Grand Theft Auto 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: Thursday, October 25th, 2001

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               |킯 킯킯||  킯/킯킯킯/킯킯킯||킯 킯킯|
               `| |킯|| | || - || 킯킯|`| |킯|
                | | || | || --í¢â‚¬Â¹| |킯  | | |
                ___/|_|_|___/|_|   ___/
        /킯킯킯|킯|킯||킯 킯킯|/킯킯킯 |킯킯킯킯킯킯킯킯킯|
        í¢â‚¬Âº-- || | |`| |킯|| | |  킯| | | |킯
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               [ FAQ/Walkthrough ]

Author       : JPaterson
Platform     : Sony PlayStation 2
Last Updated : September 7th, 2004
Version      : Final
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Nov. 3rd, 2001 (v1.8)
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Nov. 2nd, 2001 (v1.7)
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Nov. 1st, 2001 (v1.6)
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  bugs, insane jumps and a couple weapon locations.  Also begun to give
  descriptions of each of the cars (check section [12] Cars to see what I mean)

Oct. 30th, 2001 (v1.3)
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Oct. 27th, 2001 (v1.1)
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Oct. 26th, 2001 (v1.0)
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Oct. 25th, 2001 (v0.1)
- Just began.


Table of Contents

[1] Grand Theft Auto 3 Basics
    [1.1] Controlling Your Character and Car
    [1.2] Saving Your Game
    [1.3] Wasted
    [1.4] Busted
    [1.5] Your Wanted Level
    [1.6] How To Increase Your Wanted Level
    [1.7] How To Decrease Your Wanted Level
    [1.8] Running and Exercise
    [1.9] Shooting
[2] Car Basics
    [2.1] Driving
    [2.2] Fast Cars or Slow Cars?
    [2.3] Radio
    [2.4] When To Drive and When To Bail
[3] Statistics
[4] Items
    [4.1] Health
    [4.2] Armor
    [4.3] Police Bribes ("star" icons)
    [4.4] Adrenaline Pills
    [4.5] Hidden Packages
    [4.6] Rampages
[5] Weapons
    [5.1] AK-47
    [5.2] Baseball Bat
    [5.3] Flame Thrower
    [5.4] Grenades
    [5.5] Handgun
    [5.6] M-16
    [5.7] Molotov Cocktail
    [5.8] Rocket Launcher
    [5.9] Shotgun
    [5.10] Sniper Rifle
    [5.11] Uzi
[6] Cars
[7] Characters
     [7.1] 8-Ball
     [7.2] Luigi Goterelli
     [7.3] Joey Leone
     [7.4] Toni Cipriani
     [7.5] Salvatore Leone
     [7.6] Asuka Kasen
     [7.7] Kenji Kasen
     [7.8] Donald Love
     [7.9] Ray Machowski
     [7.10] Maria
[8] Main Missions
[9] Portland - Industrial District
    [9.1] Introductory Mission: "Give Me Liberty"
    [9.2] Missions By Luigi Goterelli
          [9.2.1] "Luigi's Girl"
          [9.2.2] "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up"
          [9.2.3] "Drive Misty For Me"
          [9.2.4] "Pump Action Pimp"
          [9.2.5] "The Fuzz Ball"
    [9.3] Missions By Joey Leone
          [9.3.1] "Mike 'Lips' Last Lunch"
          [9.3.2] "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong"
          [9.3.3] "Van Heist"
          [9.3.4] "Cipriani's Chauffeur"
          [9.3.5] "Dead Skunk In The Trunk"
          [9.3.6] "The Getaway"
    [9.4] Missions By Toni Cipriani
          [9.4.1] "Taking Out The Laundry"
          [9.4.2] "The Pick-Up"
          [9.4.3] "Salvatore Called A Meeting"
          [9.4.4] "Triads And Tribulations"
          [9.4.5] "Blow Fish"
    [9.5] Missions By Salvatore Leone
          [9.5.1] "Chaperone"
          [9.5.2] "Cutting The Grass"
          [9.5.3] "Bomb Da Base"
          [9.5.4] "Last Requests"
[10] Staunton Island - Commercial District
     [10.1] Missions By Asuka Kasen
            [10.1.1] "Sayonara Salvatore"
            [10.1.2] "Under Surveillance"
            [10.1.3] "Paparazzi Purge"
            [10.1.4] "Payday For Ray"
            [10.1.5] "Two-Faced Tanner"
     [10.2] Missions By Kenji Kasen
            [10.2.1] "Kanbu Bust-Out"
            [10.2.2] "Grand Theft Auto"
            [10.2.3] "Deal Steal"
            [10.2.4] "Shima"
            [10.2.5] "Smack Down"
     [10.3] Missions By Ray Machowski
            [10.3.1] "Silence The Sneak"
            [10.3.2] "Arms Shortage"
            [10.3.3] "Evidence Dash"
            [10.3.4] "Gone Fishing"
            [10.3.5] "Plaster Blaster"
     [10.4] Missions By Donald Love
            [10.4.1] "Liberator"
            [10.4.2] "Waka Gashira Wipeout"
            [10.4.3] "A Drop In The Ocean"
[11] Shoreside Vale - Residential District
     [11.1] Missions By Donald Love 2
            [11.1.1] "Grand Theft Aero"
            [11.1.2] "Escort Service"
            [11.1.3] "Decoy"
     [11.2] Missions By Asuka Kasen 2
            [11.2.1] "Bait
            [11.2.2] "Espresso-2-Go"
            [11.2.3] "S.A.M."
            [11.2.4] "Ransom"
     [11.3] Missions By Ray Machowski 2
            [11.3.1] "Marked Man"
     [11.4] Missions By Catalina
            [11.4.1] "The Exchange"
[12] Extra Missions
[13] Extra Portland Missions
     [13.1] Missions By El Burro
            [13.1.1] "Turismo"
            [13.1.2] "I Scream, You Scream"
            [13.1.3] "Trial By Fire"
            [13.1.4] "Big 'n' Veiny"
     [13.2] Missions By Marty Chonks
            [13.2.1] "The Crook"
            [13.2.2] "The Thieves"
            [13.2.3] "The Wife"
            [13.2.4] "Her Lover"
     [13.3] Missions By RC Toyz
            [13.3.1] "Mafia Massacre"
            [13.3.2] "Diablo Destruction"
     [13.4] Missions By 4X4
            [13.4.1] "Patriot Playground"
[14] Extra Staunton Island Missions
     [14.1] Missions By King Courtney
            [14.1.1] "The Interview"
            [14.1.2] "Uzi Rider"
            [14.1.3] "Gangcar Round-Up"
            [14.1.4] "Kingdom Come"
     [14.2] Missions By RC Toyz 2
            [14.2.1] "Casino Calamity"
     [14.3] Missions By 4X4 2
            [14.3.1] "A Ride In The Park"
            [14.3.2] "Multi Story Mayhem"
[15] Extra Shoreside Vale Missions
     [15.1] Missions By D-Ice
            [15.1.1] "Uzi Money"
            [15.1.2] "Toyminator"
            [15.1.3] "Rigged To Blow"
            [15.1.4] "Bullion Run"
            [15.1.5] "Rumble"
     [15.2] Missions By RC Toyz 3
            [15.2.1] "Rumpo Rampage"
     [15.3] Missions By 4X4 2
            [15.3.1] "Gripped"
[16] Vigilante Missions
     [16.1] Taxi
     [16.2] Ambulance
     [16.3] Fire Truck
     [16.4] Police Car/FBI Car/Enforcer/Rhino
[17] Hidden Packages
     [17.1] Prize Chart
     [17.2] Locations
[18] Rampage Locations
[19] Secrets
     [19.1] Hooker Trick
     [19.2] BF Injection
     [19.3] Ambulance Health
[20] Emergency Vehicle Crane
[21] Unique and Insane Jumps
[22] Import/Export Garage (Portland)
[23] Import/Export Garage (Shoreside Vale)
[24] Bugs/Glitches
[25] Questions & Answers
[26] Cheat Codes
[27] GameShark Codes
[28] Tips/Tricks
[29] Weapon Locations
[30] Yardie Lobo
[31] Miscellaneous

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
[E] Grand Theft Auto III Copyright Information


| [1] Grand Theft Auto 3 Basics                                               |

The following sections will familiarize you with the basics of living in
Liberty City.

| [1.1] Controlling Your Character and Car                                    |

When moving around the city by foot, the following controls perform the said

CONTROL                    ACTION
-------                    ------
L1                         Look Forward
L2                         Change Weapon (Left)
R1                         Auto-target nearest person
R2                         Change Weapon (right)
R3                         Look behind
D-Pad                      Move
Left Stick                 Move
Right Stick                First Person View
Select                     Change camera view
Start                      Pause
Triangle                   Enter/Exit vehicle
Circle                     Fire weapon/punch/kick/hit with bat
Square                     Jump
X                          Run (hold)

When driving a vehicle, use the following controls.

CONTROL                    ACTION
-------                    ------
L1                         Change Radio Station
L2                         Look Left
L3                         Honk horn (press quickly to activate siren)
L2+R2                      Look Behind
R1                         Hand Brake
R2                         Look Right
R3                         Activate Vigilante Mission
D-Pad                      Steer
Left Stick                 Steer
Right Stick                Control Firehose/Tank Turret
Select                     Change camera view
Start                      Pause
Triangle                   Enter/Exit vehicle
Circle                     Car weapon
Square                     Brake/Reverse
X                          Accelerate

| [1.2] Saving Your Game                                                      |

To save your game, you must enter your Hideout.  Your Hideout appears as a
green house icon on your radar.  Your Hideout is specific to each district.
For example, if you are in Staunton Island, your radar will point you to your
Staunton Island hideout, and not your hideout in Portland.

Each hideout has a garage and some sort of entrance.

Portland        - Door
Staunton Island - Elevator
Shoreside Vale  - Foyer

Entering your hideout will bring up a save game dialogue.  Each hideout also
comes with a garage, where you can park a car to save it for use when you load
your game.  Each save will repair the car if it's damaged.  Each district
offers the ability to save more cars.

You can't save when your doing a mission, and saving your game advances the
game clock by six hours.

| [1.3] Wasted                                                                |

Getting wasted is bad, but I'm sure you already know that.  There are many ways
to get "offed" in Liberty City:

Run over
Blown up
Burned (catching fire)

When you get wasted, you lost some money and are taken to the hospital.  Your
health will be reset at 100, but you will lose money, any weapons you had, and
the mission you were working on (if any) will automatically fail.

| [1.4] Busted                                                                |

Getting busted is just as bad as getting wasted.  There is only one way to get
busted: having a cop arrest you.  To get arrested, you must be pulled out of a
vehicle and have a Wanted Level, or you'll just be shot.  When your arrested,
your taken to the police station, and you'll lose some money (you have to bribe
the cops, you know?) and all your weapons.  Any mission you were working on
will automatically fail.

| [1.5] Your Wanted Level                                                     |

At the top right of your screen are six black stars.  This represents your
Wanted Level, or how much the cops want your ass.  As you do illegal things,
like killing and carjacking, your Wanted Level will increase.  As your level
increases, more and more authorities are sent after you.

-----     -----------
1         Cops, level 1 (not too tough)
2         Cops, level 2 (much tougher and more persistent)
3         SWAT, level 1 (tough and persistent), as well as a helicopter
4         SWAT, level 2 (very tough and very persistent), helicopter remains
5         FBI (very, very tough driving fast, black cars)
6         Army (including tank) and another helicopter

| [1.6] How To Increase Your Wanted Level                                     |

You want to increase your Wanted Level.  Why?  Well, I'm not one to ask, so
here's what you can do to piss them off.

- Run over people
- Shoot people
- Beat up people

All of the above takes a few kills to get them after you.  For example, kill
four or five people and you'll get your first star.  If a cop is in the
vicinity when you kill someone, you'll get that star immediately.

- Steal a car

If you do this while a cop is watching, your wanted level will increase.  If
you do this when no cops are around, you're fine.

- Steal a cop car

If you try to carjack a cop car, you'll get a star immediately, and the cop
driving said car will get out and try to arrest you.

- Targeting a cop

If you target a cop with a weapon, you will get a star.  Doesn't matter if you
shoot or not, you'll get that star just for aiming at him.

- Hit a cop car

If you hit a cop car hard enough to make him drop his donut, he'll come after

| [1.7] How To Decrease Your Wanted Level                                     |

Throughout the city are star icons.  These are called "Police Bribes" and will
take your Wanted Level down one star at a time.

For Wanted Levels 1 and 2, hang by your hideout and do nothing.  The stars will
eventually go away.  For levels 3-6, the only way to get rid of the stars is to
find Police Bribes or get your car sprayed.  If your driving a police car and
need to rid yourself of stars, then hop into a civilian car, because the pay
and spray shop won't repaint cop cars.

| [1.8] Running and Exercise                                                  |

When on foot, it's much better to run than to walk.  Unfortunately, you get
tired from running too long, and your character will slow down until he gets to
a walk.  Stopping will allow him to catch his breath, then you'll be able to
run again.

However, you should try to run a lot.  Over time, your guy will build up
strength and stamina by running, and you'll be able to run a lot longer before
having to catch your breath.

| [1.9] Shooting                                                              |

You have various weapons at your disposal.  Handguns, uzi's, you name it.  You
can fire your weapon in various ways.  Some weapons you must remain still while
firing, others allow you to run and fire.

One of the coolest features of GTA3 are drive-bys.  To accomplish this, you
must have an Uzi selected BEFORE you get in a car.  When you're in the car,
press and hold either L2 or R2 (left and right windows, respectively) and hold
CIRCLE.  This will cause you to stick your arm at the window and begin firing.
Very cool.


| [2] Car Basics                                                              |

The following sections will familiarize you with the basics of driving in
Liberty City.

| [2.1] Driving                                                               |

Driving.  What would a game called GRAND THEFT AUTO be without driving?  Any
vehicle in the game; ANY vehicle can be carjacked.  Like that van?  Take it.
A parked police car?  Take it.  Paramedics trying to save someone?  Hop in the

Turning is your biggest enemy.  When your speeding through the city, perhaps
being chased, you can't afford to screw up a turn.  So, to turn effectively
while going fast, press the brake button, then press the handbrake button, then
begin your turn.

| [2.2] Fast Cars or Slow Cars?                                               |

Your probably saying "Fast or slow?  What the hell do you think?"  Believe it
or not, slower cars are preferable to fast cars in certain situations.  Maybe
you need to take a person somewhere in a certain time limit.  Sure, a fast car
sounds best, but they also flip more often.  Taking slower cars, such as a van
or taxi, makes you less likely to flip over, potentially failing the mission.

| [2.3] Radio                                                                 |

There are different radio stations you can listen to, depending on what you
want.  Each car has a different station automatically playing, but you can
change it if it's not your cup of tea.  Or you can turn the radio off
altogether.  My favorite station has to be Chatterbox.  Some of the callers are
just crazy.

| [2.4] When To Drive and When To Bail                                        |

Needless to say, most of your time will be spent driving, but you should also
take into consideration when you should exit from a car.  Most of the cars can
take a fair amount of damage, but they do have their limits.  When you see dark
black smoke coming from the engine, your car is near death.  When you see your
engine on fire, get out, NOW.  The car will soon blow up, and if you in it or
around it, you'll be blown up with it.

If your car flips over and turns on its side, with no hope of getting back on
it's wheels, then get out of the car, now!  Cars that are flipped over will
eventually catch fire, then blow up, and I don't think you want to be there
when that happens.


| [3] Statistics                                                              |

When you pause the game, there is a wealth of information to be had regarding
you and your actions.  The following is what the game tracks.

Percentage completed
Missions attempts
Missions passed
Rampages passed
Hidden Packages found
Unique Jumps completed
Days passed in game
People you've wasted
People wasted by others
Cars exploded
Times busted
Hospital visits
Gang members wasted
Criminals wasted
Helicopters destroyed
Kgs of explosives used
Cars crushed
Gang cars totalled
Distance travelled on foot (miles)
Distance travelled by car (miles)
Mm of rain fallen
Max. INSANE Jump distance (ft)
Max. INSANE Jump height (ft)
Max. INSANE Jump flips
Max. INSANE Jump rotations
Best INSANE stunt so far
Passengers dropped off
Cash made in Taxi
People saved in Ambulance
Highest Paramedic mission level
Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission
Total fires extinguished
Daily police spending
Best Turismo Time

At the top right of the stats screen is another stat, "Criminal Rating".  It
changes depending on what you do in the game.

This is in order, starting with the least amount of points.


NOTE: I have since stopped playing Grand Theft Auto III, so if you would like
to send me the remainder of the criminal titles, I will gladly credit you for
your contribution.


| [4] Items                                                                   |

The following are items you can find in the game and what they do.

| [4.1] Health                                                                |

Do I really need to explain what this does?  Yes?  Okay then, health
replenishes your health to the 100 mark.  They are usually found near the
hospital, and will regenerate over time.  There are twelve of them in Portland,
twelve in Staunton Island and eight in Shoreside Vale.

