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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough
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(c) James Pickering 6th September 2004
Version 2.01 for xbox (Final)



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1.00 -  First Edition
1.01 -  Minor Format Changes
        Added Version History
1.02 -  Added Credits Section
        Updated Beldingford Manor - thanks to James Weatherlight
        Updated Traditions of the Trade - thanks to "Hideo Kojima"
1.03 -  Updated The Seafood Massacre - thanks to RushXXI
        More minor Format Changes
        Added a couple more General Hints
1.03a - Fixed a couple of minor but glaring errors
1.10  - Reworked The Seafood Massacre - Thanks to Matt Hunter
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1.11  - Updated The Meat King's Party - Thanks to Jay Wong
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2.00  - Changes to almost everything - Too many to list here
2.01  - Fixed a minor ambiguity in Beldingford Manor - Thanks to Mike Ferris


I'm writing this walkthrough for one simple reason, because there doesn't seem 
to be a decent general walkthrough out there. There are some great walkthroughs 
for completing the game with zero-everything, but I suspect that most people 
reading this aren't perfectionists, so I decided to write a walkthrough to make 
things as general as possible. I'm deliberately keeping the descriptions as 
short as possible, as the levels should be easy enough to navigate from the 
map. Also, on the missions that I divide into objectives, the objectives don't 
necessarily correspond to the mission objectives, they're just a convenient way 
of breaking the mission down.

  One of the great things about this game is that there are so many ways of 
completing the levels, so where there are a number of good ways, I'll try and 
detail them all, and am open to new suggestions, but methods with an obvious 
drawback may not make it into the walkthrough, although I may still discuss 
them. All the levels can be done by killing roughly everything, I won't usually 
give walkthroughs of these techniques, as they're generally fairly obvious, but 
I will discuss the advantages.

  One final warning, I'm writing this in British English, so lift means eleva-
tor, toilet means bathroom, petrol means gasoline, stuff like that. I'm told 
that across the pond they even spell "through" as "thru", but I can't believe 


Depending on the situation it might be better to walk and avoid attracting at-
tention, or to run, and hope no-one notices. If one approach isn't working, try 
the other.

People are less likely to notice that something's amiss if you're in low light.

Keep your distance from people. You'll almost always give yourself away if you 
get too close, and people are surprisingly unobservant when you're a long way 

Save before you do anything that might go wrong, especially if you've had to do 
a lot to get there

You can put any sniper rifle into a sniper case, not just the W2000

It's easier to aim in first person view

For anyone who hasn't realised, you can replay any of the levels with your 
choice of weapons by loading a game, quitting, choosing start, and current 
game. This is how you can play through and get several different ratings.

It's a good idea to explore the level thoroughly, so you might want use the 
first shot at the level to find things, even if you get shot at in the process, 
you can always reload.

If something's marked on your map, it's there for a reason. In my experience, 
if you can't figure out what it does, it generally does something important, so 
take the time to figure out what you've got to play with.


The new and improved version of this section is courtesy of Troels Hansen, a 
great man if ever there was one. We're now a big step closer to understanding 
how this works

It seems that the stats are interrelated then the rating is computed, that is 
to say, the number in one stat influences the number allowed in the other 
stats, making it tricky to determine the exact stats need to get silent assas-

o You are allowed one alert. More than one alert will not under any circum-
stances give silent assassin, even if the other two stats are zero.
o You can fire any number of shots you like as long as you don't kill anybody, 
except the target. If you kill just one enemy, you are only allowed one shot 

o If you don't fire any shots and don't rise any alerts, then you can kill two 
enemies. If you rise a single alert and/or fire a single shot, you are allowed 
to kill one



You should start in a bright room, stood over a dead body. Pick up the keys 
from the body and head for the door. If you open the map you'll see a handy 
green path from where you are to an elevator. Follow it, picking up any weapons 
you fancy on the way, the only detour you might want to take is to pick up the 
syringes - shown by the exclamation marks.

Take the elevator to the second floor. You should see a pile of bodies, one of 
them is a SWAT, take his clothes, and his spas-12. You might also like to grab 
one of the knives and stun guns. If you prefer, the mental patient uniform will 
attract less attention inside the asylum, but it's much more conspicuous out-

There's a double door to the south side of the area you're in - about 2 o'clock 
from the elevator, if you go through it, you should come to a large circular 
auditorium, head straight through it an through the double doors on the other 
side. Head down the stairs (avoid hugging any SWAT's on the way).

At the bottom of the stairs, take a right. You have a choice of two doors. I 
prefer the one on the left but they're both good.

If you take the door on the left, you should see a spiral staircase. If the 
SWAT's in the room or near the top of the stairs (look at the map for this), 
then wait in a corner until he isn't. When he's gone, go upstairs, and look 
left (west). Go through the door, and through the next one. You should be on a 
balcony with a ladder. Go down the ladder and escape in the car.

If you're dressed as the mental patient, you'll be seen if you climb down the 
ladder, so instead, jump off the ledge when nobody's looking (it'll hurt, but 
you'll survive), and get into the car.

If you take the door on the right, just follow the doors through the rooms un-
til you're outside, then take a right (this is no good dressed as a mental pa-
tient). The car should be on the right of the entrance.

Silent Assassin: No need for any extra advice, you've just done it

Mass Murderer: If you don't mind dead bodies, you can carry a few hard to find 
weapons out of this level. The AUG SMG's that some of the SWAT's are carrying 
are good, as are the Dragunovs that the SWAT snipers are holding, and if you 
can find a SWAT on his own you should be able to stun him and keep your silent 
assassin, although you can pick an AUG up later in the game, also there's an 
Enforcer Sniper. There's a dead gunman on the roof who has one of these (you 
can get up there through either of the south staircases, which you can see on 
the maps of the first and second floors), there's one in a cabinet in a room 
just above the way out, and there's one in one of the offices, the one with the 
exclamation near the second floor lift but you can't take it home and keep your 
silent assassin rating, the SWAT's don't like it.


First, you'll need to do something about the man in the van. If you're that way 
inclined you can shoot him while he's down, if you're even more that way in-
clined you can wait until he gets up and give him the meat hook, or you can 
just press the big red button on the outside left of the van and lock him in. 
If you happen to be blind, like me, it is possible to do part of the level 
while he's under, come back and give him the syringe when he wakes up, and do 
the rest of the level. I don't advise it.

You'll also need a disguise. Ditch your guns and - unless you go with the 
butcher's outfit - the meat hook. The most obvious choice is the butcher's uni-
form (get this BEFORE you lock the van), but if you're independently minded, 
there's a guest taking a leak behind some crates, near the party entrance. Make 
sure you give him the wire, not the meat hook. If you give him the hook, you'll 
throw him over your shoulder and into view of the guards.

Find the entrance on your map. Go up to it, get frisked, and go in.

If you want to take weapons in with you, leave them outside for now, get the 
butcher's uniform, and go into the kitchen

Objective 1: Find the Girl

If you look at your map, the girl is the exclamation mark in the north wing of 
the second floor. You go up the northernmost set up stairs - they should be 
straight on and then left from the entrance - and then through the door on the 
right. Look at your map. The enemy's either in the room north of you or in the 
room southwest of you, or walking from one to the other.

If you want to kill him, wait until he's just gone into the north room, then 
open the door, walk up to the door of the room he's in, open it, equip the wire 
(or the knife, or the hook, or the cleaver, or what ever your sick mind wants), 
sneak up and kill him.

If you'd rather avoid him, wait until he's just gone into the southwest room. 
Look through the keyhole to make sure the door's closed behind him, and run to 
the north room. Skip the cutscene if you can bare to, grab what's left of the 
girl, and get out the way you came in.

