Spider-Man 2,Spider Man 2 PSP Cheats

Under Options -> Special -> Cheats, enter these codes for the corresponding effect.


All Levels Unlocked
MYHEROAll Moves Purchased
POPPYCORNAll Movies Unlocked
BAHLOONIEEnemies have big heads and feet
NERGETSInfinite Health
FILLMEUPInfinite Webbing
HEAVYHEADSpidey has big head and feet
SPIDEYMANTiny Spider-Man
SHUTTUnlock all production art
FRZFRAMEUnlock storyboard viewer

Level Select:

Acheive 100% completion. Start a new game with the name FLUWDEAR and the level select option will be availible.

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