back into the Underground Water Filtration Plant. At the bottom of
the ladder, grab the FILE from the wall around to the right (disable the laser
trap first, for goodness sake!) and use your battery on the slot near the door.
As you now have a 16 slot battery you can gain access to Section D


Disable another laser trap with your knife and press the button inside the lift
to activate it. Kill the Watch Dog out side and disable the sentry gun further
down the hall, pick up the FILE and kill another couple of Watch Dogs. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t
miss the RECOVERY UNIT A in the crates. Disable another sentry gun and kill yet
another Watch Dog. Collect the DOG TAGS on the other side of the overturned
train carriage and kill the last Watch Dog up the stairs. Go through the door
and waste yet another Watch Dog and also the two egg sacks on the floor. You
might as well kill the other Watch Dogs in the area whilst youí¢â‚¬â„¢re at it and
collect the FILE from the upper level. Pick up another FILE and destroy the
crates so you can clear a path to the other side of the indestructible crates
and pick up another set of DOG TAGS. Go down the corridor with the organic webs
and get a MTS VACCINE from the small box near the floor. Go through the door
next to the box to find a SPECIAL INTERCEPTION UNIT (which allows you to
automatically lock onto targets in first person aiming mode). Exit the room and
use your knife to cut through the organic webs and make your way to the Lv2 Lab
door kill yet another Watch Dog hiding around the corner and pick up the DOG
TAG. Return to the main area of the room and unlock the door at the end of the
corridor, but doní¢â‚¬â„¢t go through - youí¢â‚¬â„¢re only doing this to make it accessible
later on. Go back and enter the air duct in the wall on the upper level. There
is a NAPALM TANK at the very end of the duct as well as some more DOG TAGS so
get them if you want to. Whatever you choose, you must follow the air duct
around to drop into a new room. Collect the ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE in the
box before climbing into another air duct in the opposite wall. Follow it round
to a room containing two corpses and a lot of alien organic matter. Drop into
the room and pick up the DOG TAGS and METAL PLATE 2 and watch the cut scene
with Dennis communicating with Sonia. Make your way back through both air ducts
and walk back down the corridor to the door you unlocked earlier and go through
it to find yourself back in (a radically altered) Underground Storage.


The area is now inhabited by fresh adversaries - two Gunners. As you have not
encountered these enemies before, use extreme caution. From you vantage point
on the upper level use the ZOOM SCOPE to snipe at the foes from above. Be
careful though, a direct hit on the them makes them angry and they spray
bullets all over the place. Take a shot at the core of a Gunner then take cover
temporarily whilst he lets rip. Repeat the process when he has calmed down to
kill him. Kill the second Gunner using the same technique before dropping down
to the ground floor and talking to Gary. Enter the LV1 Lab to find that the bar
across the lift inside has been lifted enabling you to access it. Use the lift
and quickly exit to the door on the right when the lift doors open. Grab the
FILES and the MAP and save your game at the terminal. Exit the save room and
kill the mutant Human you avoided to get to the room. Go through the door
opposite to the save room once you have wasted the mutant Human. Another mutant
Human waits inside - take him out. Enter the room with the battery recharger
and grab the FILE. Recharge your battery too whilst your at it. Exit the room
an enter another room, this time next to the corpse. Kill the Hydra replicator
on the ceiling and activate the switch to unlock the door in the previous
corridor. Exit the room and go back to the corridor taking the unlocked door.
Disable the guns by cutting the cables with your knife and enter the air duct
in the wall just before the fire. Follow it around and exit out the other end.
Pick up the RECOVERY UNIT A on the way. destroy the egg sack on the floor once
you are out and disable even more sentry guns. Exit through the nearby door and
take the MTS VACCINE and RECOVERY UNIT A found in the room beyond. waste the
mutant Human lurking around the corner and enter the detonator room up the
stairs. Collect the FILE and activate the detonator by pressing X in front of
the flashing computer terminal. There is nothing more to do in the Lv1 Lab so
back track to the Underground Storage Area (where you met Gary) and enter the
door on the upper floor which is directly above where your team mate was sat.
Go down the corridor and descend the stairs before turning right. Cut through
the organic webs and enter the Lv2 Lab.