Objective 2: Kill the Meat king

If you've got the butcher's uniform, the easiest thing is to go to the kitchen 
(the kitchen's just south of the toilets on your map, the toilet is the room 
with several cubicles in it), and wait until somebody tells you to take some 
food to the boss (probably as soon as you walk in). The food should be at about 
2 o'clock, as should a meat cleaver. If you prefer there's a kitchen knife at 
about 10 o'clock. Pick up your weapon of choice, walk over to the chicken plate 
and stuff the weapon in it. Don't carry the other one with you, as you're 
frisked on the way up.

Head to the southernmost set of stairs. If you took the sensible route to the 
kitchen, come out the way you came in, take a left, and keep going straight on 
until you hit a brick wall. Follow this corridor and take a right. It's on the 
raised platform at the back of the room.

After you've been frisked take a right, and then a left, and go up to the bed. 
The girls should get up and leave. Push the big red button to close the cur-
tains, and when the girls have gone draw your cleaver and take a good swipe at 
the meat king. As you'll see the wire's no good here.

Holster your cleaver and leave through the south door of the room. Follow the 
rooms round until you're back at the stairs and head down them.

If you don't have the butcher's uniform, or are just obtuse, you can do this 
dressed as an opium waiter. There's a uniform in the locker room, just north of 
the toilets. Get dressed.

Leave the locker room and head south to the party room (the big room with the 
music, lights and music). You can get some opium from the bar, or find it on 
the bedside tables in one of the opium rooms at the bottom.

Take the opium up to the meat king as before. Drop it on the floor by his bed 
and pull the curtains. The girls should take a drag each and pass out.

You'll need a weapon. There's a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife in the room to 
the south of this one, although you'll need to wait until the guard goes to the 
balcony. This method isn't as daft as it sounds, if you kill him when the girls 
are out of the room, they come back in and alert the guards, whereas if they're 
unconscious they'll probably stay that way until you're out. Hack him to death 
and then leave the same way as above.

A third possibility is to shoot him from the roof. There are two problems here: 
Firstly you need a gun, you can smuggle one in, you can take the lawyer's si-
lenced silverballers (see later), or if you kill one of the guards, you can 
take his gun. Secondly, you need to be on the roof. If you've killed one of the 
guards, you can just walk out of the doors on the second floor, if not, it's 
possible to sneak round the boxes by the north exit, but someone tends to spot 
you out there.

Once you're on the roof, there's a ladder up to a gangway. If you follow this 
around, you should come to a window. Open it, and take your shot. Walk away. If 
this is your last objective you can jump off the roof to the trucks to save 

Objective 3: Kill The Lawyer

Not much art to this I'm afraid. If you've got the butcher's uniform grab some-
thing sharp from the kitchen, if not, probably best to do the meat king first 
and get a cleaver.

You have a choice of two main places to kill him. Get a knife and get the opium 
waiter's uniform and go to his opium room (as above). Wait until he takes a 
drag and then hack him to death. If there are any other customers they'll be 
too stoned to notice. If you do this last you can probably get out before any-
one finds the bodies

Alternatively, head to the toilet. Wait in cubicle three (the middle one) until 
he goes to the sinks and his bodyguard goes to the urinals. Open the door, 
sneak up behind him and give him the wire/knife (the knife's still preferable, 
you get more time), and then dart back into your cubicle. Wait for his guard to 
run away, and get out of there. If you're feeling really sick, there's a bolt 
gun in one of the small rooms in the north of the level. It's very near the 
northeast exit.

As a small note, the lawyer has a silverballer silenced, so if you take him out 
first, then you can shoot the meat king, although of course you could also 
smuggle something in from outside

Objective 4: Escape

There are doors out of the level from the kitchen, the locker room and the en-
trance corridor. Take whichever's nearest, head down the steps and go stand be-
tween the trucks. You've finished the level

The Easy Way: I reckon you never need take the butcher's uniform off.

Silent Assassin: If you don't kill the butcher or the guest or the guy with the 
girl, and don't go too crazy inside (e.g. make one of the kills with a gun 
rather than a knife, or get your cover blown), that should get you a silent as-
sassin rating. If you can prevent one of the bodies being discovered too (e.g. 
use the opium/chicken trick with the meat king, or make a hasty getaway after 
the lawyer) then that entitles you to one free act of sin, (e.g. kill the guy 
who's upstairs with the dead girl)

Mass Murderer: The guards have all got mp9s, which you won't see anywhere else, 
so if you want to kill everyone, you get something in return.


I'm afraid I haven't spotted many ways of doing this level, it seems pretty 
linear, but I'll talk you through it anyway

Firstly, you'll need a disguise, you won't get off the plane without one. The 
easiest option is the second of the two civilians carrying boxes off the plane. 
Obviously, killing a civilian will affect your rating, so if you're concerned 
about your rating, then wait until he turns his back and syringe him. If not, 
the wire will do fine, as will a silenced pistol.

If no-one saw you take him out, they're probably not going to notice if you 
leave him where he is, but it does no harm to drag him onto the plane. Take his 
clothes. Don't worry about him coming round, you'll have a better disguise when 
he does.

Objective 1: Kill Fuchs

Head right out of the plane to the mess hall and go in through the left hand 
entrance. Talk to the chef. Grab the laxative, make sure no-one's looking, and 
put it in the soup.

Go and find a hiding place in the toilets (again, the room with the cubicles), 
making sure that no-one can see you when the door's open (behind it will do). 
The colonel will come in and sit down when he finishes his soup. You can wire 
him when he's just sitting down or, if you miss that, when he's just standing 
up. If you prefer, you can just shoot him while he's sat there. Take his 

Objective 2: Kill Bjarkhov

As soon as you leave the toilets a guard will talk to you. Follow him reasona-
bly closely. Don't get so close that you can smell his breath, but make sure he 
knows you're following him, otherwise he'll catch on. When you get to the 
train, walk onto it and start it. When the train gets to the end of the tunnel 
you can step off (the guy won't get suspicious because you're leaving).

If you've got a sniper rifle on you, then there's a handy tower on the right 
that you can snipe from (I recommend bringing the W2000 suitcase).

If you haven't, not to worry, head towards the ship. The guards on the gangway 
will tell you how to get up on deck. Your weapons will be removed when you get 
there, and you'll be told where the general's office is.

Walk into the office. The general will greet you and go pour some vodka. You 
can either sneak up behind him and wire him, or pick up the handy gun on the 
table and shoot him, depending on how the mood takes you. Pick up the master 
key from the table and go through the door on the left of the room. Follow the 
corridor until you're not on the ship anymore.

Objective 3: Destroy the Submarine (or Kill the Fish)

Head towards the warehouse at the northwest of the map. As the chef said 
there's a radiation suit in the first stall on the right. Get changed.

Leave the warehouse and head to the sub. Go inside and take a right the bombs 
should be on the left hand side of the little room you come to. Go back out and 
take a left.

Climb down the ladder you come to and onto the ice. You should be able to find 
the weak points from your map. Place the bombs at these points.

Retrace your steps to the warehouse. Put your other clothes back on, walk out-
side (so you can see it) and set the bombs off.

Objective 4: Escape

Simply retrace your steps to the plane. Nobody will kick up a fuss.

Silent Assassin: Provided you syringed the civilian, this should be plain sail-

Mass Murderer: There's a guard with a Dragunov sniper on the ship, and this is 
probably the easiest place to pick one up. There's some AK74's around, but 
they're common as anything.


Now we're talking. This is what the game's about. You've got free range as to 
how you do this one, but here are a few ideas.