They look like a red heart.

| [4.2] Armor                                                                 |

When you collect armor, a new meter is displayed next to your health.  This is
your armor.  When you take damage, your armor will deplete before your health
does.  There are five in Portland, five in Staunton Island, and four in
Shoreside Vale.

They look like a silver badge.

| [4.3] Police Bribes ("star" icons)                                          |

These items will reduce your Wanted Level one star at a time.  They are found
all over the place, but mainly in out-of-the-way areas.  They regenerate over
time.  There are eight in Portland, ten in Staunton Island and six in Shoreside

They look like a gold star (duh).

| [4.4] Adrenaline Pills                                                      |

These pills give you added strength, and also slow down time for the duration
of the pill.  You can punch or kick someone twenty feet!

They look like a red and white pill.

| 4.5] Hidden Packages                                                        |

There are a total of 100 Hidden Packages throughout the game, and for each ten
you get, you get something that will always regenerate at your hideout.  For
the location of each package, please see the section elsewhere in this FAQ.
There are 33 in Portland, 36 in Staunton Island and 31 in Shoreside Vale.

They look like a white package with tan tape sealing it.

| [4.6] Rampages                                                              |

Rampages give you the opportunity to cause some serious destruction in a set
amount of time.  They can only be picked up when your not doing a mission.  If
you win, you will receive cash, but if you fail, the Rampage icon moves to a
different location.

They look like a white skull.


| [5] Weapons                                                                 |

This section will tell you about the various weapons in the game.

| [5.1] AK-47                                                                 |

Favored among terrorists, it's more powerful than the Uzi and maintains it's
accuracy over long distances.  The downside?  You can't run and you must stand

| [5.2] Baseball Bat                                                          |

This is the most common weapon for the beginning areas of the game.  Unlike
your fists, the bat can knock down people with one swing, then you can bash on
them to your hearts content.

| [5.3] Flame Thrower                                                         |

The Flame Thrower is a weapon of coolness, because not only do you get to see
some excellent fire effects, but the resulting explosions make it seem all the
much better.  You can't run with it, and that's a good thing, or you'd set
yourself ablaze.

| [5.4] Grenades                                                              |

Exact same thing as the Molotov Cocktail, but quicker, and better at blowing up
and killing.  The longer you hold the button, the farther it'll be thrown.

| [5.5] Handgun                                                               |

Next to the baseball bat, this is a common weapon, mostly found in the hands of
rival gangs.  They can take down someone with five to six shots, and you can
run while holding it.

| [5.6] M-16                                                                  |

This weapon is extremely powerful (just a wee bit weaker than the Rocket
Launcher).  It has a scope, and when you fire it, you will feel the recoil.  It
can take out a vehicle in seconds, but you can't move with it.

| [5.7] Molotov Cocktail                                                      |

The Molotov Cocktail is the same thing as the grenade, except it's much better
at torching then blowing up or killing.  The longer you hold the button, the
farther it'll be thrown.

| [5.8] Rocket Launcher                                                       |

The most powerful weapon in the game, the Rocket Launcher is the cream of your
crop.  It's heavy, so you can't run.  It has a sight and will not fire if it's
not positioned correctly.  Shooting this within close proximity of a wall or
vehicle is not recommended.

| [5.9] Shotgun                                                               |

This weapon isn't found too often, but if you carjack a police car then exit
it, you'll have it with five shells.  It's best at close range, as the shells
spread out the further you fire.  You must be standing still to fire this gun.

| [5.10] Sniper Rifle                                                         |

A specialized weapon, it's best for missions where you have to assassinate
someone, but you can be far away while doing it.  One shot kills, no matter
where you hit, but if you score a head shot, you get to see a sweet death
animation.  Great for not attracting attention (except for the cops).

| [5.11] Uzi                                                                  |

This is a rapid-fire version of the handgun.  It's clip holds more ammo then
the handgun, so you don't have to worry about reloading too much.  You can run
while holding the Uzi, and the Uzi is the only weapon that lets you perform


| [6] Cars                                                                    |

There are many cars throughout the game, all yours for the taking.  In this
section, you'll find a list of all the cars in the game, alphabetically.

Barracks OL
Cartel Cruiser
Diablo Stallion
Fire Truck
Mafia Sentinel
Mr. Whoopee
Rumpo XL
Triad Fish Van
Yakuza Stinger
Yardie Lobo


| [7] Characters                                                              |

This section details the main characters throughout the game.

| [7.1] 8-Ball                                                                |

8-Ball is the first person you meet up with.  He was one of the prisoners on
the bus that was hijacked, and he's the one that introduces you to Luigi.  He's
a bomb expert and owns 8-Ball's Autoyard, where you can get any car rigged with
a bomb (at a cost).

Voiced By: Guru
IMDB Entry:

| [7.2] Luigi Goterelli                                                       |

Your first boss, Luigi will give you all your starting missions.  He's the
lowest guy, but hey, anybody that's willing to help you should get an A in your
book.  He's the owner of The Sex Club 7, a strip joint for the mafia.

Voiced By: Joey Pantoliano
IMDB Entry:

| [7.3] Joey Leone                                                            |

The son of Salvatore, Joey owns a garage in Trenton where he services stolen
vehicles.  His favorite kinds of missions include anything that hurts the
Forelli brothers, and anything to do with banks.  He'll keep you busy.

Voiced By: Michael Rapaport
IMDB Entry:

| [7.4] Toni Cipriani                                                         |

Toni is the number one extoronist and debt collector.  He always hangs around
Mamma Cipriani's Restaurant in St. Mark's, which is, of course, owned by him
and his mother.  Toni hates the Triads, so if you get involved with him, you
get involved with the Triads.

Voiced By: Michael Madsen
IMDB Entry:

| [7.5] Salvatore Leone                                                       |

The Don of the family, any mission from him will reward you with very good
money.  Unfortunately, by the time you meet him, there is a full scale war
waging between the Colombian Cartel and the Triads, so you'll have a tough time
trying to please him.

Voiced By: Frank Vincent
IMDB Entry:

| [173.6] Asuka Kasen                                                         |

Asuka was born into the Yakuza crime syndicate, but don't let her fool you; she
can run and gun with the best of them.  She will be your first contact when you
reach Staunton Island.

Voiced By: Liana Pai
IMDB Entry:

| [7.7] Kenji Kasen                                                           |

Asuka's brother, Kenji also belongs to the Yakuza crime syndicate, and is the
owner of Kenji's Casino in Torrington.  He's opposed to the Colombian Cartel
because if they manage to get their SPANK into Staunton, his business is over.

Voiced By: Les Mau
IMDB Entry:

| [7.8] Donald Love                                                           |

Owner of Love Media, Donald is your typical playboy millionaire.  He's got a
bad past, and fortunately for you, he keeps going back to it.

Voiced By: Kyle Maclachan
IMDB Entry:

| [7.9] Ray Machowski                                                         |

Ray Machowski is the crooked cop who will introduce himself to you when you
arrive in Staunton Island.  He's not the most trusting of people, and chooses
to meet you at a dirty mens restroom at the park.

Voiced By: Robert Loggia
IMDB Entry:

| [7.10] Maria                                                                |

Maria is the Don's girl, whom will be introduced to you at the end of Portland.
She likes you, and follows you around.  You'll be required to chauffeur her at
times, but she will get on your moves.  At least the ending clears that up.

Voiced By: Debi Mazar
IMDB Entry:


| [8] Main Missions                                                           |

The following are the main missions of the game.  These missions are given to
you, in person, by somebody.  Needless to say, the following section contains
spoilers, so I suggest you try to complete the mission before turning for help.

I've got a lot of requests asking when the bridges and subway's open, so here's
a quick rundown.

When you complete mission "Last Requests" by Salvatore Leone, the Callahan
Bridge to Staunton Island will open, the Subway to Staunton Island will open,
and you can now find boats at the dock.

When you complete mission "A Drop In The Ocean" by Donald Love, the drawbridge
to Shoreside Vale will open, and the Subway to Shoreside Vale will open.


| [9] Portland - Industrial District                                          |

The following are the missions found in Portland.

| [9.1] Introductory Mission: "Give Me Liberty"                               |

This mission will teach you the basics of the game.

When you have control, hop into the car in front of you; a Karuma.  Once your
in, head down the bridge and make your way into the district.

Look at your radar and you will see a red blip.  That's your destination, so
drive toward it.  It'll lead you to an alley (which becomes your hideout).  You
and 8-Ball get a change of clothes, grab the baseball bat next to the door and
then hop back into the car.

Look at your radar again and follow the new blip.  It'll lead you to Luigi's
sex club, the Sex Club 7.  When you get close, you'll see a blue squared area
on the ground; stop in it.  This will activate a cut scene, introducing you to
your first real boss, Luigi Goterelli.

| [9.2] Missions By Luigi Goterelli                                           |

To get these missions, visit The Sex Club 7 and talk to Luigi.  You can find
him by heading to the big L on your radar.

| [9.2.1] "Luigi's Girl"                                                      |

Overview: Steal a car, pick up a girl, bring her to him.
Reward: $1500.00

Your first job.  How's it feel?  Good?  That's what I thought.  You can choose
any car you like for this mission.  If the car you arrived in isn't smoking,
then just get back in that one; it's not a bad car, after all.

Looking at your radar, you'll notice a green blip.  That's the girl, Misty,
that you need to pick up.  Head toward it.  When you arrive, Misty will be
waiting outside, and another one of those blue markers will be near her.  Come
to a complete stop in the marker, and Misty will make her way into the car.

Once she's inside, look at the radar again, and head back to the L.  The L
stands for Luigi, and this is where you come for more missions.  For now, there
is a blip right next to the L, marking the drop off spot for Misty.  Once she's
out of the vehicle, you receive your reward.

| [9.2.2] "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up"                                           |

Overview: Beat a SPANK pusher, steal his car, repaint it.
Reward: $4000.00

This is a fairly easy mission.  Someone is pushing SPANK, a new drug, to
Luigi's girls.  Luigi wants you to beat the pusher, steal his car, then take it
to the nearest pay-n-spray.  If you picked up the baseball bat when you
changed clothes, then find a car and jack it.  If you didn't pick it up, or you
get wasted or busted, then you can pick one up from across the alley.  Either
way, get a car, and head to the green blip, Portland Harbor.

Drive down the slope and you'll be in the harbor.  You should see the pusher
talking with two hookers.  Exit the vehicle, and the pusher will come after
you.  When he does, hit him with the bat, and keep hitting him until you can
see blood.  This means he's dead.  Once he's finished, take his car and head
for the new blip.

When you arrive at the pay-n-spray, drive the car into the garage.  Usually,
getting a car repainted costs money, but this time it's free.  Once it's
repainted, head to the new blip and pull the car into the garage that opens.
Get out and leave the garage.  When the door closes, you'll get your money.

| [9.2.3] "Drive Misty For Me"                                                |

Overview: Pick up Misty, drive her to Joey's.
Reward: $1000.00

When Luigi finishes talking, take whatever car you like, then drive to Hepburn
Heights by following the blip.

Pull into the blue marker and honk your horn.  A couple seconds later Misty
will emerge from the building and get into your car.  Take her to the new blip
on the radar.

You will see the familiar blue market.  Pull into it and a cinematic will take

When all's said and done, you will have a new item on your radar; a large J.
This represents Joey, who can give you missions.  For the sake of this
walkthrough, stick to Luigi until he's finished.

When you leave, you'll hear a phone ringing.  This is how you get extra
missions.  Ignore it for now and return to Luigi's.

| [9.2.4] "Pump Action Pimp"                                                  |

Overview: Kill a pimp.  Simple, huh?
Reward: $4000.00

Once Luigi's speech is over, head to the icon of the gun.  This will lead you
to the AmmuNation gun shop.  Walk inside.  The owner says he's been expecting
you and directs you to the backyard, where you'll find a handgun.  Practice
shooting the targets if you like, but beware; cops will eventually come if you
fire too much, even if your shooting at air.

When your done, grab a car, and head to the blip on the radar.  Because your
target is driving around, the blip will constantly change.  When you reach his
car, you have a couple ways of dealing with him.

First, you can keep ramming him until he gets out of the car, at which point
you can run over him.  Second, you can open the driver's door, which will make
the Pimp get out, at which point you can shoot him.  I recommend running him
over, because he has a shotgun and can seriously hurt you, if not kill you.

| [9.2.5] "The Fuzz Ball"                                                     |

Overview: Take some girls to the Police ball.
Time: 6 minutes
Reward: $2000-$4000

This is your first timed mission.  You have five minutes to pick up some of
Luigi's girls and take them to a ball.  There are a total of eight girls to
pick up, but you only need to deliver four to pass the mission.  If any girl
gets killed, it's mission failure.

First, get a car that can hold three people plus you.  Any four door car will
do.  Vans, police cars and taxi's will work as well.  Concentrate on getting
four girls to the ball, this way you'll pass the mission.  If you have enough
time leftover, then try for the rest, as you get more cash per girl.  Once the
time limit is up or you've gotten all eight girls, you'll pass the mission and
get your reward.

*** TIP ***
Here's a tip for ya.  Grab a bus from the Trenton Bus Station BEFORE seeing
Luigi for this mission.  You'll be able to hold all eight girls in one run.
Unfortunately, the bus is quite slow, so unless your a good driver, you may run
out of time before you get them to the ball.

| [9.3] Missions By Joey Leone                                                |

To get these missions, visit Joey's Garage by heading toward the large J on
your radar.

| [9.3.1] "Mike 'Lips' Last Lunch"                                            |

Overview: Steal Mike's car, rig it with a bomb, return car.
Time: 5 minutes
Reward: $10,000.00

You have five minutes to steal Mike Forelli's car, rig it with a bomb, and then
return it where you found it.

To begin, find a fast car.  If you can't find one, then just hijack anyone, as
the five minute time limit is a bit generous for this mission.  Speed to the
blip, and you'll be at Marco's Bistro.  You'll see a car with a blue arrow
hovering over it.  Get in this car, and then head to the new icon on your
radar, 8-Ball's autoyard.  Be careful when you drive!  If you bang the car up
too much, you'll have to pay to get it repaired before returning it.

Once the car has been rigged, drive back to Marco's Bristo, and return the car
to the same spot it was when you got it.  Before exiting, press CIRCLE to arm
it.  When your out of the car, walk onto the street, and you'll see a
cinematic take over.  So long Mike!

| [9.3.2] "Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong"                                       |

Overview: Kill Chunky Lee Chong.
Reward: $10,000.00

When Joey's finished with you, drive over to AmmuNation for a gun.  If you
already have one, then head toward the blip on your radar.

You'll be in Chinatown, and Chunky is in an area that's closed off to all
vehicles.  Get out of your car, pull out your gun, and start shooting all the
people in blue; these are Triad members.  Soon, the cops will show up, and
Chunky will be making his way out of there.  Get back to your car and chase

Stay as close to Chunky's car as possible, because if he gets too far away,
it's mission failure.  Make sure you get Chunky's car in a spot where it has no
chance of getting away, then exit your car and enter his.  You'll throw him
out.  Now, you have one of three ways of eliminating him.

First, chase him with the car and run over him.  Second, get out of the car and
shoot him until he's dead.  Third, get out of the car and beat him with the
baseball bat, then bash him until you see blood.  When he's dead, you get paid.



The following strategy was sent in by Tevern:

However, there is a way to kill Chunky, with almost no risk to yourself, and
all it costs you is $1,000.

Take a fast car to the entrance of the alley where Chunky is found, park and
get out. Run around to the back side of the alley, and jack Chunky's car. Take
it to 8-ball's shop, and fit it with a bomb. Return it to its place, arm the
bomb,  and go back to the other side of the alley near your car. Walk into the
alley, and trigger the cutscene with chunky in his noodlestand. As soon as the
scene ends, target a Triad, and fire a few shots. This will panic Chunky, and
he'll bolt to his car. As soon as he does, begin running back to your car.
Chunky will blow himself up for you, and you'll be on the road cruising away
from the angry Triads.


The following strategy was sent in by Paul:

If you circle the block you will see that Chong has two getaway cars stashed at
either side of the shopping area in which his little stand is located. Which
car he runs to is determined by the way you approach the stand. To keep him
from driving off, you can destroy by ramming or just block in both of the
getaway cars.  You trigger his flight as set out in your description of the
level. He runs off towards either of the destroyed cars. Running after him and
picking him off as he tries to get into the car is pretty simple from there.


The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

What you can do is you can run into the alley where Chong is, then you move in
and get him all scared so he will run. Then you chase him into the small alley
he goes through before getting to his truck. When you get pretty close to him,
press R1 and empty an uzi clip into him. Then you can run back to your car and
do whatever you want until you get your next mission briefing.


The following strategy was sent in by Krisrep:

Get some molotov cocktails from the junkies in the tunnel. Head over to
Chinatown. When you are close enough to his noodleshop, throw one of the
molotovs, and you should be able to take out the whole gang (Chunky and his
three bodyguards).