The lift in the next room is also now unlocked so use it. Kill the mutant Human
that provides a nasty surprise - serves him right for making you jump! The next
area will be pitch black so attach the TACTICAL GRIP and enable the flashlight.
Kill another mutant Human roaming the corridor as you exit the lift before
entering the room to the right of the lift. Grab the MAP and FILE and leave the
room. Enter the door opposite, kill the Hydra replicator and smash the crates
in the room to find a SPR4 MAGAZINE and the NIGHT VISION SCOPE UNIT. Attach it
if you want to see in the dark, but I advise the TACTICAL GRIP as you can also
still see whatí¢â‚¬â„¢s ahead if you use the third person aiming method. Been
wondering what that ominous thumping sound was? Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t worry, youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll find out
soon enough... Press the flashing green button on the terminal by pressing X
and open the door to your right. Out jumps another mutant Human so dispose of
him as quickly as possible in the small space that you have. Enter the room
that the mutant human inhabited find that annoying Travis bloke again. After
the cut scene pick up the FILE in the box and read it. It seems that Travis has
been telling lies about who he really is... Leave the room and go back to the
corridor with the lift. take the door at the end of the corridor (disabling the
laser trap and picking up the FILE along the way). Use the crate in the next
room to reach the grating on the ceiling and swing all the way around the
corner to drop safely on the over side of the electrified floor. You may need
to pause to use your HARNESS so that you can kill a few annoying Hydras along
the way. Enter the next room and kill the mutant Human. Enter the detonator
room at the top of the stairs, pick up the FILE, recharge your battery and
activate the second detonator. Enter the air vent in the wall and grab the
SHOTGUN SHELLS around the first right junction. Turn around and go straight
ahead to find yourself the previous room. Grab the ladder to the right whilst
hanging from the vent by leaning towards it and pressing X. Grab the SHOTGUN
SHELLS, BOOSTER SHOT TYPE A and FILE at the bottom and climb back up the
ladder.  Lean and jump over to the pipe on the left of the air duct and use it
to shimmy left to drop down at the exit to the room. Go through the door and
run through the room to the door around the corner and go through. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t worry,
the floors are no longer electrified so youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be fine. Use the lift to exit
the Lv2 Lab and make your way back to the Residential Area where you first
rendezvoused with your team and met Cindy and Sonia. Use the directions
mentioned earlier in the FAQ or use your MAPS if you caní¢â‚¬â„¢t remember the route


Just before you enter the Residential Area of b Wing you find the woman from
earlier, Sonia, dead outside. Take the BETA KEYCARD that she is grasping and
enter the residential Area. Enter the infirmary, talk to Cindy and then stock
up on ammo and battery power. Heal and cure any infection too if you wish. Save
your game and leave the Residential area. As you now have the BETA KEYCARD you
are able to access a previously locked door in the Underground Filtration
Plant. Make you way back to the Underground Storage Area and use the lift on
the upper level to access the Front Of The Compound once again. Enter the Tool
Shed, but this time DO go down the hatch by using the CROWBAR. At the bottom of
the ladder, cut the organic web with your knife and slide down the slope.
Disable the laser trap and take the door in front of you. You find yourself on
the same platform in the Underground Filtration Plant that the man attacked by
a mutant Human was on. Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS, CUSTOM BATTERY PARTS (which
increases you batteryí¢â‚¬â„¢s capacity to the maximum 24 units) and the ULTIMATE
LAUNCHER B PARTS. This is all there is to do in this area (hey, Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t complain!
this is needed to get the ULTIMATE LAUNCHER near the end of the game!) so go
back to the Underground Storage Area and go through the double doors on the
ground floor to find yourself in the Underground Tunnel.


