3Xtreme PS Cheats

At the Main Menu, go down to ‘Memory Card’ and press Right. This is the ‘Codes’

Menu. Now enter the following:

lugnut      Enable Lugnut the Skater
dominique   Enable Dominique the Blader
tp          Enable TP, the biking mummy
bink        Enable the alien skateboarder
geep        Enable the alien cyclist
nyub        Enable the alien blader
redline     Enable Red the car
whiteline   Enable White the car
blueline    Enable Blue the car

blackline Enable Black the car trixxy Unlock all freestyle tracks vouyeur Unlock all exhibition tracks genepool Unlock all characters

ratpack Unlock all human characters astromen Unlock all aliens

scream Unlock all monster characters

smokey Unlock all cars

Watch the Ultraspank Hidden Video:

Enter “ULTRASPANK” in the code menu and press X. Highlight options,

press Right and Ultraspank Video option appears, Press X again to watch video.

Alternate Unlock:

Complete all 3 season modes with one of each type of character and you will

receive all of the bonus characters and “The Haunted House” track (for use in

Freestyle mode only). After this is done, you can save your game and use the

hidden characters and level anytime.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Purchase Points8001010a00ff

Max Race Points in Circuit300104e00063

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