Star Wars: Starfighter,Star Wars Starfighter PS2 Cheats

Star Wars: Starfighter

Playstation 2

At the code entry screen enter:

Code          Result
directory     Digital directory
minime        Invincibility
woz           Hidden Xmas video
jarjar        Jarjar mode
nohud         No head-up display
credits       See the credits
ships         Unlock image gallery
andrew        Unlock multiplayer
planets       View planet sketches
teams         view dev team
overseer      Unlock Everything
bluensf       Experimental N-1 fighter with powerful missles
ltdjgd        A secret message from the designer


Bonus Mission Charm’s Way:

Get a Bronze medal in the following missions: Royal Escort, Contract

Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking The Offensive, The New Resistance,

and The Final Assault.

Bonus Mission Canyon Sprint:

Get a Silver medal on the following missions: Naboo Proving Grounds, Royal

Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu,

and Final Assault.

Bonus Mission Outpost Attack

Get a Bronze medal in all 14 regular missions.

Bonus Mission Space Sweep:

Get a Silver medal in all 14 regular missions.

Burger Droid:

In the bonus mission CHARMS WAY, when it loads within a few seconds a new

view will come up and a droid will be there BBQing a burger (NOTE: Director

cheat must be turned on).


Thanks to Revolution readers Sean Walusko, Jimbobswali, Danny and Brian