Bonus Track PS Cheats

Bonus Track:

At any track approach the first ramp and do an easy trick (Square, Triangle),

at the second ramp do a medium trick (Square, Circle, Triangle) and at the third

ramp do a hard trick (Square, X, Triangle, Circle). Then finish the race and

the Bonus track will load.

Ride a Camel:

Select the level Africa 2. Press and hold R1, R2, L1, L2 for the entire race

and win 7th place. Then choose the track again and you should be riding a camel.

Special Tricks:

Skateboard     Triangle, X, Square, Circle
Snowboard      Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Mountain Bike  X, Square, Triangle, Circle and X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Roller blades   Circle, Square, X, Triangle 

The following work for any equipment types…

Easy Square, Triangle
Medium Square, Circle, X
Medium Square, Circle, Triangle
Hard Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Thanks to Revolution readers Sideshow Bob, Wilbur Domenech, Aaron Moon, Adrian,

Yeerk87, and Melvin Maharaj!