Firstly, you'll need a disguise. You're going to have to get it from a guard, 
and since you don't need to fire any other shots to finish the level, you might 
as well shoot one. The guard patrolling on the right is the one I usually go 
for. Shoot him when he rounds the southeast corner of the path, run over, and 
drag him into the reeds. With a little luck, the other guard won't have been 
close enough to see, so you can take his uniform and get going. You can take or 
leave the shotgun, but if you leave it here, it's easier to find when you're 

If you're going to be going into the mansion you'll need a better disguise, the 
outside guards aren't allowed into the mansion. There's a hunting outfit in one 
of the guests rooms (apparently bright red is what passes for camouflage in 
this country). Go up to the south side of the mansion and go to the door on the 
left. Make sure no-one's looking and pick the lock. Make sure on the map that 
there's no-one near the door and go in. There should be a door to a staircase 
at your 10 o'clock. Go through and go up one flight. Go through the door, and 
open the next one you come to. Sneak into the room and look on the right of the 
bed. There should be some clothes. Get changed, and leave the way you came in.

Alternatively, there's a particularly vulnerable indoor guard. Starting stood 
on the driveway looking towards the house, take a left, and follow the path un-
til you see a door in the wall on your right. Go through it. A guard should 
come out periodically. Either shoot or syringe or wire him as the mood takes 

For the uber-sneaky amongst you, it's possible to get in without killing the 
guard at the start. Wait by the door of the ruin you start in. When the guards 
have left, run to the entrance to the maze, avoiding guards. Find the exclama-
tion point in the maze - a trap door - and drop down through it. Follow the 
corridor to the door at the end. An indoor guard patrols through here. When his 
back's to the door, run up behind him and wire/syringe him. DON'T try to kill 
him with the shovel, he's a tough guy, it doesn't work. Hide him in the corri-
dor, and take his clothes. Get the hunting disguise before he wakes up.

Objective 1: Free the Prisoner

OK, head to the barn on the northeast of the map, taking care to avoid the dogs 
(the animals on the outside map). You want the easternmost barn, the larger, T-
shaped one.

Go to the power switch on the map and flick it. Head into the barn, and through 
the double doors. The guards should be filing out of the room on your right. 
When they're gone you can dart in and nick the stable key from the hook on the 
right of the table.

Come out of the room and take a right, through the double doors, and through 
the door on the right (into the north stable). The horses will make a noise and 
a guard will come, but he'll get bored and leave (there's a water trough near 
where you came into the stable, and opposite the guards room there's a store 
room with some weed killer in. If you hate horses you can kill them, and avoid 
them making a noise, but it's not worth it). Head to the last stable on the 
right and open the door.

Walk in, he'll talk to you, then run away.

Objective 2: Kill Lord Beldingford

If you're feeling ambitious you can kill him with a sniper rifle. If you're re-
playing the level you can bring one in with you, but there is one on the level. 
Go up to the south side of the mansion and go to the door on the left. Make 
sure nobody's looking and pick the lock. Check on the map that there's no-one 
close to the door and open it. There should be a cabinet at 11 o'clock. Remem-
ber where it is.

Take the staircase through the door on the left, and go to the top floor. Go 
through the rooms you come to and down the ladder. Check on the map that 
there's no-one in the room through the door, dart in, get the sniper ammo in 
front of the desk and dart out. Retrace your steps to the sniper cabinet.

When no-one's looking, go up to it, open it, and grab the sniper. Go back out 
of the door. Surprisingly the guards outside aren't particularly concerned 
about the rifle (I know I would be), provided it's holstered. Go down the steps 
and through the door on the left. Head across the lawn to the gap at 11 
o'clock. You should be in a tennis court.

There's another gap at about 10 o'clock. Try to avoid running right into the 
guard who patrols the gap, and go through it. Head to barn at 11 o'clock, go in 
through the big door and go up the ladder.

The guard up here isn't too suspicious, so unless you run into him holding the 
rifle, he won't say anything. Head right at the top of the ladder to the excla-
mation point. Open the shutters, find the window in your scope, and wait. That 
rifle makes a fair bit of noise, so make sure and drop it once you've fired it 
and get out of there.

If you brought your own rifle, things are a bit easier. From the start point, 
wait until there's no-one around and run north. There should be a door in a 
wall, go through it, and you'll be in the tennis court above. The gap should be 
at 1 o'clock.

Alternatively, get to the driveway of the house and head east along the path. 
There should be a door in the wall on the right. Go through it. There should be 
a ladder in front of you. Remember it.

Take a right, and head down the steps and through the door. Take the door on 
your left, next to the one you came through, you should be in the same room as 
an exclamation point - the boiler. Switch it off.

Head back out and up the ladder. There should be a vial of poison on the 
dresser. Take it. Go out through the door, through the door across the hall, 
and through the mirror door. If you were quick, the woman in the shower won't 
be back yet.

You should be in a corridor with a door at the end of it. Don't open it yet. 
Check your map to see where the target is. Here you have a choice. He gets up 
to go to the toilet frequently, then drinks his milk and goes back to bed. If 
he's just gone to bed, sneak in, grab the pillow from the bed, go up to him, 
and suffocate him. If he's just gone to the toilet, sneak in, poison his milk, 
and sneak back to the corridor. Don't go unless he's just gone/just got there, 
you might not have time. When he's dead you can sneak through the room, through 
the double doors into the study. There's a door in the bookcase in the study. 
Go through it, up the ladder, through the rooms you come to, and down the 
stairs to the ground floor. You should be safe.

Alternatively again, if you're inside the mansion you can kill him in the toi-
let. Check the map to see where it is. It should be across the corridor from 
the study/his room (a dead giveaway would be him going in there to take a 
leak). When he's not in there, go in, and hide in the shower. When he comes in 
you can sneak up and wire him (or for extra class, give him the pool cue), then 
hide the body in the shower and leave.

If you kill him hand to hand, don't forget to pick up his sawn-off

Objective 3: Kill Alistair

By far the easiest way is poison. Get the poison mentioned above and climb back 
out of the window. Go in the front door of the manor (the one facing the drive-
way), go through the door on the right, and through the door facing you. Head 
down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Go up to the cask, poison 
it, and leave the way you came. The butler will serve Alistair the whisky, and 
your job will be done. Getting a butler's uniform and doing it yourself is not 
a good idea, but can be done.

It is possible to wire him. Find your way to the room he has his back to, you'd 
have passed through it on the way to the basement. Make sure nobody's likely to 
walk in on you. Open the door, sneak up on him, wire him, and sneak out. Nobody 
should find him, as he won't be ordering any more whiskey and his friend is too 
full of himself to care.

For the pyromaniacs out there, there's a very messy way. From the entrance hall 
(with the grand staircase), there's a door to the basement at 11 o'clock. Go 
down there. Go through the door, and on the left or some bars there should be a 
tank full of petrol. Pick it up and head back upstairs.

Go to the northeast spiral staircase, head to the top floor, through the corri-
dor into a room with a bed. At 1 o'clock there should be a hatch, walk up to it 
and drop the petrol tank down it.

Wait until the chaos dies down and head back down the stairs and out. Be warned 
that if you're wearing the red hunting coat, then the explosion will wake up 
the guy who owns it, so either don't be wearing it or don't be seen.

Objective 4: Escape

If you've been fairly tidy, this should just be a case of leaving the way you 
came. If you've made a mess, it's up to you to clear it up.

The Easy Way: I prefer suffocating Lord Beldingford, poisoning Alistair and 
wearing the hunting disguise.

Silent Assassin: As long as you don't use the petrol tank and do take the hunt-
ing disguise you should get one.

Mass Murderer: For some reason shotguns are rarer than sawn-offs in this game, 
but you should have one of both anyway. The guards are carrying glocks, but 
they're easy to come by. Alistair's friend has a desert eagle, but you can get 
one more easily later. If you didn't get an enforcer in Asylum Aftermath you 
can get one here, but you can sneak this out too without too much work. There's 
not much point killing everyone unless you really hate them.


I don't recommend it, but you can do the objectives in the other order. If you 
flick the power switch outside the building it distracts the guy guarding the 
entrance to the basement (by dropping a car on a guy), meaning you can get in 
without a keycard. The problem with this is that if you're not quick enough the 
reporter buys the photos from the biker boss, so you need to track him down and 
get them back.

