Madden 2001 PS2 Cheats

Madden 2001

Playstation 2

Unlimited Creation Points:

Create a player, then go to “Edit Player” at the roster screen. Press Up

or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the

speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Touchdown Celebrations:

Hip Thrust

Hold L1 + Square

Jump Spike

Hold L1 + Circle

Say A Prayer

Hold L1 + Triangle

Spike The Football

Hold L1 + X

Shoulder Shake

Hold L1 + R1

Slam Dunk

Hold L1 + R2


Madden Cards:

There are three different value levels of the cards: Gold (4), Silver (2),

and Bronze (1). The cards each serve one use, except for stadium cards,

team cards, and historical players, which are always active. The other cards

are for cheat codes and boosting player attributes. Gold Cards last for

one half of a game. Sliver Cards last for one quarter. Bronze cards last

for a single play. You earn Madden Cards by purchasing them with Madden

Tokens. Madden Tokens are earned by accomplishing certain feats during game

play. There are five levels of feats to accomplish, and you get more tokens

for the higher difficulty level.

Madden Card Effects:

John Elway (Card #160):    John Elway appears in the Free Agent bin. 
5th Down (Card #203):      You receive an extra down.
3rd Down (Card #204):      The CPU only gets three downs.
Tight Fit (Card #208):     The uprights are very narrow, creating an 
                           impossible kicking situation.
Da Bomb (Card #209):       Pumps your quarterback's arm up, granting 
                           unlimited pass range.
Mistake Free (Card #211):  You cannot fumble or toss an interception. 
Extra Credit (Card #216):  For every interception you receive three
                           points and every sack is an extra two points.
Bad Spot (Card #218):      Ref spots opponent's ball 1 or 2 yards short. 
Toast (Card # 219):        Boosts your ability to burn DBs.
Couch Potato (Card #228):  Opponents will quickly fatigue for the entire 
Super Bowl XXXVII Stadium (Card #235): Self-explanatory.
Monsters (Card #293):      Self-explanatory
Jim McMahon:               Jim Mcmahon appears in Free Agent bin.
Da Boot:                   Unlimited field goal range.
Iron Hands:                Opponent's recievers drop the ball more often. 

All Madden Cards:

First you have to go to where you buy packs of cards, but don’t buy anything

just yet. Before you do press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 (all shoulder buttons

of the of controller). Now buy the pack of cards. While still holding down

the buttons reset your Playstation 2. Now enter the card viewing screen.

You will have recieved about 500 cards (The entire set) and even the cards

that give you cheats.

Infinite Madden Card:

Use Unlock a Madden Card and save your profile before adding the card to

the game that is currently loaded. Then, select the “Add Player To Roster”

option, and reset the Nintendo 64 system. Load your saved profile and the

card will still be available.

Extra Madden Tokens:

By doing higher skill levels, you will multiply the number of tokens for

a task by 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Task Levels - Rookie - Pro - All Pro - All Madden  
    1           2       4       6         8 
    2           3       6       9        12 
    3           4       8      12        16 
    4           5      10      15        20 
    5           6      12      18        24

Get 100’s of Points:

When you do your kick-off do an on-side kick-turn the arrow as far as you

can to the left then kick at about 1/2 power you should almost always get

the ball.

Easily Win The Coin Toss:

If your press the start button at the coin flip befor anything apears you

will always win the toss (or just keep pressing start).

Touchy Position:

When you go to kick-off move the arrow all the way up and to the left ,

and keep tapping the X button . You will get flagged for fair catch interferance,

but they spot the ball on the opponents 20 . So you get the chance for the

ball and a touch back at the same time. I have had the ball spotted as far

back as the opponents 12 yrd line.

Edit Any Player…Somtimes:

When doing the unlimited creation points for an edited player, sometimes

you are able to edit any player currently in the game, including the real


GameSharks Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)   EC8B53C8 142898C8 
P1 Scores 0                3D464402 1456E7A5 
P1 Scores 99               3D464402 1456E788 
P2 Scores 0                3D464410 1456E7A5 
P2 Scores 99               3D464410 1456E788


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Scott, 5NaK3, Ron none of your business, David Drane, BIG_AL, Bryan Lewis,

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