Kill all three Gunners as you run past the train wreck and around to the right.
Go through the door ahead and destroy the padlock on the door in the room
beyond. Enter the now unlocked door. Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll find yourself in the Intensive care
Unit once again. Cure and heal if you need to and save your game at the
terminal. Leave the room and run across the drawbridge that has been lowered
once again kill the three Gunners that you encounter and also any Nightstalkers
that attack you. Destroy the mutant gun at the end of the tunnel and enter the
door to Section A. Run down the stairs and collect the FILE near the train and
the RECOVERY UNIT A before dropping into the section with the boss creature.
After the cut scene quickly pick up the GRENADE LAUNCHER UNIT in front of you
and attach it to your SPR4 Assault Rifle. Avoid the tentacle by constantly
staying on the move stopping only to fire occasionally at the core of the boss
attached to the wall (It only shows itself for a few seconds at a time so make
your shots count). Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t get to close to the part of the boss attached to the
wall or it will spew out green gas injuring you as well as raising infection.
Another attack to watch out for is the bossí¢â‚¬â„¢ swinging attack which is only
avoided by staying pressed to the wall next to the bossí¢â‚¬â„¢ core. After a long
fight the boss will eventually die and the security door will become
accessible. Firstly, climb the stack of crates to get a NAPALM TANK at the very
top. Now go down to the door to the Security Room. Use the BETA KEYCARD to
unlock it before entering. Take the TRAIN KEY, FILE and MAP, then save your
game. Exit the Security Room and use the TRAIN KEY on the red panel of the
train (you will need to access the item menu) And youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll automatically head for
the Power Plant.


Once you have escaped the wreckage, get a FILE from the crate in front of you
and climb up the ledge to the left using the indestructible crates to help you
reach. Disable the sentry gun and pick up the CLIMBING SPIKES in the box next
to it. Grab the FILE next to the barrels to your right before heading towards
the ice wall, initiating another cut scene. The Major would never do something
like this - would he? Pick up the nearby DOG TAGS press the X button on the icy
part of the wall to climb onto it. You could get the ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE
from the ledge halfway up, but it is risky. If you decide to get it you will
need to CAREFULLY walk over the edge so that Dennis turns and grabs the edge of
the ledge. You can now get back onto the cliff face from here. When you reach
the summit, another cut scene kicks in where the Major will give you the FULL
AUTO PARTS and instruct you to retrieve GARYí¢â‚¬â„¢S BOMB. Pick up the BOOSTER SHOT
TYPE A next to the inoperable lift and also the RECOVERY UNIT A from the narrow
ledge jutting out from the cliff. Now make your way to the right of the Power
Plant and disable any sentry guns you come across. Pick up 2 NAPALM TANKS and a
RECOVERY UNIT A from the crates nearby and kill the two Predators that you
encounter. If you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t mind going through this routine again you can pick up a
couple of more items down a slope leading back to the train wreck on the right.
If you do decide to do this you have to make your way back to the cliff summit.
Whatever you choose, enter the plane next by sliding down through the cargo
doors. Once inside, kill the Gunners and pick up the FILE and also some SHOTGUN
SHELLS inside a crate nearby. Go left through the door, save your game and
recharge your battery if need be. Exit the room and climb up a level. Smash the
crates for a RECOVERY UNIT A and leap to the opposite ledge to get GARYí¢â‚¬â„¢S BOMB.
It is also advisable to refill your SPR4 ammo at the same time by using the
nearby ammo depot and turn around ready to leave. Getting out of the plane is
slightly trickier than getting in... Climb on the crate near the end of the
ledge and carefully jump and grab onto the crates in front of you in turn
before leaping out at the end crate. If your feeling lucky, you could also take
a short detour to pick up the GRENADE SHELLS on the nearby crates to the left
before leaving the plane. Now that you have GARYí¢â‚¬â„¢S BOMB, head over to the lift
after the cut scene and use it to get to the Power Plant roof. Did you wonder
where Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s body got to after Cindy shot him earlier in the game? Well Roger
didní¢â‚¬â„¢t die and he made his way to the Power plant roof - and heí¢â‚¬â„¢s pissed...
After the cut scene enter the Main Menu and make sure your GRENADE LAUNCHER
UNIT is attached. Keep on the move to avoid Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s missiles stopping
periodically to fire a grenade at one of the many cores on Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s body. There
is a RECOVERY UNIT B on top of the crates to your left. If youí¢â‚¬â„¢re feeling brave
you can climb up onto the higher platform by using the ladder to the right and
jump through the gap in the fence to land on Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s platform and face him head
on. You really should only do this if you run out of GRENADE SHELLS or you have
a suicidal nature. Once Roger is finally dead take his DOG TAGS and ROGERí¢â‚¬â„¢S
KNIFE that are nearby and walk over to the edge of the platform where the Major
is located. Heí¢â‚¬â„¢ll extend the bridge for you and explain his actions in another
cut scene. Pick up the Majorí¢â‚¬â„¢s DOG TAGS to the left and also get the FILE and
RECOVERY UNIT A before you press the control panel to activate the lift. You
automatically pick up the PROGRAM DISK during the following cut scene so all
thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s left to do here is to pick up the PULLEY HARNESS left to you by the
heroic Major and use it on the cable to escape the inevitable blast.


Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re back where you started - out side the Rear Of The Compound. Jump he gaps
as you did before and watch the cut scene as Dennis recalls Rogerí¢â‚¬â„¢s words of
wisdom. Go through the fan to enter Fort Stewart once again. You can now either
kill the re-spawned Gunners, or quickly avoid them before diving into the save
room to your right. save you game before exiting and making your way across the
drawbridge and into the Intensive Care Unit. Heal up and refill your ammo in
the adjoining room before making your way back to the Underground Storage Area.
Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll meet three more Gunners on your way so either kill them or avoid them
completely. Once you are in the Underground Storage Area quickly jump up on to
the upper level using the crates on the forklift truck and jump over to the
door leading to the Information Area. Inside, youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll find that the Watch Dogs
have also re-spawned so dispose of them in the best possible taste. enter the
door at the base of the stairs and make your way to the underground Filtration
Plant, killing or avoiding any enemies you encounter on the way. Do you
remember seeing a door that was boarded up and seem inaccessible at the time
when you first entered the Plant? Well you can now get to it by sliding down
the zip line on the platform next to it by using the PULLEY HARNESS. Accessing
the room is very much worth the effort as you get SHOTGUN SHELLS, a RECOVERY
UNIT A and best of all, a 6 SHOT GRENADE LAUNCHER that allows rapid firing of
GRENADE SHELLS due to the revolver action of the attachment! A powerful weapon
_AND_ rapid fire? Yes please! The only downside to this little detour is that
you have to make your way all the way back around to the door you entered the
Plant by so you can get to the Residential Area of the B Wing! If you caní¢â‚¬â„¢t be
bothered to go all the way around again and you can live without the 6 SHOT
GRENADE LAUNCHER, then climb the ladder to the Residential Area instead of
sliding down the zip line. When you enter the Infirmary, watch the cut scene,
save your game and make your way up to the Rooftop Climb the crates to your
right and carefully make your way across the narrow ledge before climbing onto
the platform through the broken fence. Climb the ladder on the platform, pick
up a BOOSTER SHOT TYPE A and use the zip line to access a platform with 2
the Rooftop via the door you entered it by. Your next destination is the
Control Tower so make your way back to the underground Storage Area and take
the door to the right of the lift on the upper level.