Also, there's a good shot at the boss' window from your hideout, but you still 
need to get in there and get the photos, and there's a chance of the reporter 
finding him if he's lying in his office

Objective 1: Kill the Biker Boss/Get the photos

Skip the cutscene. There's an exclamation point on your map which is outside 
the compound. Quickly run out of the door at your 4 o'clock, through the next 
one, and down the fire escape. Run round the compound until you are behind the 
reporter (the exclamation point, if you were quick he should still be smoking 
by a streetlight), sneak up and give him the syringe/wire/silenced ballers. 
Take everything he has and ditch your weapons.

Walk up to the gate, walk in when it opens, and wait to be frisked. There 
should be some steps up to a raised platform and a big double door at your 11 
o'clock. Walk through the door, and to the door at 1 o'clock, past some wire 
mesh barriers. Walk through the door on your left, and take a left. You should 
see a bartender. Talk to him.

Follow him, he should take you to the boss. The boss will talk to you and then 
go over to the safe. Wire him while he's opening it. Take everything he has and 
everything in the safe.

Alternatively, from the hideout head out of the door at your 8 o'clock and down 
the fire escape. Some bikers and a hooker should be wandering about. Wait until 
they've gone into the factory and check on the map that they've left the first 
room. Open the door and sneak to the door at 1 o'clock. Check on the map that 
there's no-one on the stairs through the door on your left, and go up them. 
Check the coast's clear and go through the door at the top and take a right. 
Open the door and sneak to the right, towards the exclamation point, some 

Sneak out of the room, and head to the room with a fire escape. Go down it. 
Grab the rat poison from between the two bins and head towards the main build-
ing. Go through the large (garage door sized) opening at the left of the build-
ing and out of the door at the back of the room.

Head up the ladder and (checking the map first) through the door on your left, 
and then through the door on the right. You should be in a viewing gallery. 
Head to the other side of the gallery and wait near the left hand door. You 
should be able to see the boss on the map. Wait until he heads to the toilet 
(the smallest room on the map) and go in after him. Wire him while he takes a 
leak. Take his stuff and go get the rest from the safe.

Alternatively, go through the door at the top of the ladder. Go to the tattoo 
ink and poison it. Wait outside on the roof until the boss is dead and the tat-
too artist has left, and go raid the boss' corpse. Being as sneaky as you can, 
get the photos from the safe.

Objective 2: Kill the Prisoner/Escape

Head out of the bosses office and back to the viewing gallery. Take the stairs 
to the basement. Note that neither of the disguises I've mentioned are good 

If you feel sneaky, wait until the coast is clear and dart to the room on the 
left, and through into the next room. When the coast's clear again, dart into 
the room with the prisoner, kill him however you please, and dart back. Head 
through into the other room, and when the coast's clear head back up the 
stairs. Go through the door on the first floor and make your way out of the 
compound the same way you came in (through the factory or through the gate, de-
pending on the disguise).

If you don't feel quite as sneaky. Wait until the coast's clear and make for 
the room on the right. Pick up any weapons you want (see the note at the bottom 
if you want the sniper rifle), and when the coast's clear make for the room at 
the end of the corridor. There's a dead biker in here (a better disguise). Take 
his clothes and stroll over to the room with the prisoner. Kill him as you see 
fit and make your way out of the building (there's a door out of the basement 
at the southeast of the map). Leave the level through the factory.

If you want to take the sniper rifle with you, you need to use a little trick. 
It only works on the second run through. Take the W2000 with you, but leave the 
rifle in the hideout and take the case with you through the level. When you get 
to the rifle in the basement, pick up the rifle and choose pick up case. You 
pack the new rifle into the case and finish the level as normal.

The Easy Way: I'd say wiring the reporter was the easiest option. As for the 
basement, the disguise gets it every time.

Silent Assassin: Unless you kill the reporter you won't have done a thing 
wrong. The tattoo ink is a bit messy

Mass murderer: Nothing here that you can't get out discretely, and nothing you 
can't get anywhere else. For psychos only.


It's taken a while, but I've finally managed to bring the walkthrough for this 
level up to scratch.

Ignore the strip club and head towards the docks (you only need to plant the 
bug on the car if you need to disarm the bomb, we won't give him chance to set 
it off). Wait just inside the left gate, by the door to the police station. 
Look at your map. There's a policeman on watch in the station. Wait until he 
goes to the toilet, and making sure no-one's coming, walk into the station. 
Close the door behind you and run to the exclamation point - a police uniform. 
Get dressed and leave through the south door to the station, keeping your dis-
tance from the dogs.

If you prefer, Go to the power switch outside the police station and switch it 
off. Wait nearby for the police officer to come and switch it on again, and 
wire/syringe him whiles his back's turned. Steal his uniform and head into the 

Go into the northernmost warehouse, and down the ladder into the sewers. Head 
south to the next ladder. Wait until the coast's clear and climb the ladder. Go 
up the stairs to the balcony and grab the uniform.

Alternatively, make your way to the hut in the northwest of the map, go inside 
and change into the clothes. Leave your weapons in here. Leave the hut and make 
your way to the middle warehouse, you'll be frisked on the way. Go to the ex-
clamation point - another uniform - and put it.

Head out of the warehouse and onto the ship. On the map, there's a small room 
in the southwest of the second floor that the target goes to periodically, go 
and hide in that room (note that there's a ladder up at the back), at the far 
left of the room is a good place. When the target comes into the room sneak up 
and wire him. Retrace your steps back out, switching to the disguises you've 

If you keep running out of time, and getting raided by the SWATs, rather than 
waiting in the small room, wait on the bridge (that's the one you drive the 
ship from, not the one between the ship and the dock), in one of the dark cor-
ners. When the SWATs attack, the target retreats up to the bridge and makes his 
announcement to the police. Once he's done this, wire him, and take the detona-
tor. Equip the detonator and make your way off the ship. The SWATs won't shoot 
you because they know what the detonator does. Once you're clear of the SWATs, 
pocket the detonator. Leave the level as above.

Here's a completely different way of doing the level. Run straight into the 
strip joint and head upstairs. Go into the room in front of you and quickly 
kill the biker (this is the guy who delivers the bomb).

Run out of the strip joint and towards the docks. As quickly as you can, get a 
police uniform, and go into the northern warehouse, and down into the sewers as 
before. Follow the sewers to the southernmost warehouse. From one of the balco-
nies is a ladder up to the roof. Get up onto the roof, and syringe/wire the 
sniper up there. If you were quick, the target should just be coming onto deck 
of the ship. Give him the rifle and leave the way you came.

Silent Assassin: The sniper method is a bit unreliable for silent assassin. As 
long as you kill no cops, the others should be fine.

Mass Murderer: Galore would be my word. This is the only place in the game you 
can get the M4 carbine, the SWAT sniper has an R93 sniper, which is not easy to 
come by, and if you can take him down (try the M4), there's a SWAT in the heli-
copter with an M60. If you go with the mass murder approach, the SWATs seem to 
assault early, so a word of warning, make sure you put the tracker on the car 
so you can find and defuse the bomb (there's sometimes a bug where he drops the 
detonator but it doesn't go off, but I'm going to assume you aren't that 
lucky). When the SWATs assault the ship the target gets the detonator out, so 
unless you defuse the bomb, you can't kill him.


If you've struggled to find a good way through this level, it's probably for a 
good reason. There are some brilliant bits and pieces which aren't marked on 
your map and some near useless ones that are. There are a lot of things that I 
only discovered when people emailed them in.

On this level there are a lot of different ways through, you'll change dis-
guises regularly, and depending on how you decide to do it, the disguises will 
be in different places. Remember where each disguise is, so if I say get this 
disguise, you won't need directions.

Pick up the conference ID and put the your guns down, go into the hotel and 
check in.

