Test Drive: Eve of Destruction PS2 Cheats

Super Code:

Press R1 , R2 , R1 , Left , Right , R1 , Down, Down at the title screen (with career and action mode options) to make all unlockables available.

$10,000 and Reputation:

Press R1, R2, R1, Left, Right, R1, Up, Up at the title screen.

Unlockable vehicles:

To unlock a given car, attain the corresponding number of reputation points.

500 Hearse
2500 Hastings
5000 Bulldog
10000 Cannon
15000 Dundas
20000 Empire
25000 Postal
30000 Kenyon
35000 Outlaw
40000 Ambulance
45000 Baxter
50000 Orbital
55000 Mankato
60000 Taxi
65000 Rocket
70000 Welch

AI vengence:

In career mode, get the first rank.


In one career event, max out your hit meter 15 times.

Chicken fight:

In action mode, destroy your car in under 55 seconds.

Deadly ambition:

In a point to point race, disable every car.

Fast Forward:

In a figure 8 jump race, win without taking any damage.

Hardcore Mode:

Wrangle a car in 9 seconds.

Old Tyme Racing:

In career mode, get 100 kills.

Turbo Boost:

Beat every dare.

Thanks to Revolution reader D'angelo, John Kerry, and MaximusAximus!