Armored Core: Master of Arena PS Cheats

First Person Perspective:

To get up close and personal; hold Triangle + Square + Start. Release all buttons

during gameplay, then press Start again.

Fixed Camera Mode:

While playing press Start + Circle + X at the same time. The camera will stay

where it is while you move. Hard to play like this, but fun!

Hints for Hidden Weapons:

Plasma Cannon:

This weapon is on the Cavern Invasion mission. When you start this mission,

boost up to the first big dome. You will see a hole. Go into it. Now when you’re

in, keep going straight until you can make a left turn. Make the turn, and you

should see a big storage room with nothing in it. The Plasma Cannon is in the

northeast, or far right corner of this room.

Stop! A head!:

In the level where you must destroy a CPU which is producing uncontrollable

MKs, find a room filled with storage containers. When you first walk inside,

turn 1/4 turn left and fly above the crates. Fall down and check the floor for

the head.

Hidden FCS (The hardest part to find) :

Go into the Assist MT’s level and kill 8 of 9 MT’s and keep at least one ally

alive. This way, you won’t have any trouble any time soon. Go to the north east

area and you will find some sort of building. BLOW IT UP! Go into this strange

area, that is not on the map, and walk around a bit until you reach the end

of a wall. There are 2 walls and one is a decoy, but try to blow up both walls.

Then you will come into an illuminated room and you will see the FCS. GOOD LUCK


Mine Dispenser:

Beat the Fromsoft Ex Arena to get a Mine Dispenser. This part

shoots out floating proximity mines.

Special Rocket:

Beat the Guest Ex Arena to get a Special Rocket. This part shoots

out a blue object that disables the opponent’s FCS.

Stealth Unit:

Beat the Master Ex Arena to get the stealth unit (back weapon).

This item will take you off the radar.

Enhanced Balancer Optional Part:

Beat the Champion Ex Arena to get the Enhanced Balancer Optional part. The Enhanced

Balancer Optional part reduces recoil (the backwards motion) that occurs from

firing a heavy weapon (grenade launcher, dual cannon, etc.).

New Laserblade:

Get PROGTECH to sponsor you in the Sub-Arena. You will receive 50,000 credits

and the new laserblade, which shoots a laserblade projectile on its own.

Get the WG-RF/E Sniper Rifle:

Become admitted into the Arena and as your reward…

Beat the following in Sub Arena to get parts:

Noble:       WG-XW11 Laser Rifle 
Advantage:   WM-MVG812 Small Missile - tracking missiles!   

Stunt Rider: WG-HG770 Hand Gun Flash: HD-4004 Head Bibs: Energy Machine Gun

Beat the Following in ARENA:

Bibs:     WG-MG500/E Machine Gun
Sherbert: WX-C/4 Laser Cannon
Brothers: WM-X15-EX Plasma Dispenser
Rob:      B-PT000 Booster
Max:      AN-891-5 Arms. 

Cheap Wins:

There is an easy way to beat many of the hard opponents in the Sub-Arenas. Simply

choose the very fast spider legs. And outfit yourself with either, a laser cannon

or grenade launcher, along with a few other high damage weapons. Now choose

the arena that looks like a parking garage. Keep sliding or flying backward

and firing at them. They start a good distance from you and can’t go up because

of the low ceiling. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

More Chepness:

A tip for the extremely tough bosses in the extra arenas is to get buils an

AC that is fairly light with extremely strong boost. Pick the town arena and

pick a corner and run for it. When you’re almost out of bounds, turn around

so that you’re facing the enemy and boost up, staying as high in the air as

long as possible. Eventually, the enemy will go out of bounds by itself.

Free Money:

First find a mission that pays you in advance. Then go into the mission but

quit right after the mission starts. If you did it right you get the advance

money without doing anything!

More Arenas:

From Software Arena:

This arena is unlocked once you beat all the leg-specific arenas. The From Software

arena is full of ACs made by some of the employees at From Software.

Guest and Champion Arenas:

These arenas are unlocked once you beat all of the missions (remember to save

afterwards). The Guest arena is home to several Japanese magazine publisher’s

AC creations.

The Champion arena is a series of ACs made by the finalists from a Armored Core:

Project Phantasma championship held last year in Japan .

Master Arena:

This arena is unlocked when you get 100% overall in the System. This arena;

I like to classify as Code Black, due to the sheer power and skill posessed

by the ACs in this arena. Rookies need not apply!


More Opponents:

To unlock more opponents in the Sub-Arena, beat the game. Then after you have

beaten 9-Ball (and saved!!) go back to the Sub-Arena rankings and there will

be more opponents.

Flame Shell:

Defeat one of the earlier opponents in the Master Arena. The Flame Shell shoots

a rocket that sets the enemy on fire and reduces his/her AP slowly.

Out of Bounds:

In the arena mode fly up until you get warned about leaving the area and the

opponent will go higher and leave. This is not as sure with heavy AC’s, but

with light AC’s its a sure thing!

No Elbow Room:

In Arena and EX Arena you can defeat most opponents by fighting in the second

location. The ceiling is low and challengers can’t run as easy.

Quick and Easy Win Against Nine Ball:

To defeat nine ball in the final stage simply equip the flamethrower as your

right arm weapon before you except the mission. Then once you drop down to fight

Nine Ball at the end of the stage immediatly fire and hold the flamethrower.

Nine Ball will charge at you right away so slide backwards with your boosters

and Nine ball will follow you and melt himself in the process.

Quick Kill For 9 Ball Mission:

When you fight him the first time you really don’t have to fight him… all

you have to do is fly straight to the door near the ceiling and leave before

he gets a shot off. When you have to fight the two 9 ball AC’s, use the double

plasma shooters, and the grenade arms to kill them easy. when you have to fight

the advanced 9 ball all you have to do is glide backwards and shoot him twice

with the grenade arms… and wala… -1 AC… and he has a really cool video

following his death…

A Few Strategies:

Use the Karawasaw and a pair of fast humanoid feet to beat the fast ACs. Be

aware of your energy level and also equip the lightest core that has 17 slots

for optional parts. Then equip the option part that says that “cuts the energy

consumption in half”. Use the multi-warhead missiles to beat the enemies faster.

Use the green rifle that has a range of 11000. It has a wide range for shooting.

GameShark Codes

Infinite AP        Doo7B7CA 1040
                   801E73B0 9C3B

Arena-Infinite AP  D007BBAE 1040
                   801D8D70 9C3B

Infinite Energy    800451AE EA60

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