Lethal Skies II PS2 Cheats

Lethal Skies II

Playstation 2

Complete missions to unlock planes:

To get:Beat:
F-14Mission 1
A-10Mission 2
JAS-39Mission 3
AV8BMission 4
F-15EMission 5
EF2000Mission 6.2
YF-23Mission SP1 with 'S' rank
F/A 18Mission 7
F5ZMission 8 with 'S' rank
SU-27Mission 9.2
F-22Mission 10
SU-35Mission SP2 with 'S' rank
S-37Mission 11
X29ZMission 14 with 'S' rank
F-25Mission 15 with 'S' rank
S-47Mission 16 with 'A' rank

Thanks to Revolution readers Yooshawn, marko and John Little!