The following strategy was sent in by Douglas:

1) Make sure you have a gun.
2) Enter the area on the right hand side of Chunky's stand.
3) After the cut scene plays, lock on to the Triad member on your
right (he has a gun), and shoot him till he falls.
4) Ignore the other Triad members for now, and run after Chunky.
He'll be within shooting distance.
5) Lock on to Chunky, and shoot him till the job's done.
6) Turn around, and finish off the remaining Triad members, or
else they'll kill you.


| [9.3.3] "Van Heist"                                                         |

Overview: Steal car, ram money truck, steal money truck, take truck to Docks.
Reward: $20,000.00

When Joey's through, you'll see a blue damage meter at the top right.  This is
the status of the truck you need to steal.  To do this job, you should find a
durable car, such as a van or truck.  You can do it with a regular car, but
your car will take the most damage, so you'll probably have to switch cars in
the process.

When you've got your vehicle of choice, head toward the blip.  This is the
truck you need to ram.  Keep hitting it until the damage meter fills up.  This
will cause the driver to bail.  When he does, get in and take the truck to the
Portland Docks, where Joey's guys will crack it and give you a bit of loot.

| [9.3.4] "Cipriani's Chauffeur"                                              |

Overview: Drive Toni to his mother's restaurant.
Reward: $3,000.00

You'll exit Joey's garage with a nice shiny Limousine, with Toni in the back.
He tells you he wants you to go to a local laundry store, where the owners
haven't been paying rent, so follow the blip on the radar.

Toni gets out, enters the laundry, then runs back to the car.  It was an
ambush!  When he's back in the car, head to the blip, the restaurant.  Pull
into the blue marker and you'll have completed the mission.  If you have a
Wanted Level, make sure you lose it before you drop Toni off.

| [9.3.5] "Dead Skunk In The Trunk"                                           |

Overview: Take car with corpse to crusher.
Reward: $10,000.00

Get a vehicle, and follow the blip on the radar.  It'll take you to Greasy
Joe's Diner, where a car with a dead body is waiting for you.  Once you enter
the car, you will see a car close to you come after you.  Seems someone has
been waiting for you, and it's the Forelli brothers.

Take off, following the new blip to the crusher.  Park the car, then get out.
At this point, the Forelli's are still after you, so find a safe place to hide
until the car is completely crushed, because if you die, it's mission failure.
Once the car is crushed, you get your money, and the Forelli's back off.



The following strategy was sent in by Jimmie (HumanZoom):

All you have to do is either ram the Forelli's cars until they explode or take
them out by luring them out their cars and then punch/beat/shoot etc.


| [9.3.6] "The Getaway"                                                       |

Overview: Pick up Joey's boys, drop them off at bank, get them safely home.
Reward: $30,000.00

Find a fairly fast car that can hold four people.  The Mafia Sentinel is good.
If you can't find a fast one, just grab anything that seats four.  Once you've
got a car, follow the blip to the place where Joey's guys are waiting.  Pull
into the blue marker and honk your horn to get their attention.

Once their in the car, drive to the new blip, the bank.  The guys will get out,
and you'll hear a scream and some gunshots.  The men will run back out and get
in the car.  Your Wanted Level will gain three stars.

Find the Pay-n-Spray and get the car repainted, then drive to the new blip on
your radar and drop off Joey's men.

| [9.4] Missions By Toni Cipriani                                             |

To get these missions, visit Toni's restaurant by heading to the big T on your

| [9.4.1] "Taking Out The Laundry"                                            |

Overview: Destroy Laundry vans.
Reward: $20,000.00

After Toni gives you your mission, head to 8-Ball's and grab the grenades.  You
don't need them, but they can help.

Once you've got the grenades, grab a car and head to one of the blips.  These
are the laundry vans, and will constantly change.  Once you've gotten near
them, you have a couple ways of taking them out.

The easiest is to pull in front of it and take it, then you can do  whatever
you want to destroy it.  Toss it into the lake, blow it up, get it rigged and
blow it; whatever you want.

The other way, but a little harder, is to ram them.  As soon as you hit one of
the vans, they'll know your after them and won't stop for nothing.  This way,
you can constantly ram it until it gets destroyed, or try to make him drive off
a cliff and land upside down, or drive into a lake.  When all the laundry vans
are destroyed, you'll receive your reward.



The following strategy was sent in by Jesse:

All you do is go to 8-ball's
shop pick up the grenades. Get to where a truck is and
park your car in front of it without touching it. Then
step out of your car a chunk a grenade at the van and
run like hell to get away from the explosions and grab
a new car, and just do the same for the other 2


The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

First, load up on uzi ammo at Ammunation before getting the briefing by Tony.
Then, find a decent car that can catch up to the vans and can take some damage,
like a taxi or a van. Whenever you see a laundry truck, drive next to it and
either using L2+O or R2+O, pepper it with lead. If you keep doing this, you
will eventually see the laundry van's engine catch fire. Eventually, it'll
explode, and there's one less van to worry about. Normally, it takes only two
or three passes to torch the engine, assuming your shots are well-placed.
You also might get bumped around by the laundry van or you might crash into
other people, other cars, or walls, which is why you'd need a relatively tough
vehicle. But just keep doing drive bys and you'll be able to finish the
mission. Just be aware of your vehicle's condition, or you'll end up going up
in flames with your car.


| [9.4.2] "The Pick-Up"                                                       |

Overview: Collect payment.
Reward: $10,000.00

Grab a car and head toward the blip on your radar.  This will lead you to the
laundry where Toni was ambushed.  Pull around the side and head into the
alleyway.  You'll see a briefcase with the money.

BEFORE you grab the briefcase, position your car so that it's facing directly
at the road.  Grab the briefcase.  You'll see a bunch of Triads surrounding
you.  Get back into your car, and drive toward the road.  You'll run over some
of the Triads.  Reverse and run over the ones behind you.

The last Triad member has taken a Belly-Up truck.  Either ram the truck until
it's destroyed, or throw the driver out and run him over.  Once he's dead, go
back to Toni's and receive your reward.

| [9.4.3] "Salvatore Called A Meeting"                                        |

Overview: Pick up the bosses and drive to Salvatore's.
Reward: $15,000.00

Drive to Joey's Garage by following the blip, and head inside.  You'll have a
chat with Joey, who will instruct you to get in the Limo.  He will get in the

After leaving Joey's, drive to the blip, which will take you to Luigi's.  Pull
into the blue marker and honk your horn.  Luigi will come out and get in with

With Luigi in the limo, drive to Toni's restaurant.  Position the limo so that
it's facing the alleyway off to the left, by the "Toyz" van, then pull into the
blue marker and honk the horn.  Toni will emerge from the restaurant and get in
the car.

At this time, Belly-Up trucks will come after you.  Seems the Triads knew you
were picking him up.  Drive off to the alley, and you should be able to get
away from the trucks for the time being.

Unfortunately for you, the Limo sucks at climbing hills, so when your going up,
the trucks may catch you.

Drive toward the blip.  You'll see an enclosed house with a small dirt road.
Drive along the road and you'll come to the front door.  Pull into the garage
and collect your money.

*** READ! ***
You must complete Salvatore's first mission before any of the bosses will talk
to you again, so skip to Salvatore's Mission section, then come back here.
*** READ! ***



The following strategy was sent in by Sam R:

After picking up Tony and going down the alley you
first need to lose the Triad trucks. You then head
over to the car dealership. Head behind the dealer
ship and you can go along the grass to the house.
Doing this allows you to avoid the two Triad trucks
blocking the entrance to the driveway.


| [9.4.4] "Triads And Tribulations"                                           |

Overview: Take Toni's men to Chinatown, kill Triad warlords.
Reward: $30,000.00

When you leave the restaurant, you'll have two men in black with you.  They
will follow you wherever you go, and enter/exit any vehicles you do.

The first Warlord is in the parking lot with the stairs to the train station.
The best way to kill him is to use your car.

The second Warlord is located in the area of Chinatown where you must walk,
since no vehicles can pass.  Get out of the car, and kill him.

The third and final warlord is located in an area blocked off to all vehicles
but the Fish vans, so carjack a van and head toward the blip.  When you get
there, the gate will slide open, allowing you access.  The best way to get rid
of this Warlord is to either kill him or run him down.  He can't get too far
since he's basically trapped.  When all are dead, you'll receive payment.

*** NOTE ***
If the two men Toni sent get killed, don't worry; you won't fail.
*** NOTE ***



The following strategy was sent in by Alex Schiller:

It is possible to kill the warlord inside the compound w/o getting a fish van
or risking your life.  Get a Moonlight van and pull it to next to wall close to
the warlord's position.  Jump first on the hood, then onto the back of the van.
You can just see over the wall.  Aim and shoot.


| [9.4.5] "Blow Fish"                                                         |

Overview: Drive a Truck rigged with a bomb to a set of gas canisters.
Reward: $30,000.00

Grab a car and follow the blip on your radar to 8-Balls.  You'll see a truck
with a blue arrow hovering over it.  Get inside.  You'll see a damage meter.
When this damage meter is full, the truck has taken too much damage and the
bomb will be blown.

Follow the blip.  When you get to the factory, the gate will open for you.
Drive around to the other side, and park in between the blue marker.  Press the
CIRCLE button to arm the bomb, then get out.  A few seconds later, the bomb
will go off, destroying the factory.

| [9.5] Missions By Salvatore Leone                                           |

To get these missions, visit Salvatore's mansion by heading to the big S on
your radar.

| [9.5.1] "Chaperone"                                                         |

Overview: Drive Maria to a party, then bring her home.
Reward: $10,000.00

You'll have the Limo again for this mission.  Maria, one of the Don's girls, is
in the back.  Head to the blip on the radar and pull into the blue marker.  She
will exit the car and head into the building, telling you to wait there.

While she's inside, turn the Limo around the face the opposite direction.  Cops
will show up to raid the party, so Maria will run out and get in the Limo.

You'll automatically get a Wanted Level of two, so take off and head back to
the Don's house.  When you arrive, pull into the garage and receive your

| [9.5.2] "Cutting The Grass"                                                 |

Overview: Follow Curly Bob home and kill him.
Reward: $15,000.00

Take one of the Mafia cars Salvatore has stored at his house.  Head over to
Luigi's by following the blip.  You'll see a taxi parked out front, and soon,
Bob will get in.  Begin tailing him.  You'll see a Spookmeter, and it will rise
the closer you get to him.  When you back off far enough, the meter will go
down.  If the meter fills in, Bob's on to you and it's mission failure.
Unfortunately, the taxi doesn't show up on the radar, so you've gotta stay
close enough to see him, but far enough back so you don't tip him off.

The taxi will take Curly Bob to the Docks, where he rats out to a couple
mobsters.  After the cinematic, you must kill him.  Either run him over or
shoot him until he's dead, then shoot him some more.  You'll get your reward
once he's dead.



The following strategy was sent in by [email protected]:

Steal a taxi and head over to Curly Moe's Location.
Park behind the other taxi and Curly Moe should hop
into your car.  You just need to drive him over to the
docks and you don't need to worry about tailing him
since you are driving him.  This is an easier
alternative if you have trouble with the following
method.  When told to whack Moe, just drive at him
full speed as he should turn around right when you are
about to hit him, giving him no time to hurt you.


The following strategy was sent in by krisrep:

I jacked a taxi, and waited behind the other taxi which our poor victim was
supposed to take. Then, to my big surprise, he actually got into my cab, so
all I had to do was drive him to the boat. After that I ran over him.
Mission completed.


| [9.5.3] "Bomb Da Base"                                                      |

Overview: Support 8-Ball by shooting guards with the Sniper Rifle.
Reward: $100,000.00

Take one of the Mafia cars to 8-Ball's garage, get out, and walk to the blue
marker.  8-Ball will come to the door and tell you to come back when you have
the correct amount of money, $100,000.  If you have enough, walk into the blue
marker again.  If you don't, get some, then try again.

When you have the money, 8-Ball will come out and give you a Sniper Rifle.  Get
into the Mafia car and follow the blip on the radar.  You'll arrive at the
docks.  8-Ball will get out of the car and tell you to find a spot to set up
shop.  Get out of the car, and head to the stairs.  Follow the stairs up to the
center of the roof.  Get the Sniper Rifle ready.

8-Ball will not move in until you fire the first shot.  Start by shooting the
guard at the bottom at the left of the ramp.  The other guard will duck behind
a car, but you can still see him, so shoot him next.  Then, aim at the top of
the ramp, and keep shooting the guards, left to right.  If 8-Ball gets killed,
it's mission failure.  Once all the guards are dead, 8-Ball will enter a door,
then a few seconds later, a cinematic will take over and you'll see the ship
blowing up.

When it's no more, you receive your payment.



The following strategy was sent in by Adam:

Do exactly what you've instructed up to the point about climbing the stairs.
What I did was this: Climb the stairs as you would in your regular strategy.
About half way up there are some gas tanks, tall ones. Jump the stairs railing
onto a tank, and follow the row of tanks until you get to a pair of tanks a few
feet taller than the others. Jump onto one of the tall tanks. The advantage of
this perch is that it's a bit closer, so you can be more accurate, and it
helped me a lot.  Then proceed as normal, taking out the guys at the bottom of
the teps first. But after the initial four guards are dead, shoot the red
barrels on the ship-they'll explode and take out two or thee guards apiece!


The following strategy was sent in by Darren Jones:

When you drive into the ware house though the main gates you should notice
the trailers on the right.  If you go in to the middle of a set of 4
trailers you'll find one of those slow motion pills.  So after dropping of
8-Ball run over to the pill and then run up the stairs as normal.  You'll
find you can get head shots easy!


The following strategy was sent in by Toby Willison:

Drop off 8-Ball, then rush the two guards out front (recommend you have full
armor and 125 health).  Be sure not to shoot until they are nearly out of
your sight.  You want to get as close as possible, so that you have a good
head start on 8-Ball.

After killing the first two, rush aboard the ship.  Kill from left to right,
After you trash all the guards, don't bother leaving the ship.  When it goes
down, and you watch the cinema scene, you will be on the dock, right next to
the ship's past position.  No death, mission done, and no sniping :P

Maybe I just got lucky, but I didn't lose more than 50 off my armor.


| [9.5.4] "Last Requests"                                                     |

Overview: Take a car from Luigi's club to the crusher.
Reward: $20,000.00

Follow the blip and it will take you to Luigi's sex club.  When you approach
the car, you'll get a message on your pager, telling you not to get into it.

You'll see a new blip on the radar, so drive toward it and you'll end up near a
dock.  Drive into the blue marker and stop.  A cinematic will take over, with
Maria telling you about Salvatore.

After the cinematic, you'll all be in a boat, with you at the helm.  Steer the
boat to the new blip, and pull into the blue marker.  Another cinematic will
take over.  Maria needs to talk to Asuka.  Asuka directs you to your new
hideout where you can save your game with your brand new, two-car garage.

Welcome to Staunton Island!


| [10] Staunton Island - Commercial District                                  |

The following are the missions found in Staunton Island.  To get there, take
the bridge, subway, or boat.


| [10.1] Missions By Asuka Kasen                                              |

To get these missions, visit Asuka at her home by following the large A on your

| [10.1.1] "Sayonara Salvatore"                                               |

Overview: Kill Salvatore.
Reward: $25,000.00
Time: 3 hours after getting the mission until Salvatore leaves the club (thanks
      to Nothingness for pointing that out)

This mission is timed, but I forget how long you have to complete it.
Basically, you must kill Salvatore Leone before he returns home.  You have
plenty of ways to complete this mission.  You can opt for stealth with the
Sniper Rifle, go in like a John Woo movie and kill him at the restaurant, or
you can use my favorite method; blowing him up, courtesy of the Flame Thrower.
If you don't have the Sniper Rifle or Flame Thrower, then you can either go out
and find/buy one, or kill him with your regular weapon as he leaves the

Get a car, any car, and drive to Salvatore's home back in Portland.  See those
two Mafia cars?  Get in them, and park in front of the garage (the one to the
right, where you parked the limo earlier).  You should now have two cars
blocking the entrance.  As long as Salvatore can't enter his garage, the
mission won't fail.

When he arrives and tries to get into the garage, pull out your Flame Thrower
and start torching the cars.  They'll soon catch fire, blow up, and take
Salvatore with them.  Mission passed!



