Orphen: Scion of Mystery PS2 Cheats

Orphen: Scion of Mystery

Playstation 2

For a detailed walkthorugh click here.

Restart Battle:

If defeat cannot be avoided during a battle pause game play, select “Equip”

and resume the game at the start of the battle, with all energy restored.

Helping a God:

When you are Helping Zeus find his daughter and you have to fight the spider,

Use the move “FEATHERS OF THE HURRICANE”. Using that rapidly and shielding

with square will kill the monster!

Mar’s Quest:

Start a new game and go to the deck of the ship. Talk to Magnus, Sephy and

Cleo and Zeus and say no to each of them. Go to the cabins and the monster

will atack. Kill him and your in Mar’s quest.

Unlimited Health:

In the Sephy version, inside the rest house put in Circle, X, Sqaure, Triangle,

R1, R2, R3, and L3 in under 4 seconds to receive ulimited health thoughout

the rest of the game.


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