Kingdom Hearts PS2 Cheats

Alternate Ending:

To get the alternate ending you must have sealed all the Keyholes, have found

all 99 puppies, and have beaten the Hades Cup.

Sora’s Ultima Weapon:

Synthesize 5 power gems, 5 lucid gems, 5 thunder gems, 3 gales, and 3 mystery goos at the Item Workshop in Traverse Town.

Get Oblivion Key:

After beating Riku/Ansem in Hollow Bastion, go back to the Grand Hall and get the chest opposite the keyhole. It holds the Oblivion Key, which has nice attack but lowers your MP.

Trinity Locations:

Traverse Town

Blue: First District, by the cafe;

First District, by the world exit.

Red: First District, alleyway;

Second District, by the grate to the Secret Waterway;

Second District, atop the Gizmo Shop.

Green: Cid’s Accessory Shop.

Yellow: Behind Merlin’s House.

White: In the Secret Waterway, by Leon.


Blue: Lotus Forest, in the grove near the entrance;

Lotus Forest, farther toward the back.

Green: Rabbit Hole, near the save point;

Bizarre Room, in the emptyfireplace.

White: Lotus Forest, on the other side of the picture

in the Bizarre Room.

Olympus Coliseum

Blue: By the gates, on the left side;

By the gates, on the right side.

Green: In front of the Coliseum gates.

Yellow: In the lobby, by the stone block.

White: In front of the Coliseum gates.

Deep Jungle

Blue: In Jane’s Camp;

On a high platform in Climbing Trees.

Green: In a hidden spot in the Treehouse – hunt carefully.

White: In the Waterfall Cavern, in front of the Keyhole.


Blue: Bazaar, atop a platform;

Cave of Wonders, in the Silent Chamber.

Red: Cave of Wonders, in the Treasure Room.

Green: Storage Room, off the Plaza.

Yellow: Cave of Wonders, in the Hall.

White: Cave of Wonders, in the main entrance.


Blue: Mouth, atop a platform;

Throat, on one of the spiral platforms;

Chamber 5.

Green: Mouth, on the roof of Geppetto’s shelter.

White: Chamber 6.


Red: In the entrance to Oogie’s Manor, only available before beating


White: Moonlight Hill.


White: Triton’s Palace, in the center beneath the purple shell.


Green: Ship’s Cabin, at the entrance to Hook’s cabin.

Yellow: Ship’s Hold, on a platform halfway up to the top.

White: Up on the deck of the ship.

Hollow Bastion

Blue: Great Crest, after the large platform battle;

hidden in the Dungeon.

Green: On the second floor of the Library.

Red: Entrance Hall, second level, in front of the statue.

White: Halfway to the top of the Rising Falls.

Dalmation Locations:

Traverse Town
1, 2, 3: The seemingly unreachable island across from Merlin's House. 
Come here after acquiring the Glide ability in Neverland, 
well into the game. Then it's easy to fly to the island.

4, 5, 6: Behind the Red Trinity in the District 1 alley. 
Come here after acquiring the Red Trinity ability, once 
all of the first ring of worlds is cleared.

7, 8, 9: In the Item Workshop, above Cid's Accessory Shop. 
Reach this by using the Green Trinity in the Shop.

10, 11, 12: Hidden in the Secret Waterway, again blocked by 
a Red Trinity. 

13, 14, 15: On a high platform in the Queen's Castle, 
reachable via a hidden exit in the Lotus Forest -- 
above and to the right of the main entrance to the Forest.

16, 17, 18: On one of the high platforms in the Lotus Forest.

19, 20, 21: In the Tea Party Garden. Sora needs the High 
Jump ability to get here, so come back after completing the 
Monstro area.

58, 59, 60: In another nook in the Queen's Castle -- 
turn the faucet in the Bizarre Room and jump in the pot. 

Olympus Coliseum
22, 23, 24: In the Blue Trinity to the right of the main gate. 

Deep Jungle
25, 26, 27: On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon, easy to reach.

28, 29, 30: In the Vines 2 area, reachable by climbing 
the ivy in the Hippos' Lagoon and swinging over to the far 

31, 32, 33: In the Blue Trinity in the Climbing Trees area.

34, 35, 36: In the Blue Trinity in the Camp area. 

37, 38, 39: In a chest in Aladdin's House.

46, 47, 48: On a high point in the Palace Gates area, 
reachable with the High Jump ability.

49, 50, 51: In the entrance area to the Cave of Wonders.

52, 53, 54: Accessible by bouncing up atop a treasure 
pile in the Treasure Room -- Aladdin must be in the party. 

40, 41, 42: In the Bridge area, just before the entrance 
to Oogie's Manor.

64, 65, 66: In a treasure chest in the Graveyard, which 
remains hidden until after Oogie is destroyed and Sora 
seals the Keyhole.

67, 68, 69: In Guillotine Square -- pull the bellrope at 
Jack's front door and look below the front stairs.

70, 71, 72: In Guillotine Square, atop the gray pumpkin. 
You need the Glide ability to float there. 

55, 56, 57: In Chamber 3.

73, 74, 75: Atop a stack of jetsam in the Mouth, reachable 
after the water level drops.

76, 77, 78: In another part of Chamber 3 -- try all 
the possible entrances.

79, 80, 81: In Chamber 5. 

43, 44, 45: In a corner of the Clock Tower.

82, 83, 84: On a beam in the Ship's Hold -- 
fly there after gaining the flight power.

85, 86, 87: Yellow Trinity in the Ship's Hold.

88, 89, 90: Chest in the Captain's Cabin, after 
Shadow Sora battle.

Hollow Bastion
61, 62, 63: In the Grand Hall, accessible the 
second time you visit here.

91, 92, 93: Bottom of the Rising Falls.

94, 95, 96: Castle Gates, cast Gravity on the floating chest.

97, 98, 99: High Tower, cast Gravity on the floating chest. 

As the party gathers Dalmatians, go back to Pongo and Perdy’s house in Traverse Town to periodically receive rewards. Here’s the reward structure for snagging all the Dalmatians:

12 puppies: Curaga-G Gummi Block
21 puppies: Firaga-G Gummi Block
30 puppies: Thundara-G Gummi Block
42 puppies: Mythril Shard 
51 puppies: Torn Page, Mythril 
60 puppies: Megalixir
72 puppies: Orichalcum
81 puppies: Ultima-G Gummi Block
90 puppies: Ribbon accessory (reduces 20% of all 
elemental damage and raises defense.)
99 puppies: One of every Gummi, and an improved 
Aero spell

Secret Bosses:


To fight the Phantom, return to to the Cabin of the Ship in Neverland after

the first time beating Hollow Bastion and talk to Tinker Bell with Peter Pan

in your party. Tinker Bell will take you to the clock tower where you’ll encounter

the Phantom.

Kurt Zisa:

Go to Agrabah after beating Hollow Bstion for the first time and go to Aladdin’s

House. There you’ll see the flying carpet dancing around. Talk to it and let

it take you to the desert. Kurt Zisa will emerge from the sand in a fury and

attack you.

Ice Titan:

Return to the Olympus Coliseum after beating Hollow Bastion for the first

time and beat the Hades Cup, then enter the Gold Match to fight Ice Titan.


Simply return to the Olympus Coliseum after beating Hollow Bastion for the first

time and participate in the Platinum Match. Prepare to get beat down by this


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