Battle Arena Toshinden PS Cheats

Battle Arena Toshinden


Play as Gaia:

At title screen, when options come together from left and right sides, motion D, DL, L, and press S on Controller One. You should hear the word, “Fight!”

Now at Player Select screen, put cursor on Eiji, press and hold U, and press S.

Play as Sho:

Only works if Gaia code has been entered. Play as Gaia and lose to computer. Do not continue; just let the time run out. When the title screen appears and as the options come together, press R, L, R, L, and S on Controller 2. Again you will hear “Fight!”

At Player Select screen, put cursor on Kayin, press and hold D, and press S.

Secret Normal Moves:

First, enter the Sho and Gaia codes. Next, wait for the demo and press

START. As soon as the title screen comes up press Down+Left+X. After

you hear a voice shout “Fantastic!” go to the Option menu. Change the

shoulder button controls to your special moves. Now, start a game. At

any point during the fight press R1+R2+L1+L2+select to use your

characters secret normal move.

Desperation moves on command:

First set controls to ‘easy’ or ‘very easy,’ then activate Special

Moves. When life reads red, press R1+R2+Down Simutaneously.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1801bc1880000

Infinite Time801ca6e80b3a

Select Gaia801bc11a0008

Select Sho801bc11a0009

Thanks to Revolution readers Matt Neville and Evin Callahan!