NHL Hitz 2002 PS2 Cheats

NHL Hitz 2002

Playstation 2

Cheat Mode:

Press Square, Triangle, and Circle to change the icons in the first, second, and

third boxes at the match-up screen. The numbers in the list below is for each

time the button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad

in the indicated direction to enable the code. For example, to enter 123 Left,

press Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Left.

Effect              Code 
Big head player     2-0-0 Right  
Huge head player    3-0-0 Right  
Big head team       2-2-0 Left  
Huge head team      3-3-0 Left  
Big hits            2-3-4 Down  
Late hits           3-2-1 Down  
Hitz time           1-0-4 Right  
No crowd            2-1-0 Right  
Pinball boards      4-2-3 Right  
Show shot speed     1-0-1 Up  
Show the team's hot spot 2-0-1 Up  
No fake shots       4-2-4 Down  
No puck out         1-1-1 Down  
No one-timers       2-1-3 Left  
Big puck            1-2-1 Up 
Huge puck           3-2-1 Up  
Bulldozer puck      2-1-2 Left  
Tennis ball         1-3-2 Down  
Snow mode           1-2-1 Left  
Rain mode           1-4-1 Left  
Domino effect       0-1-2 Right  
Turbo boost         0-0-2 Up  
Unlimited turbo     4-1-3 Right  
Win fights for goals 2-0-2 Left  
Skills versus       2-2-2 Down  
First to 7 wins     3-2-3 Left  
More time to enter codes 3-3-3 Right  
Disable previous code 0-1-0 Down 


Tricky Tricky!:

Start game at All-Star but during the game switch difficulty to rookie to get

the value of All-Star credits but you will be playing the computer at rookie.

Win the Draw:

At every faceoff, the opposing center will tell you how he’s going to attempt

to win the draw. Watch him closely, he will do one of three things: take one

of his hands off his stick, move his stick in a forward/downward motion, or

pull his stick back just before the puck is dropped. If he moves his stick forward,

he’s going to draw the puck back. You can go for the stick check to win the

draw easily, or you can attempt to draw it back yourself. If you try to hit

him, he’ll win it every time, though. If he pulls his stick back, he’s going

to try to stick check you. You can hit him to win the draw easily, or counter

with a stick check of your own. If you try to draw it back, 99 times out of

100, you’ll lose. If he takes his hand off his stick, he’s going to try to hit

you. You can draw it back to make him look foolish, or counter with a check

of you own. If you try to stick check him, he’ll hit you in the head, and win

the draw.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On  

Away Scores 0  

Away Scores 15  

Home Scores 0  

Home Scores 15  

Inf Credits  

Inf Turbo P1  

Inf Turbo P2  

Inf Turbo P3  

Inf Turbo P4  

Inf Turbo P5  

Inf Turbo P6  

Inf Turbo P7  

Inf Turbo P8  

Max Creation Stats  

No Turbo P1  

No Turbo P2  

No Turbo P3  

No Turbo P4  

No Turbo P5  

No Turbo P6  

No Turbo P7  

No Turbo P8  

Thanks to Revolution readers DXA and Marcus!