Shadow of Destiny PS2 Cheats

Shadow of Destiny

Playstation 2

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Replay Mode:

When you beat the game, you will recieve one of five endings. An extra menu

will be available at the title screen. This allows you to view the percentage

completed for each chapter. You can also start the finished game over again

at the beginning if you would like to try to do better.

EX Mode:

Get all five ending save the game andnow you can play EX Mode where you

must find the elixir of life for Mrs. Wagner.

Unlock Extra Ending:

After you unlock all 5 of the regular endings, you will see a special prologue

that will allow you to play again and unlock another ending.

Unlock FMV Sequences:

Beat the game to unlock an FMV sequence. Complete the game with 3 different

endings to unlock another FMV. Complete the game with all 5 endings and

the bonus ending and unlock another FMV.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On
Infinite Power

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