Metal Gear Acid PSP Cheats

Enter the following in the Password Menu for these Extra Cards:

Mika Mika Slayton
Xmeight XM8
Karen Karen Houjou
Jehuty Jehuty
YEBISU Yu Saito (US Version)
umedaAsaki Yoshida (US Version)
RoppongiShibuya Eri (US Version)
Kobe Kosaka Yuka (US Version)
NomelAsaki Yoshida (JP Version)
MaebShibuya Eri (JP Version)
SabrageKosaka Yuka (JP Version)
ElytsSaitou Yuu (JP Version)

Link Battle:

Beat Stage 6. Then check the Options in Intermission.

Play as Teliko:

Beat the Residential Zone mission.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Card:

Beat the game.

Raiden Card:

Beat the game twice. Difficulty is not a factor.

Thanks to Revolution readers Osaki, deepfriedbrains, Yunalesca, zenny and Lale Germanic!