Tekken Tag Tournament PS2 Cheats

Tekken Tag Tournament

Playstation 2

Gallery Mode:

Unlock Devil to access gallery mode.

Tekken Bowl Mode:

Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode.

Theater Mode:

Beat the game once to unlock Theater mode.

Gallery Mode:

Unlock Devil to access gallery mode.

Tekken Bowl Mode:

Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode.

Tekken Bowl Jukebox:

Score 200 or higher on a game and be rewarded with the jukebox feature. Hit

Start to access the bowling menu and select “Bowling Options.” Choose from 14

different music selections or choose none at all.

Start Match Using Your 2nd Character:

Hold Tag and press Start.

Fight as Angel:

Beat arcade until Devil is unlocked. Then, highlight his screen and press Start.

Fight as Gold Tetsujin:

Win ten matches in versus mode.

Fight as Devil Jin:

Jin and Heihachi have to be partners. While playing as Jin, press Back, Right,

Square, Triangle, Triangle, X.

Fight as Heihachi:

Beat arcade without losing in less than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

Fight as Tiger:

Highlight Eddy’s screen and press Start.

Play as The "Unknown" Creature:

To play as the monster behind Unknown. In arcade mode highlight unknown, hold

Select, Circle and Triangle, and press R1,R2 at the same time. Only the monster

behind Unknown should appear during game play.

Cooler Way to Tag:

Kazuya and Devil must be on the same team, and as you press one of the tag buttons

instead of tagging Kazuya, he will turn himself into Devil or Devil will turn

himself into Kazuya. Even though this takes longer no one will hit you.

Secret Characters:

Beat the game to unlock each secret character, which appear in the following



Bruce Irvin


Lee Chaolan

Wang Jinrey

Roger & Alex

Kuma & Panda

Kazuya Mishima


True Ogre

Prototype Jack

Mokujin & Tetsujin

Devil and Angel


New Outfit for Armor King:

First finish the game using Armor King. Then go to the character selection screen,

highlight him and press start.


Once you unlock “unknown” and use her as a character press R3 to chose what

type of fighting style she imitates.

Keep Eddy Going:

When fighting with Eddie do some of his on the ground moves then press back,

away form your opponent and then quickly press foward towards your opponent

and then continue with the move that want to do next.

99 Hit Combo:

Here’s a little glitch in practice mode. First, choose Eddy as your first character

(second character doesn’t matter). Then select Eddy as your opponents first

character. When the game starts, just hit your opponent without knocking him

down. The combo meter will keep on going until it reaches 99 hit combo!

Back That "Thang" Up:

If you choose Heihachi and Lee for tag characters, you will see as their starting

pose Heihachi spanking Lee!

Sibling Rivalry:

Put Anna and Nina on teams then after you win every round Nina will Break anna’s


Knuckle Nuggie:

In arcade put Lee first and Heihachi second when the fight starts Heihachi will

be giving Lee a knuggie.

Bowling K.O:

When your bowling on Tekken Bowl if you look to the left of the alley next to

the pins theres a guy in a white suit cheering you on, if you turn to him and

bowl at full speed if youre lucky and you hit him it says K.O(!) and at the

bottom says caution:do not try this at home!

Select Stage During Practice:

Highlight “Practice mode” at the main menu. Hold L2 and press R2 the indicated

number of times to select that stage.

Stage                    R2 presses 
Law (new)                1 
Yoshimitsu (light snow)  2 
Ling                     3 
Hwoarang                 4 
Lei                      5 
Ogre                     6 
School Stage (evening)   7 
Jin (evening)            8 
Nina (daytime)           9 
Eddy (sunset)            10 
King                     11 
Heihachi                 12 
Eddy (daytime)           13 
Unknown                  14 
Law (old)                15 
School Stage (daytime)   16 
Jin (daytime)            17 
Nina (nighttime)         18 
Yoshimitsu (heavy snow)  19 
Paul                     20 


Thanks to Revolution reader Tekkenite, Matt “The Mauler” Mahler, Art Escobedo,

Matt Green, Scratthew, Edward Leaney, Gavin Alford, Michael Kenny, hopsui, I.P.FREELY,

alex and lil raiyon!