There are a few things you can do before you kill anyone which will make the 
rest of the level easier. Firstly find the chamber boy (the guy with the hoo-
ver). When he goes into a room he leaves the master key in the door. Snatch it 
when he does.

Secondly, those metal detectors are a pain. There are ways of finishing the 
level with them switched on (you can get between any two points in the hotel 
without going through a metal detector, if you use the map carefully), but it's 
easier to switch them off. Get to the first floor of the east wing of the ho-
tel, either take the stairs from the second floor or pick the lock on the first 
floor when no-one's looking. In one of the rooms is a cop taking a shower. Make 
sure he's in the shower (not posing in the mirror), and take the uniform on the 
bed. Now go to the southernmost exclamation point on the map - the metal detec-
tor switch, it's on the third floor of the east wing -  and switch it off. If 
you're allergic to polyester, and don't want to wear a police disguise. Shoot 
the display case outside the metal detector room. The alarm goes off, the cops 
come out, you go in.

Objective 1: Kill Fritz

Go into the room on the left of Fritz's (if you don't have/want the master key 
you can pick the lock on the one on right at the end and balcony jump along), 
wait on the balcony of the room next to Fritz's (none of the others are any 
good) until the guard has just gone back into the room and jump across to 
Fritz's balcony.

Sneak up behind the guard and wire him (if you're afraid of death you can sy-
ringe him, but you might need to do things in a different order to still have 
enough time). Remember you can take his clothes later. Pick up everything he 
has and kill Fritz as you see fit. Pick up the bomb case from the room and es-
cape through the room next door. Put a do not disturb sign on the door to warn 
the chamber boy.

Don't bother trying the towel boy disguise, you'll just get pitched out by the 

If you feel like sniping, it's not a bad idea to take out the guard from out-
side the hotel, while he's patrolling on the balcony. Unpack the sniper rifle 
to the right of the hotel entrance, near the exit point, and snipe him out.

Objective 2: Kill Franz

Go the northwest part of the third floor of the east wing. There should be a 
store room here opposite a sign saying 300-305. Make sure nobody's looking and 
go in. There should be a bottle of poison on the floor.

Go to the bar (west wing, second floor), and talk to the bartender. When he's 
gone, and the guard isn't looking, go behind the bar, through the door, and 
poison the whisky.

Wait somewhere convenient for Franz to go to the bar, get a drink, die, and the 
fuss to die down, then go pick up his key.

Alternatively, when Franz is in the pool, go back outside and grab the sniper 
rifle. In the northwest corner of the third floor of the east wing is a door 
out onto the roof. Go out onto the roof, unpack the sniper rifle, and shoot 
him. Go back in, get the cop disguise, go to the pool (pick the lock, the door 
on the left in the lobby) and get the key (the guard shouldn't notice that he's 
dead). Leave.

You can also snipe from the bar on the first floor. From the lobby, go up the 
first flight of stairs and through the door. There's a bar on your right, and 
some windows in front of you. Wait until the bar's empty and shoot Franz 
through the window. Get away from the window and get the key as before.

Alternatively still, get the cop disguise and get the exclamation mark in the 
northeast of the east wing - a knife (there's also a sawn off in here, but I've 
yet to find a use - other than the obvious). Make sure Franz isn't in the pool 
and go to the pool. Hide in the sauna with the exclamation point. Wait until he 
comes in and stab him. Take the key and leave.

A fourth option. Get the police disguise and wait somewhere near the pool but 
not somewhere you can be seen from the pool (the lobby or the changing room 
would do), until Franz goes into the sauna. When he does, head through the pool 
area to the sauna door, and turn the handle. Once he's cooked, open the door 
and take the key. Leave the way you came in.

A fifth, more hands on approach is drowning. Wait until Franz is in the pool, 
get the police uniform and go pay him a visit. The cop who patrols the pool 
will probably see you, so you'll probably want to wire/syringe him. Sneak up 
behind Franz and give him the wire. You'll see a cutscene of him drowning. Take 
the key and leave

Objective 3: Escape with The Bomb

Get the bodyguard disguise and go to the third floor. There's a door that lead 
out in the north part of the east wing. Go out of it. You should see some win-
dows, go up to them. Wait until the guard is far away and go through the left 
window and then the left door. Go to the door at 3 o'clock and wait until the 
guard in this room is at the right hand side of the room. Go into the room, and 
into the room with the exclamation point - the bomb. Put the bomb in the 
bombcase and get back out the way you came. Make your way out of the level.

If you're particularly suicidal, and you have a cop disguise, you don't need to 
switch the metal detectors off or even use the bombcase.

The Easy Way: I'd say the sauna

Silent Assassin: Don't use the poison. Ever. Also, sometimes the guard notices 
a dead body in the pool, so the sniper methods and drowning might be a bad 

Mass Murder: If you feel like going on a rampage, of if you didn't get one out 
earlier, there's a spas-12 in the flower shop. It's on the second floor of the 
west wing, you can't miss it. It's concealed in a box of flowers (a la termina-
tor), which means you can go anywhere with it, including through metal detec-


It's possible to do this level very easily indeed, as there's a brilliant 
sniper spot. Go to the north of the park, there should be some steps up to a 
grassy area between the park and the road. Go up the steps, and find somewhere 
convenient to unpack the rifle. There should be a handy grassy mound which 
gives a view into the park. Climb up it and look through your scope. If you 
look through the archway you should be able to see part of the central struc-
ture (I think it's called a gazebo) that the negotiations are taking place on. 
Wait until the red dragon comes into view and shoot him. Pack away the sniper 
rifle and head for the exit. The rifle's silenced so nobody hears, there's no-
body in that part of the level so nobody sees, and you get the easiest silent 
assassin of your life.

Just for fun, here's another way. First, go down the nearest sewer ladder and 
pick up the rat poison. Now go into the building east of the park, it's the 
only one you can get into, and go to the top floor. Right in front of you is a 
locked door, pick it and get the groundskeeper's uniform. Leave your weapons 
here and head back downstairs.

Go into the park. On the south side of the gazebo should be a tea tray. When 
no-one's looking, poison it. The negotiator drinks the tea, and you go home.

A third possibility is to get the bomb. From the start of the level, run to the 
building east of the park and to the room on the second floor with the exclama-
tion mark, pick the lock, get the bomb and remote, and leave. You can also 
snipe the target out from this room.

You'll need a disguise. Conveniently one of the blue lotus takes a leak behind 
the same building. Wait until he does, and sneak up and wire/syringe him. Ig-
nore the members of the public, they're idiots. Take his clothes and hide him 
in the sewer. Go over to the car to the south of the park and plant the bomb.

Now you need a distraction to scare the negotiators. A gunshot will do, or if 
you syringed the guard, get a change of clothes so he can't finger you and wait 
until he wakes up (I don't know how he explains to the others what happened 
from down there, but it seems to work all the same). When the red dragon is in 
the car, set the bomb off. Get out of there.

The Easy Way: The sniper rifle

Silent Assassin: The rifle and the poison are both fine, the bomb tends to make 
a mess though, so I wouldn't advise it, but give it a go if you think you can.

Mass Murderer: The guy in the helicopter has an M60, so apart from anything 
else make sure he's one of the first you kill. The snipers have Dragunovs, and 
the guards have micro UZIs, both of which are easier to get from other places. 
The M60 might be worth a look, but my guess is you pick one up somewhere else.


First you'll need to get the chauffeur's uniform. He takes a leak in an alley-
way near the restaurant, wait for him to come and do his business and either 
run up and syringe him or shoot him. There's not much point using the wire, for 
some reason he looks round when you get close, hence the fact you have to run 
(otherwise he has time to turn round completely), and the fact you can't wire 
him (apparently a man with a bit of string makes him suspicious, whereas a man 
with a big green syringe an a grin on his face doesn't). Take his clothes and 
put him in the sewer.