The following strategy was sent in by Bahamut:

I got to the club and parked 5 cars in a road block around the corner (if
looking onto the road with the club behind you it's around the corner right
then left) Park 3 cars in a line and 2 behind makes a suitable
roadblock. I bought grenads beforehand and had a bit of style with
was just like a gangster film. I stood on the bonnet of the middle front car
with my grenades ready. They yelled THERE HE IS! GET 'IM! I threw the
grenade, hitting both cars...before they hit the road block I jumped clear
and laughed as they exploded into millions upon millions of bit and pieces


The following strategy was sent in by J. Cronin:

This is an easy, yet somewhat cheap way, to pick off Sal w/o an elongated car
chase or taking out half the Mafia. Try and time taking the mission for when
there's going to a be a decent amount of sunlight out (not necessary, but makes
life easy). Then, head toward's Luigi's. Follow the main road that goes around
the island (it's two lanes and runs right around ChinaTown and the Red Light
district. After you pass the Portland Safe House, take the street to the right.
Take the next right, go a little up the first hill (opposite of the street
leading to Pay'N'Spray) and park the car. Run up the hill the rest of the way
until you're just barely over it, but not in sight of the Mafia henchmen (if
you see "You've been spotted", life is going to suck, you'll end up having to
take out about 4 or 5 heavily armed Mafia men, but as long as they're out of
the picture, you're fine). Now, go ahead and wait for the cut scene announcing
Sal's exit from the club. Look through the scope and zoom as far in as you can.
After about 10 or 15 seconds, Sal will walk out (you can tell it's him by the
big ol' blue arrow). Just line up the red dot with his chest and pull the
trigger. Mission successful, plus no annoying body guards to fight to get to


| [10.1.2] "Under Surveillance"                                               |

Overview: Kill the Mafia operation.
Reward: $15,000.00

When Asuka's done with you, grab her sports car out front, and speed to any of
the green blips.  These represent the people you must kill.  You have a set
time limit to kill the mafiosos.  The best weapon for this is the Sniper Rifle,
but if you don't have one, it's a lot of money to buy one at AmmuNation, and
you CAN complete the mission with a pistol or some other gun, but it's much
harder, as you're susceptible to a little thing called death.  You should buy
Grenades as well.

Two targets are at the pond, sitting on the small island in the middle.  Pull
out the rifle (or any other gun) and open fire.  If you snipe them, be sure
your standing at the basketball court.

In Bedford Point, your next target is a black van.  Since your weapons will
have no immediate effect, get a Grenade (you did buy them, right?) and toss it
at the van.  Seconds later, boom.

Head to the casino in Torrington and climb the stairs to the top of the
building.  You'll see a Rockstar helicopter.  Go to the edge, and by looking
around, you'll see a bunch of targets standing on various balconies.  They will
see you and try to shoot you, but they have Uzi's and are too far away to hit
you, so don't worry; only or two shots will actually connect with you.  When
they've all been terminated, you receive payment.

| [10.1.3] "Paparazzi Purge"                                                  |

Overview: Kill a reporter.
Reward: $5,000.00

This is your first real mission with a boat.  When Asuka has given you your
task, leave her home and go to the second set of docks to the south, NOT the
ones close to her.  As you approach the stairs, a cutscene will take over.  Go
to the docks, get in the police boat (a blue arrow will be hovering above it)
and chase him.

You will see a damage meter at the top-right.  This is the health of the
speedboat the reporter is in.  Keep firing your cannons at him (by pressing
CIRCLE) and the damage meter will fill up.  When it's full, it's kablooey for

The reporter will make his way all around Portland and then return to the docks
where you left.  If he does this, it's mission failure, so make sure you stay
close to him and don't let him make it around the city.

| [10.1.4] "Payday For Ray"                                                   |

Overview: Bring a cop his payment, and await instructions by phone.
Reward: $10,000.00

This is a tough mission.  You have a time limit to get to different phones
before the cop will agree to meet you.  Grab Asuka's sports car and race to
the blip on the radar; the first phone.  The first phone is in Torrington.

When you've answered the call, hop in the car and make your way to Belleville
Park, home to the second phone.

Get in the car again, and head to Liberty Campus, where the third phone awaits.
Answer it, and jump back in the car.

The fourth and final phone is located in Belleville Park (same one as Phone #2).
When you answer it, Ray asks you to meet him in the park's rest room.  Go in
and give him his money.  Mission done.



The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

When you exit the condo, turn left towards the loading bay with all the
trailers in it. There's a dirt ramp at the end near the water, you'll need it
to jump over the water to save time. Go into it pretty fast, but not too fast.
When you're in the middle of the jump, slam on the brakes so that you don't
overshoot the other side and land in the water. If you land it, you save
yourself about 10 seconds, assuming you landed right side up, and you also get
some money for landing the jump.


| [10.1.5] "Two-Faced Tanner"                                                 |

Overview: Kill Tanner.
Reward: $20,000.00

This is a very tough mission.  Why?  You'll see...soon...yes, you will see.

Hop into Asuka's sporty car, and before you attempt this mission, search
around for the Barracks OL, a huge, army flatbed truck.  Why?  Well, you'll see
that later too.  For now, trust me.  You can find them throughout the island,
but if your having trouble, there's an Army Surplus store near the water where
you can find one.

Once you've got the Barracks OL, head to the casino by following the blip.
Drive into the blue marker and stop.  Tanner will come darting out of the
casino and will hop into a car and takes off.  There is now a damage meter on
the screen and a red blip on the radar.  You have to keep ramming his car (see
why we got the Barracks OL?) until the damage meter is full.

Unfortunately for you, he knows he's been targeted, and he calls for backup.
This backup consists of a level 5 Wanted Level.  That means two sets off cops,
a helicopter, two SWAT teams, and the FBI.  That's some pretty heavy duty
backup.  That also means Enforcer vans will create blockades and try to
destroy you.  This is the other reason we picked up the Barracks OL.  It'll
give you a LOT more protection which you need.

Since your fairly slow, anticipate Tanner's driving movements.  He likes
driving along eastern rode next to the shore.  When you've got hold of his
location, either ram him until his damage meter is full, or push him over into
the water.  Either way will result in a kill.  Since your in that big Barracks
OL, you can easily send him flying.

Once he's dead, you lose the Wanted Level.



The following strategy was sent in by Tracy:

Instead of attempting to destroy him by ramming his car with a sturdy vehicle I
just used a nice fast car and went into first person mode. Than I drove up
along side him and shot it full of bullets with my Uzi. If you can time it
right you might be able to waste the car before any cops come after you. At the
very least if you do it right you will give him a large chunk of damage before
you get belted by a cop car. Its still tough but I found completing the mission
this way MUCH easier than trying to ram him to death.


The following strategy was sent in by Mark Bales:

First off, go to the army surplus store in Rockford and get your hands on a
rocket launcher.  Instead of parking in the blue circle, get out and walk to it
with rocket launcher in hand.  As soon as Tanner takes off hit him with a
rocket and you just completed the mission!


The following strategy was sent in by Will:

I have an alternate strategy for the Two-Faced Tanner Mission.  Once he
gets into his car, simply follow him around.  He drives recklessly and
fast, and he'll make driving mistakes, crashes, etc.  Don't hit him, just
follow him.  He will generally get himself into a bind (high centered,
stuck in a corner behind a car he hit, etc).  Then just pull up, use the
drive-by shooting technique, and fill his car with bullets until it blows
up.  If you waited until he's good and trapped, it only takes about three
or four seconds to blow his car up, and that's not nearly enough time for
the cops to get to you or damage you.


| [10.2] Missions By Kenji Kasen                                              |

To get these missions, visit Kenji at the Casino by following the large K on
your radar.

| [10.2.1] "Kanbu Bust-Out"                                                   |

Overview: Bust someone out of prison.
Reward: $30,000.00

After Kenji's business is done, you must find a cop car.  This is extremely
easy.  Just try to open the door, beat up the cop when he gets out, and the car
is yours.  Unfortunately, this gives you a Wanted Level of 1, but it's not too
bad.  When you've got the car, drive to 8-Ball's and get it rigged with a bomb.
8-Ball's shop is located where the big 8-Ball icon is on your radar.

When it's rigged, follow the blip to the police compound.  Inside, you'll see a
blue marker.  Pull into that marker and stop.  Arm the bomb (CIRCLE) and get
out.  Behind you, you'll see an Enforcer (SWAT van).  Get in it.  At this time,
the police car will explode, revealing a hole in the wall.  If the guy doesn't
run toward you, then drive through the hole until you're close enough for him
to get in.  You now have a Wanted Level of 3.

While escaping through the tunnel, you'll run over a Police Bribe, taking your
Wanted Level down to 2.  Good.

When your clear of the Police Compound, get out of the car and find a civilian
car.  Don't worry; your friend will follow you.  Once you've got a new set of
wheels, head to the Pay-n-Spray to get rid of your Wanted Level altogether.
When you've gotten repainted, drive to the blip on the radar, the Hyaku Dojo.
Park inside the blue marker, and Kanbu will get out of the car and enter the
Dojo.  Mission success.

| [10.2.2] "Grand Theft Auto"                                                 |

Overview: Steal high quality cars and park them in a garage.
Reward: $25,000.00

This mission requires the best driving skills possible.  A single hit, no
matter how slow your going, will require you to get it repaired before the
garage will even think about accepting it.

There are two blips on the radar; a pink and red one.  Follow the red ones for
now, because the pink one will lead you to the garage.  There are three cars to
collect; a Stinger, Cheetah, Infernus.  Grab one, drop it off at the garage,
then go for the others.  Pretty self explanatory.  Just follow the blips to the
cars, then head toward the pink blip that'll lead you to the garage.  When all
the vehicles are safely parked, you'll receive payment.



The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

You don't need to drive extremely carefully, assuming you have more than $3000
(at this stage of the game you should have a considerable amount of cash so you
should be all set). Why? Because there's a Pay-N-Spray next to the garage you
have to park the car in. You can drive like a maniac to the garage (but don't
flip the car over or else you fail the mission), and easily turn into
Pay-N-Spray to repair everything. Also, try to give yourself two minutes or
less for each car because you only have 6 minutes. It seems kind of generous
but you have to drive pretty far away for most of the cars, and going to
Pay-N-Spray takes away a few precious seconds.


| [10.2.3] "Deal Steal"                                                       |

Overview: Steal a car and kill Colombians.
Reward: $25,000.00

When Kenji's done with you, head over to Newport, because you need a Yardie
Lobo to complete this mission.  Once you've got one, follow the blip on the
radar.  This is where one of Keni's men will get in the car, ready to help you.
Stop in the blue marker and he'll make his way into the car.

Once you have him, follow the new blip.  This will take you to the hospital.
Lucky for you, if you get injured, your at the hospital, so you can just run
over the health pickups.  Park in the blue marker and honk your horn.  Some
people will emerge from the hospital.  As soon as you leave the car or begin to
drive away, they'll realize it's a trap, so quickly angle your car and run over
as many as you can.

Once you get out of the vehicle, your partner will get out as well, and the two
of you will begin attacking.  Once all of the Colombians are dead, you'll see
some trucks will blue arrows hovering overhead.  You must destroy these trucks.

Once the trucks are no more, pick up the briefcase, grab a car, and go back to
Kenji's casino.  The pink blip will lead you to the parking lot, where you'll
find a blue marker.  Park inside the marker and your mission is a success.

| [10.2.4] "Shima"                                                            |

Overview: Pick up money.
Reward: $10,000.00

When leaving the casino, head to the blip on the radar.  It'll lead you to
Torrington.  You'll see a briefcase on the sidewalk.  Get out, get the case,
and get back in the car.

Follow the blip to the next briefcase.  This one is guarded by a man with a
gun.  Kill the man (shoot him or run him over), get the briefcase, and get back
in the car.

Head to the next blip which will take you to Belleville Park.  Unfortunately,
there is no briefcase.  The store owner here says he was robbed and a gang took
everything, including the money you're supposed to get.  You know what happens
now, don't you?  Yep, track down the gang, make them pay and retrieve your

Look at the radar.  See the blue blip?  That's the gang location.  In Portland.
Get your ass all the way back to Portland.  You'll see that the blip is in
Hepburn Heights, and it was all the Diablo's doing.  There are a lot of them,
so feel free to kill them however you like.  Once there's no one left standing
(except for you, of course), get the briefcase, and return to the casino all
the way back in Torrington.

| [10.2.5] "Smack Down"                                                       |

Overview: Eliminate the SPANK pushers.
Reward: $10,000.00

When you leave the casino, a new meter will appear on your screen.  It's a
countdown meter.  You must kill a certain number of dealers.  In this case,

Just follow the blips to each dealer and kill them however you like.  This
mission is straightforward and doesn't need a strategy.

| [10.3] Missions By Ray Machowski                                            |

To get these missions, visit the Belleville Park rest rooms by heading to the
large R on your radar.

| [10.3.1] "Silence The Sneak"                                                |

Overview: Torch some place then kill some guy.
Reward: $30,000.00

After receiving your first mission, find a large car.  A van, Esperanto,
anything that's fairly big, then head to the blip.  Park the car in front of
the east alley.  This is to make sure the guy doesn't escape.

See the large open window?  Lob a Molotov Cocktail through the window.  Once
the place has caught fire, you'll see your target and his driver flee.  They
will try to escape, but since you've blocked off the alley, they can't.  Start
lobbing grenades at your parked car.  This will cause your car to blow up, and
the target's car as well.  When he's dead, collect your payment.



The following strategy was sent in by Diablo:

Take a lot of time on this mission. Grab some rumpoí¢â‚¬â„¢s mules, anything thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s
big and heavy. See that little garage in front of the building? Park about 3
cars in front of there. Lob a grenade, or a moltov cocktail up there. Now,
either blow up one of the cars, torch it, whatever. The first car should blow
up, the next one should catch fire, the next one should, and then it will blow
up the guys, and sent the getaway car on fire, blowing it up too! If this
doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t work, remember that the cars dead burned bodies are there. Just simply
lob grenades, fire your gun, whatever to blow up the car stuck inside.


| [10.3.2] "Arms Shortage"                                                    |

Overview: Protect Ray's friend's business.
Reward: $10,000.00

Grab a car and head toward the pink blip, which is an Army Surplus store in
Rockford.  Approach the gate to open it.  Phil will come out and tell you to
stock up on weapons.

Turn around and head to the building to the north.  Go around the northeast side
to the path.  Jump on the cardboard boxes to the top of the wall, then run back
toward Phil.  Jump from the storage container to the one with the Rocket
Launcher on it.  If your fast enough, you'll be able to grab it before the
Colombians arrive.

Using the Rocket Launcher, target the cars and blow them all to hell.  When the
battle is over, speak to Phil again and get your reimbursement.

*** NOTE ***
If Phil dies, mission over.
*** NOTE ***



The following strategy was sent in by Diablo:

Immediately grab the Barracks OL and park it in front of the fence. Walk around
to the boxes, and kill anyone that comes behind the building. After doing so,
lock and load. Take your rocket launcher and smoke the trucks. This should kill
most of the cartels, if not all. Wipeout the remaining with your M16 that I
hope you picked up. Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t use aimer, just look back and forth while holding
CIRCLE. That should kill everyone else. Then, just walk back around and talk to
Phil, mission passed.


| [10.3.3] "Evidence Dash"                                                    |

Overview: Ram a car carrying evidence, then burn said car.
Reward: $10,000.00

Get a fast car, like the Stinger or Infernus, and head toward the blip on the
radar.  Since your chasing a moving vehicle, the blip will always change.  The
blip turns out to be a Bobcat.  When you have the Bobcat in sight, a blue arrow
will hover above it.  Ram this car and a package will fall out.  You can get
the package by driving over it (you don't need to get out).  Keep ramming the
vehicle until a total of five packages drop.  Once you've collected all five,
destroy your car.  Torch it, sink it, whatever you like.



The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

Find a normal car, something that can go into Pay-N-Spray. After Ray gives you
the mission briefing from the can, follow the red bilp to the dude's car. Try
not to get any kind of wanted level before you see the car, because when you
hit the car, your wanted level goes up to two, and it might add onto the wanted
level you already have if you have one. Don't pick up the package the guy
dropped - yet. First, high tail it to Pay-N-Spray to get rid of the wanted
level. Then, pick up the package he dropped and you can take your time hitting
the dude and getting the packages because there's no time limit and even if
he's clear across town, you can still get him. When you get all six packages,
do what you want to destroy the car, but don't be in it when it goes up.


| [10.3.4] "Gone Fishing"                                                     |

Overview: Steal Police Boat and sink someone.
Reward: $15,000.00

Head to Asuka's house by following the red blip.  Head down to the stairs to
the Docks and hop into the Police Boat.

When your on the water, head toward the lighthouse (follow the blip).  You'll
see a cinematic.  When it's over, the boat your supposed to destroy takes off.
Chase the boat and shoot it with your guns.  Occasionally, the boat will drop
a keg of dynamite, so try to avoid it when he drops it.  Once you've sunk the
boat you'll get paid.

| [10.3.5] "Plaster Blaster"                                                  |

Overview: Kill witness in ambulance.
Reward: $10,000.00

There is an ambulance driving someone to the courthouse, with evidence against
you.  If the ambulance makes it, mission failure.  A police car is escorting
the ambulance, and as soon as your spotted, your Wanted Level will go up to

Find the ambulance (red blip on your radar) and ram it.  A good sideswipe or
head-on attack will cause the witness to fall out.  The witness is in a full
body cost and is immune to gunfire and is flame retardant.  To kill him, run
him over back and forth until he is dead.  When he can't get up, you get your

| [10.4] Missions By Donald Love                                              |

To get these missions, visit Donald Love at the Love Media building by driving
to the large D on your radar.

| [10.4.1] "Liberator"                                                        |

Overview: Steal Colombian car, talk to Asian man, return him to Donald.
Reward: $40,000.00

As you love the building, you must steal a Colombian gang car to gain access to
a gang controlled facility.  Drive to Fort Staunton and you will find a
Colombian Cruiser.