If you killed all of the Hydras in the dark room the first time around then
they will not be here now. Therefore, you can make your way through the
darkness without the flashlight on the TACTICAL GRIP to look out for enemies.
when you have entered the Control Tower, avoid all the enemies and quickly drop
down and open the door that Cindy has just unlocked. You now find yourself face
to face with a barrier of water. This thing was bloody annoying when I first
encountered it as I didní¢â‚¬â„¢t know what the hell to do! Fortunately for me (and
you) I figured it out in the end. Take a run up and run as far into the water
as possible. Quickly slash at the pipe with your knife to completely sever it
before you are forced back (you can turn the cooling system on to see where you
have to aim for if you wish). You can now freeze the water by turning on the
cooling system on the wall to the right. Shatter the now frozen water with you
knife or weapon and go up the stairs beyond (picking up the SHOTGUN SHELLS just
before the stairs). Turn right and kill any Hydras that pester you. Slash away
the organic webs with your knife and use your battery on the door at the end of
the corridor to get a RECOVERY UNIT B. You need all 24 units of your battery to
access it (youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll see why a little later). Exit and go through the door at the
opposite end of the corridor (keep killing any Hydras that get in your way). Go
through the next door and take the MAP and two FILES and then go down the
stairs and enter the room at the bottom. Collect the MAP and save your game at
the terminal. Exit the room and go back up the stairs entering the door to you
left. Run down the escalators and climb the ladder you find around the corner.
Jump to the pipe you find at the top and shimmy along to get a MTS VACCINE on a
platform at the end. drop to the floor and get another FILE from in front of
the Origin tank. Get the BOOSTER SHOT A and RECOVERY UNIT A before climbing
back up the ladder and getting into the booth. Watch the cut scene, exit the
booth and get a RECOVERY UNIT A from a nearby smashed tank. Be careful, from
now on the creatures that were trapped in the tanks are now set loose with the
only exception being Origin in the main tank. Climb up the ladder next to
Origin and drop to the left for a RECOVERY UNIT B before climbing the ladders
again. this time, use the tops of the tanks to reach a box containing an
ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE. make you way back to the escalators killing any
mutants that get in your way and get some SHOTGUN SHELLS from the tank at the
top of the first set of escalators and a SPR4 MAGAZINE at the summit of the
second escalator. Remember the room that took 24 battery units to unlock?
Hereí¢â‚¬â„¢s why it demanded so much power - the tank inside contains ULTIMATE
LAUNCHER C PARTS!!! Make your way back to the room to collect the parts and
make the complete ULTIMATE LAUNCHER. Thereí¢â‚¬â„¢s nothing else of interest here now
so go back to the Control Tower and watch the cut scene.


Make your way back to the Underground Storage Area (but first stop off
somewhere to recharge your battery) and enter the room to the right of the Lv1
Lab entrance. The other door inside the room has now been unlocked so go
through it to get to the Secret Navel Port. Climb down the ladder to the left
of where you enter and get the FILE. Go down another ladder to collect an
ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE. Climb the nearby indestructible crates to receive a
RECOVERY UNIT B and 2 SPR4 MAGAZINES. Shoot the Gunner from your vantage point
before disabling the sentry guns and getting the DOG TAGS and RECOVERY UNIT B
from the floor. Grab the FILE from the wall and get the RECOVERY UNIT B and
NAPALM TANK further on. Turn around and climb a nearby ladder for another FILE
before finally walking towards to hovercraft and initiating a cut scene.


quickly grab the FILE from the wall and pick up the MTS VACCINE before
accessing the deck. Get an ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILE from inside a crate nearby
and climb the ladder to get a RECOVERY UNIT B from inside another crate.
Descend the ladder and break all of the other crates on the deck to receive
some SHOTGUN SHELLS and another ULTIMATE MISSILE. Grab the FILE attached to the
truck and climb the other ladder for another FILE found in a crate. Go back
down the ladder and enter the door to get a RECOVERY UNIT A. Leave and enter
the door opposite to save your game and get prepared for the final battle of
the game.


