Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere PS Cheats

Mission Simulator:

Beat the game and get all 5 endings with a pilot and save. Now load the file,

which will be called a S-File option. Start S-File to begin the simulator.

Easier Way to get the Mission Simulator:

Start the game off in a new file on Easy mode. Beat the game and save. Go back

into the same file and play a game on Normal difficulty. Beat the game again.

After the credits role through and your rating disappears you will be in the

Mission Simulator. Save your game and enjoy.

Replay Goodness:

During the replay press Square, Triangle, Circle, X, L1 or R1 to change camera

angles. Press L2 to add a filter, as if the view were through sunglasses. Press

R2 to add motion blurring.

Bonus Mission:

Get a rank of “B” or better in each of the 35 regular missions to unlock a bonus


XR-900 Geopelia Plane:

Get a rank of “A” for mission 36 in the mission simulator.

New Planes and Weapons:

Beat all thirty-six Misssion Simulator stages with the rank of “A”

to unlock the Orbital Satellite Laser and X-49 Night Raven plane. As well as

the ultra cool U14054 Aurora plane. *Note: Some missions will not allow you

to use the laser.

Spread Bomb:

Get the mission simulator by beating the game under normal and then look at

the weapons (missles and stuff) and go to the far right and there it is.

Orbital Satellite Laser:

Press Start + Triangle immediately after selecting your aircraft & weapons.

Now hold them until game play starts (You can only use it in the mission simulator).

GameShark Codes

D0072382 1040
80072382 1000
D00723C2 1040
800723C2 1000
D0073886 1040
80073886 1000 

Use Missiles Continously 
D00718B4 0004
800718B4 0001 

Use All Aircrafts
D00BF32E 0100
800006FC 0000
D00BF32E 0200
800006FC 0024
D00FA174 0037
800FA174 0200
D00FA174 0037
800FA176 0C00
D00FA174 0037
800FA178 0001
D00FA174 0037
800FA17A 2404
D00FA214 000F
800FA214 0200
D00FA214 000F
800FA216 0C00
D00FA214 000F
800FA218 FFFF
D00FA214 000F
800FA21A 2404
800FA5D8 01C0
800FA5DA 0800
800FA5DC 06FC
800FA5DE 8002
80000700 038C
80000702 8464
80000704 3021
80000706 0000
80000708 E978
8000070A 0803
80000800 06FC
80000802 8C02
80000808 1021
8000080A 0044
80000810 06FC
80000812 AC02
80000818 0008
8000081A 03E0
8000081C 0000
8000081E 2402 

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