Once your in the cruiser, head to the red blip.  You'll come upon a gate, but
since your in a Colombian Cruiser, it'll open for you.  Once inside, run over
all the gunmen, because they know who you are.  When everybody's dead, head to
the garage's.  The man you need to pick up is behind one of them.  However,
open the wrong one and you'll come in contact with a gang member.  When you get
the right garage, take out the guy next to the Asian man.  Once he's dead, the
Asian will follow you.

Get him in a car, and return to the Love Media building.  Pull into the blue
marker and stop.  The Asian man will exit the car, and you'll be $40,000.00



The following strategy was sent in by Diablo:

Make sure your loaded with shotgun shells, grenades, and a sniper rifle. First,
get the Cartel Cruiser and park across the road from the compound. Take out
your grenades and lob them across the concrete wall (This keeps you safe from
fire) It should smoke anyone near the gates. Then, get out your sniper rifle
and sit at the fence, and snipe all visible Cartels. Then walk in, and pull out
your shotgun, check the camp to be sure that everyone is dead. If not, smoke
them with your shotgun. Now, start checking the garages. Be warned, there are
people inside each garage, including a guy and the old man in the garages.
Shoot all the guys till you find the garage with the old man. I shot the guy in
the garage with the other guy, I did injure the old man, but didní¢â‚¬â„¢t kill him
(Be careful, you might.) I walked out of this mission with full armor and


| [10.4.2] "Waka Gashira Wipeout"                                             |

Overview: Kill Kenji Kasen with a Cartel car.
Reward: $30,000.00

After Donald gives you your objectives, steal one of the Cartel Cruiser's (if
you haven't got one) and head to the red blip on the radar.  This blip will
take you to the Carpark.

Ascend the floors of the carpark to the very top.  You will see Kenji and a
bunch of his men.  Aim for Kenji.  He'll be the one with the blue arrow
floating over his head.

When Kenji's dead, you'll get a message.  As soon as you leave the Newport
area, your mission is a success.

| [10.4.3] "A Drop In The Ocean"                                              |

Overview: Pick up packages that were dropped in the ocean.
Reward: $10,000.00

This is a timed mission.  You have just under two minutes to find a speedboat.
Fortunately, there's a red blip that'll direct you to one.  You will see a
blue arrow above the speedboat.  Hop into it.

Pull away from the dock, and you will soon see a plane flying overhead.  This
plane will drop packages into the water.  They look like buoys with lights on
top.  Stay close to the plane so you can see where the packages drop.

Once you've collected all the packages (a counter will inform you), dock the
boat, jack a car and return to the Love Media building (blip on radar).


| [11] Shoreside Vale - Residential District                                  |

The following are missions found in Shoreside Vale.

| [11.1] Missions By Donald Love 2                                            |

To get these missions, visit Donald Love, still at LOVE Media, by following the
large D on your radar.

| [11.1.1] "Grand Theft Aero"                                                 |

Overview: Retrieve a package for Donald.
Reward: $50,000.00

For this mission, you'll be heading to the airport.  Follow the blip.

When you get to the airport, look for a light green hangar.  Park some feet
away, get your Sniper Rifle, and kill the members of the Colombian Cartel that
are inside the hangar.  Once the lot of them have been killed, get inside the

Unfortunately, the package is gone.  Hop into the nearby Pan Atlantic van and
make your way to the new blip, all the way back in Staunton Island.

You'll arrive at Fort Staunton.  Enter through the gates that will open for
you.  Kill the Cartel member here, then go upstairs.  The package is lying in
the middle of the second floor.  Grab it, then head toward the south corner.
Use your Rifle to kill more Colombians.  After a bunch are dead, follow the
blip to an elevator.

You'll see a cinematic.  After the cinematic, when you have control, exit the
building, and you'll see the Yakuza gang around a stinger.  They still like
you, so grab the Stinger and return to Donald Love.

| [11.1.2] "Escort Service"                                                   |

Overview: Escort Donald's associate unharmed.
Reward: $40,000.00

This mission will see a lot of collisions (at least for me it did), so drive to
the Army Surplus Store and take a Barracks OL.  Return to the Love building by
following the blip.  As you approach, you'll see a Securicar.  The man you need
to protect is in this vehicle.

Follow the Securicar, making sure no harm comes to it.  The Damage Meter will
tell you how much damage it's taken.  Keep checking your rearview mirror every
so often to see if someone is sneaking up.  In short, do whatever you can to
take the blunt of the attacks.

Once the Securicar has reached it's destination, it'll pull into a warehouse,
and you'll receive a nice cash settlement.



The following strategy was sent in by Eric L:

Start the mission, then go do something else for 5 or so minutes (not sure how
long it takes). For some reason if you aren't around the securicar they don't
attack it. This makes it much easier, and also you don't have to bother driving
in the underground tunnel. After 5 minutes or so are up, drive over the bridge
to shoreside, and the car should be at the exit of the underground tunnel,
you'll have to escort it for the last few blocks to its destination. Note: If
you haven't gotten the securicar for the import/export mission yet now is a
good time to go stash on in your garage as there will be a lot on the road
during this mission.


| [11.1.3] "Decoy"                                                            |

Overview: Lead the cops away from Donald and his associate.
Reward: $35,000.00

Donald and his associate are surrounded.  You must lead the cops away so that
they will be safe.  Drive to the Amco building and block one of the Enforcers
with your current vehicle.  Exit it, and hop into the Securicar.

As soon as you get behind the wheel, your Wanted Level shoots up to 6.  That's
two sets of cops, two SWAT teams, the FBI, the army, and two helicopters.  It's
safe to say your a very, very, very wanted man now.  You will also have a clock
underneath your wanted level count down.  You must survive for this amount of
time and you will complete the mission.

The best place to go to wear down the time is the hospital, because you can
drive laps around it with police vehicle at a time.  If you have suggestions as
to a better place, e-mail me and I'll add them, with credit given to you.

Once the timer has reached zero, you win.



The following strategy was sent in by Michael Taylor:

Just head to the Pay & Spray in Staunton Island and stay in there.  The Police
and others will have a tough time gettting into the area and the time will be
up before they do.


The following strategy was sent in by George:

Block the road which runs up the side of the truck off, so the cars at the top
have to break through your road block - use two cars, any will do -
Landstalkers are quite good - and then drive the truck straight out and head
towards the bridge back to Staunton - take the tunnel to Portland as the SWAT
vans can't get past you, they can't get tanks down there or helicopters and if
you stradle both lanes police cars just bounce off of the back - when you get
to Portland, head up the up ramp from the tunnel, do a u-turn at the top and
head back into the tunnel by which point you should only have 20-30 seconds of
time left to avoid the cops etc. By the time you get back to the junction where
you would now turn left to head back to Shoreside you should have run the clock


The following strategy was sent in by Jake Smits:

Head for the west blocked tunnel that leads out of Liberty City. Make a left
onto the road right before the tunnel. Drive for about 200 yards and turn off
onto the first grey driveway. To the left of the Pink House is a path leading
to the back yard. Drive back there and do laps around the pool so the
helicopters dont destroy you. It is impossible for anything to get back there,
so just run down the clock.


| [11.2] Missions By Asuka Kasen 2                                            |

To get these missions, visit Asuka, at the PanLantic Construction Site, by
following the large A on your radar.

| [11.2.1] "Bait"                                                             |

Overview: Act as bait.
Reward: $35,000.00

Grab a car and head to Pike Creek.  There are three blips on the radar, each
representing one of the Death Squad's.  The yellow blip are Yakuza members,
your allies.  You have to head to each blip, taunt the Death Squad, then lead
them to the yellow blip where the Yakuza will take care of them.  You are NOT
allowed to kill them anywhere else, but if a few elude the grasp of your men,
then you are allowed to kill them.

Do this for each Death Squad and you'll collect your reward.

| [11.2.2] "Espresso-2-Go"                                                    |

Overview: Smash Kappa Coffee Houses.
Reward: $40,000.00

After getting your orders, find a heavy car, like the Patriot or the Cartel
Cruiser, then head to the hospital (blip).  There is a coffee stand here, a
front for selling SPANK.  Once you've hit the first coffee shop, a timer
starts.  Drive crazily around the city, heading to each blip, destroying each
Coffee shop.  Once all the coffee shops are destroyed, you'll get you reward.



The following strategy was sent in by Alex:

I know how much you all love money, but for this one to work, you're gonna have
to give up $50000. Before heading to the first blip, pick up the Yakuza Stinger
in the construction site and high tail it to the Army Surplus Store (btw, you
might wanna use the Stinger or some other fast car for the entire mission).
Pick up two rocket launchers, with 5 rounds apiece if you don't have the rocket
ammo yet (you'll need 9 rounds), which will cost you $50k. Then, head over to
Portland via the Callahan Bridge, or even better, you can take the tunnel. Once
you reach Portland, head over to the area near the entrance to Salvatore's
club. There's a blip there. STAY IN YOUR CAR because the mafia guys are gonna
shoot at you when you get near the first blip, and ram the first stand with
your car to destroy it, which should be somewhere near the curve in the road.
Immediately, the timer starts with less than 8 minutes left. Head south, follow
the road (which curves right), then hang your first left and drive to the area
near Joey's garage, where there should be another blip. Once you've found the
stand, select your rocket launcher and blow it up. Then, drive over the
Callahan Bridge into Staunton Island, and head over to the blip leading to the
park, where there should be another stand. Blow that one up w/ the rocket
launcher, and head over to the blip near the parking garage. There's another
stand, and you know what to do to take it out. After that, head south. There
should be a blip a few blocks away from Donald Love's place. Hit the stand,
which should be in front of a church, then nail the blip near it, which should
be in a courtyard with red brick about a block or two away. After you get that
stand (that should be 6 already), head towards the next blip, which should be
somewhere near the payphone you had to use for one of Asuka's previous
missions. It's in some kind of fountain area dug into the ground, you'll be
able to see it. Take that one out, and then head over to the lift bridge
leading to Shoreside Vale. Take a left onto the road leading to the airport.
Follow the road down to the stand, which should be at the top of the stairs of
that area at the end of the road. That's 8 blips with one more to go. Get out
of that area because there might be some Colombian Cartel guys and maybe even
some cops shooting at you. Follow the last blip, which is in front of the
hospital. Launch a rocket at that stand, and you get your cash prize. Try your
best to nail each stand on the first shot, and if you run out of rockets, use
grenades or Molotov cocktails. Also try not to trash your car, and if you do
blow it up, find another fast one. Try to get one hit per minute, which is made
even easier by having some stands relatively close to each other.


| [11.2.3] "S.A.M."                                                           |

Overview: Shoot down a plane and collect it's cargo.
Reward: $45,000.00

Head toward the blip on the radar.  This will lead you to a boat.  Take the
Rocket Launcher (next to the boat), then jump into the boat and begin to steer
it toward the blip.  It'll lead you to a buoy.  Lightly hit the buoy and you
will get a message.  Aim at the sky with your Rocket Launcher and prepare to
shoot down the plane.

As soon as you lock on to it, fire.  When the plane comes crashing down, you'll
have a Wanted Level of 4.  Steer around and pick up the packages that the plane
dropped.  Once you've collected eight packages, return to the construction
site to end the mission.

| [11.2.4] "Ransom"                                                           |

Overview: Bring $500,000 to the Villa at Cedar Grove.

This isn't a real mission.  Instead, you must have at least $500,000 in with
you to take to Cedar Grove in exchange for Maria's life.  Beat up people,
perform vigilante whatever it takes to get $500,000 if you don't
already have it.

| [11.3] Missions By Ray Machowski 2                                          |

There is only one mission that Ray gives you.

| [11.3.1] "Marked Man"                                                       |

Overview: Take Ray to the airport.
Reward: $20,000.00 and a bulletproof car.

When you pick up Ray, he needs to be taken to the airport to make his flight
before it leaves.  Naturally, there's a time limit, so get the fastest car you
can find and high-tail it to the airport.  Unfortunately, the bridge leading to
the airport is blocked by the CIA, so head to the Staunton Island tunnel.
Drive through the tunnel until you reach a T intersection, then turn left and
turn left again.  After exiting the tunnel, turn left, and continue straight.
You'll see the blue marker.  Pull into the marker and stop.  Ray will exit the
car, but not before giving you a key.

The clock has stopped and a new blip has appeared.  Follow this blip to Ray's
lockup.  The garage will open for you upon your arrival, and you will receive a
page from Ray.  Inside the garage is a bulletproof Patriot, a Rocket Launcher,
Sniper Rifle, Flame-Thrower, and your $20,000.00 reward.



The following strategy was sent in by Nathan:

Get into a fast car and go pick up Ray.  After you pick him up, drive down to
Donald Love's place and drive down into the subway station.  Get to the tracks
and turn right.  Make your way all the way down the tracks to the first stop,
drive up the steps and head to the checkpoint with about 30 seconds to spare.


| [11.4] Missions By Catalina                                                 |

There is only one mission that Catalina gives you.

| [11.4.1] "The Exchange"                                                     |

Overview: Go to Catalina's mansion with $500,000.00.
Reward: $1,000,000.00

Make sure you drive a fast car to Catalina's, as you'll need it.  A Cheetah,
Banshee, Infernus, Stinger, either of those will do.  When you arrive at the
compound, get out of the car and enter the blue marker.

Catalina's guards will take the money, your weapons, and will escort you into
the compound.  Catalina, just as before, has double-crossed you, and has
ordered her guards to kill you.  The cinematic will end with you punching one
of the guards.  When you have control, run over the guard and take his weapon.

Continue running toward the compound.  You'll see a guard on the right.  Kill
him, then quickly press L2 to switch targets and kill the other guard.  Once
the second guard is dead, run over him to collect his AK-47.  Do a 180 and kill
the guard quickly coming at you.  Run toward the mansion.

Take the Cartel Cruiser from the garage and make haste to the gate.  When your
out of the mansion, head east around the bend and climb the hill.  Turn left at
the next road.  Try to avoid the traffic as best as possible.  You need all the
time that's given to you.  At the end of the road turn left and follow the
curve to the right.

Around the corner you will spot a blockade of two Cartel Cruisers.  Get out of
your car, mow them down, pick up their weapons, then jump in the Cruiser that's
closest to the hill and drive down the dam road (yes, DAM, not damn).

You'll see another Cartel blockade.  Shoot one of the vehicles.  They will both
explode, killing the Colombians behind them.  Head toward the two destroyed
Cruisers, take the M-16 and shoot the Colombian standing on the cargo.  Run up
the ramp.

Emerge from behind the crates and look for the Colombian on the ground.  Shoot
him, then shoot the guy on the crates below the next building.

As you approach the second building, a cinematic will take over.  When control
is given back to you, a Barracks OL truck will try to run you over.  Quickly
go up the stairs of the second building.  Stay on top of this building until
you've taken out all the visible Cartel members, then go down and stand next to
the Barracks OL.  Grab the Flame Thrower off the Colombian here.  Head upstairs
and kill the two Colombians here.  Be careful with your aim, because Maria is
here and you don't want to hit her.  Head towards the tower in the middle and
kill the Colombian.

Take the Rocket Launcher from the east edge of the platform and target the
helicopter.  You only have two shots, so make them count.  When you get the
chopper, you've beaten the game.  Or have you?  No, you haven't.  Why?  You
still have all those extra missions to complete, or did you forget about them?
Anyway, check the sections below for details on those side missions.


| [12] Extra Missions                                                         |

These missions are extras, meaning you don't have to complete them to win the
game.  However, you can't score 100% completion until these missions are done,
so now that you've beat the game, go back and try your hand at the extras.


| [13] Extra Portland Missions                                                |

These extra missions can be found in Portland.

| [13.1] Missions By El Burro                                                 |

These missions are given to you by El Burro, who will always contact you at the
payphone in the park.

| [13.1.1] "Turismo"                                                          |

Overview: Beat the other racers.
Reward: $10,000.00

Before you get set for the race, find a Diablo Stallion.  It's the fastest car
available to you right now, and is the best one to beat the racers with.  When
you have one, head to the blip on your radar.

*** NOTE ***
To answer some questions, yes, the Banshee is faster than the Diablo Stallion.
However, I stick with the Diablo because it is more durable than the Banshee,
and can stay pretty much balanced when hit by another car.
*** NOTE ***

Once the countdown is finished, give the three racers a chance to get ahead of
you.  The drivers are crazy and will try to take each other out, giving you a
better chance.  When you get the opportunity, speed by them.

