Resident Evil: Code Veronica X PS2 Cheats

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Playstation 2

Infinite Rocket Launcher:

You must Beat the game with a ranking of A and you will find it in the first item box you come across.

Battle Game (first person mode):

Beat the game with any ranking and it will be on the main menu.

Throw Zombies Off The Bridge:

When going across the bridge for the first time heading to the palace there are two zombies (not bandersnatchers). Get as close to the edge as possible and still leave room for a zombie to grab Claire's neck from behind her. Keep pushing buttons and he should fall off.

Play as Hunk in Battle Mode:

To play as the legendary Hunk from Resident Evil 2, simply play through the game snagging all the files and beating the game in less than 3 and a half hours.

Get Magnum:

To get the magnum, keep the fire extinguisher after you use it in disc 1. Store it in Claire's box. When you get to the middle - end of disc 2, you will get some foam for the extinguisher. Soon after, you will come upon a fire. Put it out and theres the magnum.

Unlock Wesker for Battle Game:

Unlock Albert Wesker for use in the Battle Game by beating the Battle game with Chris Redfield.

D.I.J.'S Journal in Battle Game:

During the battle game visit the slot machine every time you go through. The 2nd or 3rd time you open it with the same character you'll find a journal.

Extra Movemnet in Battle Game:

A few of the people in battle mode have extra moves they can do. 1. Clair gets cold when you go through ice areas. 2. Wesker looks inside the torso with no eye 3. Steve get unhappy after not having change for a soda. 4. Once the locker room is clear chris will groom him self at the sink.

Get Steve in Battle Mode:

When you're playing as Chris you'll find a chest of drawers in his 1st save room. Solve the puzzle and pick up the item and stash it away and you can get Steve in battel mode.

Scare Away Bats:

If ever you come across bats (first encounter in the palace) just equip the lighter as you did at the beginning of the game, and the bats won't attack you!

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On  

EC8533D01445D97C Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Claire

3CD6B4A01456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Claire

3CD6B4A41456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Claire

3CD6B4A81456E70B Acid Rounds Always In Crate

1CD6B7B41446E70B Air Force Proof Always In Crate

1CD6B6281497E70B Airport Key Always In Crate

1CD6B6A8148BE70B Album Always In Crate

1CD6B6401486E70B Alexander's Jewel Always In Crate 1CD6B7D81432E70B Alexander's Pierce Always In Crate

