Midnight Club PS2 Cheats

Midnight Club

Playstation 2

Unlock the Manhatten PD:

On Manhatten beat level 10 in head 2 head mode.

Unlock the London PD:

On London beat Level 10 in head 2 head mode.

Unlock All Jones:

On Manhatten beat levels 2, 5, and 8 in head 2 head mode.

Unlock all Cruseros:

On Manhatten beat levels 1, 4, and 7 in head 2 head mode.

Win all Piranha:

On Manhatten beat levels 3, 6, and 9 in head 2 head mode.

Unlock the Type-S:

Beat all 3 hookmen in NY and LD and beat the LD champ twice, and you will

be rewarded with the Type-S.

Get the Hover Car Type-S:

You need to beat the game twice and win all the cars in the game and you

will get the hover car and you need to get the london and new york bonus

cars even the police cars and you will receive the hover car or type-s same

thing but once you beat the game the second time and get all the cars look

where the type-s is and you will see that its the hover car.


Which Game is This?:

If you have any saved data from the game Smuggler’s Run on a memory card,

go into Arcade mode in Midnight Club and when looking through the cars you

will see a dune buggy, and a message will appear saying ” thanks for playing

both games".

The Super Jump:

When you first start in new york there is a building behind you go to the

the back of that building and you will see glass. Brake the glass and go

in and there is the super jump. It doesn’t take off much damage either.

Use Cars You Have Earned in Career Mode in Arcade Mode:

To do this just earn any car in career mode now go to arcade mode and go

to that car and it will no longer have a box around it and will now be selectable.

Familiar Jingle:

Hit an ice cream truck and turn it over and it will play its song.

Play the Following Levels in Waypoint Mode:

City  Level  Car to unlock
 NY     11   BETA
 NY     12   BUS
 NY     14   METER MAID
 NY     15   FIORENZA II
 LD     11   ALPHA
 LD     13   BLACK CAB
 LD     14   CROWN MAIL
 LD     15   CRESCENDO

Bonus Cars:

Look for red dots that appear on various levels. Place your car on the

dot until a gurgling sound is heard to unlock a new car. Some of the dots

can be found at the following locations:

Dots In London:

-Go near the center of the map. The dot is inside the Parliament building

(block building with pillars on the outside). Drive through the window to

get inside.

Find the reddish building with advertisements and an animated screen on

it. Also, there is a box that almost looks like a padded cell in the middle

of the street near it. Find the ramp leading up along the side of the building.

Before you exit the ramp, you should be going approximately 30 to 45 mph

(depending on the weight of your car). After hitting the roof immediately

slam on the brakes. The dot should be to the right of you.

-Find the strange turn near the Parliament building. Climb up a ramp, then

jump to the left or the right, but do not fall off. Turn around to find

the dot.

-Once you start in London, make a 180 degree turn and head towards the blue

blinking “Speed” sign. Go into the ramp at full speed. Go over on to the

next roof and hit the brakes. Then, make a left turn and you will see the


Dots In New York

-Go near the park above the big tunnel. The dot is on top of a roof that

you need to jump to reach.

-Go near the aircraft carrier. The dot is inside the second story of a building

that you need to jump to enter. Here’s how it’s done: On the level New York

when you start out you go strait and then take your first right. now you

should be heading toward the ocean or bay. when you get there take a left

and head towards the aircraft carrier, but dont go onto it. Go to the warehouses,

there should be three of them. Go to the 3rd warehouse, there should be

a ramp that has no right turns, but only left turns. when you get to the

top of the ramp you should be going about 65 to 68 mph (weight applying.)

go as far to the right as you can without hitting the wall. you should fly

out into a building window and break through it. if not repeat. when you

break through the window you should be in a long strait stretch with wondows

on the right side, and on the left it should be all doors. in the middle

there is a pinkish hologram thing. drive through it about 10 miles per hour,

you should hear a slurp sound or a door shutting noise. when you do exit

the level and remember you have to be in arcade mode to do this. you will

have the marauder now!


When you start out on the level New york turn around, and head towards the

south park… when you get there look for a light reddish circular building.

when you find it a black jump should be inside. Now go around and get about

85-88 mph (weight applying.) When you fly off of the jump you should land

on the roof of the tunnel. Iif not repeat. When you get to the roof stop!

In one spot on the right the pinkish hologram should be surrounded by blocks.

Go through it about 5 miles per hour. You should hear a slurp or a door

shutting noise? And remember once again you have to be in arcade mode! exit

the level and there it is your very own super taxi!

Hover Car:

Beat the game twice and you will be rewarded with the hover car.

Take No Damage:

If you have the buggy, you won’t get any damage.

GameShark Codes

All Vehicles (Arcade Mode)   1CBBA59861DFB00C

All Vehicles (Career Mode)   1CBBBFB061DFB00C

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