As soon as you leave the room, Origin attacks the hovercraft and you instruct
Cindy to lock all of the doors. Watch Originí¢â‚¬â„¢s movement - if he stays near the
rear of the hovercraft for most of the time then us the cannons on the top of
the truck to shoot him. If he likes to stay near the sides of the hovercraft
then climb up the ladder, walk up to the walkway at the rear of the boat and
use the zip line to access the gatling gun to shoot him with. If you use the
gatling gun be careful not to overheat it as it will take time to cool again
before you can re-use it. If you see blobs being fired at you then use your
weapon to fire they out of the sky before they can hit you. Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be infected
if they do hit you. After several clean hits, Origin decides that enough is
enough and jumps onboard! Well, seems like you caní¢â‚¬â„¢t use the cannon anymore...
Quickly make you way back to the gatling gun and fire at the yellow core on its
front. Alternatively you could just use your supply of ULTIMATE LAUNCHER
MISSILES to finish him off. After a while, Origin collapses into a pile of mush
but ití¢â‚¬â„¢s still not over yet... Out of the mess comes your HO-213 doppelganger!
Climb onto the crate to doge the hydras and fire one ULTIMATE MISSILE directly
at the deck to hurt your doppelganger and kill the Hydras at the same time. Now
drop back down and hide behind the crates to dodge the gunfire. At intervals
step out to fire some GRENADE ROUNDS or an ULTIMATE MISSILE at the boss. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t
stay hidden for too long though as youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be targeted by some missiles.
Remember, as this is the final boss feel free to use up your remaining stock of
healing items! Repeat this process several times to finally defeat Origin and
complete the game. Sit back and watch the mushy ending and credits and feel all
smug in your achievement.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck on a certain part on the game or a part of the plot confuses you? Caní¢â‚¬â„¢t
be bothered to work your way through the detailed FAQ above to get your answer?
Oh, okay. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll answer some regularly asked questions for all of you _lazy_

Q - My infection level is at 100 percent so Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m trying to use a BOOSTER SHOT A
and B to cure some of the infection, but it doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t work! All it does is give
me some health but the infection remains at 100 percent and my health is
rapidly depleting! Help me!

A - The booster shots only cure infections AS LONG AS THEY DONí¢â‚¬â„¢T REACH 100
PERCENT! Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s the reason why youí¢â‚¬â„¢re still infected 100 percent. Only a MTS
VACCINE used in an MTS Machine can cure _COMPLETE_ infection.

Q - When I was standing still in a room I suddenly started to lose health.
There were no enemies at all, but Dennis doubled over in pain and the screen
flashed! What the hellí¢â‚¬â„¢s going on!?

A - You were probably standing in a puddle of HO-213. Not a good idea! If you
walk through a puddle of water and it rises up and turns green, you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t want
to stay standing still for too long...

Q - How do you disable those bloody laser traps?

A - The same way you disable the sentry guns - by carefully slashing at it with
your knife (or more specifically, the part attached to the wall). It is best to
use a weak slash (O button) as it is more accurate. This is the only way to get
around these traps Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m afraid - that is, unless you get blown up by one!

Q - Why does my health only have a maximum of 60? Whereí¢â‚¬â„¢s the other 40 gone?

A - Any infection temporarily reduces your maximum health to 60. Use the
BOOSTER SHOTS or a VACCINE in the MTS Machine to reduce infection to 0 percent
and increase your maximum health back to 100.

Q - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m having trouble killing any of the enemies apart from the Hydras. They
just woní¢â‚¬â„¢t go down! Any tips?

A - Aim for the glowing green í¢â‚¬Ëœcoreí¢â‚¬â„¢ of the enemies or youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be shooting at
them for an eternity.

Q - Whereí¢â‚¬â„¢s the second Metal Plate?

A - Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s found in Section D in a room only accessible by the air ducts. In the
room with the Information boards, web walls and several Watch Dogs, there is an
entrance to and air duct on the upper floor. Enter it and take the right at the
intersection and drop into the room there. Climb into the air duct in the
opposite wall and follow it round to a room containing organic matter and two
corpses. This room contains the METAL PLATE 2 amongst other things. You can use
the DOG TAG RADAR UNIT to help you get your bearing as the room also contains
some DOG TAGS.

Q - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve just entered the high security area of the Control Tower after Cindy
has unlocked it. I am now faced with a wall of water and a cooling system. Even
if I turn the cooling system on nothing happens and the water wall still pushes
me back. How do you get past this annoying puzzle?

A - I hate this too. You need to take a long a run-up as possible and run as
far into the water wall as possible. Quickly slash the pipe with your knife ([]
button) and the pipe should sever. You can now turn on the cooling system to
freeze the water which is now easily shattered with the SPR4 or you knife.

Q - Do you get any rewards for getting all 15 DOG TAGS?

A - Unfortunately, no. It seems such a shame as it would of increased the
replay value of Extermination somewhat.

Q - Do you get any rewards for beating the game and starting afresh, like in
the Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid games?

A - Sort of. You can save your game after the end credits have finished (the
game file will be displayed in yellow text with a star next to it) and start
from the very beginning again - only this time with 20 X RECOVERY UNIT A, 5 X
25 X ULTIMATE LAUNCHER MISSILES. This seems like a dream come true, but you
need to find all of the gun attachments all over again! Dí¢â‚¬â„¢oh! Having the
ULTIMATE LAUNCHER at the start of the game with infinite ammo would have been
much more satisfying...

Q - Where do you put the Action Relay 2 codes in? The only place I can find to
put in codes during the game is in the Control Tower!

A - Oh dear. Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re new to this Action Replay concept, arení¢â‚¬â„¢t you? You put the
codes into a cheat cartridge that plugs into your PS2. The Action Replay 2 is
much like a Gameshark, Game Genie, Xplorer or an Xploder.

9. Dog Tag List

A very special thanks goes to JOHN BOOSTER who took the time and effort to
compile a list of the Dog Tagí¢â‚¬â„¢s numbers and locations. Here it is:

Dog Tag 1 
Hans Grant, Private 1st class 
Location : Next to elevator, after
killing elevator monster. 

Dog Tag 2 
Ferryl Theradis, Corporal 
Location : On the floor next to the ice
wall, just after he dies. 

Dog Tag 3 
Thomas Taylor, Private 1st class 
Location : next to metal plate

Dog Tag 4 
Arthur McDonnel, Lance Corporal 
Location : Control Tower, next to
building containing the computer. 

Dog Tag 5 
Ross Dickson, Corporal 
Location : On train loading bay between
crates, just after the train 
has crashed through the barrier. 

Dog Tag 6 
Robert Cameron, Sergeant 
Location : By overturned vehicle on way to
set detonator one. 

Dog Tag 7 
David Muellen, Sergeant 
Location : In information room, just behind
metal crates. 

Dog Tag 8 
Ken Leschner, Master Sergeant 
Location : In the secret Naval Port,
right behind you just before you 
get on board the LCAC. 

Dog Tag 9 
Ed Collet, Warrant Officer 
Location : On roof top B wing, under

Dog Tag 10 
Lance McLaffien, Warrant Officer 
Location : Research level 2 lab,
just before going after detonator two. 

Dog Tag 11 
Chris Deetman, Second Lieutenant 
Location : In water filtraction
plant, just after entering it for 
the first time. 

Dog Tag 12 
Matt Shuggart, First Lieutenant 
Location : On top of outer
building, just before blowing up the tower. 

Dog Tag 13 
Kurt Jolata, Captain 
Location : In air vents, on way to get metal
plate two. 

Dog Tag 14 
Roger Griegman, Master Sergeant 
Location : On platform, after
beating him. 

Dog Tag 15 
Mike Madigan, Major 
Location : On platform, just after he goes off
with the bomb.

Extra special thanks to Revolution readers Samuel & lucas !