When you've finished the race (18 checkpoints), you'll get your reward if you
are in first place.  It took me 1:57 to beat them.  Send in your times and I'll
add them.



The following strategy was sent in by Daniel Cain:

Go to the garage next to 8-Ball's.  Inside you'll find a Banshee.  It can
accelerate much quicker than the Diablo, has a higher top speed, and can turn
corners great.


The following strategy was sent in by Taomyn:

I stole one of the modern saloon shaped taxis (as I at the time found this the
easiest to control), and drove at top speed to the start point. However, rather
than going to the blue start position, if you drive between two of the other
contestants at full speed and give them a glancing blow, it will start the race
automatically and give you one hell of a head start on them. Just keep your
wits about you and it's plain sailing after that.




1:58           LOS
1:51           Andrew

| [13.1.2] "I Scream, You Scream"                                             |

Overview: Get a hidden bomb, hijack an ice cream truck, kill Forelli's.
Reward: $6000.00

You must first pick up a briefcase bomb.  By following the blip, you'll get to
it in no time.  Once you have the bomb, follow the red blip.  This is the ice
cream truck, and the blip will move around.  When you get near the truck, block
it off and enter it.

Now that your in the ice cream truck, head to the new blip, the Atlantic Quays.
Park the truck in the blue marker and begin playing the jingle by holding the
L1 button.  Soon, the Forelli gang will emerge, anxious for treats.  Get out of
the truck and run far away.  When your a safe distance away, push the CIRCLE
button to detonate the bomb.  In addition to your reward, you can collect the
weapons the Forelli's had.

| [13.1.3] "Trial By Fire"                                                    |

Overview: Get a Flame Thrower and torch some Triads.
Reward: $10,000.00

Follow the blip.  You'll arrive in Chinatown.  See the gun icon on your radar?
Go towards it to pick up the Flame Thrower (mmmmm flame).  This mission is
similar to rampage missions.  You have three minutes to kill 30 Triads with the
Flame Thrower.  When all 30 are dead, the ten grand is yours.



The following strategy was sent in by Paul:

As soon as you pick up the flamethrower, run out of the alley and take a left.
Take another immediate left and run down the sidewalk along the hedge which
boarders the basketball court.  At the end of the hedge run right and then up
the ramp.  At the end of the ramp you will drop down into the basketball court
where the gang members will start shooting at you.  Fortunately they will be
standing around in a tight group so one quick shot from the flamethrower will
eliminate most of them.  There are usually at least 10 to 15 gang members in
the court, and sometimes some will regenerate, making for easy pickens.  Once
they stop regenerating then run up the ramp at the opposite end of the court
and go back into the street where you can easily kill the remaining 5 or 6 that
you'll need to complete the mission.


| [13.1.4] "Big 'n' Veiny"                                                    |

Overview: Collect adult magazines and return them to the bookstore.
Reward: $20,000.00
Time Limit: 25 seconds, +1 second per package (thanks to Iain Noble)

You have twenty seconds to collect a bunch of adult magazines.  Fortunately,
you don't need to pick up every single one.  The bad side is the magazines
don't appear on the radar, so you'll need to keep your eyes open.

| [13.2] Missions By Marty Chonks                                             |

Marty Chonks owns the "Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory".  He will phone you with
mission offers.

| [13.2.1] "The Crook"                                                        |

Overview: Pick up the bank manager.
Reward: $1000.00

At the Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory, you will find Marty's car; a Perennial.  Hop
in it and drive to the bank, marked by a blip.  Park inside the blue marker and
the banker will get in the car.

Simply return him to the Dog Food factory, where Marty kills him.  Now you must
take the car to the crusher.  Once the car is crushed, mission success.

*** NOTE ***
For every mission you do for Marty, he will supply the car in his factory.  If
you damage any of his cars too badly, you will fail the current mission.
*** NOTE ***

| [13.2.2] "The Thieves"                                                      |

Overview: Pick up some thieves.
Reward: $3000.00

Marty is giving you a Sentinel to use for this mission, so get in it and head
to the blip on your radar.  It'll lead you to the Red Light District where two
thieves are standing outside a cafe.  Pick them up and return to Marty's
factory.  Once you drop off the thieves, head to the Pay-n-Spray, get it
repainted, then drop it off at a park in Chinatown (following the blip).

| [13.2.3] "The Wife"                                                         |

Overview: Pick up Marty's wife.
Reward: $2000.00

Marty is giving you an Esperanto for this mission.  Head to the blip, where
Marty's wife will be waiting.  If the car gets damaged or if the wife gets
hurt, it's mission over.  Once you safely deliver his wife, you need to dump
the car in the ocean.

| [13.2.4] "Her Lover"                                                        |

Overview: Pick up Marty's wife's lover.
Reward: $4000.00

Now you get to use a Stallion.  Whoopie.  Drive to the blip and pick up Ms.
Chonk's lover.  Return him to the Factory.  Marty is waiting outside for the
man, but in a surprising twist, the man pulls out a shotgun and blows Marty to
kingdom come.  Oh well, at least you still get paid.

| [13.3] Missions By RC Toyz                                                  |

For these missions, you must get inside a van, at which point you get to drive
remote controlled cars.

| [13.3.1] "Mafia Massacre"                                                   |

Overview: Destroy as many Mafia Sentinels as possible.
Reward: $1000.00 per car.

The van for this mission is located in St. Mark's alley, across the street from
Toni's restaurant, Mamma Cipriani's.  The van is light blue with a white square
painted on it.

| [13.3.2] "Diablo Destruction                                                |

Overview: Destroy as many Diablo Stallion's as possible.
Reward: $1000.00 per car.

The van for this mission is located around the corner from Hepburn Heights El
Train Station.

| [13.4] Missions By 4X4                                                      |

These missions are accomplished using a Patriot.

| [13.4.1] Patriot Playground                                                 |

Overview: Race through checkpoints.
Reward: $30,000.00

At the Supa Save Grocery store in Portland View, you will find a Patriot.  Get
inside the Patriot to initiate this challenge.


| [14] Extra Staunton Island Missions                                         |

These extra missions can be found in Staunton Island.

| [14.1] Missions By King Courtney                                            |

To get these missions, answer the payphone.

| [14.1.1] "The Interview"                                                    |

Overview: Checkpoint race.
Reward: $1000.00 per checkpoint.

Get a fast car, then pull into the blue marker outside the Coliseum (follow the
blip).  You have to race these guys.  For each checkpoint you pass, you get
$1000.00.  If you want, you can take off early, as King Courtney admires
cheating.  As long as you get more "firsts" then the others, you will pass the

| [14.1.2] "Uzi Rider"                                                        |

Overview: Kill Diablo's with an Uzi.
Reward: $10,000.00

You have a Perennial with two Yardies beside you.  You must drive over to
Portland and kill Diablo's.  Follow the blips and you'll have no trouble.

| [14.1.3] "Gangcar Round-Up"                                                 |

Overview: Steal a Mafia Sentinel, Yakuza Stinger and Diablo Stallion.
Reward: $10,000.00

A very dumbed down version of "Gone In 60 Seconds".  You must steal one Mafia
Sentinel, one Yakuza Stinger and one Diablo Stallion, then take them to the
garage (the blip).  Each car must be in perfect condition.  If you get the
littlest scratch, you'll have to pay one grand to have it repaired.

| [14.1.4] "Kingdom Come"                                                     |

Overview: Retrieve a vehicle with some stash.
Reward: $10,000.00

You have just under two minutes to get to the car.  Follow the blip.  When you
get in the car, you'll see a letter from Catalina.  Apparently, she wants you
to feel the power of SPANK, so a group of suicide bombers run toward the car.
Once the cinematic is over, spin the car around and drive between the van and
the exit.

You'll see a narrow alley.  Get out of the car and begin running down the
alley, firing as you run.  When they are toast, you get your reward.

| [14.2] Missions By RC Toyz 2                                                |

There is only one mission by RC Toyz.

| [14.2.1] "Casino Calamity"                                                  |

Overview: Destroy as many Yakuza Stinger's as possible.
Reward: $1000.00 per car.

The van for this mission is located in a Torrington parking lot directly across
from the Casino.

| [14.3] Missions By 4X4 2                                                    |

There are only two missions for 4X4.

| [14.3.1] "A Ride In The Park"                                               |

Overview: Drive through 12 checkpoints in two minutes.
Reward: $30,000.00

The Landstalker for this mission is located in the park area of Belleville park
near the cottage.

| [14.3.2] "Multi Story Mayhem"                                               |

Overview: Drive through 20 checkpoints in two minutes.
Reward: $30,000.00

Take any car to the carpark in Trenton, then exit and get inside any vehicle
that's already parked in the carpark.


| [15] Extra Shoreside Vale Missions                                          |

These extra missions can be found in Shoreside Vale.

| [15.1] Missions By D-Ice                                                    |

These missions are given to you at a phone by D-Ice.

| [15.1.1] "Uzi Money"                                                        |

Overview: Kill 20 Nines.
Reward: $10,000.00

Using your Uzi and a car, you must kill twenty Nines by drive-by's.  Follow the
blips to find them.  They are located in Wichita Gardens.

| [15.1.2] "Toyminator"                                                       |

Overview: Find Toyminator van and wreck Nine's armored cars.
Reward: $5000.00

Follow the blip to the blue and white Toyminator van, parked in front of a row
of garages.  Using the remote controlled cars, destroy the Armored vehicles by
following the blips on your radar.

| [15.1.3] "Rigged To Blow"                                                   |

Overview: Take D-Ice's car to a garage and have a bomb defused.
Reward: $20,000.00

Get in a fast car and head towards the blip on your radar.  It'll lead you to
D-Ice's blue Infernus.  Quickly get inside it and follow the new blip to the
garage.  Once the bomb is defused, return the car to where you found it.

| [15.1.4] "Bullion Run"                                                      |

Overview: Use a vehicle and grab 30 pieces of spilled Platinum bullion then
deliver it.
Reward: $25,000.00

Following the blip on the radar will take you to Pike Creek, where glowing gold
items are scattered along the grounds.  You'll have to make several drops,
because your car gets heavier, and therefore slower, the more you pick up.

| [15.1.5] "Rumble"                                                           |

Overview: Battle Nine's with D-Ice's brother.
Reward: $10,000.00

Get a car and drive towards the blip.  This is the location of D-Ice's brother.
Allow him to get into the car, then drive to the new blip.  You can only use
baseball bats.  Trying to fire a weapon will result in a mission failure.

When everyone's down, you receive your reward.

| [15.2] Missions By RC Toyz 3                                                |

There is only one mission by RC Toyz.

| [15.2.1] "Rumpo Rampage"                                                    |

Overview: Destroy as many Hoods Rumpo XL as possible.
Reward: $1000.00 per car.

The van for this mission is located in Wichita Gardens, behind your hideout in
a cornet behind two billboards.

| [15.3] Missions By 4X4 2                                                    |

There is only one mission by 4X4.

| [15.3.1] "Gripped"                                                          |

Overview: Collect 20 Checkpoints in five minutes.
Reward: $30,000.00

The vehicle for this mission is in Cedar Grove.


| [16] Vigilante Missions                                                     |

The Vigilante Missions are when you are in one of the following vehicles:

- Taxi
- Ambulance
- Fire Truck
- Police Car
- FBI Car
- Enforcer
- Rhino

Vigilante missions allow you to become a Law Enforcement official for a period
of time, earning money for each successful mission.  To activate Vigilante
mode, press R3 (press the RIGHT ANALOG STICK).

| [16.1] Taxi                                                                 |

"Crazy Taxi" revisited.  You pick up pedestrians that have a blue arrow above
them, then drop them off at a predetermined destination (blip on your radar).
You get paid upon getting them to their destination safely.

If you successfully get 100 pedestrians to their destinations (not in a row),
you will receive a Borgnine Taxi in Harwood.

| [16.2] Ambulance                                                            |

Pick up wounded pedestrians, then drive them to the hospital.  You must drive
carefully, for every bump and collision will make the clock tick down faster.
When you get to the hospital, stop in the blue marker, and the patient will get

Save 50 pedestrians and Health icons will be created at your hideout.  Save 100
pedestrians and Adrenaline icons will be created at your hideout.  Complete
Ambulance Level 12 and Infinite Run is enabled, allowing you to run without
having to stop for breath.

| [16.3] Fire Truck                                                           |

Drive to vehicles that are on fire and put out the fire with your hose.  Turn
on the hose by pressing CIRCLE.  The RIGHT ANALOG STICK controls the direction
and vertical movement of the hose.

Put out 20 fires in each district (20 in Portland, 20 in Staunton Island, 20 in
Shoreside Vale) to have the Flame Thrower created at your hideout.

| [16.4] Police Car/FBI Car/Enforcer/Rhino                                    |

Hijack either a Police Car, FBI Car, Enforcer or Rhino to begin your career as
a law enforcement agent.  Chase criminals around the city, wrecking their cars.
If they get out, chase them and kill them.

Kill 10 criminals in Portland to have 1 Police Bribe created at your hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Portland to have 2 Police Bribe's created at your hideout.

Kill 10 criminals in Staunton to have 3 Police Bribe's created at your hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Staunton to have 4 Police Bribe's created at your hideout.

Kill 10 criminals in Shoreside to have 5 Police Bribe's created at your
Kill 20 criminals in Shoreside to have 6 Police Bribe's created at your


| [17] Hidden Packages                                                        |

There are a total of 100 Hidden Packages.  Picking up the Hidden Packages adds
to your game completion total.  For every ten packages you collect, you get a
bonus.  Whatever bonus you get will constantly regenerate at your hideout.

| [17.1] Prize Chart                                                          |

10                         Handgun
20                         Uzi
30                         Grenades
40                         Shotgun
50                         Armor
60                         Molotov Cocktails
70                         AK-47
80                         Sniper Rifle
90                         M-16
100                        Rocket Launcher, $1,000,000.00

| [17.2] Locations                                                            |

In a text only file with no images, it's difficult to give exact directions to
the Hidden Packages, but I'll try to guide you as best I can.

There are 33 in Portland, 36 in Staunton Island and 31 in Shoreside Vale.


1: Drive north to the end of the path on Harwood.
2: Harwood, roof of Head Radio Station.  Get there by jumping off the tracks.
3: St. Mark's, on top of the Amco gas station.
4: St. Mark's, inside EASY CREDIT AUTOS.
5: Portland Beach, at Salvatore's Mansion.
6: On a ledge below Salvatore's Mansion.
7: Behind the building of Hepburn Heights Towers.
8: In parking lot near El Burro phone in Hepburn Heights.
9: Between trees in Hepburn Heights.
10: One block from Amco gas station in a small parking lot in St. Mark's.
11: Building facing large potholes in St. Mark's.
12: Park in St. Mark's.
13: Roof of building next to Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Red Light District.
14: Roof of Luigi's Sex Club 7.
15: Roof opposite Luigi's Sex Club.
16: Subway in Chinatown in the bathrooms.
17: Rush Construction Company in Red Light District.
18: Long alleyway in St. Mark's.
19: Tramp Tunnel in St. Mark's.
20: Roof of Supa Save in Portland View.
21: Alley behind Hong Hung Inc. in Chinatown.
22: Chinatown roof.
23: Alley behind Roast Peking Duck in Chinatown.
24: Inside the gates of the Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory in Trenton.
25: Roof of Liberty Pharmaceutical in Trenton.
26: Roof of Portland Docks.
27: In a yard in Trenton.
28: Front of Joey's Garage in Trenton.
29: Power Plant in Callahan Point.
30: Roof of sawmill in Trenton.
31: Behind Turtle Head Fish Co. in Callahan Point.
32: At the end of the pier in Atlantic Quays.
33: Island just south of Portland (accessible by boat).


34: Army Surplus store.
35: Coliseum.
36: Top of hospital.
37: Stadium.
38: East side of University.
39: Construction site.
40: On top of small bridge where there are girders.
41: In Colombian Garage.
42: Construction site.
43: Connecting alley to 8-Ball's.
44: Carpark.
45: Alley south of Coliseum.
46: Jump off of curvy bridge onto rooftop.
47: Under road tunnel.
48: Basketball court.
49: Stadium-Shoreside bridge.
50: Under Park bridge.
51: End of South dock.
52: Alley near Callahan bridge in Newport.
53: Museum.
54: Pier, south of Callahan Bridge.
55: Behind Police Station.
56: Newport, path to Police Station.
57: Behind Church.
58: End of an alley that's shaped weird.
59: Underground Amco parking.
60: Top of Amco roof.
61: Bedfod Point in a glass-breakable building.
62: Doorway, facing an intersection.
63: On roof in the "projects".
64: Behind rocks on pavement near the Pier.
65: Behind a building in the "projects".
66: Underground carpark.
67: On top of a pedestrian only walkway.
68: Behind "star statue" logo.
69: On top of Casino.


