Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare PS Cheats

Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare


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Keys In the Attic:

In the attic it is NOT a trap door, but loose BOARDS! There is loose floorboards

that contain 2 keys….ie:1st. Floor OFFICE and Small guilded key. Use the crowbar

in between the small doorway between rooms and it gives you 2 keys.

I Already Know:

In the main room of the manor, there is a statue that requires you enter two

letters, you can either push the statue to the right and see the letters H and

M or just ignore what i said and enter them anyways…

GameShark Codes

801450D8 0064

Pistol Ammo
801452C8 000C

Shotgun Ammo 
801452D0 0009

Grenade Launcher Ammo
80145300 0005

Rocket Launcher
801452E8 0004

Infinite Ammo - 3 Barrel Gun
801452D0 0009

Infinite Ammo - Photoeletric Pulsar
801452D8 000A

Infinite Ammo - Plasma Cannon
801452F8 0064

Have light gun 80145268 006b

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