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Tomb Raider


All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo :

Go to the inventory screen and press X, Y, X, Y, Z, Z, Z, Z, Y, Z, Y, X, X, X, Start. You will hear a grunting noise. Now use the skip level code to beat the game. Start a new game and punch in the gun code and then the skip. In the next level, you will have all the guns.

GameShark Codes

"Master Code"

F60073C6 C305

B6002800 0000

"Unlimited Health Lv1"

10245F7A 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv2"

1023A5FE 03E8

"Unlimited Oxygen"

1609447E 0708

"Unlimited Health Lv3"

1022DFA2 03E8

"Unlimited Health LV4"

1025DE42 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv5"

1023C91A 03E8

"Un. Shotgun Shells"

1609452A 0030

"Unlimited Health Lv6"

1024426A 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv7"

1022210E 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv8"

1021BBC2 03E8

"Un.Lg. Medi Packs"

160622D0 0004

"Unlimited Health Lv9"

10215462 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv10"

1022D2A6 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv11"

102262F2 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv12"

102356DA 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv13"

10225942 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv14"

1022D54A 03E8

"Unlimited Health Lv15"

1022AB1E 03E8

"Unlimited Uzi CLips"

1609451E 0128

"Unlimited Magnum Clips"

16094512 001B

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