NCAA Football 2002 PS2 Cheats

NCAA Football 2002

Playstation 2

Incredible Growth:

Before starting a season or dynasty if you go to “edit player” you can take

your teams individual player rankings an move them all up to 99. It took me

about an hour and a half to do this with my team (Tennessee) but I am one half

way thru a season so far on Heisman level and have not lost a game and in fact

have beaten most teams by at least 35 points and have even scored a few shutouts.

TD Glitch:

Whenever your opponent punts the ball if they punt it out of bounds, you can

hit it back in bounds and it will still count. All you do is when the ball is

gonna go out you go to the X and wait for it and when it hits you, you move

inbounds and if u catch it, it will still count and the defenders will not know

you have it. I took at least 5 punts back for TD’s with this little glitch.

Have Announcer Call Player Names (No Numbers):

The players in the game are modeled after real players, also the programmers

included most of their names. To hear the announcers call your players’ names

instead of their number, just change their names in the options menu. Select

“Roster” and then “Edit player information”. Collegiate rosters can usually

be found on a school’s web site or go through a search engine — enter the school

name and “football” (for example, Penn State Football). Note: Not all of the

names will be recognized, but enough to add some personality to the game.

Touchdown Celebrations:

Hold one of the following buttons just before scoring a TD at the risk of an

unsportsman-like conduct penalty.

Point upwards: Press L1 or R1.

Hold up football: Press R2.

Shake football: Press L2.

Maximum Player Status:

Select “Rosters” in the options menu, then “Edit Player” Select their ratings

icon and you can change every column up to 99.

Word From the Wise:

When running dont spin or you will be more likely to fumble. Try juking instead,

it will make the defender bite almost every time.

Great Suggestion:

A great play to do is the option pass out of ace-slot it always has a receiver

open. I know I run it all the time. I love it its my favorite pass on the game.

Run The Flood Pass:

Out of Shotgun 5-wide when you are on the right hash–make sure the 3 receivers

are on the left side–a receiver is always open on the left side.

In Yer Face:

Hold one of the following buttons immediately before scoring a touchdown at

the risk of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. Point upwards:

Press L1 or R1. Hold up football:

Press R2. Shake football:

Press L2.

Tackle the QB Faster:

Select the fastest person on defense then hold Circle + R2 + L1. Release and

he should do a spin move to get buy the offensive lineman.

Get 250 Credits:

Easy in exibition be #1 Florida Gators and play Morgan state I got seven TDS

with my running back try it its cool.

Infinite Creation Points:

Create a player, then go to “Edit Player” at the roster screen. Press Up or

Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed

category. Press X, then press X again.

More Point for Campus Cards:

To get more points to buy campus cards, make your opponents A.I. as low as it

will go in Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Then make your A.I. as high

as it will go in Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Now, the CPU will barely

ever score. They can’t even make 30 yard field goals. They will throw more interceptions

and fumble more. When you’re on offense, you can pretty much run right through

the opponent. I have had scores of like 160-10. I have also had scores like

120-3 in bowl games. It’s pretty cool but it can get kinda boring winning by

huge amounts all of the time. It gets you A LOT of campus cards though.

Gain Some Major Passing Yards:

Choose the balanced pass playbook. The number one play comes out of shotgun-slot.

Run the play named “arrow” drop back and roll out right and hit the square receiver

deep. Make sure you have a good right tackle for protection. Also the flood

plays out of shotgun-trips and spread. One of the recievers is always open

GameShark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)
EC898560 1427082C

Home Team Score 0
4CD650F4 1456E788

Home Team Score 99
4CF6BB0C 1456E788
4CD650F0 1456E788

Away Team Score 0
4CD650F4 1456E7A5

Away Team Score 99
4CF6BB0C 1456E7A5
4CD650F0 1456E7A5


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