Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, The PS2 Cheats

The Lord of the Rings:

Return of the King


During play, pause the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and enter the following codes:

Aragorn 1,000 XP:

Up, Square, Triangle, X.

Aragorn restore missiles:

Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle.

Aragorn 3-hit combo:

Square, Down, Circle, Up.

Aragorn 4-Hit Combo:

Up, Square, Triangle, Down.

Aragorn has all special abilities:

Down, Circle, Triangle, Triangle.

Aragorn level 2 skills:

Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle.

Aragorn level 4 skills:

Down, Square, Circle, Square.

Aragorn level 6 skills:

Circle, Triangle, Square, Square.

Aragorn level 8 skills:

Up, Square, Triangle, Up

Gandalf 1,000 XP:

Circle, Triangle, Up, Down.

Gandalf restore missiles:

Triangle, Down, X, Square.

Gandalf 3-hit combo:

Down, X, Triangle, Down.

Gandalf 4-Hit Combo:

Down, Triangle, Up, Circle.

Gandalf has all special abilities:

Up, Down, Triangle, Circle.

Gandalf level 2 skills:

Down, Triangle, X, Triangle.

Gandalf level 4 skills:

Triangle, Up, Square, X.

Gandalf level 6 skills:

Triangle, Triangle, X, Up.

Gandalf level 8 skills:

Circle, Square, Down, Down.

Play as Frodo:

Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle.

Frodo 1,000 XP:

Up, Triangle, Up, Down.

Frodo restore missiles:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle.

Frodo 3-hit combo:

Square, Down, Triangle, Square.

Frodo 4-Hit Combo:

Circle, Square, Square, X.

Frodo level 2 skills:

Triangle, Up, Down, Circle.

Frodo level 4 skills:

Triangle, Up, Circle, Down.

Frodo level 6 skills:

Down, Down, X, Triangle.

Frodo level 8 skills:

Circle, Circle, Down, Down.

Play as Merry:

X, Down, Down, X.

Merry 1,000 XP:

Down, Down, Square, X

Merry restore missiles:

Square, Circle, Circle , Triangle.

Merry 3-hit combo:

Triangle, X, Up, Triangle.

Merry 4-hit combo:

X, X, Down, Circle.

Merry level 2 skills:

Down, Down, Square, Square.

Merry level 4 skills:

Square, X, Circle, Down.

Merry level 6 skills:

Down, Down, Square, Triangle.

Merry level 8 skills:

Down, Triangle, X, Square.

Play as Pippin:

Triangle, Circle, Square, Down.

Pippin 1,000 XP:

Triangle, X, Square, X.

Pippin restore missiles:

Up, Circle, Down, Square.

Pippin 3-hit combo:

Up, Up, Square, Circle.

Pippin 4-hit combo:

X, X, Down, Circle.

Pippin level 2 skills:

Down, X, Down, Up.

Pippin level 4 skills:

X, Down, Down, Down.

Pippin level 6 skills:

Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Pipping level 8 skills:

Square, Up, Up, Circle.

Sam 1,000 XP:

Triangle, X, Down, X.

Sam restore missiles:

X, X, Circle, X.

Sam 3-hit combo:

Square, X, Circle, Square.

Sam 4-Hit Combo:

Up, Down, Triangle, Triangle

Sam level 2 skills:

Circle, X, Circle, Triangle.

Sam level 4 skills:

Up, Down, Square, X.

Sam level 6 skills:

Down, Down, Up, Up.

Sam level 8 skills:

Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle.

Legolas 1,000 XP:

X, Triangle, Up, X.

Legolas restore missiles:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down.

Legolas 4-Hit Combo:

X, Circle, Triangle, Square.

Legolas has all special abilities:

Triangle, Circle, X, Circle.

Legolas level 2 skills:

Square, Square, Circle, Square.

Legolas level 4 skills:

Down, Down, X, X.

Legolas level 6 skills:

Down, Circle, Up, Down.

Legolas level 8 skills:

Square, Up, Up, Down.

Gimli 1,000 XP:

Circle, Circle, Triangle, X.

Gimli restore missiles:

Circle, Circle ,Circle, X.

Gimli 3-hit combo:

Up, Square, Circle, Square.

Gimli 4-Hit Combo:

Triangle, Square, Up, X.

Gimli level 2 skills:

Up, Circle, Square, Square.

Gimli level 4 skills:

Triangle, Square, Down, Up.

Gimli level 6 skills:

Down, Triangle, Down Square.

Gimli level 8 skills:

X, Circle, Down, Square.

Play as Faramir:

X, X , Triangle, Triangle.

Faramir 1,000 XP:

Square, Triangle, Up, Square.

Faramir restore missiles:

Triangle, Up, X, X.

Faramir 3-hit combo:

Square, Triangle, Up, Triangle.

Faramir 4-hit combo:

X, Square, Up, X.

Faramir level 2 skills:

X, Square, X, Down.

Faramir level 4 skills:

X, X, Square, Square.

Faramir level 6 skills:

Triangle, X, Down, Circle.

Faramir level 8 skills:

Circle, Down, Down, Down.

Share experience in co-op mode:

Down, X, X, X.

Share health in co-op mode:

Triangle, Up, Square, Square.

Unlimited respawns in co-op mode:

Circle, Square, Up, Circle.

All actor interviews:

X, Square, X, Up.

The following codes will only work after the game has been beaten:

During play, pause the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and enter the following codes:

Infinite Missile Weapons:

Square, Square, Down, Circle.


Square, Circle, Square, Up.

Always Devastating:

Triangle, Up, Triangle, Down.

Full Health:

Square, Square, Circle, Circle.

Perfect Mode:

Circle, Down, Triangle, X.

All Attack Upgrades:

Up, Down, Triangle, Square.


Down, Circle, Up, Square.

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