Star Wars: The Clone Wars,Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels PS2 Cheats

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Playstation 2

At the Options screen, select ‘Bonus Options’ then ‘Codes’ and enter the following:

DARKSIDE         Invincibility
SUPERLASER       Unlimited secondary & special weapons
DOORDONOT        Level select
JORG SACUL       Multiplayer level select
GIMME            Complete bonus objectives
TRADEFED         Battle Droid unlocked in Academy 
NATALIE          Amidala unlocked in Academy
NERFHERDER       Wookie unlocked in Academy
12 PARSECS       All FMV
JEDICOUNCIL      Programmer photos

Raxus Duel multiplayer level:

Collect 5 bonus points.

Thule Moon Control multiplayer level:

Collect 10 bonus points.

Rhen Var multiplayer level:

Collect 15 bonus points.

Jedi Academy multiplayer level:

Collect 20 bonus points.

Unit viewer option:

Collect 25 bonus points.

‘Making Of’ FMV:

Collect 30 bonus points.

CD player option:

Collect 35 bonus points.

Sketchbook option:

Collect 40 bonus points.

Yoda unlocked in Geonosis level:

Collect 45 bonus points.


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