On the second floor of the restaurant, at the front is a small room with an ex-
clamation point in it. If you go in through the side entrance of the restaurant 
you'll find that you only have to go through one room with a guard in it to get 
there, and that his patrol route takes him behind a screen. When he can't see, 
walk through the room to the exclamation room. Pick up the bomb and remote and 
pick the outside door. Personally, I prefer to do this bit before the chauf-
feur, I grab the red dragon disguise while I'm in there, so I don't have to 
sneak in there again - the red dragon disguise is by the chauffeur.

Come out through the front door and down the ladder on the left. Go up to the 
car and plant the bomb. Go and wait in view of the exit with two blue lotus 
guarding it. Don't stand so close that the bomb will get you. When the car 
passes the two guards, set the bomb off. Go and pick up their weapons if you 

Now go back to the exclamation room (you can go in through the front or the 
back, but take care not to be seen if you're wearing the chauffeur's uniform). 
Pick up the sniper rifle and the red dragon outfit. Stand by the inner door, 
wait until the red dragon guard in the room outside is behind the screen, walk 
to the door at 1 o'clock, and go through closing it behind you. You should be 
in a corridor. Making sure you can't be seen, follow it round. There should be 
a door at the end of it. Drop the rifle and go through.

Seeing you've come to relieve him, the guard on the other side of the door 
should go and patrol round the balcony. When he's a fair distance away, go back 
and get the sniper rifle and bring it onto the balcony.

There's a good sniper spot over on the right. You should be able to take out 
both of the blue lotus with 1 bullet (remember that the rifle's powerful enough 
to shoot through curtains). If the patrolling guard comes back round before 
you've lined the shot up, drop the gun, wait for him to leave, and start again. 
No-one should notice the dead bodies.

Leave by either of the two ways in and out you used before.

Silent Assassin: If the chauffeur's still alive, you're fine.

Mass Murderer: Nothing you haven't seen before. The blue lotus have got UZIs 
and silenced UZIs, but you're killing them anyway, so it's no extra effort.


I've had quite a few emails from people with new ways of doing this level, 
there's certainly a lot more to it that I first thought, so with this in mind 
I've reworked this section slightly.

Objective 1: Kill the Targets

As soon as you can, run to the back of the restaurant, and down the steps to 
the basement. Pick the lock, and go through into the other room. Put on the 
chef's disguise. Run out of the Basement. At the north of the level is an al-
leyway with a sewer ladder at the end. Run to it. If you've been quick enough 
the red dragon negotiator should be taking a leak. Wire him. Leave the body in 
the sewer, and take his amulet. If you want a little more time, wire the red 
dragon negotiator first, then come back to the basement. You can distract the 
police officers by the basement by shooting the nearest taxi, which sets the 
alarm off.

Head back to the restaurant. Go down to the basement (walking this time, don't 
cause a fuss), go up to the gas control and sabotage it. Leave the basement, 
and go to the sewer ladder just to the north. Climb down it and get the rat 
poison. Make sure the chef's in the basement and climb back up.

There are some guards watching the kitchen door. Distract them away from it 
(running around usually gets them to turn round, the idea is to get them to 
look away from the entrance to the kitchen), walk around the restaurant, sneak 
up to the door and pick the lock. If you want to be more dramatic, you can dis-
tract them by shooting the nearest taxi.

If you prefer, while the chef's trying to fix the boiler, sneak up behind him 
and syringe/wire him. He should drop a key to the kitchen, walk out of the 
basement, and go in through the kitchen door (no need to pick the lock, so no 
need to distract the guards)

Go inside, and when you're sure nobody's looking poison the drinks. Put the 
drinks on the hatch and ring the bell. The waiter will take the drinks up, and 
you'll have finished the objective. If you're feeling crazy, wait until the 
waiter's back's turned, and take the drinks up yourself.

For an altogether different approach, as soon as the level begins head up to 
the alley where the red dragon negotiator takes a leak. Wait for him to do his 
business, sneak up behind him and wire him. Dump him in the hole, take his 
clothes and amulet, leave your weapons.

Go into the restaurant and talk to the bartender. Get the toilet key and leave. 
Go collect your weapons.

Distract the guys guarding the kitchen door as before, and go up the ladder 
(sneak, you don't want to be heard). Climb in through the window, come out of 
the toilet, and shoot the targets.

A third option is the sniper rifle. Wire the negotiator while he takes a leak, 
as above, hide him in the hole, take his amulet, but not his clothes. There's a 
building southwest of the restaurant with some ladders and some scaffolding. 
Climb as high as you can on the scaffolding, and head to the end of the plat-
form you're on. You should be able to see right into the restaurant.

When nobody's looking, unpack your sniper rifle, and train it on the targets. 
Wait. They move their heads around as they negotiate, and occasionally they 
line up. When this happens, put a bullet through both of them. Ditch/pack up 
the sniper rifle and walk away.

If you like sniping, there's some bamboo scaffolding which gives you a shot at 
the red negotiator taking a leak. There's a ladder up to it which you can see 
on the map. Whichever method you're using, you should be able to fit it in in-
stead of wiring him.

Objective 2: Plant the Amulet

If you're not dressed as the negotiator, go back to the negotiator and take his 
clothes. Leave your weapons here. Go in through the front door of the restau-
rant, up to the table, and leave the amulet. Leave through the front door and 

If you don't like the way the negotiator dresses, and you're already dressed as 
the chef, rather than going to get his clothes, wait for the bartender to take 
the drinks and follow him upstairs, remaining out of his sight, and hide behind 
the table by the bathroom as he serves the drinks until he leaves. When the po-
lice chief and blue dragon keel over, walk up and drop the amulet. Leave as the 
chef the way you came in (the bartender will be wiping the bar and won't notice 
if you sneak).

If you are already dressed as the negotiator, then you're probably already in-
side the restaurant. Plant the amulet and be on your merry way.

The Easy Way: The sniper rifle. Definitely the sniper rifle.

Silent Assassin: Any of them can get you silent assassin, with a few provisos. 
If you go in dressed as the negotiator, you need to kill them with a shot each. 
If you use the chef's disguise, you can't kill him. Short of doing something 
silly, you should be fine with the sniper rifle.

Mass Murderer: The sniper on the roof has an R93, but everything else is pretty 
standard. If you've managed not to pick one up yet, the blue lotus negotiator 
has an UZI.


I've had a lot of emails about this one, so I've decided to rearrange it 
slightly. Sorry if that causes any confusion.

Objective 1: Rescue the Hooker

Go in through to the front door of the restaurant, and go into the room on the 
left, the bar. Talk to the bartender and get the brothel invitation. Go behind 
the bar and pick up the laxatives. Come out of the bar and go to the next door 
(there should be some stairs behind it). The man by the door will take you to 
the brothel. Talk to the brothel madam, and she'll give you and the hooker a 
room. Watch the cutscene, and leave the room through the outside door. Follow 
the balcony round to the left until you come to a jump. Jump across, and turn 
round to catch the hooker when she jumps. Sneak round and across the bridge, 
staying to the right. Sneak through the door, and when the guard patrolling 
downstairs is in the basement, sneak out (when you're far enough away from the 
upstairs guard, you might want to break into a walk, and then a run). When you 
get to the exclamation point, she's out.

If you're a fan of domestic violence, you can hit the hooker with the butt of 
your gun and nick the code. You still need to escape though.

Objective 2: Rescue the Agent/Get the figurine

Go to the side entrance to the restaurant, but wait outside the big metal door. 
When the patrolling guard comes out and goes back in, go through the big metal 
door and wait outside the door on the left. When the patrolling guard is far 
enough away, run down to the basement, sneak through the room with the sheets, 
and go through the door on the other side, and put on the chef's uniform.

Note that there's a secret passage, if you're walking through the basement to-
wards the mansion, you'll come to a room with two guards at one end of it and a 
door on the right, go through the door on your right and you'll see a cache of 
weapons and a door that isn't on the map. This door takes you through a secret 
passage. You don't have to take it, but it makes some stuff easier, and there 
are less guards, so you've got less chance of being spotted.