70: West Dam.
71: East Dam.
72: Tower 1, Dam.
73: "Exchange" helipad in the lower dam.
74: Behind boulder, corner of dam.
75: Behind the furthest Swank house.
76: Front porch, third Swank house.
77: Front porch, fourth Swank house.
78: Colombian mansion.
79: Picnic tables.
80: Fudge Packing Factory.
81: Cedar Grove, in overpass
82: Roof of Police Station.
83: Pike Creek, behind drums.
84: Behind hideout.
85: Wichita Gardens, apartment entrance.
86: Wichita Gardens, in between apartments.
87: Pike Creek, on blue container.
88: Behind hospital.
89: Roof of a large building with a weird awning.
90: Pike Creek, between Turtle Head Storage.
91: Wichita Gardens, under wooden bridge.
92: Airport, parking lot.
93: Airport, under wing in hangar.
94: Airport, on ground next to dome.
95: Airport, under a plane.
96: In front of airport.
97: Subway.
98: Airport, helipad.
99: Airport runway.
100: Airport, end of runway.


| [18] Rampage Locations                                                      |

If you know the location of a rampage, send it to me.

* M-16 Rampage *
Objective : Kill 30 Diablo's in two minutes.
Location  : Chinatown area (Portland).

Turn left from your garage and go straight along the four lane highway. When
you get towards the end you should see a building with the Rockstar logo on a
billboard on the top.  If you turn left onto the street that it is on you will
see an entrance into the building that you can drive into.  Turn left once
inside and there it is.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* Rocket Launcher Rampage *
Objective : Destroy 13 vehicles in two minutes.
Location  : Chinatown/Trenton border (Portland).

Near the parking lot where you drop off the hookers in the mission "The
Fuzzball" there is a road that curves to the left.  The building on the right
can be entered through a disguised (hard to see) entrance from that road, and
if you turn right when you enter you will find the rampage.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* AK-47 Rampage *
Objective : Kill 20 Mafia in two minutes.
Location  : St. Mark's (Portland).

If you find the rectangular orange block on the map with a small cut in it, and
head there, you will find a ramp going up a bit aways from the cut on the map.
Right up there is the rampage (this is the parking lot with the Mafia Sentinel
parked in it).
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* Sniper Rifle Rampage *
Objective : Kill 20 Cartel in two minutes.
Location  : Shoreside Vale

On Shoreside Vale, in the area where you lead the death squads in the "Bait"
mission, there's a rampage. As you enter the area, facing the back of the lot
and the ramp that leads to the truly insane jump, go all the way to the back,
until you're basically at the foot of the ramp. Turn right and go all the way
to the end of the little alley you'll be facing. There's the rampage.
(thanks to sncreducer)

| [19] Secrets                                                                |

There are many secret areas in the game.  Look for them here.  Have a secret,
or a correction to one?  Send 'em in!

| [19.1] Hooker Trick                                                         |

This trick works best in the Red Light District.  Get any car, except for a
police car, FBI car, Ambulance, Fire Truck or Taxi, and pull alongside the
sidewalk next to a girl wearing a brown outfit.  She will walk over to the car
and begin bending over, like she's talking to you.  A few seconds later she
will get in the car.  Drive to a secluded area (or your hideout) and stop the
car.  Be quick about it, because your money will drain for the amount of time
she's in the car.

Once the car is stopped, it will begin rocking.  It'll rock slow, then it'll
get faster.  Your health is replenishing, but your money is depleting.  Using
the hooker, you can get your health up to a maximum of 125.  When you reach the
maximum health, she'll get out of the car.

Now, if your feeling particularly cold-blooded, you can get out of the car,
chase after the hooker, beat her, and take your money back.  Gotta love this

| [19.2] BF Injection                                                         |

When you complete Asuka's first mission, "Sayonara Salvatore", the BF Injection
is created at Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights near the El Burro phone.

The BJ Injection looks like a buggy, or an ATV.  If you paid attention to one
of Joey's missions, you see him working on it when you walk in.

| [19.3] Ambulance Health                                                     |

Whenever you get inside the Ambulance, you will get an immediate health boost
of 20.  Exit, then re-enter to do it again, up to a maximum of 100.


| [20] Emergency Vehicle Crane                                                |

On the big ship in Portland Beach you will find a crane.  This crane accepts
all Emergency vehicles.  If you deliver the following:

1 Police Car
1 Ambulance
1 Fire Truck
1 Barracks OL
1 FBI Car
1 Enforcer
1 Tank (Rhino)

You will get the following:

$1500.00 per vehicle, as well as a bonus of $200,000.00 for all the vehicles,
and seven GTA pick-ups, allowing you to order the vehicle of your choice (out
of the emergency vehicles) from the crane.


| [21] Unique and Insane Jumps                                                |

The gray power unit can be ramped off of in front of your garage in Portland on
the concrete walkway that is parallel to the river.  You must go over the
monorail tracks.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

In Trenton at the docks (right next to the closed in facility where the Diablos
guys are which can only be ramped into).  However, the ramp that counts for the
jump is a big pile of dirt right in front of the water, so you must make the
jump entirely or you get kinda wet.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

The Callahan bridge Portland side.  Between the two roads there is a dirt ramp,
you must go off of it from under the bridge (in other words you go from the
road that you pull out of your garage onto) and must go over booth horizontal
pillars that support the two roads on either side that lead up to the bridge.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

In Portland there is a overhead walkway near the water, can't remember where.
You have to jump it from the grass, in between the road and the water, and
clear the walkway to get the bonus.
(thanks to Ian Douglas)

In Staunton Island, there is a 3-4 level parking garage.  Drive to the top
level and there is a ramp in the corner.  Clear it in a fast car and you will
get the bonus.
(thanks to Ian Douglas)

At the entrance to Portland Harbor, turn right.  There is a ramp that goes over
a couple of semi truck trailers.
(thanks to Jason Cook)

After jumping the dirt ramp that crosses all the water, keep driving all the
way to the end of the dock, then turn around, drive fast back, and a little to
the right is a ramp jumping a warehouse type building.
(thanks to Jason Cook)

By the entrance to the subway, between Chinatown and the Red Light District,
there is a ramp that jumps up to the train tracks.
(thanks to Jason Cook)

If you go to the hole on the bridge-Portland side- and drive in the middle of
the road, hit the median with the yellow and black stripes.  It's a good jump,
but a rough landing.
(thanks to James Denvil)

First, head over to the airport in Shoreside Vale. Grab a Dodo airplane and
head to the runway. Starting from the side of the runway with the helipad
near it, bring the plane up to full speed, cut through the grass to the
left, and ramp one of the 3 yellow ramps that have a building behind them.
While on the ramp, hold Down on the controller to make the plane go over the
building. If all goes well, you should fly right over it.
(thanks to Adam Wright)

On Staunton Island, there's a four lane road that goes underneath the Callahan
Bridge.  It's the road that has the islands in the middle with trees and stuff.
If you're on that road heading south towards Callahan Bridge, you'll notice
that the very first island in the road has a slant to it so you can get on it.
Get on there and speed down it (avoiding the two trees) and there will be a
ramp leading up to Callahan Bridge.  If you clear Callahan Bridge, it'll count
as a Unique Jump.
(thanks to Tygell)

As you head into the third island from the bridge from Staunton Island, you'll
see a dirt offroad to the right just a short distance past the entrance to the
airport, which should be on your left.  Take this offroad, and you'll see a
broken wooden bridge that looks over a river.  Clear the river to get the jump.
(thanks to [email protected])

Near Joey's Garage.  To find it, have Joey's garage behind your vehicle and
exit straight ahead and follow the road as it curves to the right.  Keep
following that road and you'll see a ramp in front of a small building.  Clear
the building to get the bonus.
(thanks to [email protected])

On the third island, there are two entrances/exits for the tunnel.  Coming
out of the tunnel that ISN'T near the airport, turn right, pass under the
grafitti bridge, and continue up the hill.  At the top of the hill, the road
turns sharply to the right.  You won't.  Keep going straight off the edge.
(thanks to Scott Szorcsik)

You know the location of a Unique or Insane Jump?  Let me know!


| [22] Import/Export Garage (Portland)                                        |

In Portland, you will find an Import/Export Garage with a crane.  If you
deliver the following:

1 Securicar
1 Moonbeam
1 Coach
1 Flatbed
1 Linerunner
1 Trashmaster
1 Patriot
1 Mr. Whoopee
1 Blista
1 Mule
1 Yankee
1 Bobcat
1 Dodo
1 Bus
1 Rumpo
1 Pony

You will get:

$200,000.00 and 16 GTA pickups, allowing you to get a vehicle of your choice
for free.


| [23] Import/Export Garage (Shoreside Vale)                                  |

In Shoreside Vale, you will find an Import/Export Garage with a crane.  If you
deliver the following:

1 Sentinel
1 Cheetah
1 Banshee
1 Stinger
1 Infernus
1 Esperanto
1 Kuruma
1 Stretch
1 Perennial
1 Landstalker
1 Manana
1 Idaho
1 Stallion
1 Taxi
1 Cabbie
1 BF Injection

You will get:

$200,000.00 and 16 GTA pickups, allowing you to get a vehicle of your choice
for free.


| [24] Bugs/Glitches                                                          |

* Permanent Pink Dot *
I was doing a mission in Staunton Island and just next to the parked ambulances
at the hospital the person I was transporting got killed.  I completed the
mission anyway and ever since then there has been a pink circle on the map
representing him.  I have completed the game since but found it very difficult
because on missions I kept going to that pink dot instead of the right ones.
When I go to the pink dot there is nothing there, maybe the guy got buried
under the ground or his spirit still floats in front of the hospital.
(thanks to Robbo.)

* Stuck *
Sometimes your character will get stuck in the gameworld, unable to move or
shoot.  A reboot of the system is required to fix this.

* Standing On Cars *
Is this truly a bug?  Who knows!  If you stand on the hood of a car, it'll
drive you around the city, oblivious to your presence.  Some cars drive like
maniacs, forcing you off.
(thanks to Erick)

* Run Forever *
When you press TRIANGLE to steal a car, if you hold down X, you will chase
the car forever and not get tired.
(thanks to Mike Reilly)

* Losing Health *
If you use a Hooker to get your health to 125, but you step into the
ambulance, your health will drop back to 100.
(thanks to Louis Bueno)

* Peek At Shoreside Vale *
This glitch was performed once the Staunton Island area was unlocked. I went
to the subway in Portland with full health and ran along the tracks till I
was under Shoreside Vale. Once there, I started to run in front of the
train. When the train hit me, I was knocked towards the wall. My guy then
popped up in Shoreside Vale, in front of Francis International Airport, with
25% health. I tried to duplicate the glitch, but it didn't work the second
(thanks to Jason Ford)

* Never Ending Train Ride *
When you pick up the Adrenaline Pill (slows down time), don't get on the
monorail, because it'll drive round and round and you won't be able to get off.
(thanks to Austin Prince)

* Forever Hooker *
Go to a place with a lot of hookers, and a lot of carjackers.  I recommend
Staunton Island, right outside your hideout.  Now, sometimes, you will be
talking to a hooker, and a car jacker will come up, and run into her
repeatedly, trying to get to you.  After you finish talking, she will try to
get into your vehicle, and at the same time, the carjacker will pull you
out.  She will immediately stop getting into the vehicle.  Let the jacker
run off with the car.

Now, for some odd reason, the hooker will now follow you around, as long as
you do not outrun her.  She will not enter a car, and you are not charged
money.  She simply follows you around.  I have tried all kinds of things
with her, such as trying to get her locked in the garage and seeing if she
saves, etc.  Alas, she doesn't, and there isn't a damned advantage to any of
(thanks to Toby Willison)

* Disappearing Car *
In the carpark at Newport, I was on the top level, placed a car on the ramp so
that I could get a better shot at the cops down below by standing on the car,
but as soon as I did the car disappears... TOTALLY reproducible every time. You
have to have the car on the edge slightly.
(thanks to FlameHead)

* Through The Lighthouse *
After completing the "Gone Fishing" mission, I was driving the police boat back
and accidentally rammed into an island (I think it was the lighthouse island).
The boat turned almost 90 degrees sideways, and became stuck.  I kept trying to
accelerate to break free and all of a sudden, pop, I was in the middle of the
island!  The island was hollow, so I could drive around in my little prison as
much as I wanted, but unfortunately I was completely stuck in there so I had to
give up and reload.
(thanks to Jake Page)

* Disappearing Traffic *
Frequent use of the tank cheat will cause all the traffic in Liberty City to
disappear, leaving you free to drive around unhindered. It's only useless when
you need to steal a car and there are none around.
(thanks to Ronnie)

Stumble upon a bug or glitch?  Let me know!


| [25] Questions & Answers                                                    |

Q: Why can't I get a full wanted level?

A: It depends on the city you are in.  In Portland, you can get a maximum of
   FOUR stars.  In Staunton Island, you can get a maximum of FIVE stars.  In
   Shoreside Vale, you can get a maximum of SIX stars.  This means you won't
   see the FBI until your in Staunton Island, and the Army until you're in
   Shoreside Vale.

Q: Where is the goddamn Ice Cream Truck?

A: The easiest way to get the Mr. Whoopee Ice Cream Truck is to hop into a Fire
   Truck and begin putting out fires.  Sooner or later you'll have to put out a
   fire on the Ice Cream Truck.  When it's saved, hop in the truck and there
   you go.

Q: How do I get an FBI car?

A: With great difficulty.  First, you need to have a level 5 Wanted Level, to
   make the FBI come after you.  Then it's a matter of getting into one of the
   cars alive, but that's not easy, seeing as how their are four FBI agents per
   car, each one carrying a rifle.

Q: How do I get a Securicar?

A: Securicar's are great big blue mothers.  They usually drive along the shore
   in Staunton Island.  They have "Gruppe Sechs" written on the back and sides.
   (thanks to Aaron J. for telling me the correct logo)

Q: How do I get a chopper?  What about the ones at the airport?

A: You can't get a chopper.  The one's at the Airport are just for show, so if
   you try to take them, the game won't do anything.

Have a question?  Ask me!


| [26] Cheat Codes                                                            |

WARNING: When you turn on some of these codes, be forewarned that they cannot
         be turned off.  If you save your game with one of these codes on, such
         as the "Pedestrians Hate You" code, then your game is pretty much
         f***ed and you'll have to restart or load an earlier saved game.  If
         you do screw up your game, don't ask me how to turn them off.  You
         will be promptly blocked/ignored/filtered if you do.

All codes should be entered during gameplay unless otherwise stated.

* Rhino Tank *
To get the tank at anytime, enter CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE,

* No Wanted Level *
To lose your Wanted Level completely, enter R2, R2, L1, R2, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN,
(thanks to LegendaryTommy)

* Increase Wanted Level *
To increase your Wanted Level, enter R2, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT,

* Clear Weather *
To make the weather clear, enter L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, TRIANGLE.

* Foggy Weather *
To make the weather foggy, enter L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X.

* Cloudy Weather *
To make the weather cloudy, enter L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, SQUARE.

* Rainy Weather *
To make the weather rainy, enter L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, CIRCLE.

* Faster Time *

* Wear Any Outfit *

* Pedestrians Fight *
To make the pedestrians fight one another, enter DOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, X, R1, R2,
L2, L1.

* Pedestrians Fight You *
To make the pedestrians hate you, enter DOWN, UP, LEFT, UP, X, R1, R2, L1, L2.

* Blow All Cars *
To make all the cars in your immediate area blow up, enter L2, R2, L1, R1, L2,

* All Weapons *
To get all weapons, enter R2, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN,

* Full Armor *
To get 100% armor, enter R2, R2, L1, L2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN,

* Full Health *
To get 100% health, enter R2, R2, L1, R1, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN,

* Lots O Money *
To get lots of money, enter R2, R2, L1, L1, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN,

* Super Handling *
To make the handling on any car super-tight, enter R1, L1, R2, L1, LEFT, R1,
R1, TRIANGLE.  Pressing L3 or R3 after will make the car jump.

* Fly Mode *
To make your car fly, like the Dodo, enter RIGHT, R2, CIRCLE, R1, L2, DOWN, L1,

* Increased Blood/Guts *
To make limbs fly off when using the Sniper Rifle or M-16 (arms, legs, heads),

| [27] GameShark Codes                                                        |

These GameShark codes have NOT been tested by me, so use them at your own risk.

Inf Health

Inf Armor

Inf Handgun Ammo

Inf Uzi Ammo

Inf Shotgun Ammo

Inf Ammo AK47

Inf Ammo Heavy Machine Gun

Inf Flame Thrower

Inf Molotovs

Inf Grenades

Inf Rockets


| [28] Tips/Tricks                                                            |

* Reduce Your Wanted Level *
Perform an INSANE JUMP and your Wanted Level will be reduced by 1
(thanks to John)

* Free Car Repair *
Park your car in your garage, get out, let the door close, then go in the
garage and your car will be completely repaired.
(thanks to Phat-Tastic)

* Sprinting Power *
The healthier you are, the longer you can run without getting tired.
(thanks to Chef)

* Automatic Uzi *
As long as you have an Uzi in your inventory, it'll automatically be selected
when you enter a vehicle.
(thanks to Chef)

* Free Shotgun *
If you get in a police car, you'll have a Shotgun with five bullets when you
exit it.