1CD6B7D4142BE70B Alexia's Choker Always In Crate 1CD6B690146BE70B Alexia's Jewel Always In Crate 1CD6B6941472E70B Alfred's Jewel Always In Crate 1CD6B7E01430E70B Alfred's Ring Always In Crate 1CD6B7DC1431E70B Always 1st Save 4CD6B2A81456E7A5 4CD270EC1456E7A5 Army Proof Always In Crate 1CD6B7201499E70B Assault Rifle Always In Crate 1CD6B79C1454E70B Bar Code Sticker Always In Crate 1CD6B664147BE70B Battery Pack Always In Crate 1CD6B6701480E70B Biohazard Card Always In Crate 1CD6B7081420E70B Blue Jewel Always In Crate 1CD6B6A41466E70B Chem. Storage Key Always In Crate 1CD6B67C1475E70B Clement E Always In Crate 1CD6B6841473E70B Clement a Always In Crate 1CD6B6801474E70B Control Lever Always In Crate 1CD6B7101495E70B Crane Key Always In Crate 1CD6B7F41428E70B Crystal Always In Crate 1CD6B6C0145DE70B Custom Handgun Always In Crate 1CD6B7AC144CE70B Detonator Always In Crate 1CD6B70C1496E70B Door Knob Always In Crate 1CD6B66C1481E70B Eagle Plate Always In Crate 1CD6B7F8141EE70B Earthenware Vase Always In Crate 1CD6B6B4146AE70B Emblem Card Always In Crate 1CD6B6E81492E70B Enable All Extras 4CD6B22C1456B00C Extinguisher Always In Crate 1CD6B6481484E70B First Aid Spray Always In Crate 1CD6B7BC144AE70B Flame Rounds Always In Crate 1CD6B7B81445E70B Gas Mask Always In Crate 1CD6B7D01437E70B Glass Eye Always In Crate 1CD6B7E81423E70B Gold Dragonfly Always In Crate 1CD6B7141494E70B Gold Key Always In Crate 1CD6B71C149AE70B Gold Lugers Always In Crate 1CD6B7C81435E70B Grenade Launcher Always In Crate 1CD6B7A81458E70B Halberd Always In Crate 1CD6B6441485E70B Hemostatic Always In Crate 1CD6B674147FE70B ID Card Always In Crate 1CD6B668148DE70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Chris 3CD6B4E01456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B4201456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Wesker 3CD6B7601456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Chris 3CD6B4E41456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B4241456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Wesker 3CD6B7641456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Chris 3CD6B4E81456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B7281456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Wesker 3CD6B7681456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Chris 3CD6B4EC1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Claire 3CD6B4AC1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B72C1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Wesker 3CD6B76C1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Chris 3CD6B4F01456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Claire 3CD6B4B01456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B7301456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Wesker 3CD6B7701456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Chris 3CD6B4F41456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Claire 3CD6B4B41456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B7341456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Wesker 3CD6B7741456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Chris 3CD6B4F81456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Chris 3CD6B4F81456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Claire 3CD6B4B81456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B7381456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Wesker 3CD6B7781456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Chris 3CD6B4FC1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Chris 3CD6B4FC1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Claire 3CD6B4BC1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Steve/Battle Mode 3CD6B73C1456E70B Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Wesker 3CD6B77C1456E70B Infinite Health 4CD6A9241456E745 Ink Ribbons Always In Crate 1CD6B7C0143FE70B King Ant Object Always In Crate 1CD6B7041421E70B King Ant Relief Always In Crate 1CD6B69C1470E70B Linear Launcher Always In Crate 1CD6B7B0144BE70B Lockpick Always In Crate 1CD6B7E41424E70B Low Timer 1CD6BAC81456E7A5 M - 100P Always In Crate 1CD6B6C814D0E70B Machine Room Key Always In Crate 1CD6B65C147DE70B Magnum Always In Crate 1CD6B7C41436E70B Mining Room Key Always In Crate 1CD6B660147CE70B Music Box Plate Always In Crate 1CD6B63C1490E70B Navy Proof Always In Crate 1CD6B7241498E70B No Retries 4CD6BACE1456E7A5 Octa Valve Handle Always In Crate 1CD6B658147EE70B Padlock Key Always In Crate 1CD6B64C148AE70B Paperweight Always In Crate 1CD6B6B81469E70B Piano Roll Always In Crate 1CD6B7EC142AE70B Plant Pot Always In Crate 1CD6B6C41460E70B Queen Ant Object Always In Crate 1CD6B7001422E70B Queen Ant Relief Always In Crate 1CD6B6981471E70B Red Jewel Always In Crate 1CD6B6A0146FE70B Rocket Launcher Always In Crate 1CD6B7981455E70B Security Card Always In Crate 1CD6B68C146DE70B Serum Always In Crate

1CD6B6B01463E70B Shotgun Always In Crate

1CD6B7A4145AE70B Side Pack Always In Crate

1CD6B7FC141DE70B Silver Dragonfly Always In Crate

1CD6B6BC1468E70B Silver Key Always In Crate 1CD6B7181493E70B Skeleton Picture Always In Crate

1CD6B6381491E70B Sniper Rifle Always In Crate

1CD6B7A01453E70B Socket Always In Crate

1CD6B6A81465E70B Square Valve Handle Always In Crate 1CD6B6AC1464E70B Steering Wheel Always In Crate

1CD6B7F01429E70B Sterile Room Key Always In Crate

1CD6B6681482E70B Submachine Gun Always In Crate

1CD6B7CC1434E70B TG - 01 Always In Crate

1CD6B6501489E70B Tank Object Always In Crate

1CD6B688147AE70B Turntable Key Always In Crate

1CD6B6781476E70B Valve Handle Always In Crate


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