Adidas Power Soccer PS Cheats

Dream Team:

At the player select screen (the one that shows the formations at the top) press L2+R2+Square+X at the same time until your team name changes to “Dream Team.” Now you have a super team.

Hear the Ladies:

Select Arcade and start a game. When the game starts

go to Audio and then Commentate and hold SQUARE AND X. You will see ‘FEM’

to the right – go to it and select it. Now you have Female Commentators.

Special Moves:

Back Flick- Circle and Triangle
Back Heel- Square and X
Mega-shot- Triangle and X (with ball)

Running- quare and X
Pull shirt - Triangle and circle (defending)
Dangerous kick- Square and X (defending)  

GameShark Codes

Team A Scores 0800dac4e0000

Team B Scores 0800dac500000

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