Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo PS2 Cheats

Gundam: Journey To Jaburo

Playstation 2

Garma’s Zaku:

While playing in the story mode, mission 2, shoot down at least five of the

Dopps that try to shoot down White Base. To make this easier, jump up on to

White Base and shoot down the Dopps as they fly toward you. Once you have done

this, and the level progresses, instead of flying by in a red Dopp, Garma will

be in his Zaku. Defeat him and Beat the rest of the mission to unlock this mobile

suit in the gallery. If you have all the Zeon suits unlocked in the tactics

battle mode already, then just finish a level to unlock this suit in the tactics

battle mode. If not, just progress through tactics battle mode as usual.

Char’s Zaku 2:

In hard mode, beat Char’s Z’Gok in four minutes or less.

Tactics Battle Mode:

Beat the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the tactics battle mode

option at the main menu.

Unlock Zock & Kampfer:

In Battle Tattics if you beat every misson with all the Zeon suits then you

get the Zock and Kampfer.


This is a guide to Gundam’s weapons in story mode. This guide shows the

weapons that helped me get through the levels with the least amount of problems

and best records. If you think your weapon choices are better suited than the

ones I recommended, than please use your own choice.

Also, on a side note: The Bazooka was never a winning choice for any of the

levels I faced. It was a constant reload weapon, the Beam Rifle did more damage,

and it had a small range of fire. Yet, it’s still a weapon and is used mostly

for kicks.

Level 1: N/A* 1

Level 2: Beam Rifle or the ball thrusting thingy

Level 3: The ball thrusting thingy

Level 4: Beam Rifle

Level 5: N/A (Beam Rifle)

Level 6: N/A (Beam Rifle)

Level 7: Beam Rifle

Level 8: Beam Rifle

Level 9: The ball thrusting thingy* 2

Note 1: Level 1, 5, and 6 have no choice but the Beam Rifle or no side arm.

Always remember you have a beam saber and vulcan guns if needed.

Note 2: If anything, use the thruster ball on the last level. I’ve ALWAYS DIED

not using it in this stage. You will always lose all your ammo with the Bazooka

and the Beam Rifle. However, if you are an ace beam saber nut, then you would

be able to complete this. If not… HAPPY SUICIDE!

This is the order of which Zeon mobile suits you can earn in tatics battle

mode. Hail Zeon!

Zaku II[the starter]
Char's ZakuII
Char's Z'Gok
Garma's ZakuII

The order of the federation mobile suits in Tatics battle.

Gundam[G] [08th M.S. Team]
Gundam Blue destiny [Prototype]
Gundam Alex [ remake of origional ]
Gm sniper II

Last Level Recommendations:

I recommend the bazooka for the last level. It might take a while, but if you

use the ace markmanship way of shooting (special shot) you should be able to

do good. When fighting the last Red Comet and the last boss, you should shoot

while pressing R1 or L1, or you can do this while jumping. To beat the last

boss always stay closs and away from it. While turning pressing R1 or L1, and

when you get your chance use the ace markmanship shot.

Last Stage Slack Off:

I hihgly recommend everyone to not waist their ammo on their Beam Rifle (that’s

what I used) until the Red Comet (even with the Red Comet try to control your

firing!) and the Last Boss of the stage, you’ll need it!

One more thing, the “AI” sees the stage as a flat surface, no buildings, no

hills, no nothing! So use that to your advantage

In the beginning where your in the runway, hide in the back of one of the metal

posts just wait, the Guncannons will do ALL the work for you!!

In the second part of the stage, look in your radar, or press start, identify

the weak mobile suits sneak up and SLASH SLASH STAB!!! SLASH SLASH STAB!!! SLASH


Then, when you see the Red Comet which is near the outside of the “city”. Wait

till he kills all the GMs. Then you remember when I said the “AI” sees the stages

as a flat surface… keep that in mind and lure him into this concrete building

somewhere that is INDESTRUCTABLE! Use it! Everytime you see the red of his Mobile

suit, fire! This should only take up 4 ammo packs if you shoot with control

and not like a kamacaze…

In the third part it is a narrow pass with around 3-5 suits waiting to be slottered,

you can waist one ammo pack there, for safety.

I don’t know about you guys, but I reached to the final boss with only a few

scratches. there the “AI” vision thing comes to play. Play peek-a-boo with him

on big rocks whithin the area, kinda like what you did whith the Red Comet.

It usually takes at least two consecutive shots to hut him (Shot one:he dodges,

shoot right after that and you’ll hit him.)

This is why I told you to save up ammo.

But that just my way of beating the level with an A.

If you have a better way of NOT getting hurt I’d like to hear it!

Get Praise:

To get praised by your comrades you have to earn all the mobile suits and get

fantastic results in every mission. If you do this for Zeon, Deboin Zabi, Char

Aznable, Ramba Ral, and some others all give you gratitude, respect, and call

you a hero (“Hail Zeon!”). With the Federation, Sayla, Matilda, Christina, Mirai,

and Frowbrow all coyloy congratulate you on your accomplishment.

Thanks to Revolution readers ANIMATED_FREAK, Clayton lacinak, SHANE-, Chris

Furci, Daniel Mott, Miznit, CSCC, julian bernal and Johnny Socko!