* Free Armor *
If you get in an Enforcer, you'll have 100% Armor when you exit it.

* Free Tank *
When you've completed the game (finished "The Exchange" mission), the Tank at
Army Surplus store will become unlocked, allowing you to take it whenever you
(thanks to Dragon_Fire80)

* Free Hooker *
Pick up a hooker in a convertible.  Drive to your hideout.  The only money
you'll lose is when she is in the car.  When you get to the hideout, stop the
car.  The car won't rock at all, but the hooker will get out, and your health
will shoot up.
(thanks to Michael)

* How To Fly *
The following e-mail comes from Brian Balbarin, with detailed instructions on
how to fly the Dodo.

The best thing to do is to practice at the big strip of runway at the airport,
the one where planes are landing and taking off.  Okay I will try to explain
this as best as I can.
- Just holding x won't let the plane fly faster.  You must slightly press up on
the left analog and hold it. If you notice the plane will slightly dip down
while driving.  Then you notice the plane will accelerate.
However you have to be careful and be steady with the handling of the plane.
If you hold up for too long or slightly move left or right while trying to get
speed you will most likely start bouncing up or down which in turn messes up
your lift off.
2.Lift off
- Now when it seems you are not going any faster, let go of holding up or
forward.  Now the plane will now lift off the ground.  Usually when I let go of
up, I hold down to pull the nose up. BUT do not pull back to hard because you
will go up high but then just go straight down.
- Okay, if you finally managed to get off the ground you must level the plane.
To do that is by pressing up or down.  If your nose is down you will go down,
if the nose of the plane is to high up you will go down.

You will eventually go down, no matter what.  The plane doesn't seem to really
fly but it seems to glide and eventually go down.  The key is to get good speed
and that will give you a good lift off.  I dont know really how long you can
stay up there. I started off at only about 3-4 seconds then 6 then 10 seconds
and so on.  A LOT OF EXPERIMENTATION IS REQUIRED.  I spent the whole day trying
to figure it out.  On most of my attempts are at around 10-13 seconds. But your
best bet is to try lift off in the middle of the runway, and not at the end of
the runway where there is water.  Because you will just die and have to drive
back to the runway.

* Park Four Cars In Staunton Island Garage *
This trick allows you to park 3-4 cars in the garage in Staunton Island; all
the cars will be saved with your data as well. First, Get the initial two
cars you want to store. Park one in the upper right corner of the garage, to
the point where it is almost touching the wall. Now, take the other car, and
drive it beside it. Leave, and get your third and fourth car ready. Take the
third car, and drive it up to your closed garage as if you are going to park
it behind the first car you parked. Now, get out, and walk into the garage,
and back the second car out so that it is half in the garage, and half out;
switch to the third car, and drive it in behind the first car. The garage
should start making a clicking noise, as it is trying to close due to the
amount of cars in it; dont worry about it. Now, take the second car, and
drive it back to its initial position. You should now have three of the four
cars successfully parked. Now, back the third car up so that it is half in
the garage, and park the fourth car behind the second. Simply drive the
third car back in, and walk out of the garage. Save your game, and you will
come back with 4 sparkling cars waiting for you.
(thanks to [IND]SilentDeath)

* Get In Subway Early *
For access to the subway system and therefore access to the next two islands
try this - Find the subway station on Portland island (No. 14 on map). The
entrance to the subway is a flight of stairs leading to a metal gate that won't
budge. If you look around the top of the entrance to the subway you can see a
ramp which is meant for jumping onto the El Train tracks above. Get a car and
drive it up this ramp 'slowly' so that the car topples nose first down the
stairs of the subway. It should 'crash' through the metal gate and in to the
subway station. Jump out of the car and you're in!  The first stop on the
subway train is Staunton island but you can stay on and go to the airport.
Remember that none of the missions are active on these islands yet and every
time you get busted or wasted you'll return to Portland island.
(thanks to Steve White)

* Spot The Corpse *
During the "Skunk In The Trunk" mission, if you bang the car bad enough to pop
the trunk, you can see the corpse laying in there.
(thanks to Aaron J.)

* Fly As Tank *
If you get in a tank while you have the flying cheat on, constantly fire your
cannon backwards to make yourself accelerate more.  When you lift off, keep
doing this to fly forever (so long as you can control the tank).
(thanks to H. Mathers)

* More Cars In Garage *
Here's an even easier way to fill your garage on Staunton Island.  If there are
already 2+ cars in your garage, park the one you're driving right up against
the door.  Get out, but immediately walk away so that the driver's side door
remains open.  Then open the garage door by walking up to it, run to get into
your car, and drive forward.  The garage door will start closing, then reopen
when your car is under it.  You can get up to 6 cars in your garage with this
(thanks to Steve Machan)

* Increase Speed As Tank *
When driving, turn your turret around so it's aiming behind you, and fire.
(thanks to Mike Mage)

* Make Other Cars Move *
In a police car, turn on your siren, and most of the other cars on the road
will move over for you.
(thanks to Mike Mage)

* Almost Barren Road *
Switch to the cinematic view and the road will be almost barren.
(thanks to Mike Mage)

* Get More Targets *
While sniping, if you run out of targets, unzoom, then zoom back in.  This will
usually spawn more targets.
(thanks to Mike Mage)


| [29] Weapon Locations                                                       |

* Shotgun *
In the Diablo territory, in the housing area with the El Burro phone.
Continue north from the phones, up the left side of the buildings, as you
come around the back of the buildings you'll find a shotgun to your right.
(thanks to Steve G)

* Shotgun *
Rear of the statue in Belleville Park, where you speak with Ray Machowski.

* Shotgun *
In Portland, St. Mark area.  On the street that encompasses St. Mark by making
two curved ninety degree turns there is a parking lot (on the inside of the
ninety degree turn closest to the Harwood area), where you can jump over a roof
onto a slightly steep roof that will slope downwards towards another peaked
roof.  If you go over that roof on the left side you can pick up a shotgun.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* Shotgun *
In Shoreside Vale, take the road that goes underneath the bridge in Pike Creek,
and you'll come to a building at the very end.  Run around the small ledge of
the building to find a Shotgun.
(thanks to Brian Jones)

* Shotgun *
Go to the south-west corner of Bedford Point.  There's a concrete quay off to
the west. At the northern end of this area is the Shotgun.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Uzi *
Head towards the subway. Veer off to the right, just before the subway road
begins to descend, and drive off to the east along the concrete surface, as you
reach the first corner you'll find an Uzi.
(thanks to Steve G)

* Uzi *
Near the shotgun mentioned above in the St. Mark Area.  If you are on the
outermost street in the St. Mark Area that is closest to the beach and
Salvatore's mansion (I believe that's whose house it is) you will see a large,
square orange block of buildings on the map.  If you are on the road closest to
the beach you will see an orange, highly disguised arch that covers the
entrance to an alley that is within this square of structures. If you go down
the alley a bit and make a right turn you will find an uzi.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* Uzi/Armor *
These are on the roof of the Sawmill opposite
Atlantic Quays. To access, drive past the west side of the mill, take a right
at the junction and you'll come to a ramp on your right. Take a long (but
not too long) run-up at this ramp - you need enough speed to reach the roof
but then be able to brake quickly to stop on the roof. Turn left and drive
down into the compound. Drive east to end of compound and pull a 180. Use
the dirt ramp to access the roof then drive along various roofs to the western
(thanks to Barticle)

* AK-47 *
In Portland, there are two AKs.  One is in the St. Mark Area, and can be found
by looking for an orange rectangle on the map with a small cut in it.  If you
drive along the side of this orange rectangle you will eventually find an
opening where there is a rampage and a Mafia Sentinel parked.  However, if you
walk around the building (side where the Sentinel is), you will notice you are
on a ledge overlooking the road, and you can eventually make a left turn from
this ledge, going into an alley between the buildings.  Make a right turn
midways down the alley onto a ramp and go down to an opening with the AK and
body armor.  The second AK is in Trenton, on top of the pharmaceutical
building.  You must jump from the train tracks, landing on the edge of the
building, and the make a right turn on the roof and walk until you see a Health
Rec., Adrenaline Pill, AK-47, and Body Armor.
(thanks to Joe Shelton)

* AK-47 *
In the building behind Toni's restaurant, there is a parked Mafia Sentinel.  Go
around the car to the building, and you'll find an AK-47 as well as some armor.
(thanks to Caliastro)

* AK-47 *
Staunton Island, in the construction site in Fort Stauton, drive onto the
construction site and through the tunnel under the road into the northern
section. Drive to the very south-east corner of the block and get out. If you
stand facing the SE corner (chainlink fence) and turn around 180 you'll see a
portacabin next to the big building - the AK is behind this but watch out for
the big drop down!
(thanks to Barticle)

* AK-47 *
In Shoreside Vale, approach southern Pike Creek from the main airport road. The
first compound you'll come to is Punk Noodles. Drive into the compound and
you'll find the AK.
(thanks to Barticle)

* AK-47/Armor *
In Staunton Island, head south from Belleview Park by its only south-facing
exit, keep driving south down the road this puts you on. On the second block
you come to you should see a church on the right. To the left of the church as
you face it is a big white building. Drive forward (south) down the left side
of this building. In the SE corner of the block are Kalashnikov and Armor.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Armor *
If you drive down to the docks and head towards the ship that you can't get
on (furthest east), as you reach the northeast corner of the docks you'll
find some armor.
(thanks to Steve G)

* Armor *
In the Pike Creek area of Shoreside Vale, go around the back of the Police
Station and you'll find an area with a bunch of garages, some open.  One garage
has armor, one has a police bribe, and the other is a shop for Flame Thrower's
and Molotov Cocktails.
(thanks to Brian Jones)

* Armor *
In Shoreside Vale, on top of the roadtunnel, by the entrance.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Armor *
In Staunton Island, head south down the road outside Asuka's apartment's
carpark. Turn right (so you're facing west) when you get to the dirt jump ramp.
The armor is between the last two trailers.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Armor *
In Staunton Island, there's an Armor pick-up in the Amco complex, opposite the
Liberty Pharmaceuticals building in the Trenton industrial park.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Armor *
In Portland, in Atlantic Quays there's an armor pick-up at the end of one of
the piers.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Armor/Health *
In Staunton Island, n the construction site in Fort Stauton. Drive into the
main construction site and enter the main new building (the one with the
concrete foundations) via the ramp in the NW corner. Drive ahead (east), stop
at the corner and get out. Take the concrete stairs to the right of your car
up to the next storey. The shield and heart are in the center of this floor.

* Molotov Cocktails *
By 8-Ball's bomb shop, if you go in the abandoned train tunnel, there will be
four homeless guy's standing around.  Kill them and they drop their Molotov
Cocktails.  You can do this over and over (just for the guys to respawn).
(thanks to Alex Ray)

* Molotov Cocktails *
In the Liberty Campus area of Staunton Island, directly across the street from
the hospital, through the opening and on the left before you go down the
(thanks to Brian Jones)

* Flame Thrower *
Go to HEAD Radio Station roof in Hepburn Heights in Portland.  To get there,
jump from the monorail tracks to the platform.
(thanks to [email protected])

* Flame Thrower *
In Shoreside Vale, this is behind the entrances to the roadtunnels by the
airport, under the main roadbridge - right up against the wall, away from the
(thanks to Barticle)

* M-16 *
In Shoreside Vale, after crossing the bridge into Cedar Grove, loop around the
big mansion that's locked.  The first pink house on the left has an M-16
sitting on the doorstep.
(thanks to Brian Jones)

* M-16 *
You can find this weapon in the car park where you get suicide bombed.  Come
back out of the car park and turn right, then turn immediate right to find some
steps, go up these then jump up to the highest level on your left hand side.
After this take a running jump over the gap in front of you. You should now be
on a ramp leading down, on the left is an M-16 on the right is a shield.
(thanks to Gareth)

* M-16 *
In the south-western part of Staunton Island there are some buildings that look
like a 1/4 circle. Liberty Tree has offices there. There is a backyard, and
three entrances to it. Between the two eastern entrances there is a yard
enclosed by a wall. Park a van (you'll find one in the yard) next to the wall
and use it to jump over.
(thanks to Helge)

* M-16 *
In Shoreside Vale, at the bottom of the Dam, at the top of one of the two tall
staircases up the Dam wall.
(thanks to Barticle)

* M-16 *
In Staunton Island, in the southwest end of Staunton located in a quarter
circle shaped block on the map is a parking lot, it is the same one that you do
the "Kingdom Come" mission in where the suicide bombers run at you. (I believe
your guide refers to this area as "the projects"). Well, the m16, along with
armor is located in an area completely enclosed by a step-shaped wall on the
east side of the parking lot. There are 2 ways to get to this area. The first
is by simply getting in one of the vans parked in the lot, driving it to the
lowest section of the wall, getting out, jumping up to the roof and then over
the wall. The other way is via the street to a gray building opposite the
4-story blue paneled futuristic-looking building (I really wish DMA had put
street names in this game!) It's to the left of the building  on the corner
with a double staircase. You go under an overhang, past the underground ramp
to on the left side and then go up the stairs. From the top of the stairs you
are overlooking the parking lot. Now jump onto the ledge to the left and then
do a running jump over the narrow alley and over the other wall to get to the
M-16 area. The M-16 is on the right side of the ramp you use to leave this area
and the armor is on the left. I should note that there are 3 hidden packages in
this area for you to find too.  Hope this helps people eager to get their hands
on the M-16 ASAP, I know it helped me when you had to kill the guy escaping
from his witness protection hideout. It's my favorite gun in the game because
you can kill from almost as far away as the sniper rifle and it can also blow
up a car in mere seconds.
(thanks to Eric H.)

* Rocket Launcher *
In Shoreside Vale, it's on the roof the sixth house after the Cartel mansion,
accessed by the north.  It's a really posh house.
(thanks to Barticle)

* Pistol *
This is in Callahan Point on a ledge on the north wall of the power plant (big
grey building next to Greasy Jim's diner). It's right next to the east-bound
lane of the Callahan Bridge, next to Exit 11 signs over roadway. Accessible by
jumping on the low wall next to the bridge.
(thanks to Barticle)

If you have the location of weapons or items, let me know, and I'll add it to
the FAQ with your name.


| [30] Yardie Lobo                                                            |

The Yardie Lobo is one excellent car, because of the fact that it has usable
hydraulics!  Yep, you can rock the car back and forth, make it bounce forward
and backwards, and make it higher by pushing the car on top of its wheels.

Where do you find this car?  It's usually driving around in Staunton Island,
and it's almost always in the Newport area.  It is a red car, with a white-top
(convertible, with the top up).  When you get in the car, the seats are usually
covered with leopard skin and dice are hanging off the rearview mirror.

Using the Yardie Lobo, you can execute amazingly sharp turns, by turning your
car in one direction, and using the hydraulics to turn on two wheels.

Here are the controls specific to the Lobo:

CONTROL                  ACTION
L3 (push)                Lift the car/lower the car
RIGHT STICK left         Rock the car to the left (driver's side wheels)
RIGHT STICK right        Rock the car to the right (passenger side wheels)
RIGHT STICK up           Bounce the car forward (toward the ground)
RIGHT STICK down         Bounce the car backward (toward the sky)


| [31] Miscellaneous                                                          |

This section is for the miscellaneous features of the game, such as hidden
developer notes and funny things.  Also, this section will be used as a story

Send in your story, be it a crazy way you completed a mission, something funny
you did, something cool you did, whatever!  Be sure to include a name!

* Hidden Message *
If you park a car on top of the steps and jump across the other side you should
come into a courtyard with a lot of trees and fire escapes.  If you run around
in here and look at the walls there is a message from the developers saying
"You weren't supposed to be able to get here, you know".
(thanks to Gareth)

* Hidden Message *
In the airport, if you look at the marquee above the door, it'll spout a lot of
stuff, then it will say "".  As of
this writing, the website doesn't work.

* Hidden Message *
At the autoyard near 8-Ball's garage, start at the electric sign, and you'll
notice "".  As of this writing, the
website doesn't work.
(thanks John M.)

* Scarface Music *
If you listen to Flashback FM, the host's name is Tony, and all the songs it
plays was heard in the movie "Scarface", starring Al Pacino, which happens to
be one of the greatest movies of all time.

* Gruppe Sechs *
On the Securicars, you see the words "Gruppe Sechs", which is German for "Group
Six", a rip off of the security company "Group 4".
(thanks to Barticle)

* Hidden Word *
I noticed you can look through the gate into the field.  So I took out the ole
sniper rifle and looked around to see what I could find... And well on either
side of the stadium the word "COCKS" is written across the bleachers.
(thanks to Shadow)


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