FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer PS2 Cheats

FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer

Playstation 2


EA All-Star Team:

At the team selection screen, highlight the Arsenal team then hold start

and press Circle. You should have the EA All-Star team.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Playing Futball:

Transfer Micheal owen from liverpool to the team of your choice and edit

his name to Arnnie Schwarzenegger and when you play the game you will have

Arnold Schwarzenegger playing instead of micheal owen.

Freeze the Opposition:

If you are getting pissed off with the other team having all the possesion

go to the menu and go to “side select” change to the opposite team and resume

the game.When you get the ball hold R1 and shield the ball. Now pause the

game but don’t let go of R1 until you have paused the game. Change back

to your team and that player, when ever that player gets the ball he will

shield it allowing you to pass him and score. This is best used on defenders

or attackers.


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