Gungriffon Saturn Cheats



Enter these codes quickly at the main title screen when the words 'press start' are blinking:

Stage Select - Y, Y, A, Y, Y, Start

Invincibility - Left, Right, B, C, C, Start

Infinite Jumping - Up, Right, Down, Left, Z, Start

Infinite Ammunition - B, B, B, C, Start

Ending - Down, Up, Right, A, Left, Start

Tackle Attack - Right, Right, B, C, A, Start

Double Hit Points - X, Y, Z, Up, Down, Start

Turret Lock - B, B, B, Up, C, Start

Change Height - Down, Left, C, C, Start

Disable Target Cursor - Left, Right, C, A, Start

Disable Radar - B, B, B, Down, C, Start

Hard Mode - Down, C, C, A, Start

Thanks to Revolution readers Franco Escobar and Sqwirlz!