If you're going to want a guard's uniform later, this is the place to get one. 
Pick a lonely guard on the map that you don't like. Sneak up behind him (bear 
in mind you can use the passage) and give him the wire. Hide him somewhere con-
venient, and take his clothes.

Go and talk to the agent. He'll tell you where the safe with the figurine is 
(probably in Hong's office, but check, it isn't always). If the safe's not in 
Hong's office, you can go get the figurine now, the disguise is fine. If it is, 
you might have a problem, but more on this later.

Objective 3: Kill Hong

Dressed as a guard, head too to the mansion elevator, and take the elevator up 
to the mansion. Avoiding getting too close to the guards, and avoiding Zun like 
the plague, get upstairs. There should be a guard patrolling through Hong's 
room, to the balcony, and out. Wait just outside Hong's room, and when the 
guard comes out, walk through and to the balcony. Keep your distance from Hong. 
Wait on the left hand side of the balcony. The guard should come out onto the 
balcony and go right. Walk up behind him and syringe him. Now sneak back into 
the room behind Hong and wire him. If the safe in Hong's room has the figurine 
in it, open it and take it out. You can escape through the mansion basement.

Alternatively, dressed as the chef, head to the kitchen, there should be an ex-
clamation point, some soup. Put the laxatives in it, and take it with you. The 
target should be heading to the circular serving room. Serve it up, Zun will 
run to the toilet, giving you a chance to wire Hong. Hide him the other side of 
the table and leave.

If you already have the figurine, leave the restaurant - there's a door in the 
kitchen that'll do - and leave the level. If you don't have it, then that means 
it's in Hong's office. Head through the basement, wire or syringe one of the 
guards for a uniform, head into the mansion and get it from the safe, and leave 
through the basement as above.

It is possible to get the figurine after killing Hong, but the problem is Zun 
doesn't spend too long in the toilet. So if you're off wandering around the 
level, he'll probably come back and find Hong, so if the figurine's in Hong's 
office then chances are Zun will come back before you have it. There's no real 
way of getting the figurine before serving the soup if it's in the office, 
Hong's keeping an eye on it.

There's a third option, but it's not wise if Hong has the figurine in his of-
fice. While you're in the basement, pick up the sniper suitcase AND the ammo 
from the weapons cache near the elevator. It doesn't matter what you're wear-
ing. Take the elevator to the second floor, and take a right out of it. Follow 
the balcony round to an outside door. Go outside and take a left. Avoid getting 
too close to the guard, he's pretty ignorant, but you can get caught out.

When you're in the southwest corner of the garden, unpack the sniper rifle and 
train it on Hong's balcony. A guard patrols the balcony. When he opens the door 
you should have a shot at Hong. As you're shooting through railings, you need 
to hit him in the head, otherwise it isn't a kill shot. Ditch/pack up the rifle 
and get going. If you head down into the water, there's a passageway that takes 
you into Hong's basement. You can escape through there.

Occasionally Hong appears in the restaurant rather than his mansion. If this 
happens, grab the sniper rifle from the basement as before, and head to the 
balcony on the second floor (overlooking the restaurant). You should have a 
shot at Hong, just like in The Wang Fou Incident. If you don't already have it, 
go get the figurine

The Easy Way: It depends where the figurine is. If it's in his office, you 
might as well kill him there, if it isn't, the sniper method's good. If Hong 
appears in the restaurant, you're probably best to snipe him.

Silent Assassin: All three are fine, but watch the body count if you're sneak-
ing into Hong's office (syringe the guard on his balcony), and make sure you 
make a hasty exit if you've given Zun the laxatives.

Mass Murderer: There are two weapons caches in the level, both in the secret 
passage. I'm sure there's something of interest in one of them, probably the 
M60. You can't take the chinese sword out of the level with you, so if you want 
to play with it, this is the place.


It's very tempting to go through this level killing every frenchman in Paris, 
and who am I to take that away from you, this is a good level to do it on, but 
it can be done without a single shot fired or a single dead body. 

The first thing you'll want to do is turn the lights off, whether to sneak 
away, or start you assault under cover of darkness. As soon as you can, run out 
of the door, along the left hand corridor, and through the door on the right. 
Go to the balcony and jump across. Run along the roof to the left, and jump 
across to the balcony at the end. You should be in another room. Check on the 
map that the SWATs aren't looking your way, and walk out of the room, take a 
right, and flip the switch at the end.

Objective 1: Get a disguise

If you're killing everybody, you'll need to get a SWAT uniform for armour, but 
I'm sure you can figure that approach out on your own.

If not, head back along the corridor, and into the lift shaft on your left. 
Open the doors and take a left along the corridor. Stop at the corner, there 
should be a lone guard, looking away from you. Either syringe him or wire him, 
drag him to the room on the left, and take his clothes. Grab the syringe in the 
room. Keep going along the corridor, take the stairs down, and follow the cor-
ridor out of the building.

If you want to escape in the ambulance, you'll need to get the key from the 
paramedic. Take a left outside the building, there should be a shorter building 
in front of you. Follow the alleyways round it to the southwest corner of the 
building. There should be an alleyway heading south with an innocent at the end 
of it, the paramedic. Stay to the right, sneak up on him and give him the sy-
ringe. Pay no attention to the on looking crowds. Steal his key and his clothes

If you want a SWAT uniform and don't want to kill anyone for whatever reason, 
follow the instructions for getting the paramedic uniform, but scare the para-
medic away. You should be able to wire/syringe the nearest SWAT, which should 
make escaping easier.

Objective 2: Kill Fournier

Fournier keeps his head hidden behind a police van usually, but if there's any 
action (e.g. someone radios in "man down") he stands up, so you should have a 
shot from the western balcony on the south side of the third floor.

If Fournier keeps his head down, you can still get him. On the east side of the 
map there are some alleyways between the buildings that bring you out by 
Fournier. Keeping your distance from everybody, head for these alleyways and 
use them to get behind the van.

We use the distraction trick here again. Go up to the crowds and run around a 
bit. The guards should turn round to see what the noise is. Sneak between them, 
keeping as great a distance as possible from both, and up behind Fournier. 
Check on the map that no-one's looking and wire him. Sneak away through the al-
leyways, and back to the road.

Objective 3: Escape

If you're wearing a swat uniform for whatever reason, you can use and exit but 
the ambulance. 

If you're wearing the paramedic's uniform, then you can use any exit (assuming 
you picked up his key)

If you're wearing the police uniform without the mask, you'll have to use the 
south exit. Make sure you keep your distance from the cops guarding it.

The Easy Way: I don't think any of them are easy, I'd leave it up to you

Silent Assassin: If you get the disguise from the police officer on the second 
floor, and don't kill the paramedic, you're fine

Mass Murderer: Definitely. The mp5s are only available here, and the snipers on 
the roofs have PGM snipers, which are also only available here. From your bal-
cony there are 2 snipers, one between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock (who rarely drops 
his rifle when shot), and another at about 10 o'clock (who always does). Go 


There are two ways of getting new weapons to replay levels with, either by car-
rying them out of the level with you, or as prizes for completing levels on si-
lent assassin. You don't need to get silent assassin the first time you do the 
level, you can replay it later. I've told you how to get all but the commonest 
of weapons throughout the walkthrough, and the silent assassin weapons are 
listed below

Asylum Aftermath:               Dual CZ2000s
The Meat King's Party:          Dual UZIs
The Bjarkhov Bomb:              Dual Silenced Silverballers
Beldingford Manor:              Dual Magnums
Rendezvous in Rotterdam:        Dual Sawn-Offs
Deadly Cargo:                   Silenced M4 carbine
Traditions of the Trade:        Dual SG220s
Slaying a Dragon:               Silenced mp5
The Wang Fou Incident:          Silenced AK74
The Seafood Massacre:           Dual GK17s
The Lee Hong Assassination:     Dual Silenced UZIs
Hunter and Hunted:              Silenced PGM sniper

If you've followed my walkthrough, and got all the weapons, you may have no-
ticed that if you go to training there are two gaps in the weapon board. These 
are secret weapons. To get them, first you need to do The Wang Fou Incident. If 
you go to Hong's desk in the mansion, you'll see a keycard on the desk. Pick it 
up and finish the level. If you now replay Asylum Aftermath, you'll be able to 
open previously locked doors.

