Men In Black 2: Alien Escape PS2 Cheats

At the 'Press Start' screen, enter the following. 'Press Start' will flash if you did it correctly.


Right, X, R1, Triangle, Up, L2, X, Left, L1, Circle, X, R2 .

All weapons:

Up, Down, X, Square, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Circle, L1, L1, Right.

Level select:

R2, Triangle, Left, Circle, Square, L2, Left, Up, X, Down, L2, Square.

Full bolt:

Left, Right, Up, Down, L1, Circle, Triangle, R2, Left, Down, Square, Square.

Full spread:

L2, R1, Circle, L2, Down, Up, L1, Right, Left, X.

Full homing:

Right, Up, Square, L1, Left, Left, L1, Left, Circle, Left.

Full beam:

Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, L1, Square, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.

Full area effect:

Left, X, Triangle, Up, X, Down, Square, L2, Left, R2.

No power-ups:

Down, Up, X, Square, Down, Up, X, Square, L1, L2, Square, Circle.

Training missions:

Square, Up, L2, Left, Triangle, X, R2, Circle, Right, R1, Square, Circle.

Boss mode:

R1, Triangle, Down, Down, X, L2, Left, Square, Right, Triangle, R2, L1.

Agent data:

Up, Down, Circle, R2, Left, L2, Right, X, R2, Square, Up, R1.

Alien data:

Square, L1, Circle, L2, Down, Triangle, R1, Right, X, Left, R2, Triangle .

"Making Of" Feature:

Circle, R2, L2, Circle, Triangle, Down, Square, X, Right, L1, X, Up .

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