Alien Trilogy PS Cheats

Alien Trilogy


Mega Cheat:

At the password screen enter 1GOTP1NK8C1DBOOTSON .

Level Select:

At the password screen, type in GOLVLxx as a password where xx is the

number of the level you want to go. Then choose ‘Accept’, then ‘Quit’, then

‘Start Game.’ For the end movie sequence, type in G0LVL35.

Super Shotgun:

Pause the game and press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square.

GameShark Codes

Have Flame Thrower8008F34A 0029
Have Pulse Rifle8008F342 0029
Have Shotgun8008F33E 0029
Have Smart Gun8008F346 0029
Infinite Batteries8009A05A 03E7
Infinite Charge Grenades8009A058 03E7
Infinite Energy8009A040 03E7
Infinite Flame Thrower Rounds8009A052 03E7
Infinite Handgun Bullets8009A046 03E7
Infinite Pulse Rifle Rounds8009A04C 03E7
Infinite Shotgun Bullets8009A04A 03E7
Infinite Smart Gun Rounds8009A054 03E7
Rapid Fire8009A024 0001

Thanks to Revolution readers Jason Bennet, Donnie, Bud 55, Mondogamer, Manuel

Quiles, and Thomas Gaboian!