The Minigun: At the end of the curved corridor in the basement there is a 
choice of two doors. The one on the left was always open, the one on the right 
opens with the keycard. There's a mental patient carrying a minigun in here. 
Kill him and take it.

Dual Desert Eagles: One of the rooms you pass through in the basement has some 
steps down to a previously locked door. Open this door, the desert eagles are 
on the floor in front of you.


Q. What are the secret weapons and how do I get them?
A. See the weapons section.

Q. I can't get out of a level, what am I doing wrong?
A. Firstly, make sure all the mission objectives are done by looking at the ob-
jectives screen. Another possibility is that you are not at the right exit, on 
a few of the levels, the way out of the building is not the way out of the 
level, and neither is the way you came in. If in doubt, check the map. If none 
of these help, I'm out of ideas, but feel free to ask.

Q. Some of the levels in this FAQ sound like levels from Hitman: Codename 47, 
are you sure you're not confused?
A. Apparently not, Eidos have decided to include several levels based on 47's 
earlier missions. As far as I'm aware the following levels are based on the 
original in some way: Asylum Aftermath, Deadly Cargo, Traditions of the Trade, 
Slaying a Dragon, The Wang Fou Incident, The Seafood Massacre, The Lee Hong As-
sassination. Unfortunately I no longer have Codename 47, so I can't check 

Q. What do I use the (item x) for in (level y)?
A. If I knew, it'd be in here. There are a few items here and there that only 
seem to make life more difficult (the bypass tunnel in Deadly Cargo, The poison 
in The Lee Hong Assassination, the Chamber boy disguise in Traditions of the 
Trade), and I don't know why they're in here

Q. Why don't you include locations for melee weapons?
A. When they help you with a mission, I do, but you can't carry them out to use 
in other missions, so I don't think it'd be that helpful.

Q. Why does it say I have to rescue the hooker in The Lee Hong Assassination 
A. In the first draft of the walkthrough, I only had one method for killing 
Hong, and it wasn't particularly helpful to know the code before killing Hong. 
I've had a lot of emails with new ways of doing the level, and in many of them 
you either need to make a swift exit or can't get to Hong himself to get the 
code. If you're planning to kill him in his office, you still don't need to 
free the hooker, but it doesn't do any harm, and it is a little helpful.

Q. If I ask a question and it gets into the faq, do I get my name in the cred-
A. The problem is that an faq is about frequently asked questions, i.e. a lot 
of people ask. I couldn't really put everyone into the credits who asks me 
something, there wouldn't be space. That's about the only exception though, if 
you can help with anything else, from a typo to a whole new section, you'll get 
your name put into the credits. Note: faq is in small type for a reason: only 
section headers are capitalised to help with searching, so faq is not a typo.

Q. I'm stuck on Traditions Of The Trade, what's wrong?
A. This one seems to trip a few of you up. There are a few common mistakes:
1. The bomb is not in the bombcase. You need to get the bomb from the x-ray 
2. The master key does not open the x-ray room. You need to get the x-ray room 
key from Franz.
3. The x-ray room is on the third floor, in the northwest of the west wing
4. You need to head to the exit point on your map, which is at the end of the 
road - not just the exit to the hotel - to finish the level.

Q. How do I replay levels I've already completed?
A. Load your game, then bring up the menu and choose quit. From the main menu, 
choose start, and then current game. You should see a list of the levels you've 
beaten. Choose one of these levels, and you can replay it with any of the weap-
ons you've found so far.

Q. Did I see a ghost on Traditions Of The Trade, or am I just drunk?
A. You may well be drunk, but there's definitely a ghost wandering about the 
corridors or the east wing on the first floor. It bleeds if you shoot it, for 
those that care.


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**   May do
*    Probably Won't

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As this is the final version of the walkthrough, I won't be accepting new 
submissions. I don't intend to add anything else to the walkthrough, so unless 
you have a correction to something in here or a question, there is not much 
point trying to contact me. Also, if it's obvious that someone hasn't read the 
walkthrough, I won't reply to their emails, you should look for what you want 
to know in here before you come asking me. The version of this walkthrough on is always the most up-to-date, so check there too. If you need 
to contact me, my email is [email protected]


James Weatherlight: For observing that you can walk around Beldingford Manor 
carrying a sniper rifle without attracting attention.

"Hideo Kojima": For pointing out the spas-12 in the flower shop on Traditions 
of the Trade.

RushXXI: For suggesting the chef's key and coming up with the method for get-
ting the amulet onto the table without the red dragon disguise on The Seafood 

Matt Hunter: For coming up with the sniper rifle method for The Seafood Massa-

Steven Jackson: For coming up with the laxative method for The Lee Hong Assas-
sination, and for finding various bits and pieces (including a better location 
for poison) on Traditions of the Trade.

Jay Wong: Pointed out that on The Meat King's Party, you can take the meat hook 
with you as long as you're dressed as a butcher, and suggested shooting The 
Meat King through the skylight.

Troels Hansen: For the sniper method on The Lee Hong Assassination, and for his 
excellent work researching the new About The Silent Assassin Rating section.

Ryan Dooley: For various suggestions for Traditions of the Trade and Belding-
ford Manor

Aleosha: For the suggestion of sniping out the guard on the balcony on Tradi-
tions Of The Trade.

Chris Kavanagh: For figuring out the taxis in The Seafood Massacre.

Jeremy Hylton: For suggesting the bar as a sniper balcony in Traditions Of The 

Travis "Stiltzkin" Graves: For finding a use for the power switch on Deadly 

Jonathan Bryant: For noticing that the spas in the flower box on Traditions Of 
The Trade can go through metal detectors.

Daniel Anderson: For finding the SWAT uniform in Hunter And Hunted, and for 
drowning Franz in Traditions Of The Trade.

Terrence Marravilla: For finding a way to the middle warehouse on Deadly Cargo 
via the sewers.

Valters Pudulis: For ideas on various sections of the walkthrough.

DINOBOY79: For pointing out a typo in Deadly Cargo.

Imran Huq: For sniping out the red negotiator on The Seafood Massacre.

Lethal_shrapnel: For the idea of serving the poisoned drinks yourself in The 
Seafood Massacre.

Mike Kozar: For the sniper method on Deadly Cargo.

Beej: For suggesting the detonator as a means of escape on Deadly Cargo.

Adam Struse: For using the display case in Traditions Of The Trade as a dis-

Brad Cable: For pointing out the detonator bug in Deadly Cargo.

Neil McKee: For pistol-whipping the hooker in The Lee Hong Assassination.

Phil Marsden: For cutting off the satellite feed in Deadly Cargo.

Thrash: For the sniper spot in the bar on Traditions Of The Trade.

Mike Ferris: For pointing out a minor ambiguity in Beldingford Manor.

All the people who've emailed in, and whose questions have helped shape the Faq 
section you see before you today.


If you want to put this walkthrough on your site you are more than welcome to, 
provided you don't alter it in any way (if you want to translate it, contact 
me), and there is no charge to access it. The only site I am posting it on per-
sonally is If you post this walkthrough on your site, it is 
your responsibility to keep it up to date. If you've got this walkthrough from 
a site other than and you suspect there is something wrong 
with it, check on for an updated version.

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader James Pickering!