NCAA Football 2004 PS2 Cheats

NCAA Football 2004

Playstation 2

Butterfingers cheat:

Get to level 2 in your EA Bio.

Rose Bowl stadium:

Get to level 4 in your EA Bio.

Orange Bowl stadium:

Get to level 8 in your EA Bio.

Fiesta Bowl stadium:

Get to level 12 in your EA Bio.

2002 All American Team:

Get to level 18 in your EA Bio.

All Time Notre Dame Team

Get to level 24 in your EA Bio.

Classic Teams:

Beat the College Classic Games to unlock classic teams.

Touchdown Celebrations:

When you score a TD and the word 'touchdown' first appears, press the following button combinations. You can get a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

L2 + Square: Spike ball, points to crowd and hits chest

L2 + Triangle: Bows to crowd

L2 + Circle: Spikes ball and shrugs shoulders

L2 + X: Heisman Trophy pose

R2 + Square: Dunk on goal post

R2 + Triangle: Punch ball towards crowd

R2 + Circle: Kick ball into crowd

R2 + X: Throws ball into crowd

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